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Little hand grenades exploding in the house

Dr Chandra Muzaffar wrote yesterday:

“It is obvious that the attempt to oust Mukhriz has nothing to do with his governance. Nor does it accord with democratic principles. It appears to be a mischievous move aimed at helping someone tighten his grip over power — to the detriment of the people.”

Dr Chandra’s article appeared in the Yayasan 1Malaysia website. He is the chairman of the 1Malaysia Foundation — which is Najib’s spiritual home, so to speak.

To recap, 1Malaysia chair Dr Chandra believes that the attempted ouster of Mukhriz is to help “someone” tighten his grip on power. And that this “move against Mukhriz” is something detrimental to the rakyat.

Well, I hope that the ‘someone’ concerned will live up to the fearsome reputation attributed to him by Dr Chandra, lest even more members of the public begin to doubt that he (the ‘someone’) is a man of action.

Jstar Mukhriz cover

Gunting dalam Lipatan

Yesterday too, Mukhriz made the cover of The J-Star print version – see above – as well as the top story (below) in the EvangeliSTAR portal.

With friends like the MCA, Umno doesn’t need enemies.

Or do you suppose that our ‘someone’, who is allegedly “tightening his grip over power” actually believes the positive coverage given to Mukhriz is without any agenda or ulterior motive?

In my humble opinion, it is the act of tightening the screws on The Scissors that would be of actual help to that ‘someone’ in his bid to maintain power.

Cepatlah buat, nanti terlambat.

Mukhriz Jstar nothing wrong

Mukhriz “tidak menyokong dasar kerajaan Persekutuan”?

Below is the front page of Sinar Harian yesterday.

Mukhriz is quoted as saying, “Saya lihat tekanan ke atas rakyat sudah sampai tahap yang teruk apabila makanan semakin mahal, baju sekolah dan susu pun naik harga.”

He added, “Itu sebabnya saya terpaksa beranikan diri walaupun boleh dituduh ingkar atau tidak menyokong dasar kerajaan persekutuan”.

Who is the culprit actually being blamed by Mukhriz for the price if milk going up? Isn’t he a part of the government too and among its policymakers? Therefore what solution does Mukhriz offer instead of merely merging himself with the problem?

Regardless of how soft the kid glove treatment by Najib, his own representatives – such as Dr Chandra – are already lobbing baby bombs at him. Buat ke, tak buat ke, still get blamed. So might as well he follow the Nike motto and “Just Do It”.

Mukhriz Sinar Harian cover


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11 thoughts on “Little hand grenades exploding in the house

  1. UMNO has many cancerous parts as a body. Some are internal cells turned bad and some are put there and ordered to become cancerous. Naturally the leader in charge must take actions to rid those cancerous parts, either by chemotherapy, radiotherapy or operations to cut off the parts concern. Since the parts are identifiable, Najib should just cut off the cancerous parts , the soonest the better.

    When Pakatan did the Kajang move, those DAP dogs were all very supportive but now UMNO with Kedah move to cut off it’s cancerous toe, they were cursing and screaming as if Justice had been murdered. Dirty hypocrites flock together.

    Helen, how you answer and your opinions, will be twisted by the Komtar groups of DAP dogs and now supported by the Protuns. So sad, Protuns had become Pro-DAP dogs.

    As I have said before and I would like to repeat my prediction. There will be a mother of all Bersih fully financed coming soon and of course, with Pakatan Harapan and Protun marching in unison and as usual with evangelista babies shitting and stompping on photos. This had become a dirty habit of “Westerning” Malaysia, all thanks to Anwar and his DAP dogs.

    1. “So sad, Protuns had become Pro-DAP dogs.”

      fair la, pas under hadi oso become najib hmmm cat.

    2. Dr. Mahathir is showing the Chinese what Malay chivalry will sacrifice for the sake of the people altogether. It is destined that unprincipled ones will be amongst the Malays and Chinese and other ranks.

    1. Grkumar,

      No. It is not about sins of the father.

      I am from Kedah. Before ADUNs came out publicly and hoping Najib to get a new MB, I have already heard about Mukhriz’ irritating habit of going back to KL every weekend.

      It may look trivial but actually it riles the ADUNs. Mukhriz no doubt more popular than Bashah or practically the most likeable of ADUns in Kedah including those from PAS too. There is no denying one of the major reasons why UMNO managed to recapture Kedah was Najib’s political master stroke . Najib announced that Mukhriz will be the new MB if UMNO wins. That really recaptures Malays imagination.

      ON Mukhriz side, his elegance silence with regards to Tun’s acidic remarks upset Najib. On the ADUns who want him to be replaced, do remember that Mukhriz is way ahead in terms of popularity. cant they wait? Next election will be in 2018. I believe Mukhriz actually is more suited as Federal minister.

      1. Shamsul,

        I will defer to you on your assessment of the situation in UMNO Kedah with respect to Mukhriz’s dilemma. Your assessment is perhaps closer to the facts as they exist.

        My comment on the other hand was about the inevitable fall out from Dr. Mahathir’s recent outbursts against Najib, a man who does not only hold all the cards but also the advantage of being the incumbent in the PM’s chair successfully holding out against a bag of hot air from the opposition.

        You appear more eminently qualified to comment on the dynamics of the situation than I. Your comments put the situation in a clearer perspective.

        Thank you. Keep posting. We all need to have intelligent inputs into whats happening. The Malays are a very discreet people. The rest of us can only speculate on what it is you are thinking although that is not the case once a Malay is immersed in the orang putih culture.

        1. Grkumar,

          Tun must understand that there is Malay perception that in life we sometime must pull the brake. Meaning Tun cant go on and on attacking Najib.

          No doubt 1Mdb is a major headache. But the issue alone cant bring Najib or more importantly UMNO. Tun must accept that najib too tries to repair the damage.

          Though Najib is not popular among malays, they too ocassionally realise Najib is representing UMNO. And the fact that UMNO is the only thing that is keeping DAP at bay.

          The reality that Muhkriz too needs Najib the way Najib needs Mukhriz. Meaning they are in the same boat. If UMNO goes down, both will lose their positions. One will lose his position as head of government of a sovereign nation. The other as a head of state .

          As for the ADUNs who want a new MB, remember this. What is the point of getting a new MB when the Malays in Kedah see blood.

          1. Whilst I don’t disagree with what it is you are saying, I must say that 1MDB is far from being a problem of any illegal or unlawful conduct as being espoused by the Malaysian Bar, Bersih and others.

            I have challenged anyone (as have others) to demonstrate the legal breach before harping on 1MDB and the $2.6 billion.

            Najib strikes me as being a highly sophisticated player. A highly sophisticated and a calculating individual (in the proper sense of the word).

            he is patient and like the proverbial snake in the grass waits his turn to strike. And when he does so he is lethal to his enemies.

            This is a fight the Malays should not take public or prisoners in. They should do it amongst themselves. It is about the primal position of the Malays as masters of their own land, in their own land, the preservation of their culture, their adat and their sovereignty.

            For all intents and purposes it is not the fight o the non Malays although they can have their inputs through their parochial organizations.

            Tun Mahathir has crossed the line and is playing with fire. So too are the Malays on his side.

            I have much respect for him for his achievements but am wondering if age or his daughter Marina is behind his waywardness.

        2. Grkumar,

          No doubt the incumbent holds the advantages.

          But in this case, the opponent of PM was a former PM himself. Tradition already limits Najib’s choice. Too outspoken in whacking TUn will make him look very unmalay or literally deemed as rude.

          Too cautious in replying to Tun’s attack will make him look bad. So, it is a difficult position actually.

          My advice to Najib is that aside from Tun, he must not show mercy to those slandering him. This is very true especially if one is facing sneaky DAP dajjal. DAP knows no diplomacy. they only understand the language of force.

          By the way, cant najib with all the trapping of power as the head of government of a sovereign nation opens investigations on funny sale of Bayan Mutiara land or reclamation project in Penang?

          This is called turning the table. This is called “masuk gelanggang’.

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