The real lesson from SJKC Pai Chee

Malaysia has allowed its ethnic minority to preserve their Chinese dialects, Chinese customs and Chinese culture in the spirit of goodwill.

Ini disebut semangat bertolak ansur tetapi nampaknya Cina semakin kuat menolak manakala Melayu sedang berundur secara beransur-ansur sehinggalah tersepit di penjuru. Continue reading “The real lesson from SJKC Pai Chee”

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Burkina Faso bombing signals ‘it’ is coming closer and closer to home

The latest attack by Muslim militants in the Burkina Faso capital city, killing at least 20 people, should come as no surprise.

Last night’s bombing and gun battle outside Splendid Hotel in Ouagadougou was almost inevitable given the Christian vs Muslim religious demography of Burkina Faso. Continue reading “Burkina Faso bombing signals ‘it’ is coming closer and closer to home”