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Kit Siang: “Mat Sabu never an agent, stooge or puppet of DAP”

Umno propagandists are demonizing PAN president Mat Sabu as “a puppet or tool of DAP”, Grandpapa Dapster complained last night.

And PAS propagandists are adopting the Umno campaign of ‘lies, fear and hate’ against Mat Sabu too, Kit Siang alleged in a speech delivered in Muhyiddin Yassin’s constituency of Pagoh.

Bang Mat has never been DAP’s agent or stooge, Kit Siang remonstrated. Lies. All lies!

mat-sabu Bersih girl

China is the world’s most populous country

Kit Siang has been repeating and repeating ad infinitum, “There is no way that the Malays can lose political power in Malaysia and that the DAP or the Chinese will rule the country”.

How preposterous, he exclaimed. Simply outrageous!

Kit Siang said, “The demographic forces will see an increasing percentage of Malay population and decreasing percentage of Chinese population in Malaysia”.

He highlighted that in 1970, Malays made up 44.32 percent of the Malaysian population, while the Chinese were 34.34 percent.

Interesting point. So the fact – and this is informed to us by Kit Siang no less – is that a mere few decades ago, Malays were ahead of the Chinese in population by only 10 percent. That’s not much.

In fact, the Chinese (34%) and the Indians (9%) combined together were almost at parity with the Malays (44%).

BELOW: Map by Reddit user ‘TeaDranks’ showing country size in proportion to its population – note China and India

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World Population map

Influx of Chinese immigrants if DAP opens our borders

“The Chinese will win” in the race for power and wealth in Malaya, predicted renowned British historian Arnold J. Toynbee.

Toynbee’s famous quote: “A truly significant mark that the British Empire can leave in Malaya when she withdraws is the transformation’ of this country into the nineteenth province of China.”

Dato’ Onn Jaafar had the same fear.

The late Umno founder thought that the Chinese – through using MCA as their instrument – wanted to make Malaya the 20th province of China. Unlike Toynbee, Dato’ Onn counted contentious Taiwan as already the 19th province.

The nature of the DAP beast

There is no need for Umno to “demonize” the DAP because the evangelical party is already dajjal.

Kit Siang yesterday implied that Hadi Awang is a liar.

Although he did not mention the PAS president by name, Kit Siang pinpointed a PM’s “adviser” as having disseminated

“lies to aggravate racial and religious polarisation in the country, like the falsehood that Christian missionaries target the uneducated in Malaysia and offer money and aid to secure their conversion or the downright lie accusing the DAP of supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) as trade in the country is purportedly controlled by the Chinese community”.

In short, Kit Siang accused the unnamed PM adviser as having lied about Christian missionaries and about DAP’s support for the TPPA.

DAP jangan pijak kepalaHadi Awang was not lying. Instead it is DAP dajjal that’s the Great Deceiver. As PAS and Umno are aware, kalau tak bohong, bukan DAP namanya.

This is one of the elements drawing the parti Islam and the parti Melayu together towards perpaduan. DAP can’t stop lying, and it lies about the Malays and lies even more about the Muslims.

PAS and Umno have jointly become DAP targets that are hated in the same measure.


Mat Sabu makan nasi putih, minum air kosong


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3 thoughts on “Kit Siang: “Mat Sabu never an agent, stooge or puppet of DAP”

  1. PAS has overturned the path of Prophet Muhammad and DAP has overturned the path of Prophet Jesus. In their own namesakes will they raise the banner of their religions. Not in the Name of the Creator Lord Most High Almighty.

  2. I can’t thank you enough for exposing these sneaky Christians and their even sneakier ways. It’s funny how the inheritors of Jerusalem Christ has gone to Singapore and Subang Chinese. Not quite like what Paul envisioned. I forsee Malaysian Chinese to one day revert to the peaceful meditative Buddhism rejecting the deceiving ways of the Evangelistas.

    Keep up the good work. May you be rewarded for your tireless work.

    1. re: “It’s funny how the inheritors of Jerusalem Christ has gone to Singapore and Subang Chinese.”

      Gone to Singapore and Jerusubang and Protun blogs as their sanctuaries.

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