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85 percent of DAP state assemblymen are Chinese

Mat Sabu, the PAN president

Mat Sabu loves Guan Eng


Sucking up

to Lim Guan Eng

Pakatan Harapan is a pact between three parties.

Who do you think calls the shots?


Currently in Parliament

  • DAP has 37 MPs
  • PKR has 29 MPs
  • PAN has 6 MPs

DAP is the strongest party, by far, among the three-member opposition coalition. It has double the number of Aduns (105 YBs) compared with PKR (50 YBs) while PAN’s Aduns can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Out of the DAP’s 105 Aduns nationwide post GE13, including in Sarawak, 89 of them are Chinese. In other words, the evangelical party’s YBs are 85 percent Chinese.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh’s Personal Assistant Rajiv Rishyakaran became the Adun of Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya Selatan in 2013


Evangelistas rule

DAP has a sprinkling of Indian Aduns.

In Penang, the DAP has four Indian (including Karpal’s son Jagdeep Singh who’s Punjabi) and 15 Chinese Aduns. In Perak, DAP has three Indian/15 Chinese Aduns. In Selangor, two Indian (including Rajiv)/13 Chinese Aduns.

The DAP’s Indian Aduns are mostly Christian, like Rajiv of Jerusubang, Terence Naidu and Mary Josephine Pritam Singh.

DAP’s sole Malay Adun is Tengku Zulpuri in Mentakab, Pahang.

Mat Sabu stooge

Opposition powered by 95% Chinese electorate

If Umno-BN is defeated in GE14, it will be DAP-Harapan in Putrajaya.

If DAP controls Putrajaya, then Malays would have lost their political power.


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62 thoughts on “85 percent of DAP state assemblymen are Chinese

  1. The late Malcolm X, Black consciousness leader who was assassinated by right wing elements supported and armed by the FBI, once said of the minorities who join these sort of organizations (like the DAP), “They lend that threadbare bit of “credibility” to these organizations, much like that white gloved African Gentleman in the old American movies who serves his “masters” in their big houses and become the “House Nigger”.”

    His white Christian masters can tell the world “why they love niggers”, in fact they have a couple working for them and inside the house at that”.

    In this picture you see the epitome of that “House Nigger” in Anwar Ibrahim’s wife Wan Azziza.

    Anyone not Chinese who joins the DAP tells the world they have no self respect, no dignity and no integrity.

    Likewise anyone anti Muslim, anti Malay, anti democracy and anti independence will join Bersih for the same reasons. Bersih like all of these other NGO’s are funded by the same organizations that brought “democracy and prosperity” via assassinations and street protests in places like Rumania, Ukraine, Syria, Egypt, Thailand, Myanmar, Yemen, Lebanon and Georgia to name a few.

    1. The Houses are bigger now. So with bigger Houses you need more people to keep the Houses clean, well kept. Since the people who owned the Houses are not going to do the dirty work, it is left to those ‘outside’ the Houses to do it. Since the work is a lucrative undertaking entailing a bit of self sacrifice i.e subjecting oneself to various types of deprevation and ridicule, there are plenty of willing takers. Besides, the people doing these dirty work are better dressed nowadays too, with more ‘exposure’ to the public. After all, in the age of information, people are curious as to what these people do and how they live their lives. This is not satire by the way, just another way of looking at the relationship between master and servant, the power play between authority and servitude.

      Do the masters love their servants ? Is it genuine love ? Yes. There can be no doubt about it. After all, you have servants doing all the dirty work while you get all the payoffs who would not appreciate the work done by these servants ? So you have the masters taking the servants out on a ‘stroll’ when the servants did a great jobs. Why do you think some servants get to appear with their masters for a photoshoot or 2 while there are those who have to stay in the shadows ? You get the picture don’t you ?

      Some may say I m a bit condescending. I have been warned by a dear friend of mine just yesterday evening that coming here and say stuff that sound too deprecating and oops condescending is highly provocative and people, well, some people anyway, may take it too personal. Just now, a hick wrote something about this dear friend of mine just because my dear friend was saying the obvious. I m not going to name this hick openly as after all, this person is a hick.

    2. “Likewise anyone anti Muslim, anti Malay, anti democracy and anti independence will join Bersih for the same reasons”

      Haha.I think even the Malays think you are an idiot.

    3. The DAP’s house nigger azizah and sucker sabu … in the absence of nik aziz’s rear admiral.

  2. Helen,

    Until to this very moment, there are Malays who for reason best known to them refuse to accept reality that DAP is racist.

    Their standard answer would be “ini lah cara UMNO nak burukkan DAP”. I come across many Malays who simply adore DAP as if Kit Siang or Guan Eng are saviours. These Malays simply reject any advices. They already close their minds .

    I notice they are not struggling. They have decent lives. They enjoy every inch of results of UMNO’ s initiatives. their children are given help. Many work in as civil service. But they complain and complain. Many Malay men are quite good talking about Islamic value . YET they are not honest in their jobs. they spend hours in cafeteria talking about Islam when they “curi tulang”.

    Sometimes, I actually wish DAP taking over. Then these Malays will realise how ruthless DAP is.

    And there are egoistical PAS supporters who never fail to say Kelantan is a model of benevolence. Look, they said. No racism in Kelantan. See how PAS rules.

    They should have their heads examined. I explained many times that malays form around 95% of Kelantan population. as such, they will not have problem crushing any semblance of intransigence by racist DAP.

    The situation is different say in KL or Selangor.

      1. If DAP is Dajjal, what makes of those who follow them ? l o l ! Oh that keturunan hamba fella will come here if provoked l o l !

            1. You don’t have to explain to an animal (say a wolf) what a musang is nor to a fruit (say a banana) what a pisang is. Likewise, the Dapsters just are, period.

              It is their nature. Therein the nature of the Dapsters is most vicious of bullies.

  3. DAP’s previous election also depending on PAS members voting for their aduns. next election ? maybe the votes will shrink

  4. If you really want to hit them, you should point out as to how many of these DAP reps identify themselves as Not Chinese Only Malaysian. With this, that fat arse would surely rank high on the list. Also see how many of these reps are 4th, 5th generation descendants of cXXXXXX which should not surprise most people.

    1. Dear Spectre,

      Most of the Chinese bourgeoisie from humble beginnings, despite new wealth, still distanced themselves from the elites. That is why MCA reps, with all the honorary title in front of their names, are a turn off. Those titles are sycophant magnets but does nothing to impress the man on the street.

      I had a personal experience with a MCA politician Dato who went all ballistic because some secretary forgot to type a ‘Datin’ in front of his wife’s name on the invitation card.

      This sums up the MCA people who had decades relied on UMNO for relevance they lose touch on the ground. Wait, in fact they were never on the ground with the Chinese masses. Now, things are changing and MCA has plenty of catching up to do. The younger MCA crowd, not accustomed to having privileges handed down to them on a plate post 2008, would better understand and do better.

      DAP knows how to appeal to the man on the street, period. Helen would call them sneaky, but this is smart political play 101. As you like the C word, the C works in the opposition’s favor. That is why they are proud to flaunt their C heritage.

      1. l o l !

        I know they love the word and the oppo sure know how to work it to their advantage. I know how to use that word too depending on the circumstances. It is telling that a word can have such an impact on a group of people, as how an idea may have an effect on certain people. For that, I would like to congratulate the oppo for a job well done. But for those who are under the spell of the oppo or for that matter, those who were under the spell of the MCA, what happens after you realize that you’re no longer in wonderland ? For 60 years and counting, these people, the C people, I have to make it clear that the C here is not Chinese but I m aware that some people associate C with Chinese, and there are also those who think they are Chinese but they actually are not Chinese, have been promised a host of promises but nobody actually knows when the promises are going to be delivered. Which is why, if you have read my reply to IAW on KJ, you had better wise up. LIke I said, depending on whose side you’re on, it’s the best of times for those on a winning run. But are you in the race at all ?

          1. (Spectre) / Harlequin,

            Minta laluan untuk mencelah.

            What does your (Harlequin’s) idealism say about DAP signing the pact a couple of days ago with PKR and Amanah affirming that they’re willing to uphold Ketuanan Melayu vis-a-vis all the Constitutional provisions?

            Isn’t that political expediency which is far from any idealism?

            Worse still, like I’ve said, they’re sneaky.

            In front of a Chinese audience, DAP politicians foment the passive-aggressive victim complex (victimhood) that Chinese are second-class citizens, mainly b’cos we’re outside the Article 153 purview of “special position”.

            But for the political horse-trading to gallop to Putrajaya, they will say and uphold something contrary to their party tenet which states in B & W that the DAP objects citizens being divided into Bumiputera and non-Bumiputera.

            What a bunch of two-faced, sneaky bastards.

            1. Only 2 things. Money and power. The rest are just illusion. Desperate people will believe anything. If you wanna take advantage of desperate people, do your homework. Say the things desperate people want to hear. Show them the stuff they want to see. Tell them what they want to believe. People just want validation, including the desperate among us. Only those who are close to the seat of power know the truth.

              1. Okay, I can agree with your prognosis.

                So the desperate Chinese only hear want they to hear, see what they want to see and believe them what they want to believe … as fed to them by their DAP evangelista overlords.

                They’re delusionally brainwashed within their echo chamber, all doing the circle jerk to validate existing prejudices and biases.

                re: “Only those who are close to the seat of power know the truth.”

                Agree 101 percent.

                Conclusion: There’s no helping the ‘no hope, no cure’ Dapsters now. I don’t doubt that the powers-that-be will be adopting Take No Prisoners once the hook-up with PAS happens.

            2. You are spot on! I was wondering if DAP gonna amend / abandon their own constitution when they declared that they are all in favour of Ketuanan Melayu. Is this something that they have been attacking BN/UMNO for so long? I thought the whole premise of the DAP 3.0 (post 2008, Evangelist DAP) is the direct challenge to the concept of Ketuanan Melayu?

              And the sole reason for the Chinese to throw their body, soul and votes to DAP is because it is the only party who will change the status quo. I wonder if this was reported in the Chinese press and how the average Jimmy Ah Beng feels about it.

            3. Helen

              The pact is far from ideal. Sketchy at best.

              Logically it is wishful thinking to hope the majority Malays will agree to relinquish their privileges. And without the support of the majority race, none of these political entities can go very far. So status quo on the ketuanan issue is to be expected.

              The reconciliatory alternative is not to take anything away from the Malays but instead, expand on the privileges to include the needy and poor of all races. I trust any right thinking Malays should find no objection in being chivalrous to the needy. The better off ones can fend for themselves.

              The disappointing bit is actually Pakatan Hardpan’s ambiguity on the hudud issue. I for one would like to hear from DAP they will fight it out right.

  5. “Ai yah Helen…they are not Chinese lah, they are all Malaysians.” That’s how the Dapters see themselves. But when they see BN, all they see are racists Malay/Muslims. Welcome to the blinkered world of Dapsters!

      1. Just posted my first comment in months and still reading the comments with a dear friend of mine. It must have hit a nerve. Stop playing the racial card. This is really funny. These people cannot tell the difference between race and nationality. Our nationality is Malaysian and somehow in their twisted logic nationality = race.

        1. Ada di kalangan Protun yang sanggup bersekongkol dengan Cina ultra. Perbuatan tersebut ibarat Raja Mendalier sendiri membuka pintu kubu kepada musuh.

          Malah Tun sendiri yang mengingatkan perwakilan Umno dalam ucaptama tahun 2003-nya ketika belia berundur dari persada politik:

          “Sesungguhnya musuh Umno tidak kuat. Mereka tidak mungkin mengalahkan Umno. Tetapi Umno boleh mengalahkan Umno. Saya tidak perlu hurai perkara ini. Kita semua tahu. Parti lawan tidak menang. Hanya Umno yang kalah.

          “Sesungguhnya Umno tidak mungkin kalah jika kesetiaan kita kepada parti, pada bangsa dan agama tidak dilunturkan kerana kepentingan diri.”

  6. Helen, hoped you read this. This just goes to reaffirm what you have been saying all along.

    KUALA LUMPUR — The Malaysian Chinese-majority opposition Democratic Action Party (DAP) is increasingly seen as an anti-Malay, anti-Islam and racist party by the Malays in Malaysia, especially in rural areas, according to a recent political survey by a think-tank.

    A survey conducted by the Selangor state government’s Darul Ehsan Institute (IDE) between Nov 13 and 15 last year, involving 1,716 Malay respondents in the state, found that almost two-thirds or 72 per cent agreed that DAP was a racist party and that it was only looking after the interests of the Chinese community.

    Only 12 per cent disagreed, while 16 per cent said they were “unsure”.

    The survey also found that more than half, or 64 per cent, of the respondents agreed that the DAP was an “anti-Malay and anti-Islam party”. Only some 18 per cent disagreed while 19 per cent were unsure.

    The DAP and the opposition coalition it is part of — Pakatan Harapan — has been increasingly labelled by its foes, including the ruling United Malay National Organisation (UMNO), as anti-Malay and anti-Islam.

    At last year’s UMNO General Assembly, its president, Mr Najib Razak, had painted Pakatan Harapan as anti-Islam and anti-Malay. UMNO has been in power since independence in 1957.

    In 2013, it won the General Election by its slimmest result yet, as Chinese and Indian voters deserted the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition, and since then Mr Najib has embraced policies that play to his support base of Malay voters.

    The animosity against the DAP intensified after the break-up of the previous opposition pact Pakatan Rakyat in June last year, when the DAP parted ways with former ally PAS, Malaysia’s second-largest party of Malay Muslims.

    IDE deputy chairman Dr Redzuan Othman said with UMNO and the PAS ties becoming warmer, the anti-DAP campaign became stronger as both the Malay parties use religion to attack it.

    He said the level of suspicion and acrimony towards the DAP among Malays was high even in Selangor, where the party is part of the state government. Such sentiment was shared by many Malays throughout the country. “The anger and hatred are among rural Malays, especially among PAS members and supporters,” Mr Redzuan told The Malaysian Insider.

    1. Nothing new with the findings. This was the perception of rural Malays on DAP since long time ago. DAP does not contest in Malay majority rural areas.

      1. drinho,

        re: “This was the perception of rural Malays on DAP since long time ago.”

        Yes, but DAP-Pakatan has been ruling Selangor for one-and-half terms already, and the IDE survey was carried out in S’gor, not nationwide.

        Over the last eight years (7 yrs 10 mths) since DAP-Pakatan took over, they’ve pumped a fortune into propaganda.

        Over in S’gor, we have Selangorkini, Selangor Times (defunct), Media Selangorku, Selangor TV and otherwise saturation propaganda through NGO fronts (purpose-created) and other proxies that were meant to penetrate the rural areas.

        In GE12, the MCA had held on to two rural DUN seats. By GE13, MCA was wiped out, including from the last two rural seats the party had held.

        So between 2008 and 2013, due to the intense 24/7 black propaganda, the DAP did succeed in making inroads into the rural areas and snatching those last two seats from MCA.

        This new study indicating the negative perception held of DAP means that the evangelical party has in recent months (since break-up with PAS) lost some of the rural ground it had gained over the last several years, ever since assuming power in S’gor and availing itself of the state’s ample finances and resources.

        1. re: the MCA had held on to two rural DUN seats

          Which 2 seats? Are these Malay majority seats?

          Each party has its niche. The latest PH framework provides for no double contest amongst PH parties in a single seat (assuming the PH parties really follow the rule). PKR and PAN are in better position to contest Malay majority rural seats. DAP might as well focus in Chinese majority urban area.

          re: evangelical party has in recent months (since break-up with PAS) lost some of the rural ground it had gained over the last several years

          Together with the findings of Darul Ehsan Institute, don’t you think that what LKS said is correct i.e. “Malays cannot lose political power”?

          1. re:

            2008: MCA held on to Kuala Kubu Bahru by beating a DAP Indian(!) candidate. I’m willing to bet that had DAP fielded a Chinese, it would have won the seat in GE12 already.

            Constituency (2008): KKB – Chinese 46%, Malay 32%, Indian 21%

            Similarly, the other rural seat MCA had held on to in 2008 but eventually lost in 2013 was Sungai Pelek. Identical scenario: MCA candidate beat a DAP Indian.

            Sg Pelek (2008): Malay 41%, Chinese 38%, Indian 22%

            Boy, the racial chauvinism of the Chinese is so very thick!

            (Same situation in Johor GE13, where out of 14 DAP candidates, the 13 Chinese won their DUNs while the party’s sole Indian lost.)

            re: “Together with the findings of Darul Ehsan Institute, don’t you think that what LKS said is correct i.e. ‘Malays cannot lose political power’?”

            DAP can be the power behind the throne, like Perak Ngeh and Nga behind Nizar.

            Mat Sabu is clearly under Guan Eng’s thumb.

            1. Re: under DAP’s thumb

              Why can’t it be seen as a true power sharing coalition of equals where each partner bring something to the table?

              Are we so conditioned by the konon partnership of BN where one party dominates, we can no longer fathom the possibility of a true partnership among equals?

              1. (a) the literal photo showing Mat Sabu under Guan Eng’s thumb, and
                (b) the figurative body language

                    1. Looks very “prosperous” indeed…soon will overtake Fat Mama. BTW did you notice Chan Lilian, the arch Evangelist and Tokong-fan gal is the person heading Buletin Mutiara? Wow, I thought DAP doesn’t practice cronyism…

              2. Hahaha…that’s funny. Only Dapsters will believe the fantasy that Pakatan is a truly a power-sharing coalition. Amanah is funded * % by DAP and have zero political base. If their leaders have any sense of ethics they would have resigned from the ADUN/MP position as they won in on PAS tickets.

                Basically Amanah is like a Malay driver to a rich Chinaman. I am sure such drivers will feel truly empowered and feel the Chinese towkay is in a power-sharing arrangement with him. LOL.

                1. Calvinsankaran


                  Sure, I am sure you’ll like to think that. For any objective non-partisan weighing their option and not going with your BN flow would throw your one track mind off the rails, eh?

                  Quote: “Basically Amanah is like a Malay driver to a rich Chinaman. I am sure such drivers will feel truly empowered and feel the Chinese towkay is in a power-sharing arrangement with him. LOL.”

                  If you are keen on such analogy, then at least get them right.

                  If Amanah is the Malay driver driving the rich Chinaman, then the Malay driver is in a universe where the rule explicitly states only a Malay can have the license to drive. Essentially the Chinaman can have any car make of their choice, but the rule is such they don’t have the license to drive. Reality is such without the Malay, the Chinese towkay is not going anywhere.

                  So how is this not an arrangement that is mutually beneficial minus relegating anyone to a lesser standing?

                  1. I don’t recall accusing you of being a Dapster, merely stated that the notion PH is a power-sharing coalition is a fantasy that only Dapsters (and Pakatoons I should add) believe in.

                    As for the rich Chinaman-poor Malay driver analogy, your interpretation is a bit dodgy to say the least. Just because an arrangement is mutually beneficial it can be termed as power-sharing / empowering or fair. Just ask any prostitute.

                    1. Calvinsankaran

                      If mutually benefitting to each other is not your idea of an ideal political eco-system then why do you reckon BN’s current model of inequality among coalition partners a more acceptable option?

        2. Helen,

          DAP’s rating among the Malays take a beating when it(DAP) treats PAS badly. While “mabuk bercinta” with DAP, PAS went to town telling naive Malays that DAP is much better than UMNO.

          PAS told the Malays that DAP is more sincere than UMNO. Since PAS indoctrinates its members to accept all rubbish without question, PAS members wholeheartedly embraced DAP. I saw myself how PAS members were jubilant when ADUN Sekinchan from DAP started his speech with one sentence from Javanese dialect. And of course, he wasted no time in blasting UMNO and cheered by PAS members.

          But in real life, good old days do come to its end. DAP is ruthless. PAS committed a cardinal sin . Its sin is refusal to perpetually “kowtow” to DAP.

          And DAP being the supremo, cannot “tahan” anymore. It discarded PAS? Only then Hadi begins to realise how true UMNO’s assesment on DAP is.

          But of course, DAP is still have some malay support. Species that care for their own political life feel nothing embracing DAP that is hostile to Malays.

          Mohd sabu, and others like MP of Shah Alam will experience being rejected by malys themselves for submitting to DAP. Politicians like Rafizi will never want to contest i n Malay majority area, preferring to hide in mixed areas.

          1. Those PAS people honeymooning with DAP back then are like the Protuns today willing to besekongkol with Cina ultra asalkan matlamat mereka saling bertindih.

            1. So in the end, as the Chinese saying goes, for the Malays, it’s 不战而败 while for the DAP it’s 不战而胜 . But I doubt Malays understand any of this.

        3. They should pay attention to what Zaid said a few days ago regarding the New Malays.

          The DAP’s brand of politics means we’re heading for disaster. I have had some conversations with AI months before this piece by Zaid and he said practically the same thing. I doubt anyone in the Chinese press or the “Chinese” community know anything about the Neo Malays.

          1. You must be some big shot to have a conversation with AI.

            BTW, I have little (if any) respect for what Zaid says. He simply doesn’t understand the Malay politics or psyche. And I don’t think the Malays give two hoots about what he says too.

            He’s not taken seriously by the Malays so he plays the House Nigger (thanks to GRK for the reference) to the Chinese. Only the naïve Dapsters take his words seriously as it serves to reinforce their blinkered world view of the Malay psyche and politics.

            If DAP cannot win over Selangor Malays then it is Game Over. Kiss good bye to GE14.

            1. Calvin,

              The thing with Zaid is that he is viewed as “reject item” in Malay politics. This is something Chinese overlook. Those Malays who they(the Chinese) love are usually have no place among Malays.

              What Zaid said has no bearing on Malay and their politics. Mohd Sabu is another example of a Malay politician who “kowtows” to DAP for his own benefit. Mohd Sabu though highly rated by DAP, lost 3 times consecutively , the last being Pendang, once a PAS stronghold.

              Malay political equation is changing. With PAS rejected by DAP, malays who previously voted in PAS due to PAS in PR may not want to vote DAP again.

              Baju Merah gathering actually is an eye opener. Though upset with UMNO, malays are prepared to face DAP . It shows that PR (or whatever remains of it) grip on the Malays are declining.

              1. Shamsul…I concur fully with you. The only Malays the Dapsters take serious are the House Nigger Malays like Zaid, Mat Sabu, Marina, Mariam Mokhtar, Marina Chin, etc because they dance to the Chinese tune and sing what the Chinese want to hear.

                What most political analysts completely missed out is the real Game Changer of Malaysian politics is the ejection of PAS from PR. This has completely changed the strategic political equation in the country. The PAS followers were under Nik Aziz’s spell and believed that DAP were true friends of Islam and Malays. The moment the Hudud issue came up, the real and ugly head of DAP really showed up. The venom and vengeance of DAP toward PAS shocked the PAS serban-wearing followers. I sense that PAS followers hate DAP more than even UMNO members.

                With this DAP’s Malay strategy in tatters. I even heard that the response toward the parachuted Malay members from the Chinese / Evangelist core is so bad that, some of these DAP Malay members must quit the party. Let’s see how long Pak Samad and his gang last.

          2. That article by Zaid claims that the Mawlid celebration held in Dataran was a new years eve celebration (just because it was held during west’s new year’s eve?).

    1. ….Dato ‘ Sri Mustapha Mohamed merupakan Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri Malaysia….

      Haiya.. Kalau tak bodek macam ni, foreign investor payah la nak masuk Penang. Kena la tunjuk dia kamseng dgn Fed Minister BN..otherwise foreigners nak masuk melabur sana TAKUT tau..

      Nak keluaq cari pelaburan atas kapasiti KM Penang mana laku.. Tolong list down sikit new projects brought in solely by DAP or Pakatan since 2008 please, jeh-bahl? (Korek jual pasir, tarah bukit tu semua not included please).

  7. Lim Kit Siang does not agree that DAP is a Chinese party. He said they now have more Indian reps than MIC, but that doesn’t make them an Indian party. He said they made sure there were 2, mind you TWO, candidates in the 1969 elections. Now they have ONE Malay rep. See, not racist. Very Malaysian.

    Anyway this racist Dap is all Umno propaganda endorsed by Najib trying to scare the Melayu when he himself is scared since he, in reality lost the 2013 election.

    From his blog post: “Even UMNO leaders accept the real prospect that Najib can lose not only the popular vote (which UMNO/Barisan lost in the 2013 general election securing only 47% of the total votes cast) but also the majority of the parliamentary seats (which through an undemocratic electoral system, enabled Najib to secure 60 per cent of the parliamentary seats in the 13GE although with 43% of the votes, and therefore entering Malaysian history as the first minority Prime Minister in the country).”

    Sometimes I see traces of The Donald in LKS. lol

    1. Kalau YB BN yang terima loan in return for projects, laungan Rasuah! akan bergema dari kem pembangkang.

      1. Blatant double standards by the oppo.

        Anyone remotely positive about BN/Najib on Facebook or mildly favourable of his administration on Twitter is immediately branded “macai”, “pemakan dedak”, “prepaid/postpaid”, etc.

        Anyone supporting the ruling party must be “wicked”, “evil”, kekampungan, buta hati or bodoh.

        But when the DAP cybertroopers do their targeted drive-by shooting, they dare to brazenly say – and with a straight face while lying through their teeth – that they’re just ordinary netizens.

        The biggest problem is Malay gullibility gara-gara terlalu bersangka baik. This is proven previously during honeymoon period when PAS bermatian-matian defending the evangelista mosque occupiers.

        Malays should look to how China handles troublemakers and existential threats. Beijing and the Chinese provincial governments dealing with their own Chinese subversives cannot be accused of “racism” or “bigotry”.

  8. The split from the Pakatan by PAS is but one of the issues that troubles the opposition.

    We reported in our blog two years ago that between Ambiga Sreenivasan, the Bersih leadership, elements of the Malaysian Bar and some prominent serving PKR members, it had been decided (at least confided to others) that Anwar Ibrahim was never going to be the candidate for the office of Prime Minister if the opposition won the 2013 elections.

    It was a statement first made in London then repeated at two functions (one a meeting prior to the last Bersih event but one in Malaysia) to a journalist and two NGO’s.

    That position as conveyed by the Bersih leadership and by another rabble rouser was unequivocal. it cited Anwar Ibrahim as being a ‘spent force’ and a ‘millstone around the oppositions neck’.

    Anwar now knows about the position of some of his “supporters” in this regard and is not terribly pleased about it. How can one blame him.

    However it is his wife’s unstated position in this matter of betrayal that baffles many. Are they (Anwar and Wan Aziza) still an item? or are they a marriage of convenience? a sort of distorted Asian version of the Hillary and Bill show without the substance or quality to go with it?

    1. This is the position of DAP (and PAS). They know that Anwar Ibrahim has been a good and reliable leader and never will be. His sexual preferences and corruptive tendencies too are well known to DAP and PAS. However he does serve some purpose.

      Firstly he’s the umbilical cord that ties the Chinese chauvinist DAP and the Wahhabi-loving PAS. Secondly he has his global connections with the ultra conservatives in the US and the financially rich Muslim fundamentalists groups in the Middle East and not to mention local sources of funding such as Tong, etc.

      So they were not too unhappy when he was sent to jail after the GE13. However not only that PR fell apart it looks like PKR is cutting itself into pieces. Wan Azizah is sticking with Anwar out of some deluded sense of loyalty. I heard from so many people that the marriage was a sham for decades and that she knows Anwar’s sexual exploits too well.

      My prediction is that PKR will implode over the PAS issue with Azmin on one side and pro-DAP leaders on the other side and Wan Azizah and Anwar in the middle of it all.

        1. I think it’ll be, as Helen has predicted here previously, just BN/UMNO vs DAP. We know that PKR is almost entirely dependent on Chinese votes from DAP and Malay votes from PAS supporters. We also know DAP has maxed out the Chinese votes (95%) and the Chinese voters as a % of total voters are going to be lower and lower in the coming GEs.

          The PH strategy is to field Chinese in the Chinese majority areas and Malays from PAN. For the mixed area, they will field PKR folks.

          Now, let’s look at Selangor, most likely that PH will lose all the seats that PAN will contest to PAS. DAP most likely to win and retain all their seats. As for PKR, they will not gain any more votes as the Chinese votes are already maxed out. But they will not get the Malay votes from PAS and PAS likely to stay out. As such, it will be PKR vs UMNO and this time UMNO beat PKR in most seats.

          So it is likely that UMNO will form a coalition govt with PAS in Selangor with DAP as the largest Opposition party.

          In Penang, PH will likely retain the state but it is too early to say as I sense the mood is changing for worse for our Tokong.

          In Kelantan, I think UMNO will give way to PAS while PAS will likewise in Terengganu.

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