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  1. Funny…no mention of ISIS. Or the repeated police warnings.

    Maybe he believes that the terror attack in Jakarta is “main main” only. No big deal.

    So, who, exactly, do you want to “stop”?

    The crazies with guns and bombs who think that’s it’s no big deal to kill infidels and foreigners in the name of some perverted ideology?

    Why not make your stand crystal-clear so that we know where you are coming from?

    1. re: “Why not make your stand crystal-clear so that we know where you are coming from?”

      Speaking for myself (and not Datuk Huan who tweeted the poster above), my crystal clear stand is that it’s the neo-Zionists who pose a clear and present danger to Malaysia.

      Not to disrespect nor belittle the victims but the casualties in the latest attack on Friday, i.e. Burkina Faso, numbered some two dozen killed.

      The destruction wrought by the Dapster-evangelistas on our country is far, far worse. They’ve destroyed the fabric of our nation. Or to use a metaphor – they’ve poisoned our well.

      1. The minorities of a certain color(s) are being led into the abyss by THAT political party. You can call THAT party and their supporters what names you want. But what about those minorities being misled ? What should you call them ?

          1. Possums, considering the fact that one very famous personality had her PR application rejected by the Aussie government. After all the possum is a native of Australia.

    2. Kept reminding again and again in Malaysia today bukan Melayu sahaja are Muslims. So mulut kena berlapik sikit. That’s what our elders taught us, jaga adab dan sopan and respect others at all times. Malays for centuries have lived quietly among people from all types of races and religions.

      There are millions of Muslim foreigners living here – Indons, Thais, Phillipinos, Arabs, Indian and Chinese Muslims, Banglas, Pakistanis, Africans, Cambodians, Mynmars and many more even from European countries.

    3. isis knows what it is doing. only people like the one above is trying to twist facts around by blaming everybody else except himself and his clan. blaming others is their game without admitting or denying the fact that they are the real root of all evil wherever the go/are.

  2. If you can’t stop them, let them join you?

    Maybe LKS has a secret dream of joining Umno.

    “If UMNO takes tentative steps to be an inclusive Malaysian political party opening its doors to all Malaysians, I will publicly welcome and laud such a landmark development …”
    – from LKS blog

    1. Umno should just crush the neo-Zionists. The OIC will applaud and give us a standing ovation.

  3. If there are compelling evidence ‘Christian-zionists’ are planning some kind of coup d’é·tat, then charge them for treason.

    The real enemy of the state are radical organizations like ISIS, similar ideological groups and their sympathizers that are resolved in shoving down everybody’s throat their religious idealogy and the arrogance to consider silencing dissent fair game in the name of their perverted cause.

    There is no indication Malaysian Muslims are delegating their fight to any of these rogue organizations. Though admittedly there are some 11% Malaysians here who are sympathetic to their causes and even send their children to Syria to train as child soldiers.


    It will be interesting to find out how these 11% Malaysians feel when the ISIS cause has finally touched home ground and its caliphate vision has no room for political parties and poses an imminent threat to our monarchs.

    1. re: “Christian-zionists are planning some kind of coup d’etat

      No coup. The evangelical party and its allies might just win GE14 and effect regime change, that’s all, if they can manage to whip up enough frenzy of hate against Najib and Umno.

      re: “Though admittedly there are some 11% Malaysians here who are sympathetic to their causes”

      Nothing to fear. Eleven percent only a small number, not far above “only nine percent”.

      re: “when the ISIS cause has finally touched home ground”

      Bukit Bintang or KLCC, methinks. Beware frequenting American branded outlets.

      1. Setiap sesuatu yang baru itu pasti ada permulaan dan penutupnya. Jika hari ini kita menyaksikan penurunan ringgit Insyallah akan menjadi normal juga akhirnya. Walaupun nilai ringgit kita rendah tetapi negara ini masih mampu untuk bertahan lagi. Yang tak boleh tahan melihat ketahanan begini adalah mereka yang ingin melihat negara ini hancur dan rosak ekonominya. Sehingga ada diantara mereka yang bersusah payah pergi keluar negara demi untuk memburuk-burukkan nama negara Malaysia pada masyarakat antarabangsa sebab tidak sabar-sabar untuk melihat kehancuran yang kononnya sudah mereka jangka atau ramalkan pasti akan berlaku. Kita yakin dan percaya ISIS di hantar kenegara ini pun atas matlamat yang sama yaitu untuk bertujuan bagi merosakkan keharmonian dengan menakut-nakutkan orang ramai dan pelancung yg datang ke negara kita ini. Tujuan mereka pun serupa dan sama sahaja yaitu untuk melunturkan ketahanan ekonomi yang kita masih ada itu.

        Yang penting sebagai umat Islam kita harus sedar bahawa ALLAH yang menetapkan segala sesuatu itu yang sudah tertulis pada Loh Mahfuznya dan tidak ada yang terlepas daripada pemantauan Kerajaan ALLAH yang Maha Besar itu. Sesuai dengan dalil dari Al Quran “Tiada daun yang jatuh tanpa Dia mengetahuinya”(Surat al-An’am: 59). Bayangkan punya berbillion-billion daun yang gugur setiap hari di atas dunia ini dan tiada badan dunia yang akan bersusah payah atau mampu untuk merekod aktiviti setiap tumbuhan yang tumbuh melata di atas muka bumi dunia ini samada yang kelihatan olih kita mahupun yang kita tidak pernah nampak. Tidak kah itu menunjukkan betapa hebatnya “cutting edge ” teknologi ilmu milik ALLAh yang belum ada atau tidak terfikir pada manusia biasa.

        Oleh itu mustahil ALLAh tidak tahu apa-apa yang berlaku atau apa yang dilakukan olih setiap makhluk ciptaanNya itu.

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