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Melayu sesat

Komen boleh dibaca seterusnya @
Komen boleh dibaca seterusnya @

Apakah Mat Sabu merupakan Pegawai Khas ketua menteri Pulau Pinang?

Kenapa presiden PAN itu dok menyemak di acara yang diadakan di Bagan, iaitu kawasan Parlimen Lim Guan Eng?

Ketiga-tiga lelaki yang berdiri di sisi kiri Guan Eng adalah para Yang Berhormat kerusi-kerusi DUN di bawah Parlimen Bagan, yakni YB Bagan Jermal Lim Hock Seng, YB Sungai Puyu, Phee Boon Poh dan YB Bagan Dalam, A. Tanasekharan.

Mat Sabu YB (Yang Bersibuk) apa?

Mat Sabu Guan Eng

Lagi Melayu yang sesat

Blogger Melayu yang mengumpat bagai serta bersekongkol dengan Cina ultra yang cakap bohong. Fitnah dan komen sibertrooper Dapster berpisah tiada dan ditabur merata.

Blogger Cina bukan Islam pula yang membentangkan tajuk rencana ‘Perpaduan ummah is the most important objective now’.

Dunia terbalik.

Annie vs Helen
Blogroll Rocky kelmarin

Apa hukum lelaki Islam menyamar sebagai wanita?

Sesat tak tahu apa nak cakap …

Alahai Protun!

Annie is a man




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14 thoughts on “Melayu sesat

  1. Helen,

    As I mentioned many times, Mohd Sabu is a “reject item”. Any Malay politician who aspires to be taken seriously or accorded significance knows that he must have Malay support.

    Meaning they must win in Malay majority area. So politicians from both side of divides like Azalina Othman, Shaberi chik, Hadi, Dr zambri can claim they represent the Malay community as all of them won in Malay constituencies.

    But Mohd Sabu lost 3 times in last three elections. Mohd Sabu realises he cant win anymore in Malay areas. Hence, as he is “politician cari makan”, he has to be cosy with DAP.

    Hopefully, he( i believe is hoping) can be allowed to contest in mixed areas like Pandan. But i doubt he will be chosen to contest in next election.

    Mohd Sabu is entering a phase of accepting the reality that he is viewed as nothing more than “court jester”. He is struggling to accept that fact. He i believe will “perish” in next election. He will face reality of being rejected by the very people whom he tries to please.

    “dari muda sampai ke tua tak pernah berubah. Memberontak sepanjang masa. Mengumpat, memfitnah tak habis habis. Apa sumbangan dia”.

  2. re: lelaki Islam menyamar sebagai pompuan..

    there’s no need for some people to get upset when a non Muslim asks about the hukum to a situation like that.

    if you know the hukum, let everyone to learn from you. imparting knowledge will make you gain even after your death.

    suppose that there’s someone in a female toilet, and when asked “who is inside there ?” the person inside answered “it’s me~” in such ‘middle aged Malay man’s voice’, anyone who hear that voice could call the polis because there’s a middle aged Malay man disguised himself as Chinese awek cun hiding in the female toilet. he must be up to no good, and maybe a pervert!

    so everyone is entitled to ask this question: what hukum shall apply to this middle aged Malay man ?

    because the nons, mind you, couldn’t be expected to know the hukum, and are in no position to dictate to the Ummah to do what they should think necessary to ‘nahi mungkar’. of course, if the Ummah thinks that there’s nothing wrong for a Muslim man to disguise as a girl, and believe that that’s what their religion had taught them, then so be it la.

  3. opposition & opposition backed media are capitalizing on mukhriz issue…ha ha ha….you people look even uglier than before.

    i hope these online media will be banned & blocked one day or as soon as possible.

    i don’t think PAS will regain Kedah eventhough the state can be considered its stronghold. i love islam but i don’t think PAS truly represent islam.

    nak tangkap ikan karin dalam air keruh nanti kena sengat dengan ikan keli

    1. re: “opposition & opposition backed media are capitalizing on mukhriz issue”

      Kalu takde isu pun mereka akan merekayasa and sengaja membuat-buat isu.

      re: “…ha ha ha….you people look even uglier than before”

      If people can look at it rationally, they would not be pro-Mukhriz:

      (1) As his own camp has admitted, he’s not in Kedah full time and flies back to KL too often.

      (2) He does not have a good relationship with the Kedah civil service.

      (3) He is completely rejected by the 14 + 1/2 (timbalan ketua bahagian Jerlun) Kedah Umno division chiefs, i.e. he has lost the confidence of ALL the 15 Umno divisions.

      (4) He is rejected by the Umno supreme council which met recently the other day. There are at least 60 members in the supreme council – 25 elected members, 8-9 appointed members, the permanent chairman and deputy, the top leadership (Najib, Zahid, Hisham, etc), the heads of the wings (Wanita, Youth, Puteri), the heads of unit like Ketua Penerangan … and the council agree that Mukhriz should go.

      So we can say that Mukhriz no longer has the endorsement of his party.

      (5) A large majority of the BN Aduns do not support him.

      (6) The MB has nine exco. Six of them boycotted the last/latest exco meeting, i.e. 2/3 of his exco do not support Mukhriz.

      Looking at the strikes (2), (3), (4), (5) and (6) above against him, Mukhriz’s position is simply untenable – whether Najib is in the picture or not.

      The final hurdle is the Kedah royal house.

      Protuns who cannot see the situation outlined above are too emo. They’re not thinking with their head.

      In my humble opinion, one of the biggest problems besetting Malaysia is the lack of rationality.

      1. Good numerical analysis. For sure, Mukhriz has lost the majority support of the Kedah Dun. He is resigning anyway. The question now is whether the replacement MB, Ahmad Bashah has the min majority support of 19 Aduns?

          1. As of now, I think Bashah only have 17 support. BN have 21 seats. Umno has 19 and MCA 2 respectively. However, Mukhriz and Aminuddin together with 2 unknown BN Aduns are not supporting Bashah. Mukhriz losing majority support does not mean that Bashah has the majority support to become new MB.

            1. (1) Bashah has more support than Mukhriz in the BN.

              (2) The only way that Mukhriz can match Bashah’s support is if he draws on PAS and DAP+Amanah Aduns.

              (3) If however Mukhriz gets his headcount from the opposition, then he will have a mixed, and not a BN government. Umno is justified then to sack him from the party.

              1. Ok. Bashah will be sworn in tomorrow. No news on what is the actual number of his majority support. If he has full BN support, his number should be 21. Safe to say that Bashah has at least 19 (simple majority) from BN. I guess Mukhriz and Aminuddin maintained their earlier stance. It could mean that the 2 unknown Aduns that made a U-turn yesterday made another U-turn. How come no news on the identity of these 2 Aduns? Are they from Umno or MCA?

                1. re: “Are they from Umno or MCA?”

                  Hahaha. You have a suspicious mind and think MCA akan lawan tokay depan-depan?

                  No, lah. The two were Umno, and one reportedly backtracked.

                  MCA does not confront openly. It tips its scissors in poison, and then stabs in the back.

                  1. Ok. Do you think Tun M/Mukhriz will gang up with TS Muhyiddin to increase attack power on Najib after this Kedah MB saga?

                    1. Malaysia along with 11 other Asia Pacific countries will sign the TPPA in New Zealand tomorrow. With that, Najib’s position as PM is secured. The FBI reports, the investigations by the Department of Justice, now if you care to look back, and look at what is happening right now, they are just some of the strong arm tactics used by the US to force Najib’s hand on the TPPA. The day after tomorrow ? Malaysia is a US vassal. Anwar in prison is irrelevent. So Uncle Sam decided that Najib, with all his difficulties is a more viable candidate to further American interests in the region. Add to that Arab money flowing into Malaysia for unknown reasons, and you suspect Najib is planning something that will allow him to stay in power for a very long time. The Tun and company can do what they want but with Uncle Sam and the House of Saud behind Najib, who stands a chance ? Then you have PRC money also making a big presence in Malaysia………….Better stop this campaign to unseat Najib while you still can otherwise you may have Anwar et al as company somewhere in Sg Buloh. This is serious business.

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