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Why did they pick Starbucks?

No update as yet by Starbucks in Twitter on the Jakarta bombing.

Below is the last most recent tweet by Starbuck Indonesia.

Below is the last most recent tweet by Starbucks.

No update or statement either in the Starbucks Indonesia Facebook.

I’m reminded of a tweet last month by BN Strategic Communications Director Rahman Dahlan about bomb(s) going off in KL … perhaps.

As a precaution, all Starbucks in Jakarta will be closed until further notice.

I don’t think KL designer coffee lovers have to worry though. It is unlikely that lightning will strike twice at the same spot (branded F&B outlet). They will choose another target.

I suspect in Bukit Bintang.

Bersih 4 Starbucks lines


“Extreme actions are getting closer and closer to home” – Ustaz Nasha



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9 thoughts on “Why did they pick Starbucks?

  1. Because Starbucks = America . Like JW marriot before that.

    I guess i will stay away from expat heavy areas in JKT for the time being….

  2. At the moment, it is not very clear. According my colleagues there, they also attacked a police post nearby. This is in CBD and there are countless companies belonging to American, the UK or even Jewish interests. May be they selected Starbucks because only the Mat Sallehs or Mat Salleh-wanna be patronize it. Or they just think Starbucks has a lousy taste.

  3. In 2005 Helen Vatsikopolous the reporter and journalist at the Special Broadcasting Service (the SBS) broadcast a tape of 3 Indonesian generals discussing terrorism in Indonesia on Dateline. In that tape the generals are seen and heard discussing the use of “terrorism” as a means of extracting large sums of money (in the billions of dollars) from the US and Scandinavian countries to fight “terrorism”.

    it was implied that the Indonesian armed forces have some input into these acts of “terrorism”. It has long been suspected by the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) and other western agencies that a rogue element in Indonesia’s armed forces do control several small groups of terrorists who they train and arm and let out whenever the need arises to make the armed forces relevant, visible and “needed” in the lives of Indonesia.

    The Indonesian armed forces had their wings clipped after the fall of Suharto. Their top brass removed and replaced and their near absolute powers since the ‘aborted coup’ that brought Suharto to power.

    Their influence remains deeply entrenched in Indonesia’s contemporary political, social and corporate culture. They are not prepared to relinquish that power and occasionally need to let whoever the new regime (civilian) know who really is in charge behind the scenes.

    If ISIS wanted to make a show of their power and presence in a tin pot state like Indonesia, and being as powerful and sophisticated as ISIS is, they would have blown up the place and taken a few top people with them.

    This was Mickey Mouse at his worst. An Indonesian Mickey Mouse at that. And how do we prove that what Indonesia’s police and media (the most corrupt in all of Asia) say about ISIS claiming it was they who did the deed?

    Indonesia is toying with the idea of democracy after 35 years of bloody, brutal military dictatorship, with Cukongs in tow now in exlie in Singapore waiting to return. Another few bombings could well bring back the army and Liem Soie Liem’s family. They were the de facto reserve bank of Indonesia that raped and plundered that nation of anything of value, parking those ill gotten gains in Singaporean banks.

    This is not over yet by a long shot (or bomb). Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

    1. Incredible. People died and all you and you deranged host can think of is where next to Attack and conspiracies? You are clearly a hateful fuckwit and so is your fat lady host.

      1. people die everyday. What we have a duty to do as responsible citizens is to explore the various reasons that come up for such acts of “terror”. And where they appear to be suspect then we ought to speak up about it. As far as your colourful language is concerned it is more a reflection of that explosion within you fueled by your ignorance and the frustration it must be causing you to react thus. I hope your piles get cured sooner rather than later.

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