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Hadi Awang: Ramai bekas paderi mengkaji penyelewengan Kristian

“(Mereka) guna pitis, perempuan pun guna dan guna segala-galanya untuk nak tarik orang,” Tuan Guru Hadi Awang dilaporkan sebagai berkata tentang kegiatan menyeleweng sesetengah mubaligh Kristian.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika ditemui pemberita Buletin Online selepas menyampaikan kuliah mingguan pada pagi Jan 22 baru-baru ini.

BAWAH: Petikan kuliah Jumaat Jan 22 Tuan Guru Hadi Awang di masjid Rusila,

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Kit Siang memetik ayat-ayat suci Al-Quran



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26 thoughts on “Hadi Awang: Ramai bekas paderi mengkaji penyelewengan Kristian

        1. This dungu is trying to promote his book la Islam1st. Your best friend Tony Pua is also trying to promote this guy’s book. I wouldn’t take him too seriously.

            1. Lol. That’s a low blow, Helen. But Hannah not being accepted is pretty embarrassing really for her. Australia is arguably one of the easiest countries to get into with its liberal points system. The amount of immigrants walking into that country over the last few years is just ridiculous. They are literally giving away PRs atm.

            2. Interview Hannah ? You better be very careful on this otherwise she will accuse you of slander. Mind you she will say she returned to Malaysia to save the country, not because the Aussies rejected her PR applications. You must remember that she is well versed in the law. If you want to pick a fight with her, you must employ sarcasm and also be a bit condescending. That is how you deal with her. Asking questions will not help. Remember. Be sarcastic and condescending.

        2. Senang aje jawapan.
          Yang nak tinggal kat Malaysia, usahlah merunggut pasal Malaysia sepanjang masa. Kalau selalu merunggut better migrate. Jangan balik..
          Masalahnya dah migrate pula nak balik.. lagi banyak komen. Tak suka maka migrate.

  1. Helen,

    I noticed that you have commented on some impersonation by one encik posting as awek cun, yet the fella seemed unperturbed and continue to post and posed as usual.

    By chance perhaps there has been a sex change on that fella but you don’t know about it?

    1. The more that fler cuba tegakkan benang basah, the more meluat akan dibuatnya blogger-blogger otai who in the know. It’s just digging the hole deeper to pile more lies upon earlier lies.

      Very simple.

      (1) Just appraise using internal check. Go back to the archives and reread whether all the girlie material sounds authentic.

      (2) See whether the blogger is posting any more stuff on Umno politics or whether it’s true that he’s been restricted from doing so upon order from the higher ups.

      (3) See whether there is any Umno blogger willing to come to his defence, and back up the fairy tale that he is a she.

      1. Helen,

        The blogger talked about “Revenant” the movie. Obviously implying that the blogger is plotting for a revenge.

        She is sneaky. Her modus operandi would be advancing by pretending to retreat. She would say not talking about UMNO and went on to tell why she is not talking about UMNO because bla bla bla, when her bla bla bla was actually very much commenting on UMNO.

        I think you knew too well when you exposed how she pretended to say no comment on so and so when the saying itself was intended to slander the very so and so.

        Well, I guess if she really cross the line it will be up to anyone being slandered to sue her, while she cannot sue anyone because of the impersonation.

        By the way, the ‘girlie materials’ are getting more and more authentic. I think there’s really a transformation in her inner self.

        Like you mentioned, some people tend to believe in their own lies after a prolonged period of lying.


        1. Then I’m sorry for him self-inflicting that kind of unnecessarily identity camouflage.

          Occam’s razor works best. Creating the whole mirage will just tie himself into knots.

          After all, as Rocky said in

          the identity of Anons is an open secret and too many people are in the know. His credibility is plummeting as the Dapsters take over his space to circle jerk, and the regulars shy away because it is getting ugly over there.

  2. PAS sehingga kini mempunyai pentas luas untuk menyebarkan Islam. Tapi mereka lebih tertarik dengan politik kotor, memaki hamun, berseteru sesama saudara sendiri.

    Kenapa perlu menyalahkan apa yang ditawarkan pihak kristian jika sendiri yang gagal menerapkan Islam….pada diri sendiri, pada ahli2.

      1. zahid on political thievery : u need 2 cover yr steps at all times.

        once u r caught wth yr hands in d cookie jar, then yr cover is gone.

        I pray n hope that these r d words or statements that wil come from zahid soon.

  3. as ordained by Allah swt all muslims must spread d message. tg hadi is doing just that. God bless him. but most of us muslims hv failed in carrying out this fundamental duty. there is a saying that ”if u cant propagate than demonstrate’ ini pun umat islam gagal.

    u cant possibly propagate d religion amongst muslims but one can remind them so that their faith is reinforced. I think this is also one of d function of existing institutions such as IKIM.

    2 b more effective d authority must establish n ‘Islamic propagation centre’ where a subject called ‘comparative religion’ is compulsory . kita tak payah nak sorok2 lagi.

    u cant possibly revert a person 2 d true path if u r not able 2 convince him that his reasoning is illogical n does not make sense. this can only b done thru deep understanding of all major religions n discuss them in a civilized manner.

    this is exactly what is happening in europe n usa now.

    1. I beg your pardon, but how has Hadi Awang propagated the message of Islam. If he has then what version is that which you understand. May God help us. I have Muslim friends caught up in the middle of the takfir furore which he stirred up decades ago. And then, I think I’ve learnt more about Islam in this blog than his decades of religious politicking.

        1. Please answer foremost to one who’s not a Muslim, and then also address yourself to those who are Muslims who have been pronounced kafir by Hadi Awang.

  4. Sifat amanah adalah penentu kepada kesejahteraan sesuatu ummah dan kemakmuran sesebuah negara. Perbuatan pecah amanah boleh mencetuskan kerosakan dalaman yang boleh melemahkan sesuatu pemerintahan lalu memudahkan kerja-kerja musuh dari luar.

    Ka’ab bin Ujrah Radiallahuanhu berkata bahawa Rasulullah Sallallahu Alai Wassalam menzahirkan kebimbangan terhadap masa hadapan ummah apabila terdapat pemimpin yang menyisihkan aspek kebenaran dan amanah, dengan bersabda yang bermaksud;

    “Akan datang di kemudian hari nanti, setelah aku tiada; beberapa pemimpin yang berdusta dan berbuat aniaya. Maka barang siapa yang membenarkan kedustaan mereka dan membantu (mendukung) tindakan mereka yang aniaya itu, maka ia bukan termasuk umat ku, dan bukanlah aku daripadanya. Dan ia tidak akan dapat sampai datang ke telaga (yang ada di syurga).” Na’uzibbillah Min Zalik.

    Dizaman sekarang dah nampak dah pun. Buta dengan syurga ahirat. Tak percaya yang rezeki itu datang dari Allah SWT.

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