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Annie nasty or nice?

In my posting earlier today, I made a mention of Rocky’s attempt at peace-keeping (screenshot below) between the Protun and the Projib.

Rocky was addressing the exchange of fire between two ‘Anons’ — Lim Sian See (Projib) and Jebat Must Die (Protun). Another Anon, Annie, also stepped into the fray and slammed LSS.

Band of brothers in blogosphere

“… I happen to know Annie, Jebat, LSS and many other Anons personally or by association,” wrote Rocky.

So do I and in fact, I also consider a few of the other staunchly Protun bloggers like Syed Akbar and Din Turtle to be my friends too.

It is a pity that the band of brothers, who were on friendly terms before the breakout of hostilities between the ex-premier and the sitting PM, should now be having “quarrels” to the point of Annie alleging that “Helen angry with Annie AGAIN” in a Life of Annie blog headline two days ago.

But you can read for yourself my posting a couple of days ago, ‘Umno should cut its losses, write-off Protun and off-set with PAS support’ to judge whether Annie’s sensational allegation that I was “angry” is true or not.

Instead of Annie being emotive, Annie should menghayati Rocky’s advice. After all, as t-h-e blogger paling otai dan tersohor, Rocky only means well in his peacemaking efforts.

Since Annie claims, “I advocate a reconciliation effort while Helen wants the opposite of that,” Annie really should reread the Rockybru posting above.

Now here comes the uncanny bit! See below.

The first comment in Rockybru in this very post title ‘Annie, LSS, Jebat Must Die, Grandmarquis and other Anon Bloggers‘ quite coincidentally mentioned both our names ‘Helen’ and ‘Annie’. The comment was actually uploaded on 13 Dec 2015 – more than two weeks ago – so its relevance is just purely a strange coincidence.

In any case, the commentator had a question one each for me and for Annie.

I will belatedly answer the question directed to me.

I’m giving Anonymous @ 2:04 pm @ Rockybru a reply now because his question has a connection to the predicament thrust upon me today by fan of Annie’s.

Rocky’s reader asked:

“Hai bro, takde gambar annie bro? Dia masih amoi atau ahsoh bro? Helen ang tu muslim ke bro? Mohon pencerahan.”

No, Anon. I’m not a Muslim. (Ball to Annie’s court next … please consider giving the guy your photo he’s pining for.)

Obviously, and nobody has to ask this to know – I’m not a Malay. Which brings us to a current comment by a reader of Annie going by the moniker ‘berasiam‘, as below.

berasiam wrote,

“Annie bukan ahli Umno tapi layak untuk jadi ahli. Helen Ang hanya layak jadi ahli MCA atau Gerakan. Umno tak perlu dengar mana2 pandangan pun.”

Berasiam lifeofaannie.blogspot.com201512omghelen-angry-with-annie-againshowComment1451555912860#c5578350410170269390

So by virtue of being non-Malay and non-Muslim, my views on Umno are regarded as worthless in the eyes of berasiam whereas Annie’s – as a Malay-Muslim – is clearly the more valuable opinion.

Annie wins lah. (Annie is wrong to say that Helen wins – see below).

Annie wrote the ‘reminder’ three times

Annie left the reminder below in there separate postings on three separate days.

(“Note: No nasty remarks about Helen Ang allowed in this blog as she had requested me not to publish them. Go to her blog if any of you feels like doing that.”)

How kind of Annie.

All Annie’s readers can really see how “generous” is Annie from these reminders that Annie repeated three times – “No nasty remarks about Helen Ang allowed”.

But what Annie says it’s not true. I have never directly requested Annie to refrain from publishing “nasty remarks” about me. I had merely complained about being stalked 24/7 by a “creepy Christian” named Casey lurking in Annie’s blog.

Annie’s reminder No.1

— “No nasty remarks about Helen Ang allowed” in Annie’s blog … readers reminded on Dec 30

Annie’s reminder No.2 (the same wording)  

— “No nasty remarks about Helen Ang allowed” in Annie’s blog … readers reminded once more on Dec 31

Annie wins, peace.

Annie’s reminder No.3 (identical with the earlier two) 

— “No nasty remarks about Helen Ang allowed” in Annie’s blog … readers are again reminded on 2 Jan 2016

Annie’s nice words versus Annie’s actual actions

Perhaps Annie has different judgment and different values but I consider the comment below (which Annie permitted to be published) as definitely nasty.

The Dapster ‘Anon’ commented @ 17.21 that he wants to see me “in jail”. 2015 12 omghelen-angry-with-annie-again showComment 1451640100896#c7859978432366347215

And then there’s this other comment – see here – that Annie still permitted when the subject matter has totally no relevance to me.

The reader @ 11:24 – going off topic – commented that he/she “totally agrees” with the views expressed about me by the “Chinese ultra”.

What the “Chinese ultra” wrote is highlighted, linked and eagerly promoted by Annie today. In fact, Annie thanked the said “Chinese ultra” individual and accepted the defence penned by that Chinese ultra on Annie’s behalf.

In fact, Annie even encouraged Life of Annie readers to go to the Chinese ultra’s blog to read what he said about me.

So on the one hand, Annie makes a big show (three times) of reminding readers not to leave “nasty” remarks about me but on the other hand directs them to read the poison pen letter about me written by that Chinese ultra.

What the Chinese ultra wrote and Annie recommended blog readers to go read is as follows (the nasty bits):

  • “that thug of a bitch”
  • “racist”
  • “Helen’s pathological hatred for the DAP people”
  • “her thinking and character is not far different from an ISIS thug: with a gun she’ll blow out your brains”
  • “What else do you think keeps her awake at 2 o’clock in the morning — sex? — tap, tap, tap, tapping on her keyboard, growing plumb (sic) and ugly by the minute on her chair, well-worn by her fat arse”
  • “Can you picture the steam streaming out of her orifices”
  • “Helen et al share the ISIS mentality, dogma and thuggery: ‘Either you are with us, or we’ll slice off your fucking throat.‘ ”
  • “And if they triumph, imagine then what might be in store. They wouldn’t have qualms lining up people on the shores of the Malacca Straits (bottom), cut their heads and run to the ground what’s left of the country. Probably learned this from some Wahhabi-Arab donor.”

And there you have it. Three times Annie reminded blog readers, “No nasty remarks about Helen Ang allowed in this blog”.

So it’s a technicality: Annie is quite happy to recommended everybody to go to the Chinese ultra’s blog where I’m called “that thug of a bitch” who will “blow out your brains” with a gun.

Don’t forget, Annie had earlier written, “I advocate a reconciliation effort while Helen wants the opposite of that”.

Going by the material that Annie recommended for her readers to read, what kind of “reconciliation” – or what is the understanding of the word – do you reckon Protuns like Annie have in mind for the Projibs?


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

53 thoughts on “Annie nasty or nice?

  1. Najib Razak will be the cause of many dissensions within the Malay community and also of the polarization of the races. He has thoroughly corrupted UMNO.

    1. Annie wanted to get back at me. So Annie bersekongkol dengan “Cina ultra” tu yang dok kuat kutuk saya to damage my reputation.

      I feel Tun is the same. He will bersekongkol with any parties – remember, he approached the G25 and he was backing the vote of ‘No Confidence’ against the Najib administration’s tabling of budget 2016 – as long as the effect is to weaken and topple Najib.

      Leadership by example, kot.

    2. Najib is the cause of many dissensions. With that, Umno and by extension BN is already history even before GE14.


      It is of the adab of the high path of Islam to completely abandon and shun guile, deceit, scornfulness, or sarcasm because these are unlawful.

      Allah Most High says, “O you faithful, let no men scorn other men, for they might well be better than they are. And let no women scorn other women, for they might well be better than they. And do not find fault with one another, or give each other insulting nicknames.” (Qur’an 49:11).

      And Allah Most High says, “Woe to those who demean others behind their backs or to their faces.” (Qur’an 104:1).

      And the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said, “Let there be no harming another, or harming him back. Whoever harms another Allah shall harm, and whoever gives trouble to another Allah shall give trouble to” (Hakim).

  2. I tinggal dlm kawasan 95% geng Apek who are die-hard DAP supporters. As I am one of the longest here, they are friendly (depan lor) with me. The I kniw you you know me kind of relationship. Anyway Helen, I understand exactly wht is happening to you.

    My neighbour (Indian clinic) did extensive renovation which took almost 4mths to complete. Their contractor is a young cheerful Chinese exceptionally fluent Malay/English/Tamil speaker. Infact he grew among the Malays and Indians, attended national school right through Universiti Malaya. Greeted me with pekat n (fasih) salam daily..

    However the suspicious looking immediate Apek2 shopkeepers, all through those 4months tak pernah menyapa, bersembang infact were very2 aloof and unfriendly towards him.. Saya jadi org tengah owh..they complained to me he is rude, he complained to me they ‘tongsan mali’ blur type Apek.

    Too obvious, nampak sangat tak senang hati A CHINESE blended extremely well with Indian doctors and Melayu. Its jealousy? Inferiority complex? Many of my Apek neighbours dari keturunan 1st n 2nd generation, perangai pun sebiji macam LKS and son.

    1. The Cina ultra is not only overflowing with venom, he can concoct any wild story and simply say anything.

      1. I enjoyed reading that piece by Shuzheng.
        Very well written and completely on the dot.

        We need someone like that to fuck you up. Do it for those of us who are less learned.

  3. Ai yaa Helen eaa ,jangan galoh-galoh maa aa . Atak olang cekap lebih ,atak olang cekap manyak kulang ,itu manyak biasa maa aa .

    Wa ingat eaa ,itu atak olang mau kasi you galoh maa aa . UMNO sutak manyak galoh ,sikalang blogger pro UMNO pon mau galoh maa aa , apa macam ?.

    Manyak buang masa maa aa ,mua galoh pasat UMNO lor rr , Wa ingat sikalang Bulayu punya olang patut mau kasi sokong itu PAS maa aa ,kalau itu PAS tatak abang/ adik sama DAP lagi lea aa .

  4. Dear helen,i truly sympathise with you.i have always followed and respect your writings and opinions.Be strong Helen and continue with your great writings.the protun n projib fracas is sickening n widening the gap between malay muslims.the protun supporters wants najib ousted at all costs.what a pity that they have chosen a very bitter war.though i respect tun m for his contributions,i think his time is up and he is behaving like a sore loser with ‘deadly’ vengeance to the extend of bringing down our beloved nation just becoz he does not have his way.instead of turning into a respectable 91 years old statesman,he’s changed into a rebellious 19 year old spoilt brat.what a pity….(sigh)

  5. You ARE a fucking bitch and you ARE a fucking thug.
    I don’t even have to get into how fucking ugly you are.

  6. all i noticed, najib is getting stronger and stronger in his position, a bitter pill for his enemies to swallow.

    1. Well, our great doyen of democracy Abraham Lincoln once remarked: “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character then give him power.”
      If cash professedly makes you king of the times, then you’ve abdicated the moral legitimacy of your soul.

  7. Helen, ignore the hate your balance views reflects a balance soul,beautiful soul reflects on beautiful physical charm. Keep calling a spade a spade there are still others who love yr write up, continue yr efforts in upholding fairness in 2016 and as long as you live.

  8. the enemies are obviously out of control after swallowing the bitter pills….bravo helen

  9. One thing is for sure, if you had attacked Islamic groups or sub groups the way you have been attacking the Christians, you would be charged with sedition by now. Not that I think you should be charged with anything, just stating the obvious double standards that exists in this country.

    1. I do not see how explaining the historical origins of Christmas can be construed as “attacking”.

      Christians just don’t like it when exposed that Dec 25 is not Jesus’ “birthday” and that they appropriated the winter solstice celebration from older civilizations.

      If anybody should be examined by the authorities, it’s your insidious church leaders.

      That’s what they do in China where Christianity is subversive and considered a threat to the state. Priests and Christian activists are arrested in the droves in Beijing.

      1. I’m not referring to the article on Christmas Day. I’m talking about the years of bashing Christians and Christian groups without any concrete facts to back up your statements. Eric Paulsen did that with regards to JAKIM’s Friday sermons and he was promptly escorted to Police HQ and charged with sedition. Luckily for you, you are bashing the religion that is not afforded special privileges.

        1. “Bashing” now is it? That’s in the league of the UiTM seminar already. You all have no clue what the speakers had said behind closed doors but unanimously reported the proceedings as “bashing Christianity” too.

          What I’ve written is all in the public domain so you can provide some examples. Pls do copypaste and show us (citing the url). Go ahead.

    2. Put your money where your mouth is. Write something on your own, diss islam or whatever you wish to and, this is important, put YOUR REAL NAME on it. Then we can find out for sure whether there’s double standard when we hear WTJ’s in jail. Stop whining for god sake. You live in a muslim country, deal with it. If you can’t, pack your bags and head to a Christian country or international waters if you have a boat.

      1. WTJ is still waiting for the Aussies to grant him his PR. That’s why he’s still here.

      2. In a proper democracy, I would. Not in this country filled with radicals and brainwashed people.You’re one of them.

        1. Even in a proper democracy(whatever that means) you will still be the minority. We the radicals and brainwashed will still be the majority. No difference. You will still sing the same victim song under the cloak of anonymity. I still see the same proper coward. And ditto to HH.

          1. AE

            You said it.

            The majority with their artilleries and agencies vs the minority…

            Sounds like a fair fight.


            Well, I’ll take cowardice over hero syndrome anytime.

            1. I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. Btw the right term is hero’s complex. Posturing as one when you are in fact a coward is so much easier on the health right. ;)

              1. re: “hero’s complex”

                Err, I thought it was ‘martyr’s complex’, you know, after having been made lion’s food by those erratic Roman emperors.

              1. Islam1st, what did Eric Paulsen say about JAKIM that was any worse than what Helen has been saying about Christians on her blog? Why is one immediately charged with sedition and the other isn’t? Please don’t sidestep the question like you normally do.

                  1. So you are admitting to double standards. Basically you agree with my initial post then. Thank you, next time just say I agree.

                    1. Use your brain la dude. Eric give press conference to tell the masses that JAKIM, a government arm is producing terrorist using its khutbah. He had mala fide, a specific victim that can retaliate, intent to spread his twisted and unfounded allegation. Ergo he got the cuff.
                      Now what helen did was write in her own blog to tell her reader what a bunch of hypocrites christians are by using verifiable facts that christmas is a lie. She might have mala fide, no intent to disseminate the piece in question further than her blog and she do not have a specific victim unless you count santa and easter bunny. No one, not WTJ, not HH, not bible society, not pope nor cardinal richelieu made a police report on her the way muslims did on Eric Paulsen. No cuff or her then.

                      WTJ. Hidup jangan malas, asyik mabuk, gebang, mabuk, gebang, apa pun tak boleh.

          2. Ladies and gentlemen,

            Stop this bickering already.

            I do mean Hero Syndrome.

            Those with Hero Complex are dellusional and over confident.

            Those with Hero Syndrome are pathetic and need constant reaffirmation from others.

            The coward is the realist.


              1. AE


                Not really.

                Not as convenient as it is for you to dispense haughty remarks about cowardice but at the same time have no reservation taking cover behind the preferential privileges and provisions afforded to your kind.

                Ah well, for the rest of us, we just try to make do.


                1. If you have reservation on the preferential privileges and provision afforded to my race and religion, you should blame your parents for not keeping their legs closed and grandparents for agreeing to it by applying for malaysian citizenship. It is either stop your whining and make do like a little minority citizen you are or pack your bags along with all your ancestor, live in international waters and keep on crying victim. See you later, coward.

                  1. AE

                    Quote: stop your whining and make do like a little minority citizen …

                    You are obviously muddled in the face of a paradoxical dilemma.

                    You call us cowards for accepting the status quo, so are you instigating us to be heroes and go revolt?

                    Eh, do you need a minute, wait, let’s make it a few hours to compute your flawed argument?


                    1. Me and my buddies have been called cowards by those people, no need to tell you who they are, you know too :) but despite the name calling we’re making money off their brouhaha and chest thumping, it’s true those shouting the loudest are dimwitted. Just stating the obvious. We’re not condescending, just deprecating l o l

  10. Dear Helen,
    I like both yours and Annie’s posts. Decent, lite and easy, and both offer the kind of writing I enjoy reading.

    Protun ka,Projib ka, ProAnnie ka ProHelen…semuanya pasai nak unitekan orang Melayu.

    You all gaduh macam adik beradik…kelakar.

    Sudah sudah jangan gaduh …pi dengak ape Ismet Ulam Raja cakap

  11. “Helen angry with Annie AGAIN”

    BTW Helen, I always thought the dua kali she did, she was being tongue in cheek about it. No aah?

    And that Shu-Tanah Melayu part of China-zeng, like DAP, suka ‘menangguk di air keruh’ (ps Jangan risau Helen, the guy only knows 5000 years of pepatah China)!

    1. re: “she was being tongue in cheek about it”

      No. It was a rhetorical device.

      Like the three consecutive times she put out the reminder below (Annie cakap) vs Annie bikin, i.e. redirecting readers to a hate site operated by a “Chinese ultra”.

      1. Postscript:

        Annie said above, “I’m going back to my hibernation”.

        That’s not true. Annie has continued slamming, and allowing the Life of Annie Dapster-evangelista readers to continue bashing me.

      2. Oh that Cina ultra. What Cina ultra ? He’s not fit to be a Cina. Please lah ! I have said many times. Don’t associate that thug with the Chinese. He’s not Chinese. The Chinese have nothing to do with him and vice versa. Don’t confuse the people. Anyone calling that thug a Cina is either a banana or coconut like those DAP evangelistas, colored outside white inside.

  12. Annie is nice, to answer your question, Helen.

    I regularly follow her blog as well as yours.

    I am anti-Najib, I am not entirely pro-Tun, I am pro UMNO and a staunch rakyat Johore.

    I agree with Annie’s stance that your call for UMNO Johore to cut off all ties to those pro-Tun in UMNO Johore is terribly WRONG and dangerous. Obviously you don’t understand UMNO Johore as well as Annie does, Helen. There is a strong “meluat” sentiment against Najib amongst UMNO Johore.

    Now I see a new side of you; you can’t no longer tolerate dissenting views. It seems to me that you have fallen to the Dark Side of DAP’s mentality; i.e. anarchy.


    Anyway, Happy New Year 2016.

    1. re: “you can’t no longer tolerate dissenting views”

      Syed Akbar Ali, Kadir Jasin, Jebat Must Die, Din Turtle, Apanama aka Firdaus Abdullah and many others are staunchly pro-Tun. Do you see me ever mentioning them? Aren’t their views dissenting too?

      No, what I cannot tolerate is the hypocrisy of Annie pretending to be “nice” (sekadar cakap) while in the back being nasty.

      If you want to stick knives, do it in the front like the Dapsters who scream curses.

      re: “It seems to me that you have fallen to the Dark Side of DAP’s mentality; i.e. anarchy.”

      It is Tun who is being the aggressor. The Tun camp is mounting the offence (attacking); the Najib camp is being on the defensive.

      re: “anarchy”

      The Najib administration are the authority – they preserve law & order.

      It is the Protuns who are promoting chaos by joining the illegal Bersih rally to topple the government and trying to force a ‘No Confidence’ motion in Parliament to shut down/paralyze the government as well as trotting the globe to complain to foreign governments to take action against Putrajaya.

      re: “the Dark Side”

      You’re beginning to use the favourite words of the DAP followers. What next? “Evil empire”?

      1. “Evil empire”? To describe who? Najib’s administration, or rather severe-lacked-administration? Nah, too harsh for that. “PM Lembik” is more apt for him.

        Search your feelings, Helen. Reread all your recent blogs. You were beginning to write and think like the DAPsters. But again, you and them do have something in common; orang Cina. Air dicincang mana boleh putus, eh?

        I remember those photos you put up; the wolf under the sheep’s skin. I am beginning to see your grinning face (as per the photo of yourself in this blog) under a sheep skin.

        But I’m keeping an open mind.

        1. re: “PM Lembik is more apt for him.”

          If your complaint is that Najib’s too lembik, then do you concur with my urging that he becomes a War General?

          So how should a war general behave? I agree with Najib’s move to sack Muhyiddin. Would a WG treat Tun with kid gloves?

          In fact, should the net close in on Justo’s accomplices (and if one of them is Tun’s aide), then I say, ‘Good’.

          re: “You were beginning to write and think like the DAPsters.”

          If you mean subscribing to the “take no prisoners” approach, and the “either you’re with us or against us” ultimatum, and that’s the DAP credo, then fine. It takes fire to fight fire.

          re: “But again, you and them do have something in common; orang Cina. Air dicincang mana boleh putus, eh?”

          I support the PAS-Umno unity move. As a Tun follower, you’re not supporting PAS-Umno unity because this is not something that Tun can make happen. It is Najib and Hadi who will make PAS-Umno unity a reality.

          So whatever your race and mine, I still have more in common with the BN ultimate objective than you do.

          re: “I am beginning to see your grinning face (as per the photo of yourself in this blog) under a sheep skin.”

          Wrong. The Lambs of God are the Christians.

          I’m beginning to see your face as being as unreal as Annie’s avatar – which since it is a cartoon and not a photo, then it’s obviously fake. And furthermore, if you don’t know Annie’s real identity but still wanna act so gung ho, then I’m ROTFL at your naivete as well.

          For me, the bottomline is that BN should retain Putrajaya. Obviously the 95 percent Chinese will not be voting BN. Neither would the Protuns.

          Whether you like it or not, (1) Najib is going to be leading the ruling party into the next election.

          (2) Tun – aged 93 in 2018 – is not going to figure in BN’s election fight. If anything, he’s likely going to be an accomplice of the opposition, same as during 2008 against Tun Dol. So as a Tun supporter, you’re doing nothing for BN’s ‘war’ effort. Zilch.

          (3) GE14 is going to be a fight between Umno-BN and DAP-PH. Those of us who are Projib will be fighting on the side of BN. Those of you who are Protun could be (a) still voting BN nonetheless, (b) abstaining, or (c) voting oppo.

          Those in category (c) are obviously “not with us”.

          re: “But I’m keeping an open mind.”

          You think? I just see a blind follower of the Tun personality cult.

    1. Dear Anon,

      Thanks for bringing to my attention. As I’ve said, it is advisable for Annie to be more circumspect not only in what Annie chooses to personally write in the Life of Annie posts proper but also what Annie allows to be published in the comments.

      Like Rocky said in the Dec 13 Rockybru posting which I had linked, those who are Anons should not be recklessly mean.

      Annie should know that I’m being too nice already by withholding – pending for time being – Norman Fernandez’s comment @

      Don’t tempt me to change my mind and release his comment. Trust me, if Norman’s comment is allowed to see the light of day, there will be more than one or two or three others in the know who will gladly follow up.

      There are more than enough insiders who are aware what kind of a fraud and liar ‘Annie’ is.

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