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Perpaduan ummah is the most important objective now

“It has often been said that the opposition coalition has done a fantastic job of tapping into Chinese resentment against the government and fanning it into a massive hate campaign against Umno,” wrote Joceline Tan in her column today.

“At the same time, they have been selling the Chinese electorate a dream of power. Many Chinese are still carrying that dream of toppling the Barisan and ushering into power a coalition where the Chinese-dominated DAP calls the shots,” added Joceline.

BELOW: Yam seng meets European ‘cheers’

J-Star ushering in CNY 2016 with Carlsberg

Now pause, think and do a True/False checklist:

•  Is what Joceline says about the “massive hate campaign” true?

Can you see how the DAP has been carrying out its widespread, insidious operation to incite hate and anger? How their sneaky cybertroopers – some of them masquerading as Malays or Muslims or supporters of Tun/Mukhriz – have been instigating and injecting venom everywhere?

Now there’s the massive hate campaign against Najib where the Dapsters and Protuns are in cahoots. The DAP cytros masquerading as Malays are slyly insinuating for pro-government Malays to reject Najib, hence rejecting Umno.

They’re also trying to persuade that there’s no harm in allowing the DAP-led oppo one chance. You can see this campaign, i.e. “just give one try in Putrajaya” by the DAP cytros.

The Protun platforms are infested with this kind of propaganda.

•  Is it true that there is a deep well of “Chinese resentment”?

Elsewhere in Joceline’s article, she writes, “Some claimed 95% of Chinese voted against Barisan Nasional in 2013, others put it at 85%. It gave the Chinese an incredible sense of power, a feeling that the force was with them and that they could change the government”.

A healthy check-and-balance is 45:55. With the Chinese bias at 95 percent, all possibility of balance is lost. How did the Chinese become so lopsided? How in the world did the mob mentality ever reach 95%?

Answer: They’ve been overfed a poisonous diet of bohong, tipu dan putar belit.

You see the same lynch-crowd deployed against Najib and the establishment. Dapsters and Protuns have become strange bedfellows indeed. Mutual attraction: Like is attracted to like. Both share a common trait — that of the bully.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Evangelistas are convinced that Islam is evil

The pemfitnah tegar are the Dapster-evangelistas. Their Firster cult following are delusional. They even buy into the hardsell that all their hate is actually love.

But it is those willing to bersangka baik terhadap the ‘lurrve’ crowd who are gullible tahap gaban. Some Protuns are worse, on top of being gullible, they’re becoming like Dapsters themselves.

It is not very smart of Malays to be manipulated into discrediting Islamic institutions like Tabung Haji or acquiescing to the DAP push for Jakim to be abolished and the state Islamic agencies castrated – see tweeted FMT story below on DAP demands.

DAP is smart to capitalize on the disaffected Protun partisans who have become the proverbial “borrowed knife” (Chinese saying) used to stab at the paramountcy of Islam in Malaysia.

If we agree that the Chinese are smart, we can’t say the same about those non-Chinese willing to allow themselves to be made DAP’s tool.

Joceline’s own reading of the situation is that “[e]very Tom, Dick and Harry says the Chinese sentiment has not shifted much” and that the “community is still dead against Umno”.

BELOW: Tun fanning the flames

No turning back and dragging Protuns along with them

Former chief of the Sedar think-tank, Khaw Veon Szu, said he cannot see any reversal in the Chinese anti-establishment trend.

Khaw is also quoted by Joceline as saying that the Chinese-powered tidal waves in the 2008 and 2013 elections were “like a middle-class uprising that swept through the urban centres and spread right down to Johor”.

Previously DAP did not manage to win a single Johor state seat in the 1995, 1999 and 2004 general election. The evangelical party nonetheless made a small inroad in 2008 – winning four Johor DUNs – but in 2013, DAP exploded on the scene snagging 13 out of the 14 Johor state seats it contested.

The only DAP Johor DUN candidate to lose (to MCA, hahaha) was an Indian guy, R. Shanker in Paloh.

Umno fortress Johor which had been impervious before to the electoral tide is vulnerable now. In fact, DAP has made no bones that Johor is the frontline state it needs to conquer if ever the oppo hopes to ascend the Putrajaya throne.

Malay male blogger rejected by Umno Johor and the party

On 11 Jan 2016, Syed Akbar Ali blogged about a prepaid blogger who is a Malay guy pretending to be a girl and to whom the dedak money is no longer flowing, and hence his dissatisfied ranting and raving.

Screenshot above is the response of ‘Annie’ to SAA. Annie has thrown Outsyed the Box from his Life of Annie blogroll, giving the excuse that Syed Akbar “can be quite a bastard”.

Annie has been annoyed with SAA ever since “a few weeks ago when he accused me of some nonsense in his blog”.

Lots of people in the political scene (senior Umno bloggers, editors, pol-secs and press secs) know that Syed Akbar was not accusing nonsense in this instance. Annie is indeed a man.

Which is the reason why Annie’s continued charade and censorship of comments (those asking for confirmation on the gender issue) has turned off his regular readers, so much so that it’s now largely the DAP operatives Anon and Alphabet Soup who’re taking centrestage and dominating the comments in Life of Annie blog.

Umno Nut Graph
Cartoon credit: The Nut Graph

Now pause, think and do a simple checklist:

•  About Syed Akbar’s accusation of “prepaid” blogger, consider who has been tirelessly slagging Johor MB Khaled Nordin? ~ Why, you think? ~ Do you recall which Protun blogger has been complaining incessantly that his “services” were rebuffed by Umno Johor post-GE13?

(Aiseh, how could team Khaled reject someone who boasted that he was a key player instrumental in Team Ghani’s losing media efforts? Ooooh, the blogger is so GERAM that that you can see the smoke billowing out from his ears after lighting up a pack of ciggies.)

Now, just ask the MB’s men what it was that the egotistical blogger had wanted or demanded? Then light will be shed on his meragam gara-gara kempunan. More things will make sense once you find out the blogger’s real identity.

Then you can understand motivations and unravel his lies.

•  Who has been slagging Najib’s advisors and media handlers — complaining that they didn’t bother to listen to his unsolicited advice about containing Johor disaffection and placating the “handsome old man”?

The reason for the sudden transfer, as I’ve said, is because the higher ups feel that the fler has become too big-headed with his popularity as an awek cun, and not to mention temperamental and unstable.

To carry on like a diva complaining about menstrual pains is not the way for a male media practitioner to convince either his bosses or the PM’s Office that he is reliable.

  Who has been behaving like a discarded egomaniac, moaning endlessly that Umno does not want him? Who is kuat melenting that the Projib bloggers are in the loop (jealous?) while the Protuns are sidelined?

Siapa yang meroyan dan merapu about distancing himself from Umno and steering clear of politics? So merajuk.

Chart credit: Ng Chak Ngoon @ Tindak Malaysia, click to enlarge


The bottomline is simple

Red in the two charts above is opposition and blue is BN. The bars represent the total number of voters each in our 222 Parliament constituencies.

There are more blue bars because BN has more seats. The red bars are however generally taller because the oppo is holding urban seats (which are more densely populated) whereas the BN is holding rural seats (which are more sparsely populated).

What the chart shows is that a lot of the BN parliament seats have less than 40,000 voters while a lot of the oppo parliament seats have more than 60,000 voters.

In terms of headcount, as has been repeated many times before, the popular vote is with the oppo. BN is in power thanks to the weightage that is favourable to rural constituencies.

Hence it is quite possible for BN to lose future elections. One of the reasons is because urban folks are more savvy in spreading black propaganda and inciting Malays to hate the Najib administration.

Both Dapsters and Protuns are propelled by their common denominator – hatred – and the current cosying up by the Protuns with Cina ultra is nothing unexpected.

In the present political calculus, Umno needs to have PAS on board. No further explanation is required as to why so.

Reality check: Tun is an anathema to PAS and vice versa. Najib is the only gelling agent that is able to make the desired Muslim unity happen.


The Projibs need not waste any more time trying to mend fences with the Protuns. Regard the Protun votes a write-off, similar to Chinese votes, that cannot be recovered.

Start being extra nice to PAS and the Islamists now. You need them.


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42 thoughts on “Perpaduan ummah is the most important objective now

  1. Re: Start being extra nice to PAS and the Islamists now. You need them.

    Let’s see how DAP supporters ubah now, easier said than done.

    After all the hatred, how to U-turn so fast. Contrary to some belief,

    they are still humans, only so misled.

    And don’t forget the Buddist, Taoist etc who are still in the dark not

    knowing the sensitivity of religious issues.

  2. Helen,

    UMNO does not have the luxury of time. MCA and Gerakan are already “gone cases”. They exist today due to ties with UMNO only.

    UMNO actually is changing but not many realise it. I am happy with Najib’s attitude of showing who is the supremo. He must be firm and responsive. A new Ketua Penerangan, Annuar Musa is a welcome change.

    Recently I watched Youtube. Ustaz Azhar Idrus( I do not how he is classified as an Ustaz) said that the reason why Muslims have to face many many years before they can perform Haji is due to Tabung haji doe not have sufficient fund.

    Actually, the long waiting period is due to quota by Saudi Arabia. Can Annuar Musa clarify. With person like Azhar idrus, UMNO does not need DAP to bring it down.

    1. Shamshul,

      re: “the long waiting period is due to quota by Saudi Arabia”

      Even I as a non-Muslim am aware of this fact.

      If the YouTube audience can believe that the ustaz, in that the reason is allegedly due to Tabung Haji not having sufficient funds, then Umno is in deep trouble when Malays are so gullible.

      With a thinking population, you can use reason.

      With a population that prefers to believe in wild rumours and unsubstantiated accusations, the authorities need to be hardline.

      1. Helen,

        Najib administration or ministry that hold jurisdictions over Islamic institutions have string of personnels whom can be deployed to clarify matters.

        I can accept if Najib or Jamil Khir do not realise what utter garbage Azhar Idrus has been saying all this while. But they have manpower at their disposal to clarify such matters.

        Use their officials. Appoint officers just to check what are discussed in Youtube. And correct the misconception. Use prime time to respond. Why not air what exactly transpired in Youtube. Then clarify. Certainly this action will put pressure on Azhar idrus. He swill be more careful next time. at the same time, a swift response will send message to Malays that the so called Ustaz is nothing holier than us.

        Act. Do something. Win the war by just being plain honest. That is how Adnan Satem wins the heart of Sarawakians. Not because he is brilliant. not because Sarawak BN is invincible. But he is viewed as being humble, honest and not pretentious.

        1. re: “But they have manpower at their disposal to clarify such matters.”

          On a separate topic, I’ve been made to understand that although Jakim has a lot of staff, they’re nonetheless acutely short on personnel to counter the evangelistas due to:

          (a) language barrier – Jakim does not have enough officers who are competent in English

          (b) lack of exposure to comparative religion – Jakim is focused on Islam and able to nab Muslim deviants but has not made a thorough study of the Christian cults like City Harvest

          (c) inability to comprehend the sneakiness – recently TG Hadi Awang stepped up to the plate and revealed the trickery of the Christian missionaries … Jakim doesn’t get it as yet

          1. Helen,

            “…acutely short on personnel….”

            So hire more personnel. Or get people like Dr Fathul Bari to clarify. Or work with ISMA. ISMA has many young urbane professional who speak very good English.

            I am sure ISMA will feel appreciated if UMNO makes the move. No need to be “PRIM AND PROPER” before starting to respond. Just respond. Along the way, UMNO will learn and polish the answers.

            For a start, why not publish the transcription on prime time. Let Malaysians see what rubbish that Azhar churned out. I am sure Malays too will respond and agree that Azhar is misleading the congregation.

              1. Helen, is there a way to PM?

                You need to take a look at something – unusual and related to what you are doing.

      2. Helen,

        Religion is a potent force. Popes of medieval times controlled wayward European Kingdom by threatening to excommunicate any King who dare to challenge them.

        Similarly, some self proclaimed Ustazs make a lot of money in name of religion. I have respect for ulamak. One outstanding ulama was Professor Hamka.

        He during his life time was an avid reader. He wrote books, novels . He gave sermon. but above all, he was known for being humble, honest and very well mannered.

        One incident is a manifestation of his humility, generosity. At height of Confrontation , Sukarno accused him of receiving USD 4 million from CIA channelled through Tunku to overthrow Sukarno.

        Tunku denied it. Hamka too denied it. OIC appealed to Sukarno to free Hamka. But Sukarno refused the request. Hamka was detained and jailed. later Suharto took over the presidency. Sukarno died in disgrace.

        Religious rites require a Muslim who died to be “disembahyangkan”. And guess who was the Imam who led the payer? HAMKA.

        Right after the rites, Hamka declared that he forgave Sukarno for whatever Sukarno mistakes to him. In Islam,, a person is required to apologize to whoever he made mistake before he can ask for Allah’s forgiveness.

        NOW COMPARE HAMKA to self proclaimed ustaz like Azhar Idrus. Hamka led a simple life. Azhar has a luxurious life. Hamka was a well mannered guy . Azhar loves to say “bodoh, bengong”.

        Hamka reflects the beauty of Islam by forgiving a President who slandered him. As far as I know, Najib or his administration never slanders Azhar. But Azhar often incites the congregation by painting Najib as “stupid”, or never stops portraying Najib administration as “not islam”.

        Azhar teaches Muslims to be rebellious. He slanders a lot. But he knows that he is accepted as many Malays who are lazy to think (AND TO READ) decide that they can “FRANCHISE” their brains to people like Azhar.

        1. Dear Shamshul and Kak Wan,

          re: “Religion is a potent force.”

          This explains how DAP succeeds in brainwashing the Chinese. DAP is an evangelical party. It trades in political Christianity just like how PAS is political Islam.

          re: “Popes of medieval times controlled wayward European Kingdom by threatening to excommunicate any King who dare to challenge them.”

          The DAP red bean cadres terrorize any wayward Chinese who refuses to subscribe to their politics of hate. I challenge the DAP hegemony and as a result, they’re running a smear campaign against me in Annie’s blog — even right now as we speak.

          re: “Similarly, some self proclaimed Ustazs make a lot of money in name of religion.”

          The DAP lay preachers collect their sheeple from the Jerusubang churches in the name of Ubah.

          re: “I have respect for ulamak.”

          I can respect some of the pre-2008 DAP leaders. Can’t say the same for its current batch of Born Again carpetbaggers.

          re: “but above all, he was known for being humble, honest and very well mannered”

          I take it he doesn’t keep calling other people “low class”.

          re: “Tunku denied it. Hamka too denied it.”

          Sad that people so easily believe in fitnah.

          re: “Azhar has a luxurious life.”

          House of young DAP evangelista warlord David Nga Kor Ming.

          re: “As far as I know, Najib or his administration never slanders Azhar. But Azhar often incites the congregation by painting Najib as ‘stupid’, or never stops portraying Najib administration as ‘not islam’.”

          Between the Dapsters and the Protuns, who does more slandering?

          re: “Azhar teaches Muslims to be rebellious.”

          Ditto the DAP!!!

          re: “He slanders a lot.”

          Dapster cytro tell lies non-stop. I can agree with Ali Tinju if he says that they (and not ‘ALL’ Chinese / kaum Cina) are “pembohong dan penipu”.

          re: “But he knows that he is accepted as many Malays who are lazy to think (AND TO READ) decide that they can ‘FRANCHISE’ their brains to people like Azhar.”

          Same ailment suffered by all the gullible people who telan bulat-bulat dakyah Dapster dan Protun.

          1. Helen,

            Once I had conversations with my former UiTM mate. He comes from Kelantan.

            He asked me how come the Malay support for UMNO in many elections still strong even if UMNO lacks Islamic credentials as compared to PAS( that thinks Islam is exclusively PAS forte).

            I told him that Malays can see . Those who are willing to think will realise that PAS is like “tin kosong” only. PAS talks a lot. But what are its achievements?

            Whatever said about UMNO leaders, they at least control their tongues. We never heard UMNO leaders curse their PAS counterparts. No doubt UMNO too has its weaknesses and some are quite glaring.

            But it does deliver. But UMNO now in dangerous position as it is too “tidak apa”.

            No action against Azhar Idrus is a manifestation that UMNO underestimate the damage that “fitnah” can do to it.

          2. Helen,

            Can a ulamak bring people closer to Islam if he loves cursing like Azhar idrus known to do? Will an ulamak behave like that?

            Instead of bringing Malay Muslim community( or any Muslim) closer to islam, he (the self appointed ulamak perasan) only make Muslims run away from Islam.


            No doubt about it. Azhar Idrus loves to preach. Unfortunately he forgets his very own teaching. Azhar Idrus is more like entertainer. He entertain sexually provocative questions like ” can a man “mengendap” his naked wife taking a bath”.

            OR question like ” can a man who has more than one wife sleeps with all his wives at one time”.

            These are questions that no one will ask Ustaz Kazim Elias or Dr Harun Din. No one will ask the above named as they know Kazim straight away reprimands them. But they love to ask Azhar idrus.

            Because they know Azhar is a mere Court Jester but Ustaz Kazim is a serious preacher despite being jovial. Kazim draws the line very clearly.

            Like Bubonic plague crippled Europe in 14th century, many preachers manipulate Islam for their own gains.

            1. re: “No doubt about it. Azhar Idrus loves to preach. Unfortunately he forgets his very own teaching.”

              Sounds a certain female Christian counterpart.

              1. which is a very sorry scenario for both side be it muslims or Christians. I believe there are better ulama / pastor than the likes of azhar idrus or Hannah yeoh. unfortunately, quite a majority loves these kind of hate preacher.

          3. re: It trades in political Christianity just like how PAS is political Islam.

            The Chinese are not Malays whom by FedCon must be Muslims. Not all Chinese are Christians. Huge % are Buddhist or Taoist, especially the older generations. Christianity amongst Chinese is not as dominant as Islam amongst Malays.

            1. re: “Huge % are Buddhist or Taoist, especially the older generations.”

              Young generation is attracted to the spectacle (think City Harvest church singing and dancing) of fashionable Christianity.

              re: “Christianity amongst Chinese is not as dominant as Islam amongst Malays.”

              True. But DAP is being led by evangelistas. And the Chinese, although they’re Buddhist or Taoist, still have more in common with the BN-hating fellow Chinese than they do with Umno and PAS Malays.

              1. Helen knows both communities so preciously well. One thing

                though: Most Buddhist/Taoist don’t know what evangelist doing.

              2. re: Young generation is attracted to the spectacle (think City Harvest church singing and dancing) of fashionable Christianity.

                Do we have official stats on the religious affiliation (Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Atheist etc) of the local Chinese population?

  3. Helen, you said “with a thinking population, you can use reason…”
    I always thought the Chinese are the “thinking” type. If they are, how come DAP can brain wash them?

    1. Kak Wan,

      Sneaky is a type of cunning thinking, I suppose. But it’s not fair-minded thinking.

      Like I’ve said, it’s unfair to label Malays “racists” when Tanah Melayu had been willing to absorb two million Chinese immigrants (1952/3 to 1960) under the relaxed Merdeka citizenship conferrals.

      Turn the tables and do you think a China province with a six million Chinese population would ever be willing to absorb en masse aliens speaking a different language and professing a different religion – all in the matter of less than a decade?

      Even today, where in China is it multi-racial? But a Dapster would refuse to acknowledge all this.

      The Dapster-evangelista “thinking” capacity is harnessed into efforts ‘How to fabricate more fitnah’.

      “PEMBOHONG DAN PENIPU” – Ali Tinju said of the kaum Cina (unfortunately, my entire race is tarred by him). His statement would be true however if applied to the Dapster-evangelistas.

      That’s why China took the drastic action of demolishing hundreds of churches and removing thousands of crosses from church roofs in the past couple of years alone. Beijing knows that the government cannot reason with those people.

      And in the case of the demolitions in Zhejiang province, they cannot accuse the authorities of “racism” like the 9 percent like to do in Malaysia. In Wenzhou, dubbed ‘Jerusalem of the East’, the action is enforced by Chinese officials on Chinese evangelistas.

      There’s no issue of racial discrimination at all. The Najib administration must not be afraid of taking the hard line. There’s no other way of dealing with these packs of liars.

      1. Kak wan,

        I believe Chinese in Malaysians do think a lot. Quite a number of them know DAP is playing a dangerous political game. But they tag along as they thought they can outmanoeuvre the Malays.

        What they fail to appreciate is that by supporting DAP, they are actually putting themselves to the very front of firing line. They ignore the Law of physics that every actions invite equal but opposite response.

        Many of them still unaware that almost total Chinese rejection of BN( or more accurately UMNO) results in almost all malay states are ruled and ruled solely on UMNO ticket.

        The inflated ego of thinking they alone can dictate political terms is matched by malays who now realise without Chinese votes, UMNO can still rules.

    2. re: “how come DAP can brain wash them?”

      Short answer: Because they’re full of resentment and hate, and thus the judgment is clouded.

  4. just coctacted t syed ‘outside d box’. he confirmed that that blog owner ‘annie’ is actually a man. if this is really true ,than ‘annie’ is n imposter n n apology from d blog owner is timely bcos his cover is blown wide open. what ever he has written is as good as garbage. I 4 1 wil never tyr 2 cover my identity. i consider it as dishonesty of d highest order.

    b it as it may, I hope d running fued shld end as it does not serve any purpose.

    coming 2 d question of unity between UMNO n PAS, my take is that it wil not happen bec:
    1) their animosity runs 2 deep 4 either party 2 forgive n forget.
    also forget abt d d unity of d ummah rantings from UMNO .its shallow n less than honest.

    2) d efforts of x pas people like nasharuddin mat isa does not resonate beyond tgha n posibbly harun din.

    3)they hv tasted power n d goodies that come wth it. d way things r happening in UMNO/BN now it is not impossible 4 them 2 recapture trengganu n Kedah. perlis is ripe 4 d taking 2. .they wil also make inroads in other states at d xpense of UMNO.

    4)at federal level they wil impose d king maker role. UMNO/BN wil hv no choice but 2 agree 2 their demands which may b 2 unpalatable 2 someof their leaders.

    d scenario is gloomy 4 UMNO/BN. that’s d reason why some people predict that d 14 ge wil not happen as scheduled.

    insya’allah I wil try 2 meet tuan Ibrahim (pas dep president) soon 4 a clearer picture.

      1. re: “attract male readers”

        The ‘red-blooded’ male readers have romantic fantasies about an anime “Little Lady of the Valley” who rides a big bike from Kuantan to JB.

        These male readers are not thinking with their head. Bodoh sombong. And hentam kromo.

        I should hope older female readers are more discerning!

    1. Thanks Abdullah for bring up these old threads.

      So, what do we have?

      In March 2015, Annie was vociferously defending Rosmelda – the url you cited above.

      Fast forward less than a year, and there’s a complete turnaround. Annie is now allowing his blog to be hijacked by the Dapsters to spew anti-Najib vitriol.

      It only makes Syed Akbar Ali’s allegation that Annie is a prepaid blogger all the more convincing. Tak diberi makan dedak, lalu kuat meroyan kat blogger-blogger yang ‘diperkenan’ PMO. Tengok betapa Annie asyik melenting kat Umno jer.

      As for my negative write-up on Rosmah, I said in February 2015 she’s high maintenance.

      Well, over the last year since that, have I praised or defended Rosmah? The answer is ‘No’, right?

      My most recent post on Rosmah, see for yourself –

  5. Sejujurnya Kak Helen, saya lebih mempercayai kata2 akak yang di bawah ini.

    In short, the Umno president cum BN chairman who is our clueless prime minister is an incipient train wreck waiting to be derailed. I do not see any signs that this man is capable of doing a course correction.

    1. (1) re: “our clueless prime minister”

      Like I’ve consistently maintained, BN people are more reasonable than Pakatan people, and Najib’s supporters are more reasonable than Tun’s supporters.

      I labelled the PM “clueless” but unlike the Protuns, Najib’s men do not swear at me or heap curses in retaliation.

      Nor do the Projibs act like the Protuns and pull that “Oi, you Cina!” stunt, i.e. we Melayus don’t allow you – because you’re a Chinese, Helen – to make any comments on our Malay PM. So you stay out of our “only Malays allowed” (to comment on Najib or Tun) sphere.

      Never mind that I’m a Malaysian and Najib is the PM of my country, or that Tun is the primary force destabilizing Malaysia. I’m a Chinese and due to my skin colour, the Protuns will not allow me to voice my critical opinion on a MELAYU ‘statesman’ although they (the Protuns) welcome Dapsters to heap the most degrading insults on the YAB Perdana Menteri.

      So as you can see, it is the Projibs who are more democratic. They did not launch a mob attack on me for calling their leader “clueless”.

      re: “is an incipient train wreck waiting to be derailed”

      And who would have thought that it would be Tun & his Merry Men fixing dynamite on the rail tracks?

      re: “I do not see any signs that this man is capable of doing a course correction.”

      Let’s do a checklist on the items that in my opinion needed attention, and see whether Najib has done any course corrections with regard.

      (i) The dajjal nature of the DAP … this will have to wait for the Mother of All Confrontations in 2018.

      (ii) BN must not burn Malay-majority seats by giving them to MCA to contest … this also will have to wait for GE14 to see whether Najib is willing to take any remedial measures but the Umno (Ismail Sabri, Tajuddin Abdul Rahman & Gang) sentiment is no more free lunch for the MCA.

      After the most recent reshuffle, Najib’s cabinet has more Umno hawks than ever. So the hardliners should be getting their way.

      (iii) The J-Star is Gunting dalam Lipatan.

      This is one area where there has clearly been a course correction. The MCMC raided the Nest of Evangelistas not too long ago and confiscated a reporter Nicholas Cheng’s computer over his MACC report.

      The police also questioned one of the J-Star editors Esther Teh over her interview with Zaid Ibrahim who is being investigated for sedition. Both these actions show that the authorities are taking their gloves off in Star treatment.

      (iv) GMM and Saifuddin

      Najib made no moves to dissuade Pudin from quitting Umno. Najib put Ustaz Nasha as the Moderates CEO. Ustaz Nasha’s appointment was a catalyst to Wong Chun Wai resigning from the GMM board of trustees.

      Under Ustaz Nasha, GMM is no longer kissy-kissy with WCW’s Nest of Evangelistas and taking a new direction. So you can tick this also as another course correction.

      (v) NUCC and 1Malaysia

      I don’t believe in 1Malaysia. I believe that multiculturalism has failed in our country with the attitude of the Chinese being what it is, on top of the anti-Islam prejudice of the Christians.

      I don’t believe Najib is pandering to NUCC nor 1Malaysia any longer. There was a different slogan to replace 1Malaysia during our last Hari Kebangsaan celebration.

      I don’t believe that NUCC will be getting a budget — I just did a quick skim through on the budget details for the Prime Minister’s Dept and couldn’t find any allocation. However, I will stand corrected if I had missed it.

      As you know, I’ve been hankering for Najib to assume the mantle of a war general. It looks like he’s stepping into the role, what with his moves against Muhyiddin and this week, mengadap Istana Kedah.

      So we too have to recalibrate our assessment as there looks to be some course correction as desired.

      1. “I’ve been hankering for Najib to assume the mantle of a war general. It looks like he’s stepping into the role, what with his moves against Muhyiddin and this week, mengadap Istana Kedah.”

        Najib and his coterie behave more like medieval warlords rather than the representative statesmen of a democratic people they were supposed to function as.

        1. Realpolitik: You have to adapt to the reality of circumstances.

          Is the 95 percent Chinese electorate “democratic”? The answer is an emphatic ‘No’.

          Look at their behaviour @ Bersih 4.0 where they put an effigy of Najib in cage, signaling that he should be imprisoned, and where they also conducted mock Chinese funeral rites for Rosmah.

          A democratic population of a First World country does not behave like Dapsters where lying is the norm, rather than the exception.

          1. re: behaviour @ Bersih 4.0, mock Chinese funeral rites

            Thought some Umno members or Umno friendly NGOs have done the same during Red Shirt rally and outside the house/office of some Oppo leaders as well?

  6. The truth I am interested in is when exactly you knew about Annie’s identity?

    After 2013?

    I’ve never heard of Annie’s blog until subtle promoting from more prominent bloggers like you and Rocky. That was in 2013.

  7. re: In the present political calculus, Umno needs to have PAS on board. No further explanation is required as to why so.

    Don’t think it will happen now and until the next GE due to the reasons below:-

    1. Lack of progress of the PAS Kelantan Hudud bill at Parliament (showing insincerity of Umno in upholding Hudud implementation);

    2. Revelation that the purpose of the RM 2.6 bil donation taken by Najib was to prevent PAS from winning the election (i.e. Umno/Najib was willing to ‘berkomplot’ with foreign Muslims rather than PAS to undermine local Muslim unity).

    3. The current low political sentiment against Najib from 1MDB, donation, cost of living, removal of Mukhriz etc.

    4. Hadi may have expelled the liberals to Amanah but within the ulamak group in PAS, not all leaders are in favour working with Umno.

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