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Imposter’s Acc. terminated / Protun in cahoots with Chinese ultra

Update: The big-headed and fraudulent Protun blog should be better described as a hate site.

Its comment space is now dominated by Dapsters and haters who use it as a platform of spread their black propaganda and anti-Najib, anti-government lies.

Original posting:

A fortnight ago, I complained that an impersonator hijacked “helenangwordpress” as his account name in the Disqus message board.

He had misused my online identity to comment in TMI (the only portal that would allow such shenanigans in their domain) to hentam Minister Paul Low and Deputy Minister Nur Jazlan.

That’s what sneaky bastards do. Baling batu sorok tangan and set up others to be blamed. And that’s why I’m convinced that some oppo politicians and their slick operatives are dajjal.

Then last week, the service provider Disqus terminated the impostor’s account after evaluating my complaint. The link now registers Error 404 (page not found).

Tun, Protuns and their new BFFs

On a separate note, I checked the meaning of the word ‘imposter’. It refers to “a person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others”.

For instance, if you’re a middle-aged Malay man but pretending to be a mixed-race, petite Chinese woman, then that’s clearly an imposture.

Tun Mahathir is proving to be a sad case when his most vociferous support today is from Dapsters and impostors.

You already know how vicious the Dapsters are. What kind of people are the Protuns to be flocking together with them?

It only goes to show how ultra kiasu the Protuns are – just like their new found friends – when they’re willing to share a platform as well as allow their platform to be used by the Chinese ultras … all in order to try and win.

Big-headed blogger who got transferred and ‘banned’

One Protun blogger became so egotistical due to his online popularity that his bosses slapped him an immediate transfer out of state.

Considering how he has been dissing that particular state’s Menteri Besar, Khaled Nordin, the overnight reassignment to Johor cannot be good for his future career.

What to do? He was so full of himself thinking he’s popular in blogosphere that he went overboard and stepped on some big Umno toes. Hence his superiors have banned him from blogging on politics.

walking cat

Only Tun is untouchable, the rest are not

I used to think that Tun was untouchable.

That he was the only maverick individual in Malaysia who had complete immunity – nobody can ‘touch’ him – for several reasons, such as his stature, his age and his position as the ex-premier of 22 years standing.

There is also his devoted personality cult, and like I’ve maintained, he is the country’s most influential man in his own capacity without holding any government post.

But who would have thought that even his blogger pentaksub could – tak pasal-pasal – be so arrogant? Mind you, while the Protuns are avid defenders and followers, there is only ONE ‘Tun’ who is seemingly above the law and beyond the reach of repercussions.

That's Tian Chua behind Siti Hasmah

Protuns becoming more like Dapsters by the day

Blogger merepek, for instance, in declaring that people are angry with him for praising Dr Mahathir as “the handsome old man”.

This behaviour is so Dapsterish and thus it’s no surprise that the birds of a feather are beginning to flock together.

The Protun blog is now infested mostly with foul-mouthed Dapster and anti-gomen commenters after some of his old, regular readership drifted away. Their vulgarities and lies are making his blog environment ugly.

Another dirty tactic is falsely accusing the Projibs of wanting to take out anyone who was against the Umno president. Such misrepresentation is so typically Dapster. It’s become hard to tell them (Protuns and Dapsters) apart.

Think about it – who’s nice and who’s nasty? Whose vengeful and vindictive company are the Protuns keeping nowadays?

Future is being decided — PAS-Umno or DAP-Tun?

PAS and Umno have been drawing closer and closer together of late, and likewise the Tun and the opposition camps.

Granted that Najib’s popularity rating has dropped but nonetheless, popularity gained by fraud – e.g. imposture in pretending to be a hot babe that you’re not – is something built on shifting sands.

A well-known quote goes, “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.

Should Malays care to put on their thinking cap, maka mereka akan dapat mengenal yang mana satu intan yang mana satu kaca.

If however the public by and large still remains gullible and allow themselves to be fooled, then the Umno hawks would be quite correct to embark on a hard line.


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29 thoughts on “Imposter’s Acc. terminated / Protun in cahoots with Chinese ultra

  1. Is Annie of thelifeofannie is really a guy? She or he did not publish my comment on the blog by asking the question. It is the same as Syed OutSideTheBox, he has not been publishing my comments as I was correcting his mistakes. I remember him accusing me of making up a grandfather story when I told him that Quran is not arranged in chronological order that the first surah is Al-Alaq not Al-Fatihah. From that on, anything he writes about Islam can be dismissed because of his shallow understanding. Sorry just want to rant that on your blog because I know you will publish it.

    1. I noticed that re syed akbar. Doesnt know nuts about quran. Makes sweeping comments on quran mengalahkan a lifetime scholar. Politics wise okayla. I just read his political comments.

  2. I still believe that there is no clear dichotomy in d present political mess.
    there is a saying that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’
    this is exactly what is happening now.what is important is that every one shld b PRO TRUTH.

    another political storm is brewing in Kedah.

    before it gets worse yab mukhriz must act swiftly by recommending d desolution of d Kedah state assembly .he 2 must find a suitable platform 2 contest d election. he has pkr; amanah or pas 2 chose from.

    it is very interesting 2 c whether ds najib n UMNO/BN can whether d storm n emerge clear winners.

    1. re: “what is important is that every one shld b PRO TRUTH”

      In which case, the DAP ought by rights be devoid of any god-fearing supporters.

      1. agree !. it shld cut across ALL POLITICAL parties.

        but again if we were 2 do that than there wil b a big void .

        in most developing countries people get politically involved 4 d benefits that they can reap when they come 2 power.

        it is no difference in Malaysia. do u honestly think that harapan, pas, dap or pkr wil behave differently if n when they take over putrajaya ?

        I DONT THINK SO !. just look at d states of Kelantan, penang n Selangor now.

        1. That’s why Malaysians who support the status quo are the most realistic.

          The ABU-ers who want to ubah, “ini kali lah” believe the DAP is as white as snow. And that the DAP evangelista preachers walk on water.

          1. my take is that we truly need a new white knight 2 salvage d whole system.

            that is exactly what Indonesia is doing now under president joko widodo (jokowi). in Jakarta basuki tjahya purnama (ahok) is showing d way.

            they r very transparent n squeaky clean n getting massive support from d ordinary rakyat. this new stance has greatly impacted upon d other governors, walikota n bupatis.

            in short, they r governing by examples.

            1. DAP cannot even be clean and truthful about their small-scale internal party election.

              Can shift the blame to Excel software some more.

              1. Man! that’s bourgeoisie shit hitting the ceiling fan if you’ve named yourself democratic action party!

  3. The blogger claimed to have met you “several times” in a blog post: “I have the pleasure of meeting Helen a few times recently. My impression was that she is an easy going lady, yet very focused on what she is doing.” That means you knew the blogger’s real identity all along. :O

    1. In the case of an Umno stalwart (Tun), such cheerleading endorsement from Grandpapa Dapster should ring alarm bells.

      Tun is doing something that’s making the Kim dynasty and their party very happy. What’s good for DAP can’t be good for Umno.

      1. The dapsters and pro-oppositons saja yang berseronok bersorak berlebih-lebih. They really-really never knew what the other rakyat jelata think of unkle KIT, do they?

      1. Helen,

        According to “Lousy.Engineer | January 20, 2016 at 6:47 pm” above, you have met Annie.

        I have vague recollections that you two have mutual friends as well.

        So, that suggest you were complicit in foisting off Annie onto an unsuspecting public :)

      2. Helen,

        re: “Have you ever met the chain-smoking, big bike-riding ‘Annie’?”

        So, have YOU met Annie? :)

  4. outsyed
    sometime ago he posted some pictures in his blog which he believed showed the negative lifestyle, contary to islamic values, of arab royalty. i commented those were actually pictures of “kimK” (same kimK of the recent fazura twitter hoo-hah). my comment was never published and the story disappeared earlier than usual (he delete posts every few days).

  5. MI would gladly include the most outrageous comments as long as it is pro-Pakatan and but will ban anyone daring to criticize the coalition. For some reasons I am banned from MI as well as Malay Mail on-line even though none of my comments were even remotely offensive. But then again I guess my comments were offensive to the free speech and human right champions Pakatoons.

  6. Another definition for imposter would be a (fat as fuck) failed journalist, now pretending to be a political blogger. Who also has no merit or substance to big up her masters political objectives, except than through demeaning the other party. And that to, only through use of race and religion. So you see Helen, you are the biggest imposter.

    1. That’s not what a imposter is perhaps spending more time washing out that filthy mouth of yours and reading a dictionary

  7. Are trying to split UMNO into 2 camps, dear Helen? Just curious, since you’re the first to use the catchword, ProTun and $-ProJib.

    1. And I don’t think that badmouthing about Annie could be of any benefit, advantage or profit to Najib, UMNO or BN.

      1. On the contrary, it is you RD who has been badmouthing me in Annie’s blog on the Protun issue although you’ve also been defending me in the evangelista issue.

        And secondly, anyone who is not blinded by anti-Najib partisanship can see that it is Annie who is badmouthing me “bitch” and telling other vicious lies as well as allowing the Dapsters to use his Life of Annie platform to smear me.

        And let me tell you this RD: Those bloggers who know Annie’s real identity as a Malay man – already revealed by Syed Akbar Ali – are only feeling more meluat and more meluat the longer this ‘Annie’ cuba tegakkan benang basah.

        Rocky already gave a gentle reminder some weeks back to Anons hiding behind the clock of anonymity not to be too free and easy with their meanness, simply because too many people are aware of their identity.

        Fellow bloggers know, e.g. SAA pun tahu siapa Annie although Annie today tried to dismiss SAA’s expose as “nonsense”, fellow journos know, the political circles (press secs, pol secs) also know.

        So when these people see how Annie is try to kenakan saya (e.g. the baiting and “cucuk venom” sana sini as pointed out by readers who follow both our blogs) and how Annie is intensifying his charade pretending to be female, they can only geleng kepala.

        You see, these people (bloggers, journos, pollies) may not really know whether Annie is telling the truth or telling lies about me, but one thing they know for sure that Annie is lying through his teeth about his gender and making up stories about menstrual pains, weight-watching etc.

        The bloggers also know that Annie has been lying in his other recent cerita-cerita yang direka about who’s hanging out with whom in blogosphere.

        And another thing RD that you may not have been aware of – Annie has been making enemies. I do not have the power to get Annie transferred or gagged. It is only because Annie has been stepping on Umno toes that he was slapped the instant transfer by his superiors.

        Furthermore, Annie has already made enemies in Johor previously from all the badmouthing of Khaled Nordin and his people.

        This is straightforward cause and effect. Annie’s grandfather and grandmother mother stories are so far-fetched. This are intrinsic elements which you cam out to the Occam’s Razor test – the simplest explanation is more often the closest to the truth.

        Take the case of public identity. This is a very straightforward credibility test. I am who I am – Chinese and woman. Annie put up a video of me. My identity is public.You can find my bylines to articles going back two decades.

        Can you track Annie’s (one name only) byline history prior to the other equally shady and anonymous Big Cat (banyak cerita and putar-belit about who the real authors are) blog?

        Annie’s identity is an imposture. And currently, Annie’s comments section is dominated by Dapsters who are peddling the same repeat black propaganda.

        Annie’s blog readers are lopsidedly and virulently anti-Najib. This indicates that it’s been hijacked by the Dapsters – either those who spit four-letter words and spew vitriol, or those who fake themselves as Malays but you smell their fraud – such as the Zofreis fler.

        On the other hand, you don’t see commenters calling Tun vicious names in my blog. I go by facts, stats, data and “impressive charts”.

    2. RD,

      Janganlah begitu mudah termakan dakyah Dapsters who are running their smear campaign against me in Annie’s blog.

      (Pls go back there and check:

      Do you realise that the majority of commenters in Annie blogs are currently the Dapster operatives? Either they’re Anons or Alphabet Soups or using hijacked names like ‘umar mukhtar’ made famous in our Malaysian political context by a Malaysia Today columnist.

      Use your nose, you can smell that they’re not Malay or faking to be.)

      As to your allegation, I am not the first to use the imaginative ‘Protun’ or Projib but I’ve embraced the terms because they’re spot on.

      And while my evaluation of your discernment is sinking by the day, you over-credit my influence. I do not have the power to split Umno into two camps. As an Annie commenter derided, Helen cannot even qualify to apply for Wanita Umno membership.

      Lastly, by your term “$-ProJib”, you’re only insulting a lot of genuine people and strengthening their resolve. It is too much to thump your chest as if the Protuns are all patriots and the Projibs are all pemakan dedak (“cluck, cluck, cluck” – a putdown found in Annie’s blog).

      Let’s wait and see. If the majority of Malaysians are emotional (ikut rasa) and succumb to hate politics, then the Dapsters and the Protuns will win.

      If the majority of Malaysians are more rational (I’m not really too hopeful looking at the level of gullibility among the public) and reject the opposition’s 24/7 negativity, then the Projibs will win.

      Umno has two sub-camps – Team M and Team N. The two sides on our national stage are Umno-BN vs DAP-Harapan. The Protuns are aligned to the opposition and sehati, sejiwa mahu jatuhkan kerajaan Melayu-Umno.

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