The real lesson from SJKC Pai Chee

Malaysia has allowed its ethnic minority to preserve their Chinese dialects, Chinese customs and Chinese culture in the spirit of goodwill.

Ini disebut semangat bertolak ansur tetapi nampaknya Cina semakin kuat menolak manakala Melayu sedang berundur secara beransur-ansur sehinggalah tersepit di penjuru.

Malay powers-that-be have, in fact, been so lax as to permit the Chinese community to refuse to speak bahasa Melayu with any competence. This is on top of the Chinese viewing local customs and local culture with utter contempt and disdain.

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Only language Dapsters understand is force

The ability to speak Chinese is not to be abused by using this language to vilify members of the majority population in an alien tongue which they do not understand.

Extending the privilege of vernacular education system to the Chinese has been like giving a flower to the monkey.

In practical terms, Malaysian authorities do not have enough manpower to monitor all the abuse hurled at Islam and Malays in the social media through the Chinese language medium.

With privilege comes the responsibility of using it wisely. The 95 percent Chinese in thrall to the DAP are not exhibiting wisdom, discretion or restraint. They should learn that what the Chinese now possess in Malaysia is not a God-given right to be taken for granted.

Privileges are extended in good faith. The same privileges can be withdrawn upon display of bad faith.

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Which party has been incubating and fomenting hate?

Salina Daud, who teaches in SJKC Pai Chee in Mersing, Johor claims that a pupil had berated her in Chinese on Jan 5.

Salina alleges that a week further to the incident, the pupil’s father had verbally assaulted as well as attacked her (by flinging objects) on Jan 13.

In her police report – snapshot above – Salina said, “pada 5hb Januari 2016, murid tersebut (**  ***  ***) telah memaki saya dalam bahasa Cina tanpa sebab semasa sesi P&P dijalankan”.

Salina also complained in her police report:

“Pada 13/1/2016 jam lebih kurang pukul 12.20 tengah hari bapa **  ***  ** (murid yang memaki saya pada 5hb Januari 2016) bernama Ng See How telah datang menyerang saya sambil membaling buku-buku dan alatan mengajar saya di bilik guru. Ng See How memarahi saya sehinggalah Cikgu Choong Wai Kit menariknya dan cikgu Ong Sok Hui menenangkannya.”


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13 thoughts on “The real lesson from SJKC Pai Chee

  1. Helen,
    Saya pernah duduk dlm suasana bila cina langgar org melayu dlm kg melayu. Mula2 xde apa berlaku. Biasala, bila kemalangan, semua org kg berkumpul. Kebetulan pula hari raya peristiwa ini berlaku. Cina tersebut call family dia, katanya ada org melayu nk pukul dia, of course dlm bahasa cina. Datang2 bapak cina td marah2, tanya siapa yg nk pukul anak dia. Seterusnya, kita boleh agak apa yg berlaku kan? Nasibla masa tu xde lg facebook, twitter.

  2. Bnyk berlaku dimulakan oleh org cina yg biadap. Saya suka kalau kita saling hormaenghormati.

    Mula dgn hal kecik shj, tunjuk dgn kaki tapi bila dh kluar ayat mcm “lu org melayu mana mampu pakai ini barang”, saya x janji org melayu akan terus beradab. Mmg patut dihapuskan sjkc. Belajar bhs mandarin di skolah kebangsaan. Apa ade masalah?

  3. takut undi hilang….sebenarnya dah hilang pun..melayu .masih nak keep in good faith lagi ke dengan species ni….???

    1. Lain kali sila guna nama jelmaan yang lebih tertib andaikata kamu tidak mahu disilap sangka sebagai Dapster.

  4. ini lah sebabnya kerajaan kena hapuskan sekolah berbahasa Cina dan tamil…untuk perpaduan negara berasaskan satu bahasa…tapi kerajaan UMNo agak bangang..

  5. re, semagat bertolak ansur ,tapi nampaknya ,Cina semakin kuat menolak,manakala Melayu sedang berundur secara beransur-ansur sehinga tersepit dipenjuru.

    I like that .

  6. as I hv said b4 in this blog. we hv missed one golden opportunity in truly molding a ‘bangsa malaysia’ when nothing serious was done immediately after d may 13 tragedy.
    may b at that time d powers that b were focusing more on uplifting d economic standing of d bumis.
    god willing it wil materialize in generations 2 come thru natural evolution or thru another racial catastrophe ( minta d hindar) which wil force opposing sides 2 compromise.

      1. i was n eye witness 2 d may 13 racial riot .both malays n non malays suffered. I hv written n article abt it n published in addy’s blog – just my thoughts – “memperingati mei 69” . feel free 2 read when u hv d time.

        I genuinely feel that d country is being governed by autopilot because d supreme leader is preoccupied in plugging many holes so as 2 stay afloat. it is a time bomb waiting 2 xplode considering d tens of thousands of malay undergraduates that r unemployed n cannot finds suitable slots in d job world.

        this is a serious concern n when it happens u don’t need any consent from any of yr GODS or my ALLAH. u only need 2 look at d racial riots in Indonesia 2 realize how volatile d situation can b.


          You’re right, Datuk.

          The outlook is indeed volatile if Malay youths are unemployed and DAP continues to fan the hatred to fever pitch.

          The economy, rising cost of living, inflation are all serious concerns. BN will be blamed for harga ‘Barang Naik’.

          The opposition believes that the National Security Council (NSC) Act is to empower the regime against a domestic uprising.

  7. Helen, investigate before u write in ur blog. Ur blog is only a repetition of the report of Salina Daud. Hv u ever questioned why the teacher made a police report that she was attacked, when Mersing Police Chief said “There were NO physical Injury and NO contact made.”

    What u wrote is aggravating racial tension? U wrote wholly base on Salina Daud’s report which is already questionable & biased as confirmed by the Mersing Police Chief. MCA ur a let down to ur community.

    1. Bryan,

      Even if there was no physical injury and contact, the fact that a male parent barged into the women teachers room and started throwing things at Salina is an “attack”.

      You forget that the other teachers had to restrain the furious man.

      As for “aggravating racial tension(s)”, it is the DAP that is doing so. For example, the tinder box situations during the episodes at Low Yat, Kotaraya and Petaling Street-Chinatown.

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