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One billion bucks given Christian and Chinese schools

Kerajaan telah memperuntukkan satu bilion ringgit kepada sekolah mubaligh dan sekolah Cina sejak tahun 2008 mahupun kedua-dua masyarakat – iaitu, golongan Kristian dan kaum Tionghua – tersebut menolak BN mentah-mentah.

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36 thoughts on “One billion bucks given Christian and Chinese schools

  1. Helen,

    What is the ROI(return of investment)?

    Najib is pouring money to a community that wishes him dead. a week ago Najib made a surprise gift of RM3 million to Hua Zhong. I watched in TV3 about a kampung in Trengganu that faces massive erosion. It is matter of time the kampung will be “ditelan ombak”.

    How nice if Najib can channel fund to save that kampung. Again, what can I expect from a clueless PM.

    1. Najib loves the Chinese. He loves my community. He also loves China. That’s why he sold Edra and Bandar Malaysia to China companies. He also loves the Christians. That’s why Malaysia will sign the TPPA in New Zealand next month.

      George Benson and Roberta Flack – You Are The Love Of My Life with lyrics (HD)

      1. 1 billion is a lot’s of money ,why should they be thankful ,it’s their right to have it . They say they are the biggest contributor to the country economic growth .

    2. Ridhuan Tee in his recent post, gave some good suggestions on curbing the influence of SJKC. Worth a read.

      ROI for the last election was 95% of the votes. I think PRU14 will be 99.9%. The 0.5% is Helen and a few others. Damn good returns for the Dap.

  2. Read this “Thaipusam” message from that super racist Tokong. The Cheap Minister and the DAP leaders politicise everything and practice hate politics 24-7. Sickening !

    Peace-loving and moderate Malaysians must unite against the extremist and racist forces that demonise non-Muslims and non-Malays with hate, fear and lies. Failure to do so will wreck nearly 60 years of nation-building, and leave a shattered nation that would be a fertile ground for more virulent and violent ideologies.

    Barisan Nasional’s (BN) divisive policies had served to not only alienate Malaysians from each other, but also increase hostility due to the willingness to believe in the lies or the worst of each other.

    Sadly such racist and extremist policies of BN has been adopted by one opposition party to spew lies, fear and hate against non-Muslims and the Chinese community.

    The hostility shown against non-Malays can be seen in a few national schools where non-Muslim children are not allowed to eat openly during the holy month of Ramadan when Muslims fast during the day.

    Even a columnist in the New Straits Times had today lamented that Muslim children were distrustful and reluctant to interact normally with non-Muslim children in schools. No wonder there are fewer non-Malay parents sending their children to national schools.

    How serious the racial hostility is can be seen by an incident involving an Indian female doctor in Taiping. She had wanted to help an old Malay man, who had injured himself after he had fallen off from his motorcycle. Instead of gratitude, she was instead insulted with a racist epitaph of “Keling jangan bantu atau sentuh saya”. Only when the Malay ‘pakcik’ knew she was a doctor did he smile to her and say, “Doktor boleh sentuh”.

    This is not only shocking but shows how racist and extremist ideologies have led to what could be the distressing beginning of the dehumanisation of non-Malays and non-Muslims, as if they are lesser beings or lesser Malaysians.

    This is the reason why the plight of M. Indira Gandhi is not given the proper national attention she deserves. Indira’s plight should not be looked at solely from the religious perspective but also in terms of her rights as a mother, wanting to be reunited with her daughter taken from her seven years ago when the child was only an 11-month old baby.

    For this reason, while every family is reunited to celebrate Thaipusam we should not forget those who are kept apart from their families.

    DAP expresses sympathy with Indira as a mother denied her custodial rights over her own baby and child.

    Happy Thaipusam! – January 24, 2016.

    1. Guan Eng’s English is not up to scratch.

      He said, “Instead she was insulted with a racist epitaph of “Keling jangan bantu atau sentuh saya”.

      The correct word is ‘epithet’, i.e. “a term of abuse” or “a term used to characterize a person”.

      He mistakenly said ‘epitaph’ which refers to “an inscription on a tombstone”.

      BELOW: Guan Eng’s Thaipusam message in the CM’s official Facebook

      1. YES!!

        Guan Eng’s Wesak Day official message in year 2011 is illustrative of how his main preoccupation is with his own faith (Christianity). It is a 421-word greeting in which ‘Buddha’ is not mentioned even a single time despite the auspicious day being one to commemorate the Gautama, Prince Siddhartha.

        In contrast to ‘Buddhist’ which is mentioned only twice (i.e. “Wesak Day’s theme as announced by the Malaysian Buddhist Association … reminds us that love and blessings is not just for Buddhists but for all mankind”), the word ‘Christian(s)’ is mentioned eight times.

        We should next review the context in which Guan Eng mentions Christian. In the second paragraph of the 17 May 2011 message, he said, “DAP calls on all Malaysians to stand up … against extremists …”.

        These extremists, he said, wanted to see Malaysia burn with hatred and violence. These extremists, by his reckoning, are not the Christians surely. So who was he referring to? A big clue can be found in the third paragraph of Guan Eng’s Wesak Day message that is wholly devoted to the plight of Christians.

        Guan Eng said (making accusations against Utusan and Perkasa):

        “Malaysians are shocked and outraged at the inaction by the Home Ministry against Umno-owned paper Utusan Malaysia, for publishing dangerous lies of a Christian conspiracy with DAP to set up a Christian state, that is clearly intended to incite hatred against Christians. The BN government has also refused to act against Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali for making Christians an object of hate by calling for a crusade (perang jihad) against Christians. Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishamudin Tun Hussein Onn even refused to call Ibrahim Ali an extremist for launching this crusade against Christians.”

        It’s Wesak Day but all Guan Eng talked about was Christians, Christians, Christians.

        In a separate Wesak greeting delivered on 16 May 2011, he additionally said: “Even though Christians and not Buddhists are targeted by Umno and Utusan Malaysia this time, what is there to stop Budhhists and Hindus from being the next targets in future”?

        See how the evangelista politicians in the DAP are pitting the Chinese against the Malays. Guan Eng’s modus operandi does not change. He used his X’mas Day meesage to raise the kalimah ‘Allah’ issue and caused an uproar.

        The Dapster family are hypocritical and haters – Grandpapa, Papa and Mama Dapster all.

        1. I wonder who are the ISIS suspects arrested in Malaysia and those who have gone off to fight in Iraq and Syria. They aren’t “terrorists”, are they?

          So, this big international conference on counter-terrorism that is being held in KL is a bunch of hooey?

          And Bahrun Main and Muhammad Wanndy Mohamed Jedi are merely misunderstood individuals?

          “Cross-regional links involving Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines seem to be intensifying” (Ms Sidney Jones, Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict, Jakarta).

          “….the threat of expansion rings more urgently because it suggests increased organisation by Daesh sympathisers” (Ms Elina Noor, Institute of Strategic and International Studies, KL).

          Or this opinion piece – “The real face of Bangladesh – moderate, secular” – by Prof Syed Munir Khasru, Institute for Policy, Advocacy and Governance, Bangladesh, in the Singapore Straits Times today.

          All penned in impeccable English!

          1. Women are the counter terrorism experts. Cool.

            Hillary on the way to becoming Potus and the first female commander-in-chief of the US armed forces.

    2. Such an inspiring message, full of love for every Malaysian. It is truly inspiring the Indians to embrace their Malay Malaysians. Such a peace loving CM. NOT!

      Does he know that he is the Chief Minister? Does he know that it is he’s duty as the Chief Minister to ensure the stability of the country? So if an Indian after reading this “peaceful” message decides to show a Malay how angry he is with the content of this message, do we hold LGE responsible or are they going to blame Umno and the Melayu? What an asshole!

      1. Maybe the epitaph (not ‘epithet’) is a Freudian slip. He has ‘murder’ on his mind.

        So there!

        1. You want to see contradiction

          This is 25 January.

          DAP opposes the TPPA due to our deep concern about the impact on ordinary Malaysians, the wage-earners and the small-time businessmen such as the Small & Medium Enterprises(SMEs).”
          “Nearly 40 per cent of SMEs may close down because of the TTPA, a fact that the Federal Government has yet to address.”
          Guan Eng wonders how Hadi can be a national political leader if he does not understand simple economics. “He refuses to blame Umno but instead claims that the DAP supports the US-led TPPA because the Chinese in Malaysia control trade.”

          And this is 10 January

          1. Come to think of it, he said the same thing about GST, ie, about the Chinese businessmen closing down. But when I look around, none of the Chinese business here have closed at all since the GST introduction. So I wonder why….someone should pose this question to the peace-loving, multi-cultural embracing and Malaysian Malaysia CM.

            1. The Chinese owned retail chains are still clocking in the business. The Chinese grocery shops are also doing brisk business so The Cheat is lying yet again. The Chinese SMEs are another story though. They need to hire more foreign labor to ‘manage’ their operating expenses so I would wager that they will ask the gov to allow them to bring in more Banglas and Indons to cushion the rising costs.

    3. You’re wrong on this one. He is not a Cheap Minister. He is a Cheat Minister. Made so many promises and nothing to show after almost 2 terms. Cheat here and there.

  3. One billion “bucks”? Ringgit, presumably. Not greenbacks, for sure!

    Buyers from China have agreed to pay more than “one billion bucks” for certain assets from 1MDB. Don’t recall a big hue and cry about this in this blog.

    Anyway, one billion bucks doesn’t go a long way these days. It’s only about 350 million Singapore Dollars. The Novena Church extension in Singapore will cost S$55.4 million, according to the Straits Times. The new Catholic Church of the Transfiguration in Punggol, Singapore, will cost S$60 million. That’s close to S$120 million for 2 churches.

    1. re: “Anyway, one billion bucks doesn’t go a long way these days.”

      Really? Oppo supporters seem to believe that 2.6b bucks will be enough to buy the undying loyalty of 15 million (half our country’s population) Malaysians, and the money stretched for a decade.

      1. Hahaha….assets come “cheap”, these days. Must be the downside of a flagging Ringgit versus the puissant and virile US Dollar….

        1. Why Singapore needs a strong dollar – by this bitch

          Singapore has no natural resources. To survive they have to buy their way through. Imagine a low Singapore dollar, how would Singaporeans buy their food. They don’t even have water to begin with. Their life is all imported.
          How would Singapore deal with old unproductive Singaporeans? Send them to Malaysia or Batam. With the strong dollar these people can stay a reasonably good life in Malaysia and Batam and die there cheaply. Imagine all these old people are cooped up in Singapore. Wouldn’t all these old geezers take up space?
          Singapore knows they can hardly export physical goods. So why do you need a competitive dollar? They export services. Services are replicable. Cheap or expensive, you still need to pay.
          And they best thing of all, grow some bitches here. People who will worship Singapore blindly – you will find them in Penang and JB. Singapore will use these people to get “cheap” accommodation and food for their old geezers. Just see how Penang lang worship Singaporeans. They are so brainwashed to be the bitch for Singapore dollars.

          1. Mulan

            So, old Singaporeans will find more bang for their buck over here.

            Any idea what options for old Malaysians with their diminishing value on their pension fund vs rising costs?

            1. Thailand will do for them. I m not condescending or sarcastic. Old Malaysian geezers can still have a great time in Thailand.

                1. Language problems ? Money talks. No problems lah ! Weak hearts ? The Thais will make sure these old geezers are safe and sound so that they will go to Thailand regularly. Don’t worry.


              “Straits Times, Feb 10:
              SINGAPOREANS could consider living in nursing homes in neighbouring Johor Baru, Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan suggested yesterday.
              It would be cheaper, yet be near enough to Singapore for family members to visit and for residents to return for medical care if necessary, he said.”

              See even the Minister of Singapore suggests JB is the rubbish dump for old Singaporeans.

              1. Mulan

                Not rubbish dumplah. There is money to be made.

                There are plenty of middleman pitching Perak as a retirement home to the old Japanese. Many came.

                We should open doors to people who want to spend their money here.

      2. Somebody should remind him of the assets now under the ‘management’ of DEIG and the land grabbing now happening in Penang. Land don’t come any cheaper these days especially in a state like Penang.

  4. there is absolutely nothing wrong 4 anybody 2 invest in education. done wisely d country will reap d benefits.

    if I hv my way, a big chunk of d armed forces allocation shld b transferred 2 education bcos my take is that d threats 2 national security hv changed considerably.

    in times of hardship education shld not at all b compromised.

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