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Yellow trolleys for non-halal, green trolleys for Muslims

The Ministry of Domestic Trade is mulling guidelines to segregate supermarket trolleys under a new business licencing requirement.

It is suggested that the trolleys be differentiated by colour. A further option is to have separate payment counters for halal and non-halal items.

Penjelasan Tesco Isu Pelanggan Bawa Anjing Dalam Troli

What’s with the outrage over halal trolleys?

Why are the vocal Firsters being so angry and sarcastic about the idea?

Even if they disagree, they’re still free to voice their disagreement with the proposal in a civil manner.

After all, these “colour blind” Firsters claim to be “beyond creed”, i.e. always sensitive and respectful of their neighbour’s religion. They’re the ones promoting the wearing of tudung by non-Muslim women.

Yet here they are … whacking away. All their keenness to sama-sama buka puasa is put on the backburner now that they’re mocking Malay-Muslims and denigrating haram dietary and other taboos.

So which colour trolley should Jerusubang’s Madame Speaker use — yellow or green?

Hannah Yeoh pergi ke masjid untuk ma


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27 thoughts on “Yellow trolleys for non-halal, green trolleys for Muslims

  1. I remember back in my military training day, after the training session there was a q & a session with the commanding officer. One of the written question read “Saya harap senduk mengambil makanan boleh diasingkan antara senduk yang menceduk daging (lembu) dan lauk yang lain.” Off course they don’t serve pork.

    Everybody laughed. But our commanding officer who is a Muslim was wise. He immediately took it seriously as it is a matter of sensitivity for our fellow comrade of Hindu faith.

  2. They afraid our country is turning into “Saudi Arabia of Asia” which means Islamic fundamentalists(be it PAS or UMNO people) gaining more and more controls outside politics. If that so then the non-Muslims can blame themselves, not the Muslims.

    1. Ayam

      Why should the Muslims be absolved from any responsibility in letting the Islamic Fundamentalists turn this country into Saudia Arabia-like?

      Unless it is the precise intention of Muslims here to do so, if not, they do have shared responsibility to reject such premise.

      Realpolitik dictates the elected government always pander to the whims and likes of the majority to stay in power.

      Muslims being the majority do have a say,

    2. Why not? What irks me now is that even at Penang hypermarkets vegetarian items are parked in the same fridge as meat items. I even screwed the management at Tesco Penang for parking vegetarian items with pork items. How can you park mock duck in the same gondola as Maling luncheon meat (pork)?
      Oh yes. In Penang except for frozen and fresh pork and booze (wine etc), you can pay your canned pork and beer at the halal counter. I always feel segan-segan when I have to check out my canned pork. I woudl first look out for a non Muslim cashier. If there was a Malay cashier, I would offer to scan the canned pork myself.

  3. You know what Helen, as a Muslim , i found this idea to be rather stupid. There are already separate non halal checkout points at supermarkets. We really DONT need to implement NOn Halal trolleys. Might as well separate Muslims NOn Muslims terus….

    1. You must be ‘kofiused’! You a real Muslim or not?
      Mungkin you are an ‘liberal’ caca-marba kot? Benci kat Islam Umno ka Pas ka tak payah lah sampai benci kat amalan agama dia orang. Ini negara majoriti Islam, peniaga yang tak Islam pun paham pasai economic of reasoning, ni kita yang lebih-lebih memandai dari orang yang tak berapa pandai.
      Kalau guna troli dua warna pun bukan ada apa-apa masaalah sebab in the end ‘they’ can learn and we can exist in harmony. Kalau nak membangkang sebab itu trend dan beri pendapat pun biarlah rational sikit.

  4. I don’t understand, why there should ne HALAL and NON HALAL trolly. As far as I am concern, it is just a simple matter. Just put a big notice at the entrance door – NO ANIMAL ALLOWED !!!!!!!!!
    Habis cerita.

  5. “us” against “them”?

    I wonder how they do it in Singapore? Which, increasingly, looks like a model for good sense, sensible procedures and inter-faith harmony.

    More on this later…..


      “In an informal poll of 65 respondents that TODAY conducted, three-quarters were as clueless as Ms Sia about a food hygiene regulation under the Environmental Public Health Act prohibiting live animals from being taken into eateries.

      Even some animal welfare groups were unaware of this regulation, which carries fines of S$300 for first-time offenders, while repeat offenders may be taken to court and fined up to S$2,000.:

      That’s your Singapore. Your model of good sense.

  6. I wonder what’s next ? Separate supermarkets ? Maybe, just maybe, with the Arab money flowing into Malaysia, we will have halal supermarkets very soon.

    Looking at where things are heading, it won’t be long before we have halal beaches and also other halal this and halal that. Foreign tourists coming to Malaysia might well wonder “are we sure we’re in Malaysia ?”.

    Malaysia Truly Asia ? Get ready for Malaysia Truly Arabia.

    1. Why not? rather than cinasia, much better truly arabia. ko ade masalah? all these because of the stupid fellas who constantly bring their dirty pets in the trolleys. they never learn or simply ignorant. this is how to teach these ignorances….segregation.
      we are really sick of these hooligans.. even in advanced, excluding sing..porxx, countries, they have to clean the dirty pet’s poo in public areas and parks especially at muslim majority areas, even if the muslims are minorities there.

  7. Helen

    I am aware people taking their small dogs out to go shopping.

    Talking strictly within the confines of the photo above, is its authenticity in question? The big puppy seemed to be in an awkward position…

        1. drinho,

          (1) Tesco’s reputation was at stake. If the incident did not occur (photo faked), then the supermarket would have denied the story based on its CCTV evidence.

          Now what did Tesco do? It SOS-ed the mosque committee to come and sertu 500 trolleys.

          (2) If it was photoshopped, then the two women holding the trolley would have been victims of malicious picture doctoring. Have you come across any denial made by them?

          (3) As for the claim that some of the shoppers appear not to be looking at the dog, the fact is that some of the shoppers were indeed staring. See the woman in white tudung (circled in red) and the direction of her gaze (white arrow).

          (4) As to why the two women appear oblivious to the antics of the dog, I can only surmise that they’re Dapsters. Unless you can point us to any media or social media featuring their denial.


          1. 1. Tesco issued apology.

            2. Have not read any denial so far.

            3. & 4. What about the urine puddle? Peeing at that height will not usually result in a neat puddle on the floor. What about the shadow of the dog? Only the shadow of trolley is captured but not the dog.

            You have any comments on the article by Malay Mail? Especially on the practicality of trolley separation.

            1. re: “What about the urine puddle? Peeing at that height will not usually result in a neat puddle on the floor.”

              You’re a guy, I presume. You’d know better about this.

              My take: The floor is white greyish. The puddle can be seen – mildly yellowish. The high definition droplets that splattered would not be visible in the photo taken with the dunno-how-many-megapixels phone cam.

              re: “What about the shadow of the dog? Only the shadow of trolley is captured but not the dog.”

              I agree that the dog does not appear to have a visible shadow outline. But then again. can you see the shadow of the two women?

              re: “You have any comments on the article by Malay Mail?”


        2. The little girl in pink is looking at the dog too.

          There are two other tudung-ed women standing beside the woman-in-white-tudung (circled in pix above). They’re staring as well.

          As for the two women at the trolley being oblivious to the dog, they were also oblivious to the fact that they were being recorded on someone’s phone cam.

  8. most western countries have a legal restriction of dogs (or any pets) entering food related premises, they are deemed unhygienic. and most supermarkets, stores or shops also disallow pets entering their premises. of course there are exemptions but the norm is “no dogs allowed”.

  9. as much as i would like to knock the head of dog owners who place their dogs inside a trolley, segregated trolleys are no issues. some people might heed the segregation practice, some might not give a damn as long as there is a trolley to cart goods. I think i should be ok if i used the non halal trolley to cart halal foods and bits and pay at a non halal counter – right?? Would that trolley go through a samak session – just wondering…….

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