18 thoughts on “Peringatan: Merah boleh berhimpun lagi

  1. Berhimpun, jerit slogan, marching dan balik rumah. Esoknya, keadaan masih tidak berubah. Masih status quo.

    1. Bersih 1
      Bersih 2
      Bersih 3
      Bersih 4

      beserta banyak lagi perhimpunan Jerit dan Turun anjuran pembangkang yang diulang-ulang.

      Masih status quo. Najib kekal lagi di Tingkat 5, Bangunan Berdana Putra.

      1. Exactly, so berhimpun for what? Precedents will tell you berhimpun will not yield any results.

        1. Since Kuning has had four demos compared to Merah’s only one which was a reaction/response to Bersih 4.0, then your question ought to be addressed by the oppo first.

          1. Helen, I am very sure they will have their Bersih 5 first before Merah 2, as they have been quietly planning for the right date and time to do it with the full force of the oppositions together with their adopted opportunistic stepson Amanah, evangelistas and Protun fellows going on the ground together. It’s not 3 in 1, it’s All in 1, only heaven got.

            It is too quiet on the ground by Tun’s standard and UMNO/BN is still having “teh tarik”. I am very sure there will be a “Big Bang”, the mother of all dirty Bersih with of course the sneaky mothers marching in unison.

            1. The Bugis will remain as PM after GE2018. He’s selling the family silver to the Chinese and if you are a discerning observer you know something is going on between the Bugis and the mainland Chinese. He’s also agreed to the TPP which means the Americans must have made something of a ‘deal’ with him, not to mention the Arab money flowing into Malaysia he must also be in cahoots with those people for who knows what. Now he’s free to do anything he wants to people who are against him and you won’t be hearing any protestations from the State Dept. He mismanaged the economy, that’s true but when it comes to politics the man is first class. he knows how to make deals with important parties to help him stay in power.

              1. 6 or even 3 months ago I would have disagreed with you. But now, it sure looks like he can do no wrong, even if some of what he’s doing is completely wrong.

                Saudi is facing some serious backlash from their incursion into Yemen. And our PM was suddenly in Madinah, right when the House of Saud needed friends to rally behind them. Just like, out of the blue he was playing golf with Obama and then TPP became a reality. And getting China to bail out 1MDB, hmm.

                Conspiracy much?

                1. IAW,

                  what conspiracy ? l o l No lah. Conspiracy is doing something in secret. The Bugis is very open about his conduct l o l Sold the family silver, play golf with Obama, visit the Saudis all done in the open, mana ada konspirasi ? l o l ! The sarcasm aside, something is happening but the man is a first class politician alhough as you said, what he did was wrong. He is a tyrant to the opposition but as far as the Americans are concerned, the mainland Chinese and Arabs, he is their ‘man’ and he’s going to look after their interests as long as they help him stay in power. The oppo can forget about Putrajaya in 2018, the old man can also forget about unseating him, just about anyone who’s against him will either be sidelined or thrown into prison.

                  1. Haha, sour grapessss..throwing allegations around. Proofs? Anyone can speculate and spin around. It is easily done without the truth.

      2. Now that the merah has started to show their force, so the oppo defendant, like the one above starts saying the kuning is only himpun and jerit. Why didn’t you realise it earlier that what you can do, others can also do better and bigger .
        I would not say much about kuning but the merah has really rekindled my courage, awareness and strength to protect my own religion, not to mention race which I feel has been ridiculed and put under much pressure. Even if I was not there with them…the spirit goes a long way, throughout the country. They are our representatives.

    1. The hate planted by DAP in Chinese schools is taking root.

      “DAP has subtly turned Chinese primary schools into their dumping ground where they spread all sorts of malicious messages to incite the Chinese community against the government,” MCA Publicity Bureau chairman Senator Chai Kim Sen said in a press statement on 2 Oct 2015.

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