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PAS to expose DAP’s alleged ties with enemies of Islam

This morning, a Christian reader of this blog WtJ commented that he is waiting for his Australian permanent residence application to be “approved anytime soon”.

He said @ 2016/01/09 at 11:42 am, “I’m well on my way of getting out of here [Malaysia] and frankly I can’t wait.”

His destination – Australia – is a majority white country where its European settlers had brought their Christian heritage along with them when they colonized the land.

Sometime last year, Marina Mahathir told Malay Mail reporter Boo Su-Lyn that our country is “undergoing ‘Arab colonialism’.”

Marina said Malays are embracing Arab culture in a big way.

If they want to say that Malay Muslims are being influenced by Arabic civilization, then it is equally pertinent to note that Chinese and Indian Christian converts are similarly being influenced by European civilization, i.e. Christendom.

One example is the celebration here of Christmas … in tropical Malaysia … with fake snow, plastic Christmas trees and artificial mistletoe.

BELOW: Rejecting the Chinese as well as Indian civilizational legacy, @hannahyeoh is an UBAH-ed, self-made bangsa prototype

Congrats to him, pity for her

I suppose congratulations are in order for my 37-year-old blog reader WtJ who is confident that he will be receiving his Aussie PR anytime now.

On the other hand, outback Tasmania in the Australian boondocks had rejected Hannah Yeoh’s PR application previously. Tak cukup standard even by measure of the red-necks – pathetic.

How bitter and humiliated Hannah must have felt to be sent home packing to the hated, racist Malaysia which she thought she had (almost) successfully left behind.

BELOW: Hannah must have been so jealous of those better qualified youngsters who made the grade

Genesis of the Politics of Hate

Reluctantly returning to Malaysia, Hannah has been spitting venom and baring her fangs at everything that is constantly making her unhappy and dissatisfied.

These are things which stand on the opposite end of what made her happy Down Under – at least for a short time – living among her fellow Christians.

The temporary sojourn there cut short when her PR application was unceremoniously binned, Hannah grudgingly came back to commence her constant fault-finding against BN and forever blame of Umno.

(Even when caught Facebooking in the Selangor Dewan during the assembly in session – this was before she was appointed Speaker – Hannah tried to deflect the protocol breach to Najib. Always pointing finger at somebody else.)

BELOW: Hannah presiding over Ops Tikus (pix on top right corner) and boy, are the rodents big! – see pix in the middle row

Subang Jaya Ops Tikus
Subang Jaya Ops Tikus

Can’t change citizenship? Change the country instead

From a wannabe emigrant who’d failed to make cut in Oz, the envious Hannah disgorged her bile into the UBAH (change our country, let’s fix Malaysia) hate campaign.

Well, if she can’t swap her Malaysian citizenship for Australian, then by golly, it is Malaysia itself that Hannah will forcefully and forcibly change.

And so the green-eyed monster woman parlayed her angst into a paid profession as the Yang Berhormat of Subang Jaya – the evangelical hub.

It is any wonder that Jerusubang – the City of Sin – is full of rubbish and rats? This simply mirrors its leadership.

Hatchet job and goon squad

I checked the dictionary for the meaning of the word “goon”. It is defined as “a bully or thug”.

Since her earliest days in politics, Hannah has been recognized as a bully.

It wasn’t me that first called her “DAP super cyberbully”. The term was coined for Hannah by the Beliawanis MCA national treasurer back in 2010 – a period predating my launch of this blog in end-July 2011.

Peddling her poisonous potions – @hannahyeoh has now collected 124,000 Twitter followers – she complains endlessly about the “wicked regime”.

The ‘failed’ lawyer (Hannah did not practice law but held a job as Events Manager) has been raving “racist, racist, racist!” and ranting “wicked, wicked, wicked” for close to a decade now ever since her foray into politics.

Her planting the seed of hate and watering the plant preaching here and there is now bearing fruit.

Question: Who is oozing with evil and destruction? The PPTA or the neo-Zionists?

Hannah Yeoh wicked regime

Those who failed to fly the coop

One young woman May Wan Wong recently wrote in The Heat, “All my life, I was told that if I could migrate, I should do so with haste and not look back …”.

However, Ms Wong hastens to counter, but “I will come home to Malaysia. And I will stay”

She wrote:

“I know how broken my country is right now, and I am under no illusions as to what I am coming home to. I am coming home to a house with a leaking roof, an unhinged door, and crumbling walls …”

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh’s interns follow her faking fashion

DAP kafir supporters Occupy Masjid

Malays bring back jihad from M-East, Chinese bring back cross from Bible Belt

Hannah would have preferred to remain in Tasmania, certainly.

But alas, she had to come back.

The question is what ideological disease was Hannah infected with when traipsing in the Christian redneck rurals, what virus has Hannah brought back and is she transmitting the sickness far and wide?

Hannah, her 2008 political cohorts and the Jerusubang generation have changed the DAP beyond recognition – see photo above.

New DAP’s neo-Zionist tendencies

A study by Institut Darul Ehsan among Malay respondents found that more than 70 percent of those polled believe DAP is anti Malay and anti Islam.

Is DAP also linked to the greatest enemy of Islam?

Dr Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki, who is PAS research director, says he is ready to furnish evidence of the DAP’s secret ties with Israel.

Dr Zuhdi has also promised to expose the “DAP’s relations with other parties that threaten Islam”, according to a Rakyat Post report yesterday.

Christian Zionists are staunch supporters of Israel. Thus public perception among Malays that the DAP are neo-Zionists comes as no surprise.



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14 thoughts on “PAS to expose DAP’s alleged ties with enemies of Islam

  1. re: “Marina said Malays are embracing Arab culture in a big way. If they want to say that Malay Muslims are being influenced by Arabic civilization, then it is equally pertinent to note that Chinese and Indian Christian converts are similarly being influenced by European civilization, i.e. Christendom.”

    The point here should be how we Chinese adapt to the European enlightenment worldview. Of course, they have opened up many new vistas in science and technology and provide framework for representative government, which is a good. But then the Europeans have also rejected the chains of Church religious ideology and worldview.

    Prof. Tu Wei Ming and Mr. Bill Moyers:

    1. One kind of wonders how the early Arabs to this region assimilated themselves so peacefully into the Malay customs and native language, and remoulded the local cultures along Islamic principles. Against what’s happening these days – a brutish bedouin clannishness bent on divisiveness and conflict.

      1. re: “Against what’s happening these days”

        Maksud Chris penglibatan orang Melayu yang telah terpengaruh dengan perjuangan Isis sepertimana yang didakwa pihak berkuasa/risikan militer?

        Mungkin dulu orang Islam tidak terasa begitu tertekan kerana ketamadunan Islam masih boleh bertahan, contohnya kerajaan Uthmaniah.

        Dewasa ini, Timur Tengah sedang diporak-perandakan oleh puak Kristian Zionis. Negeri-negeri Islam di rantau itu berkecai dan rebah satu persatu.

        1. Those Arab states are artificial creations of the Europeans, much like most states in Africa. They were not viable politically, the reason why they could persist for so long is because they have dictators who are, or were willing to side with the Europeans, the Caucasians to serve their vested interests. Even the House of Saud is now looking increasingly fragile. That they will implode is only a matter of time, not if but when. The same is true of our Malaysia. The Brits brought the indentured labor in large number to work for them. They never expected, nor did they demand that these indentured labor see Malaya as their new homeland. So they the Brits never took any interest in making these various races work together. In the run up to Merdeka, the Brits in their haste to leave Malaya, they simply said to these races ‘you work out your problems, we’re out of here’. What did you expect then ? Races divided for over 2 centuries suddenly working together ? Mimpi saja. So authoritarian rule had to be initiated. The first PM was just a boneka, a puppet. Anyone who had any inkling of history would have known by now that the real person with power was Razak. 513 was just the one thing the authoritarians needed to set themselves up for power. Malays and Chinese at that time who looked at 513 as a racial issue were idiots. What race issue ? It’s just old fashioned autoritarian rule using riots, in our case, a very unfortunate riot involving Malays and Chinese.

          1. re: “What race issue? It’s just old fashioned autoritarian rule using riots”

            The conditions, i.e. racial climate making it ripe for the 1969 riots must have been there to begin with.

            For example, the Lowyat mini riot happened in KL. It was unlikely to have broken out in Kuching.

            The ethnic schism is real and not something invented by Umno. Hence the kumbayah song being sung to Dapsters by their DAP pied pipers blaming BN for deliberately orchestrating racial discord is most delusional.

        2. Well yes, they can’t be the same kind of Islam we’re talking about could it? Muslims expelling muslims and non-muslims alike from their homeland, killing and enslaving those who will not bow to them.

          1. You asked what is the difference between the Arab merchants who had sailed here in the glorious civilizational past to trade (in Malacca), and the Arabs who currently spawned Isis.

            Times are different: Pre-Opec and post-Opec.

            The GREED of the 3Gs evangelists grabbing their Gold and Glory on the dogma of Gospel. They colonized the Middle East and carved up the region willy-nilly, such as drawing the arbitrary Sykes-Picot line demarcating British and French spheres of influence.

            The present-day violence is a reaction to the Christian Zionists. Isis believes this.

            1. Clearly it’s over weaning greed for the oil production and geopolitics on both sides of the divide. The neocon American establishment have been allied to the Saudi-Wahhabis and Zionist Israel at the same time. It is highly disputable that Wahhabism represents Islamic teaching or that the teachings of the Torah informs Zionist ideology.

              1. re: “or that the teachings of the Torah informs Zionist ideology”

                Cherry-pick, like how the City Harvest pastors can (mis)use the Bible to justify collecting tithe and asking the sheeple to sell their HDB flats so that the proceeds would be donated to the church/Sun Ho ‘building fund’.

                Or how Biblical parables can be applied by the NECF to contemporary rulers, see

                Just like PAS is an Islamist party, the DAP is an evangelical party. And just like PAS is political Islam, the DAP has become about political Christianity.

                From their vicious, bullying behaviour, they’re clearly neo-Zionists.

                1. It is highly unlikely that Jesus the son of Mary would approve of the prosperity gospel of these Christians and their money-raking schemes.


                  The muslim narratives portray Jesus as the patron saint of asceticism, the lord of nature, a miracle worker, a healer, a moral, spiritual and social role model. “Jesus used to eat leaves off the trees,” reads one saying, “dress in hairshirts, and sleep wherever night found him. He had no child who might die, no house which might fall into ruin; nor did he save his lunch for his dinner or his dinner for his lunch. He used to say, ‘Each day brings with it its own sustenance.’
                  Jesus, or Isa in Arabic, is deemed by Islam to be a Prophet – neither the Son of God nor God incarnate. He is referred to in 25 verses of the Quran and 6 times as “Messiah” (or “Christ”, depending on the translation). He is also called a “Messenger of Allah” and acknowledged as the “Spirit” of Allah (Ruhullah). No other prophet in the Quran, not even Muhammad, is given this particular honour.

                  Prophet Muhammad is honored as the Beloved of Allah (Habibullah) and the Mercy of Allah for the creation (rahmatullah lil alameen). There is no room for religious chauvinism nor radical aggression in the blessed Prophet’s life example.

                  And when Jesus the Son of Mary said, “O children of Israel, verily I am the Messenger of God sent unto you, confirming the law which was delivered before me (Torah), and bringing good tidings of a Messenger who shall come after me, whose name shall be Ahmed (Muhammad s.a.w.). And when he (Jesus) produced unto them evident miracles, they said, this is manifest sorcery.
                  (Al-Quran, 61:6)

  2. Another deluded piece (not surprising given its you) that ends with bashing hannah (what a surprise!). If you have proof – provide it. Don’t waddle around. You’ve just had your fat arse handed to you on a plate this past few weeks by Annie and that Chinese Ultra. And the best you can come up with is this? Your masters should really reconsider you…..

    1. Nampak sangat trooper DAP dah mula gelabah.

      Tick tock, tick tock


      Pun nampak Annie bersekongkol dengan Cina ultra. Ish, ke mana perginya perjuangan ‘alif, ba, ta’, ek?

      1. Tu lah. Budak La Salle lagi. Buat malu saja. Yang Ultra tu sebenarnya little man saja. Dia syiok sendiri. Sendiri cakap sendiri jawap. By the way, identiti pompuan tu bukan lagi satu rahsia :)

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