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Gerakan party’s university hosting Guan Eng think-tank event

MCA has a university — Utar.

One of its lecturers previously was Chong Zhemin. Today Chong is DAP Perak’s Economic Development bureau chief.

How many more Chongs are there still in Utar actively moulding the young minds?

BELOW: Utar students inspired by Ah Jib Gor in the run-up to GE13

Ah Jib Gor inspiration

What is going on in Gerakan?!

BN party Gerakan has a uni too — Wawasan Open University.

It is hosting today an event organized by the Penang Institute, i.e. Guan Eng’s think-tank – see poster below.

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Penang Institute’s Malay-oriented (‘Nusantara’) programmes

The event is co-organized with Gerak Budaya which publishes books by local opposition figures.

Just like the MCA’s Nest of Evangelistas promoting liberal Malay writers in J-Star and liberal Malay in-house journos, the Penang Institute is also diligently cultivating Malay liberals.

Its talk at Wawasan Open University features Marina Mahathir and Sisters In Islam co-founder Zainah Anwar.

wawasan open uni

Malay liberals and Protuns to augment oppo votebank

Now there is this trend of the Chinese, particularly evangelistas, eagerly nurturing Malay liberalism. The Gerakan-controlled university, by providing the event venue, seems to be in the thick of it.

In the political calculus, activities of the Malay liberals and the Protuns only benefit the opposition cause.

MCA is already proven to be a BN backstabber.

In order not to be tarred with the same perception brush as the owners of The Scissors, Gerakan should do more to help BN election efforts rather than be a dead-weight passenger on the BN boat.

Is Umno the only BN party willing to stop the DAP juggernaut?


Dangerous trend of evangelistas lecturing Malays on Islam

Our thanks to regular commenter Mulan for the tip-off on this story.


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3 thoughts on “Gerakan party’s university hosting Guan Eng think-tank event

  1. I don’t understand people surrounding Najib… his so-called “think tank”….don’t they see all these? Your blog has revealed so many of these DAP-covert operations riding on BN’s very own network and yet they let it happen again and again.
    If only they have the same energy to fight these scissoratis (spell check plz…) as they have shown when fighting their own umno detractors, these back-stabbers movement would have been dead by now.
    I don’t know what to call them…stupid is an understatement

  2. Ms Marina is also launching her book at Borders Queensbay mall tomorrow; so it’s a packed schedule for her (I saw the promotional board in display last week when I was at Borders). See you all liberals there.

  3. This is what I have said all along. A slick move. They are doing this within the law, they are not violating the law. Besides it’s private tertiary institutions they are targeting. So what can the gov do ? Nothing. There you have it. I bet that they now have a virtual monopoly in private tertiary institutions come GE14 you can expect them to sweep all the votes coming from these young voters.

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