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SJKC Pai Chee principal, three Malay teachers transferred out

“TalentCorp has little to show for the millions it has spent to lure Malaysian abroad home,” says TMI‘s top/most read story today headlined ‘More packing up and leaving Malaysia’.

Talking about (what the DAP popularly terms) the ‘brain drain’, George Chang writes that the immigrant flow of former Malaysians to Australia is due to the belief that “there is no future for them in Malaysia”.

Note: Going by the population figures provided by Wong in his TMI article, 93.8 percent of new Australians – who were Malaysia-born – are non-Muslim, according to Australia’s 2011 census.

In other words, the number of Malay emigres to Australia is negligible while 9-and-½ out of every 10 new Australian of Malaysian origin is either Chinese, Indian or other races who are non-Muslim.

The TMI story above is tweeted – above – by the president of Malaysia’s Bible Society, Bishop Ng Moon Hin

BELOW: Bishop Ng (far right, in purple robe) is pictured beside Hannah Yeoh


Humiliated Hannah turns to peddling snake oil

Australia’s most famous Malaysian reject is, of course, Hannah Yeoh whose application for permanent residence in Tasmania was unceremoniously binned.

The Born Again events manager (soon to become politician) was not even applying for a stay in the big cities like Melbourne and Sydney.

Imagine, a red neck county like the outback Tasmania was already discerning that Hannah Yeoh cannot make the cut. In short, even the boondocks of Australia did not want to give Hannah a PR, much less the coveted citizenship.

So the ‘failed’ law grad (like “failed accountant” Guan Eng, she’s not practising law) Hannah returned to Malaysia in humiliation.

And she soon joined the DAP to vent her bitterness and disappointment at the Malay-Muslim government, spewing vitriol at every turn.

BELOW: Breaking news — a Malay teacher alleges racist intimidation in a Chinese school SJKC Pai Chee in Mersing, Johor

Sek Pai Chee

Source: Education Ministry Facebook

The DAP’s politics of hate is exactly Hannah’s cup of tea, or poison potion being the apter description for the kind of hatred that the evangelical party has been sowing.

BELOW: The Hannah Yeoh ‘roadshow’ whispering into the ear of little children, teenagers, youths and young adults

Hannah among children

prayed for her and her assistants, gambar dari
prayed for Hannah at the Subang Rally annual schoolkids event

Hannah Yeoh banyak mencuci otak golongan muda

Hannah speaking in Taylor’s College
Hannah speaking in Lim Kok Wing university
Hannah Yeoh college kids
Hannah with college kids

MCA has ceded the Chinese schools to DAP

“DAP has subtly turned Chinese primary schools into their dumping ground where they spread all sorts of malicious messages to incite the Chinese community against the government,” MCA Publicity Bureau chairman Senator Chai Kim Sen had said in a press statement on 2 Oct 2015.

Dakwaan isu rasis di SJKC Pai Chee disiasat‘ – Berita Harian report yesterday

Not only has MCA lost the Chinese voters, the BN party has also lost the Chinese youths and the Chinese schools.

The mind and heart of the Chinese community is 95 percent under the DAP’s control. Hence the behaviour of the Chinese today is largely influenced by the DAP venom and toxicity.

MCA is as good as dead. Even in Chinese schools the MCA has become irrelevant.



Once MCA is dead, Chinese schools can be shut down

Update: The headline of this post has been amended from ‘headmistress’ to ‘principal’ – 5.40pm on Jan 16


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9 thoughts on “SJKC Pai Chee principal, three Malay teachers transferred out

  1. Racism breeding ground, just what the DAP wanted.

    And this is Malaysia which Shylock Lim, Joseph Lim and its dynasty wanted.

    1. Building a dynasty based on racial prejudice in modern society is like harping back to social caste system.

      Caste, which was a matter of great importance to the brahmins of India, was one of utter insignificance to the Buddha, who strongly condemned the debasing caste system. In his order of monks all castes were united as do the rivers in the sea. They lose their former names, castes, and clans, and become members of one community – the Sangha.

      The Buddhist position regarding racism and racial discrimination made explicit during its inception, is reflected in the moral and scientific standpoint adopted by UNESCO in the present century (Declaration on Race and Racial Prejudice, UNESCO 1978)

      Once a brahmin named Sundarika Bhâradvâja inquired about Gautama’s lineage, and the Buddha answered:

      “No Brahmin am I, no prince,
      No farmer, or aught else.
      All worldly ranks I know,
      But knowingly I go my way
      as simply nobody:
      Homeless, in pilgrim garb,
      With shaven crown, I go
      my way alone, serene.
      To ask my birth is vain.”

      On one occasion a caste-ridden brahmin insulted the Buddha: “Cease, you bald-headed one! Cease, you outcast!”

      The Master, without feeling indignation, gently replied:

      “Birth does not make a man an outcast,
      Birth does not make a man a brahmin;
      Action makes a man an outcast,
      Action makes a man a brahmin.”


      The Buddha often explained that birth, aging and dying can never be transcended by hopefully performing rituals alone, without concurrently extinguishing the fires of greed, hatred, and intellectual delusion – only then can there be hope in a good afterlife.

  2. Singapore employees send complains direct to the special ministry and they deal direct with coy.

    One floor head supervisor ‘ticked’ 2 Muslim machine operators for leaving their post, to perform their solat.

    Not many knew what happened unlike the SJKC headmistress case. Other staff realised the said supervisor few days later was demoted…warna name tag dia changed two steps. (Situ use different tag colors to identify the position in the company).

    Sana jangan main2, very2 strict. This is an American company. Tak kasi Muslims gi solat pun they take firm action and I belief directive came direct fm said ministry. Laju take action.

  3. …..Chang writes that the immigrant flow of former Malaysians to Australia is due to the belief that “there is no future for them in Malaysia”….

    Elok la tu. Go for greener pastures, dok sini pun Petronas subsidi tak lama lagi dah tak dapat rasa it may well go below USD15. Sebelum kelupuq baik angkat bungkus cepat2.

    Tapi dok diam2 tau, sana GST 10%. As newbies, don’t memandai protest tak tentu hala.

    1. ‘ As newbies, don’t memandai protest tak tentu hala.’

      Owh, depa kalau ‘datang’ Oz, tahu behaves. Siap omputih slang Aussie lagi RINA!

    2. “Tapi dok diam2 tau, sana GST 10%. As newbies, don’t memandai protest tak tentu hala.”

      Have you been there? Consumables there are ridiculously cheap to start off with so 10% of f all is hardly the same as how we are being screwed over in Malaysia. In Tesco, you pay RM 7 for a litre of milk, in Australia you can pay as little as 90c. Petrol is AUD 1.15 atm. Cars are amongst the cheapest in the world with a brand new Camry costing AUD 27k. Australia is also the highest paid country for unskilled workers, with a minimum wage of AUD17.30. While Sydney property prices are grossly inflated, they do have four other major commercial cities so there’s plenty of choice.

  4. Remember to koyak your Malaysian passport, lest you will be deported upon aggression in your newly found homeland.

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