18 thoughts on “Tinjauan pendapat: Ketua Pemuda kerajaan perpaduan

  1. The Chosen One.

    Nik is too village like, like a bumpkin. He cannot campare with KJ lah l o l ! KJ is a hunk and gamorous too. So glam. Also rich and has a former PM as father in law. Please lah NIk is unworthy l o l !

      1. Hmm……..seriously I was being sarcastic but thanks for the link :) Mind you, KJ did made some Chinese rich. Think of ECM Libra, that bank or rather what used to be a bank.

        Those of us who made our gold owe it to Sleepy Doll for without him, it would have taken us way more time to get to our destination. But of course he made a lot of mistakes too but depending on whose side you’re one, it was the best of times for those who hit the jackpot.

        The Bugis is not that bad at all. I bet that there are some twentysomethings who are now making quite a fortune for themselves by sticking with him, at least for the time being. After all, that’s how fortunes are made. Think of those who profited from the old man’s 22 year rule as PM.

        BTW, there should have been better pics of KJ though.

  2. PAS is too proud and think too highly of themselves to form a unity government with UMNO. Sarawak election is within months. Let’s see what PAS will do there first facing BN and DAP. They seem to think they can contest there and pose a challenge even when right now they don’t have a single seat.

    Dr Zuhdi of PAS brought back up the allegations of Mohd Razali, ex Lim Guan Eng special officer. Serious but outlandish allegations. If true, then it just shows that even when I think bad of DAP their real objectives and methods still somehow end up even worse than I thought.
    The thing is, these allegations have been around for years, while PAS are still comrades with DAP under tahaluf siyasi. Surely PAS have heard about these allegations?What did they do about it?Did they ignore it and didn’t even bother to ask Lim Guan Eng whether they are true?

    On the other hand the moment PAS made a bid to bring hudud bill to parliament DAP kicks them out of Pakatan and PAS gets split into 2. PAS fighting ability against DAP leaves a lot to be desired.

    Some might say that the allegations are too farfetched and therefore deserve no heed. I would say Lim Guan Eng is the kind that would jump at the chance to sue people pants off and the fact that he didn’t do so yet makes it highly suspicious.

      1. maybe he can join PAS until UMNO is called United Muslim National Organization (a dream never comes true). Islam recognizes all races and all muslims regardless of race are 1.

          1. mamaks are indian malaysian muslims. it looks like UMNO is a semi-United Muslim National Organization already, it accepts other races. hopefully one day UMNO will be a fully-United Muslim National Organization in Malaysia.

  3. Don’t trust this KJ guy. In politics trust is very important. More than expertise. You can always hire experts to the job for you, but you cannot buy trust.

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