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PAS and Umno unity will happen

Data is always fascinating. Below is a statistical look at the Chinese tsunami in Johor.

GE13 results for Parliament seats with a sizeable Chinese electorate:

  • Kulai – 56% Chinese voters / DAP Chinese candidate got 58% of total votes
  • Bakri (DAP Chinese) – 53% / 53%
  • Gelang Patah (DAP Chinese) – 52% / 57%
  • Kluang (DAP Chinese) – 49% / 54%
  • Labis (DAP Indian) – 47% / 48%
  • Tanjung Piai (DAP Malay) –  47% / 43%
  • Segamat (PKR Chinese) –  46% / 47%
  • Batu Pahat (PKR Malay) –  46% / 50%
  • Ledang (PKR Malay) –  41% / 47%
  • Pulai (PAS Malay) –  41% / 47%

x – the independent variable
y – dependent variable

x – percentage of Chinese registered voters in each seat
y – percentage of votes won by the opposition in each seat

The regression line

Johor Chinese voters PRU13 GE13

The correlation coefficient above is 0.78 which indicates a strong relationship between the two variables, i.e. percentage of Chinese voters and votes garnered by the opposition.

The sole or only ‘x’ that fell off the line above is the DAP Malay guy who stood in the Parliament seat of Tanjung Piai, hahaha.

My theory on Tanjung Piai:

The Chinese voters did not support this Malay fella as strongly as they supported the DAP and PKR Chinese candidates while the opposition Malay voters did not support this DAP fella as strongly as they supported the PAS and PKR Malay candidates

Note that DAP contested in 14 state seats in Johor. All 13 of DAP’s Chinese candidates won. The only DAP candidate for DUN Johor who lost was an Indian guy, hahahaha.

But you can see the pattern overall.

The opposition in Johor got roughly the same percentage or higher of the total votes as (equally as) the seat had Chinese voters.

In all the 10 sets of figures above, only DAP’s Mahdzir Ibrahim did not perform up to par against his MCA opponent in Tanjung Piai.

The very closely matching sets:

  • Bakri (DAP Chinese) — 53/53
  • Labis (DAP Indian vs Chua Soi Lek’s son) — 47/48
  • Segamat (PKR Chinese) — 46/47

The closely matching sets:

  • Kulai (DAP Chinese) — 56/58
  • Gelang Patah (Kit Siang vs outgoing Johor MB) — 52/57
  • Kluang (whiz kid Chin Tong vs MCA deputy minister) 49/54

Oppo Malays vs Umno, with much help from the Chinese:

  • Batu Pahat (PKR Malay) –  46/50
  • Ledang (PKR Malay) –  41/47
  • Pulai (PAS Malay) –  41/47

We can assume that these PAS and PKR Malay guys got the Chinese tsunami votes as well as some extra (+4, +6, +6) from the Malay fence-sitter voters.

Compare to the results in Bakri, Labis and Segamat where the oppo candidate was either a DAP man or a Chinese.

  • Bakri  ±0
  • Labis +1
  • Segamat  +1

Our premise: Malay oppo-inclined voters in Bakri and Labis were not as willing to vote for DAP Chinese and Indian candidates. Comparatively, Malay voters in Batu Pahat, Ledang and Pulai were more willing to vote for the opposition when candidates were PAS or PKR Malay .

Segamat has 10 percent Indian voters and the BN candidate was Dr S. Subramaniam, the current MIC president. This mitigated the Chinese tsunami effect.

Muslim 500 list

ABOVE: Hadi Awang is listed among the Top 500 most influential Muslims in the world

Protun vs Projib

I belong to the five percent of Chinese voters who refuse to support the DAP. The 95 percent of the Chinese think I’m wrong.

Although I disagree with the overwhelming majority of my fellow Chinese, and I know I’m on the right side of history.

For example, they insist Malaysia is a secular country. I, on the other hand, acknowledge that Malaysia is a Muslim country.

They feel that bahasa Melayu is a worthless language. I recognize BM as our national language and believe every citizen should be able to speak his country’s language, like when you’re in Thailand, you speak Thai. When you’re in Finland, you speak Finnish.

I don’t behave like them in significant ways. For example, I don’t mock the Malays as being so “very fragile and easily confused” in their faith and fearing the cross.

I don’t have that knee-jerk reaction either to always want to side with the West whenever a Muslim vs Western (legacy of Christendom) conflict arises.


Malaysia will become a standard Muslim statistic

I foresee that the behaviour of the Dapster evangelistas will cause a backlash that will eventually take us back to Tanah Melayu.

Malaysia’s future is as a bumi Islam.

Muslim countries, by and large, are not multi-religious. They are singularly Islamic. A total of 30 countries have populations where more than 90 percent are Muslim.

Out of interest, let’s have a glance at the ‘stan’ countries:

  • Afghanistan > 99.0 percent Muslim
  • Uzbekistan — 96.7 percent
  • Tajikistan — 96.7 percent
  • Pakistan — 96.4 percent
  • Turkmenistan — 93.0 percent
  • Kyrgyzstan — 88.0 percent
  • Kazakhstan — 70.4 percent

In the least Muslim of the ‘stan’ countries (Kazakhstan), every seven out of 10 citizens are Muslim. In the most Muslim of the ‘stan’ countries (Afghanistan), all ten out of 10 citizens are Muslim.

It is rare for Muslim countries to be poly-religious.

The closest country in religious make-up to Malaysia is Lebanon – see green shaded table above.

And as we know, Lebanon has been wracked by civil wars fought between Muslims and Christians, including the Lebanese Phalangist Christians who massacred the Palestinian refugees in the Sabra and Shatilla camps.

sharia economist pew

Malaysia is a highly religious country

The chart above is from The Economist working from Pew data. A survey by Pew Research Forum found that 86 percent of Muslims in Malaysia want syariah as our official law – see graph.

Just as I am in the very small minority among the Chinese where political orientation is concerned, I might also be in the minority for rejecting Ubah, i.e. to turn Umno upside down.

It is possible that a number want Najib toppled – his popularity ratings has dipped below 50 percent – but I personally prefer that the status quo be maintained.

I have my logical reasons for this, same as I have my rationale for not joining the DAP bandwagon when so many Chinese have hopped aboard.

Unlike the Bersih people who claim that they’re non-partisan, I’m quite willing to wear my colours on my sleeve. I already stated my stand as early as July last year – see screenshot below.

Protun are overly emotional

What annoys me is sheeple following the populist bandwagon.

Blogger Annie is willing to bersubahat with a Cina ultra just to kenakan saya. Likewise Tun will do anything just to get at Najib.

Tun was backing the opposition in trying to move the vote of ‘No Confidence’ against Budget 2016 in Parliament. He was willing to join the Bersih rally that sought Najib’s resignation. He is supportive of the oppo media that are hounding 1MBD.

You wait and see – very soon – who he bersekongkol with next.

The 95 percent of the Chinese are in the populist wave. Are they right?

Likewise the popular thing to do now is bash Najib macamlah esok akan kiamat. Are you sure you’re doing the correct thing?

The minority and unpopular opinion is not necessarily wrong. Malays have to think more rationally and not ikut hati (ikut Tun). It’s the future of your country, after all.

Btw, did you know that the architect of the NEP was an omputih? A Norwegian by the name of Just Faaland. He has been awarded a Tan Sri.

Sometimes outsiders who evaluate objectively try to tell you. But there is only so much we can do.

Tinjauan pendapat: Ketua Pemuda kerajaan perpaduan

I may be wrong but I suspect the people around the Prime Minister are hawkish. I agree that he should take the hard line — be it against the DAP or the Protun.

Expect the Umno-PAS unity to happen. It will. I deal with facts and my instincts are usually good.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

63 thoughts on “PAS and Umno unity will happen

  1. Bergabunglah, ada aku kisah.
    Kali ini neither the DAP or PAS/UMNO will win the vote.
    Pengundi akan pangkah BEBAS.
    Only bebas are free of CORRUPTION & MISMANAGEMENT.

  2. Nice post Helen. You are the one among BN supporters who has a unique perspective although you are non-Malay. You do not trash Malay language as other BN or pro-Tun supporters, which is why I continue to read your blog. I remember Rocky, Jebat, Syed all very pro of PPSMI. I think this is one of the reasons many non-Malay, and some so called liberal Malays hate Najib. You can read their comments which blame education system, the Malay language and just about anything related to Malay as a reason for failures.

    PPSMI aside, I do disagree with some of your comments. I think Pak Lah and KJ are not that bad. In fact, I have never seen a minister so involves with sport activities like KJ. He runs, bikes and even participates in endurance challenge events. You may regard him as pandering towards evangelistas or the urban type but this is politics and you have to appear nice to all people, sometimes you have to play to the gallery. You can’t afford to see as a racist if you want to become a leader for all.

    Anyways, I think you capture almost perfectly about some crucial issues such as Islam and Negara Islam. Deep down everyone’s heart they know that Muslims will gravitate toward Islamic state. And that it is inevitable for a Muslim majority state to finally becomes an Islamic state. The battle is to define what is an Islamic state. That’s the question.

  3. You know wanting Najib to step down is not about being proTun or anti Najib. Most people come out as pro Tun because they find it easier to have him as the spokesperson. Now I do not agree with some of the more personal issues that Tun has raised on Najib but he is still right about 1MDB and TPPA.

    Before you ask me to read LSS or Arul’s explanation on 1MDB, let me just say I read almost everything that I come across on the company. It may not be as severe as Enron but there are still problems with their business model that borders on illegal.

    There are a lot of people who want Najib to step down over this issue alone and some of them were also anti Tun during his time.

    1. re: “You know wanting Najib to step down is not about being proTun or anti Najib.”

      There will be a sudden power vacuum and I don’t think BN can hold the centre without Najib. Remember, GE14 is only two years, four months away. Chaos and anarchy hanya akan menguntungkan parti pembangkang.

      Zahid – “With criminals, we shoot first, admits home minister”,

      I remember that case. The Indian suspects were executed in a police midnight/early dawn raid, bullet holes in the back of head while their head was still on the pillow

      I don’t think Zahid has the charisma to hold Sabah & Sarawak either. Najib is the better diplomat and conciliator.

      re: “Most people come out as pro Tun because they find it easier to have him as the spokesperson.”

      Yes, he’s brilliant at crafting an easy to grasp message but he fudges on the facts.

      re: “he is still right about 1MDB and TPPA”

      Bashing 1MDB = bashing Najib becomes bashing Umno-BN and all of this will eventually hurt our chances in the election.

      Which part of the TPPA? I suspect this pact has the wider objective of containing China, and that’s why Japan wants in. Najib is playing geopolitics.

      re: “but there are still problems with their business model that borders on illegal’

      The ERL price hikes border on criminal. Blame Tun for YTL’s concessions.

      re: “There are a lot of people who want Najib to step down over this issue alone”

      Perhaps in Western countries, the politician implicated might be compelled to do so. But M’sia is unique.

      re: “and some of them were also anti Tun during his time”

      Haris Ibrahim is rabidly anti-Tun.

      He was one of the prime movers of the first Bersih and a member of the steering committee for the second Bersih. He must have flipped to see his side (the yellow shirts) fawning over Tun at the rally.

      1. UMNO will be stronger without Najib . UMNO and PAS unity is good but not on political platform which the objective is being seen only to secure Najib position as PM ,not really for the unity of umah .

  4. re: “Tun was backing the opposition in trying to move the vote of ‘No Confidence’ […] You wait and see – very soon – who he bersekongkol with next.” (my write-up above)


    Well, speak of the devil … voila! I believe Tun is softer for Azmin but who knows, stranger things have happened

    ‘Kit Siang welcomes disgruntled Umno members to join hands’

    Read more:

    1. Let Uncle Lim offers the olive branch to Mahathir and disgruntled UMNO leaders. I believe when it does happen. But should that happen it will be beneficial to UMNO and a slap on the face to the Pakatan Harapan.

  5. re: “not really, we make a choice like u did’

    I understand. But what if the future turns out like I predicted – reversion to Tanah Melayu and the Bumi Islam identity becomes even more entrenched?

    re: “it is not abt right or wrong. like I said, we made a choice.”

    In the balance of probability, I believe that my forecast is more accurate, i.e. a Malay-Muslim future in store for us rather than the DAP’s Malaysian Malaysia.

    Did you weigh the probabilities – as mathematically as possible – when you made your choice?

    re: “walk along changkat bb during night time, no one would believe msia is a muslim country.”

    Hahaha. Terengganu feels Muslim.

    re: “its a relative view if compare against english”

    Against English every other language (Thai, Finnish, etc) in the world loses but the Thais, the Finns and others don’t look down on their country’s tongue the way the evangelistas do.

    re: “i think the reaction of bn politician, bn propagandist n bn control media is the one that give us this kind of impression.”

    The Malays feared the cross even before BN was formed in 1973. In the colonial era, Malay parents were reluctant to send their children to mission school despite the advantages of English education.

    re: “we grown up watching hollywood movie.”

    Yes. How did the cowboys become the heroes and the Red Indians the bad guys?!

    re: “n since the malay muslim is almost one sided on west vs muslim conflict, could it be we r one that take a more moderate stand in most cases n r more objective?”

    In a USA vs China conflict, the evangelistas would side Uncle Sam too.

    1. Re In a USA vs China conflict, the evangelistas would side Uncle Sam too.

      I m going to comment just on this one because this is the crux of the entire issue which explains what has been really going on in Malaysia, between all the political parties and the other actors both internal and external.

      It does not really matter who the evangelistas side with. It does not matter because in a USA vs China conflict anything in between will turn to rubble.

      Najib has made a fatal mistake by riding the TPPA train. The TPPA is not a trade deal. It is political in nature, it’s primary objective is to exclude China from other markets while at the same time entrench the US deep into other countries. The fact that Malaysia is involved in RCEP does not diminish the suspicions that the Chinese side view Najib’s conduct vis a vis the US. You have turn Malaysia into a vassal of the USA with the TPPA and at the same time you made the Chinese grow suspicious of your intention. What a great achievement indeed.

      1. China would love to join the TPPA just as other non-TPPA countries in ASEAN such as Indonesia. But the TPPA is a high standard agreement. You have to set minimum wages so no slave labor that prevalent in many developing countries like China.

        I don’t get why so many people are against the TPPA. Competition is always good for everyone. The TPPA will bring much needed competition to force lazy companies to innovate and compete or perish. People who have been complaining about the lack of opportunities because of the Bumi policy should actually support the TPPA.

        No, Najib has not made a fatal mistake in supporting free trade. We will eventually open our market any ways to expand the economy. This year is the start of the Asean Economic Community. Another two year it will be the TPPA.

        1. You are either oblivious to what is going on or maybe, just maybe, you’re one of those hacks peddling mendacity to the crowd.

        2. “You have to set minimum wages so no slave labor that prevalent in many developing countries like China.”

          there could be other reason y china dun show their interest to join, but i doubt this has anything to do with min wages or slave labour. usa seem never enforce anything on mexico though both r in nafta? so what can they do in tppa? but I do agree tppa is not necessarily a bad thing. n china dun need a tppa to deal with msia, i believe najib open the door for them already. ini najib style la, depan cakap lain, belakang buat lain.

  6. Dear helen, speak of the devil indeed! Lim senior is capable of working with the king of devils as long as dap gets putrajaya before he dies…lim kit siang is bapak segala munafik yet so many tend to idolise him n considers him as the nation’s saviour,mat sabu,salahuddin ayub,wan azizah n khalid samad,to name a few.

    can’t imagine all this political dinasaurs leading msia….to greater heights????Msia will definitely be doomed…

  7. “I don’t have that knee-jerk reaction either to always want to side with the West whenever a Muslim vs Western (legacy of Christendom) conflict arises.”

    Beware Dear Helen. Najib is now making Malaysia as an ally of the US. I have read foreign media, on many occasion, referred Malaysia as ‘new ally’ of Uncle Sam.
    Najib’s recent vacation, or is it, official visit to Saudi Arabia is clear proof of Malaysian commitment in joining that satanic ‘coalition of Muslim Countries against terror’. (We should have followed the Indonesian, if its not for the sake of 2.6 Billions?). Unprovoked, its the Saudis who first bombed Yemen. Persuaded by the US?
    By the way, its the Saudis and US that funded IS to overthrow Syria’s Hafez Assad.
    Therefore, I’m very sure that this will be another blunder made by Najib, come GE14. By then Malaysia will be an enemy to Iran, Russia and China. Petronas would be first to experience the jolt.

    1. And even bigger blunder would be Najib offering the USA military bases in Malaysia. This is not some fantasy. With his support now at an all time low, to save himself and his cronies, he might well do such a thing in return for Uncle Sam’s support. After all the US has a glorious record of supporting despots friendly to their interests.

      1. Spectre,

        “…Najib offering the USA……”.

        I am not so sure about that as the decision must be referred to Majlis Raja Raja.

        As for hoping for USA support, actually I believe Najib must be thinking about Chine encroaching our territory. Only recently China stops sending warship around Beting Petinggi Ali, some 90km outside Sarawak coast.

        The thing about najib is that no matter what he does, some segment of Malaysians will reject whatever his explanations.If he chooses to resign, DAP and PKR will say “Betul la dia salah. kalau tidak mana Najib mau resign”.

        IF Najib stays put, they will say “he is greedy. dah salah pun tak mahu berhenti’

    2. I prefer to be allied with the US economically. Ally with china only bring benefit to the Chinese community in Malaysia, and Chinese company don’t even care about their Chinese employee, what about Malaysian born Malay?, and i notice the rise of china only bring and overall economic upset that would not benefit Malaysia as traditionally US/Japan economy, but when thing are bad, people just blamed the Malaysian government, forgetting this fact.

      1. l o l Then you must love Suharto right ? Marcos ? The Shah of Iran ? No wonder your people are colonized by one colonizer after another l o l !


    Phulamak, Encik FeiChye Ang.

    You really are a paranoid navel-gazer, aren’t you : )

    Look what you’ve done.

    Annie’s blog generally is more far worthwhile to read than your ceaseless little schoolgirl rants against your imagined nemeses (your ex-employer (The Star), your ex-lesbian crush (?) Hannah Yeoh, your ex-party (?) the DAP.

    What a shame you do this all so repetitively, and so boringly.

    You’re the master of self-cut & paste, fatboy. You invented it. Tabik.

    Hypocrite, too.

    You can dish it out, but can’t take it, eh? Munafik. Anyone whacks you back, and you dissolve into tears of self-pity and wail “what kind of people are theyyyyyy?”

    PS: Keep it up, Annie. You write from the heart and with lots of common sense, neither of which Kak Helen will ever know.

    PPS: Sorry to spoil your party, fei chye, but I’m not Christian, not Chinese, and have never voted DAP (and never will). There go all your easy stereotypes. Fact is, finding Kak Helen full of s*** is pretty universal, except for your tiny (yep, tiny) handful of groupies who’re as brain-dead as you are. You see? Simple.

    So now what can you do now, fatboy, without a convenient label?

    Oh, let me guess:

    Dissolve into tears of self-pity and wail “what kind of people are theyyyyyy?

    1. Woh, but you sounded exactly like DAP dogs who always claimed to be non chinese, non christian, non voter of DAP. When people like you and other bloggers argue, they tended to borrow and echo the barking of DAP dogs.

      Now I have to sock it back to them. DAP has a lot of running mad dogs doing their rounds using foul languages. their favorite is the 4 letter word in addition to cursing and name calling. I won’t stoop so low as to use dirty words. Only people bred and spooned around scums and sewers will use those dirty words and these particularly are jewish trained DAP dogs.

      1. You have to pity these people. They are the descendants of coolies. You must understand that these coolies were the uneducated class the Chinese dumped on Malaysia. So looking at their descendants you will understand the way they conduct themselves. The foul language is most pronounced in places like Penang and Perak. The drive by shootings are a daily occurrence and foul language is their ammunitions.

        1. Spectre

          Now where have I heard these uncouthed coolie bloodline insinuations before?

          Hmmm, don’t look now, you sound exactly like dear Mulan.

          1. Hmm……………are you going to deny that these people’s forefathers were brought to Malaya to work as coolies ?

            1. Spectre

              Why the mendacity?

              If you intend to be condescending about how coolie stock breeds inferiority, at the very least, go show some class and own it.

                1. Quote: They are the DESCENDANTS of coolies. You must understand that these coolies were the uneducated class the Chinese dumped on Malaysia. So looking at their DESCENDANTS you will understand the way they conduct themselves.

                  Your attempt at coming up with red herrings are futile.

                  Watch that footing of yours, you’re gonna fall off the ledge of prevarication.

                  1. european never abandon their race superiority shit until after ww2 when many third world countries gained independence, even us civil rights movement started only after 50s. so give her more time.

                    1. aiyo, all u can do is to repeat the same phrase while changing a few word, that’s what kid do la, mana budak satu lagi? u 2 quick quick go main masak, or diam diam duduk tunggu kelapa dan durian jatuh.

                  2. Islam1st

                    Spectre is right about what exactly?

                    Trying to be condescending to another’s heritage but attempt to weasel out of it using red herrings when got called out?

                    Unless Islam1st you are keturunan raja-raja or family line from bangsawan or intellectuals, if not, you’re basically agreeing that someone that is born of common lineage are destined to be uncivilised.

                    Do you really agree with such presumption?

        2. What is wrong with descending from coolies? Everyone knows what’s worse than descending from coolies are scions from coolies who pretend to have an education, be Christians, cohort with crooks cum politicians, work “hard” and cheat to make tons of money, and then harangue and chastise those around them for being lesser beings just because they don’t have “values” that these newly fangled rich possess.

      2. Ha ha ha!!!

        “….except for your tiny (yep, tiny) handful of groupies who’re as brain-dead as you are. You see? Simple.”


        “Quod erat demonstrandum.”

        (I doubt your macai have the intelligence to Google, Kak Heren. Just tell them it’s a Jewish insult : )

        1. re: “Just tell them it’s a Jewish insult”

          Are you one of the DAP officers trained in psy ops by the Israelis?

  9. Forcing Najib down, Malay unity etc.

    Examples of people having one objective coincide doesn’t mean all of them are having the same end goals and the same perspective on that similar objective.

    Members of the public, I don’t think they can ever know all the relationships and dealings of the political and economical elite.
    I don’t know if there’s a separate intellectual or ideological elite here, maybe there are influential intellectuals but in Malaysia they probably would be under control of the above two. Those people control things like the media, the businesses, the law, the universities, the NGOs etc and they always try to control their image and what the masses know and feel.

    I think it would be good not to let ourselves be swayed by sentiments and slogans and be forced into groups set into fighting some other group among ourselves.

    Malaysia is still a small country and vulnerable to even bigger elites of the world. I guarantee those people have the power and resources to play us and don’t care what happens to us, only how we can be used by them. Have been that way in history.

  10. Re: 95% of the Chinese support the opposition

    When a certain commentator wrote how Annie can join UMNO but Helen Ang cannot, the comment might be made in mockery, but the truth in the statement rings true. Very true.

    The implicity of the comment alone reveal much why 95% of the Chinese voted for the opposition.

    So, why can’t an UMNO supporter join UMNO?

    UMNO is first and foremost a race-based political party. It owes its sustenance in the form of race based politics/policies .

    That means it is in their well being to make sure Malay interests are well looked after. It has little or nothing to do with the premise of accountable governance where ‘Malaysians’ should benefit from its own governmental policies.

    UMNO don’t need to detract from its core agenda. UMNO knows as long as the Malays, the majority, need them, they will be in business. Even when there is no credible existential threat to the status quo regarding Malay dominance, there will always be something to unsettle the Malays, if you try hard enough. May it be in the economic, racial or religious front. There is bound to be something.

    95% of the Chinese are of the opinion there is no need to harbour forlorn hope of redeeming unrequited love from a race-based political party that will never love them back.

    As for the remaining 5%, I don’t know if they are on the right side of history.

    It doesn’t matter, really.

    Either way, between the reality of supporting a party that care zilch for them and the eventual revelation of being proven right of a PAS-UMNO ‘bumi Islam’ in the future where support from non-Muslims are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, one can be on the right side of history but at the same time still end up losing.

    1. I doubt there will be a bumi Islam.
      It’s just wishful thinking on the part of chibai Ultra Melayu.
      In today’s global geopolitics? In today’s global trading environment?
      You wanna kill all the Chinese or forcefully convert them to Muslims? You are fucking hallucinating.
      Try doing that and you will see the aircraft carrier with RED FLAG sailing up the Straits of Melaka.

      So the Cina Bukit is here to stay, forever a torn in your fucking flesh and maruah.

      So fuck you chubais.

      1. Oh dear .. Please, it is a delusion that China will ever do anything for us Malaysian Chinese. Did you not know how to read between the lines of the China Ambassador ? He said Malaysian Chinese are like our daughters – get it, not SON, but daughter.

        According to tradition, daughters married out belongs to which family? Think carefully.

        We are settled here, born here -China is our origin but our national loyalty is here. If you cannot swallow that and if you have the ability to move, then do so. Otherwise, such remarks from you are not helping matters apart from assuaging your own inner demons.

        1. He is a banana, the La Salle type so it is understandable that he failed to read between the lines. We Chinese are very subtle in the way we express our views depending on the situation. If a person can say her firstborn daughter is Indian and then identifying her younger daughter as Chinese, that says a lot of their understanding of their heritage, or rather the lack of.

      2. “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”
        – Gautama Buddha

        Yes, please let everyone respect one another. Uncontrollable anger does not resolve problems.

    2. ‘they will be in business.’

      Well, thank you DAP for that!

      ‘Either way, between the reality of supporting a party that care zilch for them and the eventual revelation of being proven right of a PAS-UMNO ‘bumi Islam’’

      Still butthurt are you?

      1. 1st,

        Why would I be ‘still butthurt?’

        Quit watching those K dramas with Malay subtitles, dude.

        I’ve not gone though the ‘love and lost’ cycle with UMNO I’m afraid.

        1. “We have 13 students from Year One to Year Six with nine teachers. The school achieved 100 per cent passes in the Primary School Achievement Test (UPSR) from 2013 until last year,” she said when met by reporters yesterday. – See more at:

          Kerana takutkan golongan yang forever butthurt, kerajaan kena layan juga benda2 macam ni. Mentaliti subsidi at its best!

    3. very well said, u wrote exactly what i think but dun know how to put in writing.

      i dun believe in malay unity, unless sabah sararwak betray. the election already proved that whichever direction the chinese vote n whatever percentage, malay still rule, the only exception is penang, it means nothing change. n base on demographic, the chinese could only shrink.

      now is a good time to ask umno malay what they gonna do with hudud n islamic state.

    4. I don’t think Fatboy Ang realises how much Malays despise Ridhuan Tee either, despite all his fawning. Both of them just underline the fact that the whole Cinabeng race can’t be trusted. Ever.

      1. zofries,

        You are one pathetic DAP self-hating Chinese minion. Oops, I mean Bangsa Anak Malaysia.

        1. “…one pathetic DAP self-hating Chinese minion”? That makes two of us, Kak Helen ; )

          Come with me on the next flight to Tel Aviv, and you can become “one pathetic DAP self-hating Chinese minion who works for the Mossad”. Come, lah.

          The Israelis can do for you what they did for me, i.e. pay for a writing workshop. It may help to fix your deadly dull writing style. Come, lah….you need it. Oh, you really need it.

  11. Dear Helen,

    From your numbers, I got a co-efficient of 0.79 instead of 0.78 (no difference) with a fairly high residual c-value of 12.6. The R-square is only 0.61 which means that the regression is not quite strong enough; hence the predictive value of your coefficient is 61% – however this can be due to the small sample size. If you can perform the same analysis on at least 25 or 30 observations (currently you have 10), the results should be more robust. :)

    As for the UMNO-PAS unity, I believe it will happen too but may not be in the form of a merger – could be more of a realpolitik alliance until some minor incidence sets off a separation. But, yes, on the face of it, unity is eminent.

    1. re: “From your numbers, I got a co-efficient of 0.79 instead of 0.78 (no difference)”

      Yes, 0.7851. Okay, can bump up to 0.79.

      re: “the regression is not quite strong enough; hence the predictive value of your coefficient is 61% however this can be due to the small sample size”

      Yes, lah :) small sample size ‘cos I only used Johor which is Annie’s happy hunting ground. And it was a long weekend when my new year spring cleaning and housekeeping was unceremoniously disrupted from having to divert my attention to attending to the lying Annie.

      re: “If you can perform the same analysis on at least 25 or 30 observations (currently you have 10), the results should be more robust.”

      Of course. The correlation would be much stronger where the ‘x’ is higher in FT and Penang, and areas of Perak and Selangor.

      I had been tempted to do the figures for the urban DUNs in Selangor like Subang Jaya and Damansara Utama but I stuck to Johor only. And percentage of Johor Chinese voters were hovering around 45%-55& only, compared to FT and Penang which could go as high as 70%-90%.

      re: “As for the UMNO-PAS unity, I believe it will happen too but may not be in the form of a merger – could be more of a realpolitik alliance until some minor incidence sets off a separation.”

      Naturally realpolitik. But I would give the two parties more credit than allowing “some minor incidence [to set] off a separation”.

      Today is different from Asri Muda’s time. There is the existential threat of DAP evangelistas which did not exist in the 1970s.

      re: “But, yes, on the face of it, unity is eminent.”

      Definitely. Thanks to LGE Bapa Perpaduan Melayu?

      1. Helen,

        Sorry to interrupt here, but me thinks you don’t really have to plot a linear regression chart here because the percent of Chinese voters and percent of votes garnered by each PR/ DAP candidate do not necessarily form a linear relationship. The R-squared is merely an error of those data from the best linear fit based on your hypothesis of a linear relationship between the two data sets.

        I’ve personally plotted additional data from other parliamentary seats from other states with more than 40% Chinese voters. Still, when fitted with a linear line, I still don’t get a nice coefficient (I’m still getting about ~0.7).

        The best method (I think, because I’m not a data scientist) to show how closely these two variables are correlated (something you intended to do) is to do another form of correlation which is actually available in our “beloved” Microsoft Excel, see here, by applying formula “=CORREL(array1, array2)”. Google Spreadsheet seems to have this function as well. They called it “Pearson product-moment correlation”. This form of correlation is basically a “statistical measurement of degree to which the change in one of the measurements affects the change in another set of measurements”. By calculating this way (on 41 parliament seats) instead, I’m getting a better number, around 0.84, with 1.0 as perfect positive correlation.

        PS: Here’s another Google chart I plotted where it shows some trend lines.

        1. After looking this again just now, you’re right after all! Both “correl” (in Excel) and R-squared are actually the same thing! Correl value is the square root of “R-squared”. The next question is which is the “appropriate” value to use here. “R-squared” or the square-root of “R-squared”? Sorry!

        2. Use the constituencies where the percentage of Chinese voters is very high, like the FT Parliament seats.

          Then the correlation would be very strong and in the region of a beautiful 0.9.

  12. I am OK if UMNO and PAS unite. It’s a dream come true for us, Malays.

    Zahid could speed up the process.

    Don’t mind if Hudud is implemented (I am a law abiding Muslim citizen).

    Then I can rub salt on injury to the 95% Chinese, “Padan muka!”.

    It’s an irony that you seem troubled by this latest looming political development, Helen.

    1. re: “It’s an irony that you seem troubled by this latest looming political development, Helen.”

      You tak reti baca, ke? I’m rooting for perpaduan. Does buying into the Tun personality cult addle your brain?

      As I’ve already stated, I used to think that Tun was the only one person smart, strong and influential enough to stop the DAP juggernaut. But he has betrayed us, hasn’t he?

      Now, if need be, he will join hands with whoever is willing to help him topple Najib. He approached the G25. He attended an illegal street rally.

      Now I think PAS is better equipped than Umno to fight the DAP. At least PAS realises that the DAP is full of evangelical Christians (I quoted the Dewan Ulama deputy chairman saying this – see here). Umno is still clueless.

      I like Ustaz Nasha. You can see in my blog. I’ve only been saying positive things about him. I said “Bravo!” Dr Zudhi.

      I’m running a Nik Abduh vs Khairy poll. It’s clear to regular readers that I dislike KJ.

      Do all these indicate that I’m pro-perpaduan or that I “seem troubled by this latest looming political development” (your words)?

      Check my blog the last six months and see how often I’ve been predicting that the unity will happen.

      Here, I’ll help you.

      Blog post title ‘PAS-Umno acapkali bincang perpaduan mesti ada sebabnya‘.

      Article uploaded on 22 Aug 2011. Click it and read, and then come back and apologize to me.

  13. “I may be wrong but I suspect the people around the Prime Minister are hawkish.”

    Agree with your observation. Dato Nasir Safar was Najib’s PolSec until his “pendatang” remarks. Me thinks he’s still working behind the scenes.

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