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Why PAS has replaced Umno as DAP’s enemy No.1

Referring to the recent Court of Appeal decision on a child custody cause celebre, J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai wrote, “…non-Muslims cannot appear in the Syariah Court, so how on earth is Indira Gandhi going to seek redress in the Islamic courts?”

In his weekly column today, Chun Wai opined:

“Malaysia hasn’t become an Islamic State and the people, especially non-Muslims, can still challenge contentious matters in the civil courts.

“So, this is a lesson for non-Muslims who actually believe that Islamic laws won’t affect non-Muslims and are meant only for Muslims.

“We live in a plural society and even as Malaysia becomes more Islamic and mono ethnic, non-Muslims still have their rights, as guaranteed in the Federal Constitution.

“The people also have the right to question the decisions of the courts including the Indira Gandhi case.”


BELOW: Waiting for @hannahyeoh’s standard “heartbreak” and “heartache” tweet on unnamed children, dunno where, dunno why

Chun Wai: It’s OK to criticize ridiculous, dictatorial leaders

“The case has broken the hearts of many Malaysians,” said EvangeliSTAR-in-chief.

The public believes that the Court of Appeal failed to dispense justice when it passed the responsibility on Indira’s case to the Syariah Court, added Chun Wai.

Indira’s ex-husband K. Patmanathan had ‘disappeared’ with the couple’s youngest child soon after he converted to Islam.

“No one just disappears into the thin air and we cannot be expected to believe that Patmanathan, now known as Muhammad Riduan Abdullah, cannot be found,” wrote Chun Wai in his article, ‘Islamic law affects all of us‘ (The J-Star, 10 Jan 2016).

The J-Star boss stressed that it is not contempt of court nor seditious for the rakyat to question contentious judgments, adding, “We have not gone the dictatorial way. Our leaders can be criticised in a democratic society. Even ridiculed”.

(Urm, Chun Wai’s train of thought is revealing. Talking about the people having the “right to question the decisions of the courts”, he jumps to okaying criticism of “dictatorial” leaders who are already being “ridiculed” by the public.)

DAP kafir supporters Occupy Masjid

ABOVE: “Even as Malaysia becomes more Islamic” … Hannah Yeoh’s interns

Behind the tudung, DAP is still anti Islam

When Chun Wai wrote today that Malaysia is becoming “more Islamic and mono ethnic”, he’s merely stating a fact — that is if one measures the degree of Islamism from outward form.

Using as a barometer the extent of power exercised by Islamic bodies like Jakim and Mais, as well as syariah compliance such as the sedapkan mata moves initiated by non-Muslims (think Rayani Air owners and the Hannah Yeoh wardrobe costumes), then the “more Islamic” we are, certainly.

That’s in the matter of outward appearance or what the eye can see. Underneath, however, is a strong and sinister current of cognitive dissonance.

BELOW: Look carefully, can you see two faces?

Two face in one

Christian Zionists and the DAP fascists

Two Faced Hannah YeohChristian Zionists are ardent supporters of Greater Israel.

It could be that Hannah was being careful not to alienate her evangelical fan base when she tweeted crocodile tears for “pictures of injured & dead children“.

In her tweet, Madame Two Face omitted to mention the kids were Palestinians and that they were dead because Gaza had been bombed.

tear emojiHannah wanted to have her cake and eat it, i.e. curry favour with her Malay twit following who are pro-Palestine but at the same time, pander to the Christians who are pro-Israel.

The promise by PAS research director Dr Zuhdi Marzuki to prove the evangelical party’s secret ties to Israel will now render him the primary target of the DAP dirty tricks department. Hope he will beware what they/DAP do to people.

Meek and mild, “only 9 percent”

tears streaming

Sneaky bastards

How can the DAP be so sneaky in their tactics? Well, they learned from the best.

Another reason is as PAS president Hadi Awang has stated, the DAP tak kenal batasan. They are kiasu super bullies who can and will do anything … asal dapat menang.

Like Hannah ‘Hypocrite’ Yeoh leading the charge to Occupy Masjid.

How screwed-up is the present DAP leadership? Very

The DAP is currently led by messianic evangelistas. Their mind runs on dual tracks so that actions never match words. Delusional, you might say.

Hannah Yeoh, for example, implied that Jais is a tool of Umno (see her tweet above) even though Jais – as a Selangor agency – is under a Pakatan-ruled state.

This split personality runs through the very core of the DAP leadership.

They shout “Malaysian First” from the rooftops. But this comes only after a bitter experience of personal failure, such as Tony Pua’s IT company sold off to Singapore buyers and Hannah Yeoh’s permanent residence application in Tasmania rejected.

How humiliated Hannah must have felt beserta jatuh air muka di kalangan sanak saudara dan rakan taulan when it was shown that the Aussies looked down on her (lack of) professional qualifications. Tak cukup standard.

Even back in Malaysia, Hannah did not continue to practise law but held a job as Events Manager — a working experience that has been extremely beneficial in helping manage her public image and self-promotion.

Hannah was convinced that a Christian country was anytime better than Muslim Malaysia. Deprived of the chance to live in Australia, the Born Again Christian becomes an itinerant preacher harvesting Malaysian city malcontents who spit venom at our existing Islam-dominant system.

HATE PREACHER WOMAN … here there and everywhere

Religion rivalry more dangerous than race rivalry

The DAP is led by schizophrenics who swear they love their enemies and always turn the other cheek but nonetheless hate on PAS and Umno with a vengeance.

This angry and resentful generation of neo-Zionists are using political Christianity as their platform. Their evangelical infused ideology explains why PAS has replaced Umno as the DAP’s enemy No.1.

The rivalry between the old DAP (pre-2008) and Umno was on the basis of race — Chinese vs. Malay.

The rivalry between DAP 2.0 and PAS is on the basis of religion — political Christianity vs. political Islam.

It is also the reason why Umno had been unable to fend off the DAP juggernaut whereas PAS is more successful in touching DAP raw nerves.

Umno is clueless as to what makes the ubah-ed DAP tick. PAS carrying forward the Zionist allegations is making DAP dance like a cat on a hot tin roof.

Umno has to ‘Learn, Unlearn And Relearn’ in order to stay current. The rules of British neo-colonial elitism don’t work with neo-Zionists.


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