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MCA strongly upholds the right of evangelists to preach

MCA vehemently condemns what it calls the “extremist statement hurting the Christians” made recently by the president of PAS.

The BN Chinese party president Liow Tiong Lai called the statement by Hadi Awang “dangerous and irresponsible”.


Hadi Awang: Helah pendakwah Kristian “perkara yang membahayakan”


MCA now preaching love-love-love too

Yesterday, Liow denounced the “extremist statement” by the leader of the parti Islam as “lopsided and provocative”.

He added that Hadi displayed a “narrow-minded thought” (see his press conference video) as well as showed “complete ignorance” to our multiracial society’s unity in diversity.

The MCA president alleged that the PAS president is creating “distrust and conflict detrimental to religious harmony”.

MCA, on the other hand, is insistent on “the importance of mutual respect, understanding and tolerance among the religions”.


MCA outdoing DAP in becoming pro-Christian

MCA recognises the “outstanding contribution” of churches to Malaysian education, said Liow.

Dial_M_BlogThe Christian brothers had established and operated mission schools that produced such alumni as J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai.

Like the EvangeliSTARs, MCA “would strongly uphold and protect Christians’ right to preach and practice in the country” also.

Liow is not someone well versed with the prohibitions in our federal constitution. Under the law, Christians do not have any right to preach to Muslims. To do so is, in fact, a crime.



MCA is becoming more DAP than DAP



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34 thoughts on “MCA strongly upholds the right of evangelists to preach

  1. PAS is sticking to its Islamic image, trying to appease some of its members following the current love-hate relationship with UMNO.
    MCA? i have no idea who they represent today.

    1. You know, the MCA originally stood up for the Chinese population against the CPM cadres of Chin Peng. The MCA were originally affiliated to the Kuomintang party of President Sun Yat Sen who developed the “Three Principles of the People”, or San-Min doctrine as part of a movement to make China a free, prosperous, and progressive nation. These 3 working principles are often stated as nationalism, democracy, and the people’s livelihood.

      Since joining the Barisan Nasional, the MCA’s concern must be for the nation of Malaysia, and to develop a representative democracy based on the constitution, always have a socially responsible vision for the people’s development and livelihood.

      And I personally think that all Malaysians must attend a common core curriculum of mainstream education. So much unnecessary friction has been generated in the populace by separate schooling systems. Confucius lived in China and composed his works in Chinese but his ethics is universal to humanity and well translated into many languages – learning about it cannot be obstructed by education in the national language. Never forget that Gautama Buddha lived and died in Indian society, yet his wisdom teachings has contributed so much to Chinese civilization, even world civilization.

      MCA should support national integrated education, not Dong Zong’s agenda. Introduce extra Chinese subjects into the national curriculum, like how the sekolah kebangsaan agama integrate their specific curriculums. Thank you.

  2. Spot on, Helen.
    MCA in bebal bin bangang bin bahlol.
    Beria-ria betul they defend the evangelist. Hana the banana-big-momma pun tak bukak mulut tiba-tiba MCA dtg defend them.
    MCA defend evangalista = MCA sokong DAP
    Therefore MCA = DAP

    1. DAP anti Islam, anti Melayu, so goes MCA anti Islam, anti Melayu.
      Whatever DAP do, MCA sure back-up.

      Jangan harap la nak pertahan di kerusi majoriti Melayu! UMNO jangan jadi bodoh bagi kerusi mudah menang pada MCA lagi.

  3. A few of the reports in today’s Singapore Straits Times:

    1. “UK govt backs schools in banning veils” (AFP).

    2. “The story of a passport redesign to make Singapore safer” – Ron Noble, secretary-general of Interpol 2000-2014.

    3. “Religion, terrorism and threats to S’pore, the region” – speech by Singapore Law & Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam at an Inter-Religious Relations in Plural Societies symposium.

    4. “Govt looking at new steps to protect social harmony”.

    5. “Muslim leaders concerned about extreme leanings”.

    6. “Religious heads work to build trust, maintain harmony”.

    7. “Jakarta attacks could mark start of ISIS campaign in S-E Asia”.

    8. “Imam nabbed after boy cuts off hand to prove faith”.

    And in juxtaposition:

    9. “Singapore keeps No. 2 position in global talent index” (Insead Global Talent Competitiveness Index. Top 5 most talent- competitive countries: Switzerland, Singapore, Luxembourg, US, Denmark. Malaysia’s rank: 30).

    And you are still worried about evangelistas….

    1. re: “And you are still worried about evangelistas….”

      Me and Hadi Awang.

      I’m in good company as his parti Islam has one million members.

    2. Kineas, I symapthise with Helen on this one.

      Afterall, we are talking about a bunch of people who can get freaked out by rooftops that look like crosses. They scare easily.

      1. WtJ,

        Dewan Ulama PAS are respected as spiritual leaders of the ummah. TGHA is among the Top 500 most influential Muslims in the world.

        It is the DAP anon and Protun cytros (for the record, I do not think you’re one) who lack credibility, I’m afraid.

        1. What Liow said was totally within his rights. Christians and everyone else are allowed to preach, as long as it’s not to Muslims. His statement about Catholics and Methodists creating top notch schools is also dead right. Nothing controversial as far as I can see.

          If Muslims somehow find a way to get insulted by what he said, then they should just grow the f up. Enough mollycoddling these people, Helen. Defend them by all means when it’s justified, but I do think you give them way too much face.

          This Hadi Aawang guy is obviously a first class imbecile and deserves to be mocked by all in sundry. Why haven’t you written an article slamming him for his provocative statements?

          “Dewan Ulama PAS are respected as spiritual leaders of the ummah. ”

          How does that impact on what I have to say? I call it the way I see it. I have zero respect for them based on the stupidity spouted by some of their so called respected spiritual leaders in recent times.

          1. re: “Enough mollycoddling these people, Helen. Defend them by all means when it’s justified, but I do think you give them way too much face.”

            Haven’t I repeated often enough how I see the end game?

            (a) I do not want DAP to occupy Putrajaya post GE14.
            (b) BN needs a Malay tsunami in order to win the election. Umno leaders themselves have admitted that their party is suffering a trust deficit.
            (c) Umno needs some kind of cooperation with PAS to move the Malay votes come 2018.
            (d) MCA is being anti-PAS.
            (e) MCA is pro-Christian in this matter and hence inadvertently siding with the evangelical party (political Christianity) and against the Islamist party (political Islam).
            (f) MCA is the enemy of DAP’s enemy (PAS) and hence MCA is the DAP’s friend.

            It’s not difficult to forecast which ‘bride’ (PAS or MCA) that Umno will choose.

            re: “Dewan Ulama PAS are respected as spiritual leaders of the ummah.” / “How does that impact on what I have to say?”

            Impact. The Dewan Ulama believes that DAP is full of Christian Zionists. That’s why the DAP has been running around like headless chickens squawking that they’re not “anti-Islam” ever since the fallout with PAS.


        2. Kak Helen, this list of influential Muslims around the world is kind of controversial in some instances. One sees for example political Islamists being grouped together with Sufi sheikhs. In the case of Malaysia some of our brilliant religious scholars are bewildered by the fact that the globally distinguished professor of religion and philosophy, Dr. Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas has not been included in their rankings.

          1. The ranking splits the notable personalities into different categories – royalty, politicians, scholars, imams, etc.

            Syed Naquib is one of the Top 500.

            His citation:

            “Dr al-Attas is considered by many to be a giant of scholarship in the Muslim world. An influential philosopher and thinker, he has written on the traditional Islamic sciences as well as Sufism, metaphysics and philosophy. He has served at various global academic institutions as an educator and lead administrator and is also a noted calligrapher.”


            1. Pardon me, so the professor has been included in the recent listing. Well, it is common knowledge that Anwar Ibrahim and his cohorts in International Islamic University’s academia were responsible for ousting the revered Prof. Naquib from the highly rated ISTAC graduate faculty which he had nurtured for a considerable time and with great dedication. Anwar was an Islamist and Zionist liberal all at once. Now, we don’t know.

              1. Btw, Syed Naquib was awarded a Tan Sri in 2011.

                It’s nice that he’s recognized by the government.

                1. For those who may be interested to survey his contemplations, they could thumb through his seminal work “Prolegomena to The Metaphysics of Islam” – click “look inside” on the book cover.

    3. And in the UK. Make sure your kids are good in spelling if you plan to migrate.
      Eja salah polis datang.

      Officials have denied claims a spelling error led to a 10-year-old Muslim boy, who wrote he lived in a “terrorist house”, being spoken to by police.

      The family of the pupil, who attends a Lancashire primary school, claim he meant he lived in a “terraced house”.

      The boy was spoken to by Lancashire Police at his home the next day.

      In a statement, police and the county council said it was “untrue to suggest that this situation was brought about by a simple spelling mistake”.

  4. it is absolutely ok 4 anybody 2 propogate their religion amongst d non muslims in this country. however muslims r less than successful in their propagation activities even though it is ordained that every muslim shld b a pendakwah.

    to me ,what tghh is worried abt is d power of ‘demonstrative attractiveness’ especially amongst d muslim youths. this is a real worry.

    sadly we muslims r not equipping ourselves wth d proper tools 2 encourage free n honest inter faith dialogue i.e basically enlightening people wth d nur of islam as compared wth d funny logic of other religions especially Christianity.

    so 4 d time being , to increase d ummah d muslims shld continue wth procreating rather than propagating.

    1. “so 4 d time being , to increase d ummah d muslims shld continue wth procreating rather than propagating.”

      bro., you’re so weird & kinky

    1. Why is Bersih TPPA held on the eve of Thaipusam? Just like Bersih 4.0 on the eve of Merdeka? I find this disrespectful.

    2. When the wealthiest individuals of the world are determined to realign the monetary dynamics of our nations they need to trespass into our legislative sovereignty.

      1. They already did. Neoliberal capitalism is now in full swing in Malaysia. The TPP will be signed next month according to the NZ gov. In our case, the SMEs are toast. The workers are also toast. A minority will benefit. Just take a walk in the surrounding areas of KLCC, Jalan Ampang. See all the wealth ? That’s the fruit of neoliberal capitalism. Sovereignty is an obsolete concept in the age of global capitalism. People had better get real.

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