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Time now for Najib to make Umno renegades toe the line

By Shamshul Anuar

DAP achieved great success in last election. It has Chinese votes behind it solidly.  And DAP tastes limited power in the form of Pulau Pinang.

Now it focus on Putrajaya. And to get Putrajaya, it has to dislodge the only party that is standing in its way: Umno. What better way to succeed than slandering.

Those who are anti Najib will never accept any explanation. Even news from BBC will not satisfy them. To them a fair verdict is Najib must be guilty because he is Najib. To them Najib must resign. Then everything ranging from oil price, ringgit will stabilize.

And if Najib falls into their trap by resigning, they will say “look Najib is guilty. Itu sebab dia resign”.

I bet that the attack will only be more ruthless if Najib resign.

What Najib must do is to show firm hand. Send the message to Umno leaders that if they want to be part of his “kerajaan” they must be with him.

Though I am not that excited with possibility of Kedah getting a new MB, I understand that Najib must show he is in control by getting a new MB.

Only by being firm, Najib can win an election. Only by behaving like a supremo Najib will be treated like one.

Umno is the dominant party on this land. Act like one.

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10 thoughts on “Time now for Najib to make Umno renegades toe the line

  1. I actually like Mukhriz to carry on as MB. He seemed to be well-liked by Kedahans. Why replace him with someone who could not even pass SPM/MCE? Najib is going back in time.

    1. Dear Kak Wan,

      re: “Why replace him with someone who could not even pass SPM/MCE?”

      Where did you read this?

    2. tak tau la Kak Wan, serba salah dibuatnya. ada yang sokong mukhriz dan ada yang nak menjatuhkannya. saya tak menentang for him to remain as MB dan juga tak menyokong to oust him. duduk ditengah2.

      ada yg kata he could be or a duri dalam daging, well it could be true – dangerous for party, and it could be not true – the ouster move will be very wrong [so confused].

      ada yang suruh PM ikut cara tun M dulu2. in fact that is what the youth of today’s generation hate. even those days generation who are still present these days hated it. people’s mindset changed and i would say that those days the freedom to voice out was unlike these days.

      be lenient but not too lenient
      be tolerant but not too tolerant

      my opinion ? – let him remain as MB until the next election for the sake of party, for the sake of support by supporters, for the sake of winning the state during the next election. now is not yet the time for us to show that we so powerful, eventhough it’s okay to show that we are strong and the power is in our hand…..

      well to conclude ……. I JUST DON’T KNOW !

  2. It is high time Najib come out and tell Malaysians that he is leading BN as the warlord to go all out to battle the sneaky DAP of all their dirty works of disharmony, defamations and lies. Tell the people that PKR and PAN are only coolies of DAP and therefore the main vicious demon is DAP. You slay DAP and their office boys will be scattered.

    Tell Protun, if they are not happy to fight DAP but instead choose to support their lies and defamations, they can always go and join DAP otherwise actions must be taken to cut off the cancerous parts without delay. With that, UMNO will have a clearer party without internal thorns to lead BN to war. Be truthful and clear about your objectives. The people need to know, the soonest the better. The BN supporters are getting restless as Najib had been too quiet and the nasty oppositions are throwing muds on all government depts at their whims and fancies at every opportunity. Enough is enough.

  3. Azeez ad Jamil Baharom are two classic case of brainless umno bigots. If Tabung Haji can have negative asset figures, Yapeim can have kursus perkahwinan specifically only New York, Paris, London, Sydney, and not Mesir, what do you think will happen to Kedah ?
    Becoming another bankrupt state?

    1. re: “If Tabung Haji can have negative asset figures”

      Don’t mislead with snappy but false soundbites.

      What “negative assets” are you talking about? You mean TH’s “negative reserves”?

      Tabung Haji CEO Tan Sri Ismee Ismail has already clarified that “throughout the 2014 and 2015 financial years, LTH’s total asset value was higher than its liabilities”.

      According to TH, the assets mentioned by BNM did not take into account “the equity investments of LTH’s subsidiaries or associated companies besides that of real estate and plantations”.

      Your attempt at rumour-mongering and agitprop is rather too transparent, Encik ‘Salim’.

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