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Mukhriz, langgar adab and the Melayu’s weak spot

Who’s the bad guy — the cowboy or the Red Indian?

If you watch too many spaghetti westerns, you might be led into believing the bad guys are the Red Indians. Those who think the bad guys are the “Redskins” have been successfully brainwashed by Hollywood.

In the first place, they’re not even “Indians”. That’s only a label slapped on them by the White Man (like the label “racist” hurled at Malays by the Dapster-evangelistas.) Their tribe names are, among others, Navajo, Cherokee, Comanche, Mojave, etc


In the second place, the North American continent was THEIR LAND!

The First Peoples are the natives. The whites were the foreign settlers who came toting guns and thumping Bibles. The tribes were robbed of their ancestral land by the white supremacists.

So how in the world did the native landowner come to be popularly portrayed as the Red Indian villain and the violent robber as the cowboy hero?

Do you see the power of propaganda?

Mary's Creek Blood

The Trail of Blood and Tears – read here how their tribal lands were stolen and turned into cotton plantations where the white masters kept “niggers” as slaves.


Who had bullied whom?

Who were the victims of massacre?

Which side was it that committed genocide on an entire race? Visit the American Indian Genocide Museum and find out. Note the museum’s logo depicting the conquistador ship with the Christian cross on its sails (below).

How astounding that some people can be indoctrinated into siding with the cowboys. But perhaps not so astounding when you reflect that too many people are not thinking logically.

Click to enlarge

American Indian Genocide Museum

Oppo and DAP Aduns sided with Mukhriz

The Christian-led opposition had lent their formidable firepower to the pro-Mukhriz propaganda. It was a classic case of an enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Reading the English media, you’d have been led into thinking that Mukhriz was Mother Teresa instead of Mahathir’s son.

No, Mukhriz is not the innocent victim as the opposition media have been painting him to be. He was playing politics to the hilt.

The Malay press have a different take from the Christian-controlled English press. ‘Apa tujuan Mukhriz heret istana?’ (Sinar Harian, 2 Feb 2016)

Kedah’s (then) Menteri Besar had taken it upon himself to speak for the Palace claiming that Istana “murka” with the group trying to oust him.

Mukhriz claimed that the royals were “murka” but he did not say this immediately after the ‘mutiny’ press conference that day by Mat Bashah. He only made the claim 11 days after Bashah’s PC.

Some read it that Mukhriz had overstepped the boundaries in his attempt to trade on the name of the royals.

Mukhriz Mahathir

Turning things upside down, like cowboys and Indians

The Christian media tried to elicit sympathy for Mukhriz by reporting that he was “booted out” of the recent Umno supreme council meeting.

What the oppo deliberately withheld was not only the info that Mukhriz was not invited to attend but that he’s not an elected supreme council member. Neither is he an appointed member.

Mukhriz’s observer status in the Umno council is solely due to his post as state liaison chairman, to which he was appointed by Najib.

Najib selected and elevated Mukhriz to Kedah’s No.1 job but Mukhriz turned around and langgar tokay by joining his father Tun Mahathir, Muhyiddin and Shafie Apdal in condemning the party president.

If you disagree with the boss, you leave the company. You don’t ask the boss to resign. Ini adat.

Even in his press statement today, Mukhriz couldn’t resist taking a parting shot at Najib. He said,

“cubaan menutup mulut saya dari terus menjadi suara Rakyat dalam pelbagai isu nasional” (actually, it’s more like Mukhriz jadi suara bapa dia)

“”Sesungguhnya alasan sebenar tindakan ini diambil ke atas saya ialah kerana kritikan yang saya suarakan terhadap perdana menteri seperti yang beliau sendiri akui. Kritikan yang dimaksudkan adalah mengenai skandal 1MDB dan wang derma RM2.6 bilion dan meningkatnya bebanan sara hidup rakyat akibat GST.”

As a politician, Mukhriz is perfectly entitled to speak out but it’s a bit rich to be running down his boss from the very platform provided him by Najib as Kedah MB.

If Mukhriz wanted to fire at will, he should have resigned in solidarity when Muhyiddin and Shafie were sacked from cabinet, and joined them in attacking Najib from the outside.

No political leader worth his salt ought to allow himself to be attacked from within the fold. (For this reason, Umno as BN’s leader should permit the MCA-Gunting to die a natural death in GE14.)


How did Mat Bashah come to be portrayed as the bad guy?

Mat Bashah is a five-term Adun. He won Bakar Bata three consecutive terms in 2013, 2008 and 2004 and Alor Merah (as the seat was previously called before its delineation) in 1999 and 1995.

He has served as a Kedah YB more than 20 years compared to Mukhriz who is a first-term Adun in Ayer Hitam. Prior to that, Mukhriz was Jerlun MP for the GE12 term and made Deputy Trade and Industry Minister at the expense of KJ who was not in Najib’s first Cabinet.

Furthermore, Mat Bashah managed to retain his urban DUN seat (under the Alor Setar Parliamentary ward) in the face of the 2008 makkal sakti tide. He did not fall to the Chinese tsunami of 2013 either despite that his seat has 27 percent Chinese voters, or in other words three out of every 10 voters in his area are Chinese.

He is a homegrown Kedah politician who has paid his dues but made to eat the humble pie by having to make way for glamour boy Mukhriz.

It was Mat Bashah who did the groundwork. He was the Umno state liaison chairman. He was willing to be demoted to deputy state liaison chairman when Mukhriz parachuted in.

And this guy is painted as the Red Indian in the opposition-screened movie? What gives?

Mahathir surfing

Sikap bersangka baik makan diri

Protuns tell lies just like Dapsters. They viralled that Bashah is only lulusan SRP. Well, he does not have a uni degree but he does have SPM.

The thing with Protun supporters is that they terlalu ikut rasa. They sympathize with Tun (allowing him metaphorically to get away with murder, even) due to his advanced age.

But when we call Tun an old man, they get angry and accuse us of being biadab. Hey, Tun’s age doesn’t prevent him from becoming the de facto opposition leader following Anwar’s jailing.

In fact, Tun timed his attack to inflict maximum damage on the BN.

He commenced his attacks on Najib shortly after Anwar was locked away and coinciding with the introduction of GST. His timing was calculated to provoke the utmost disenchantment with the government and the opposition happily latched on and have been riding on Tun’s coattails since.

Whether the effect is inadvertent or not, the end result is that Tun’s destructive actions are empowering the DAP by default.

It is not in the culture of Malays to bersangka buruk. They tend to give the benefit of the doubt.

The Mukhriz saga has been played out amidst a black ops psywar where the Protuns and Dapsters were hand in glove. Anyone who believed that Mukhriz  could prevail were misinformed, and not to mention unsavvy polticially.

The disinformation was deliberate.

The Protuns and the Dapsters had leaked many pieces of false news, like Bashah’s SRP qualification for one and that Mukhriz had the support of half the BN Aduns as another. The DAP cyber squads are trained by the best sneaky bastards while the Protuns are approximating the Dapster mob mentality.

Tun himself is becoming increasingly unscrupulous in his fudging. He accused the group trying to oust his son as being responsible for BN’s loss of Kedah to PAS in 2008 when not a single one of the current 17 Umno Aduns had lost in GE12.

walking cat

Achilles heel of the Malays is their adab

Adab Melayu untuk selalu bersangka baik is, sadly, a handicap in our present political climate.

Sebagai orang Islam, kaum Melayu ada batasan. Mereka menganggap fitnah itu dosa besar. Melayu takut kepada akhirat dan maka itu, Melayu yang warak akan cuba menjauhi daripada dosa.

What they fail to understand is that their political enemy is dajjal and possess no such culture of bersangka baik. They have NO BOUNDARIES, faham?!

When a Malay is told something, he takes it at face value and naturally just assumes that what he’s being told is true. There’s no inbuilt filtering mechanism to sift the niat jahat of his informant, and to realise that the speaker has intentionally crafted the most damaging deceit.

Ali Tinju said that kaum Cina penipu dan pembohong. If he had said that Dapster-evangelistas are cheats and liars, I can agree.

What Malays are unable to internalize (because it is outside their culture) is that these kind of people tell lies without batting an eyelid and they can lie all the time as long as the ends justify the means.

They invent the most malicious lies with the very worst of intentions. That’s why Islam warns against the dajjal.

The thing is now the Protuns and Dapsters are in cahoots. In fact, one Protun blog has recently become a hate site, hijacked by Dapster operatives – the same one (or two) Anon and Alphabet Soup who repeatedly and repetitively fabricate lies about me. And Life of Annie is colluding with them by publishing their vicious smears.

Sadly as the cowboys and Red Indians analogy has shown, there are gullible people everywhere, including too many Malaysians who swallow hook, line and sinker the Dapster-Protun propaganda.


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79 thoughts on “Mukhriz, langgar adab and the Melayu’s weak spot

  1. Let say Tun M and Mukhriz didn’t attack Najib on any issues and remained supportive, do you think Mukhriz will still be ousted as MB?

    1. So you agree that Tun is the one mounting the offensive and Najib is the one on the defensive?

      Therefore it’s the Tun camp that declared war and rejecting any peace overtures?

      1. Let us look at the things that Tun M was unhappy. Mainly, 1MDB and RM2.6 bil donation. If Tun M accept the peace overtures, will Najib rectify the 1MDB and RM2.6 bil donation (although I don’t know how they can be done).

        Off hand, I can’t tell when Tun M started his offensive. But I guess that he started the attacks against Najib after 1MDB was formed and its subsequent financial troubles and after accepting RM2.6 bil donation. Can these be undone now? Can people like Muhyiddin, Shafie and Mukhriz be restored to their previous position?

        So, who courted trouble first? Tun M or Najib?

        1. re: “Let us look at the things that Tun M was unhappy.”

          Crooked bridge?

          re: “Mainly, 1MDB and RM2.6 bil donation. If Tun M accept the peace overtures, will Najib rectify the 1MDB and RM2.6 bil donation (although I don’t know how they can be done).”

          Had Tun never ever accepted any politcal donation in his 22 years in power?

          re: “Off hand, I can’t tell when Tun M started his offensive.”

          He waited until Anwar was safely under lock and key, and then he launched his attacks.

          re: “But I guess that he started the attacks against Najib after 1MDB was formed”

          1MDB was formed in January 2009.

          re: “and its subsequent financial troubles and after accepting RM2.6 bil donation”.

          I’m assuming that the Chinese tycoons had switched their political donations to Pakatan and BN was short on funding.

          re: “Can these be undone now? Can people like Muhyiddin, Shafie and Mukhriz be restored to their previous position?”

          Purges happen. Look at Australian politics.

          re: “So, who courted trouble first? Tun M or Najib?”

          Tun is generating all the opportunities for the oppo to take down Najib, and by extension Umno-BN.

          1. re: Had Tun never ever accepted any politcal donation in his 22 years in power?

            He was not exposed by international media or return the unused portion of the donation.

            BTW, Najib used only $61 mil and return $620 mil to the Arab back in Aug 2013. The exchange rate back then was $1 = RM3. So, it was only RM186 mil that he needed for GE 13. RM186 mil is not a huge amount to raise.

            re: Tun is generating all the opportunities for the oppo to take down Najib, and by extension Umno-BN.

            So, who courted trouble first? Tun M or Najib?

            Looking at the timeline, it was Najib that started 1MDB way back in 2009 and subsequently incurred debt and had to sell assets. Tun M didn’t attack Najib back in 2009/10. Only recently, say 2013/14 when 1MDB made news on huge debt.

            Tun M also didn’t attack Najib when donation was made back in 2013. Only after being exposed by WSJ last year, Tun M made noise. If Najib kept it as a secret, Tun M would have no issue to attack.

            re: Tun is generating all the opportunities for the oppo to take down Najib, and by extension Umno-BN.

            So you expect Tun M to keep quiet?

            1. Now everybody must say it loudly , ‘I LOVE PM’ ,say it again with good expression , ‘ I LOVE PM ‘ ,or else you could be thrown out .

              Remember that ,’ I LOVE PM ‘.

            2. re: Tun is generating all the opportunities for the oppo to take down Najib, and by extension Umno-BN.

              Who is generating such opportunities for Oppo? Tun M or Najib?

              Let say things can be undone or reversed. Between the 2 below, which one you will choose:-

              1. Ask Tun M to never start his tirade against Najib whether on 1MDB or donation issue. Ask him to behave like a silent retiree and let 1MDB and 2.6 bil donation issues continue/exist as they are.

              2. Ask Najib to never form 1MDB and receive the 2.6 bil donation.

              Please choose your answer and state your reason.

          2. Wow Helen ….you are a good spinner. Most bloggers are bestowed that “talent”. But you didn’t answer “drinho”. Your focus is to spin rather than address the issues raised by your readers.
            Helen, you can do better, you should be able to answer honestly. Yes, 1MDB was incoporated in April 2009 when the then TIA was converted to 1MDB with the first Sukuk of RM5 bilion. In December 2014, Khairuddin lodged a police report against 1MDB ….during that time Tun M begins his attack on Najib. Crooked Bridge?? Ha ha ha ….carilah isu lain. I am also to take down Najib for the sake of UMNO and BN. If Najib were to remain as PM in PRU14, you can guess the outcome. That is what Tun M’ intention. You support Najib because you want to bring down UMNO and BN. Do you?

            1. re: “Your focus is to spin rather than address the issues raised by your readers.”

              Really? Which part, pls share.

              re: “Helen, you can do better, you should be able to answer honestly.”

              It’s not my job to defend 1MDB. You should go ask LSS to clear up apa-apa kemusykilan yang kamu ada berkaitan isu tersebut.

              re: “In December 2014, Khairuddin lodged a police report against 1MDB ….during that time Tun M begins his attack on Najib.”

              As early as April 2014 (or likely earlier), Najib’s people had been asking Tun’s people to make peace. So we can see which side is war-mongering, refusing to back off and going for the kill.

              re: “I am also to take down Najib for the sake of UMNO and BN.”

              How do you intend to do that?

              re: “If Najib were to remain as PM in PRU14, you can guess the outcome.”

              DAP is trying to take him down too. If Najib is bad (worse) for Umno than any replacement Umno leader, DAP would welcome him to stay on. It will make their job in PRU14 easier to have a weak leader in charge of BN.

              re: “That is what Tun M’ intention.”

              Tun is on a personal vendetta, like in 2008 against Dollah Badawi. Tun Dol won the highest popular vote ever (in our country’s series of elections) in 2004, but BN’s 2/3 majority was lost in 2008 after Tun did his ‘magic’.

              re: “You support Najib because you want to bring down UMNO and BN. Do you?”

              You guys should get your stories straight. I thought it was because I’ve been given dedak – “cluck, cluck, cluck” as Annie’s vicious Dapster operative has been repeating in that Protun blog.

              1. Just continue what you do best Helen, and write any topics that you most well-verse and comfortable with. Ignore these geng loceng. They won’t satisfy unless UMNO and Najib are brought down to earth.

        2. Doesn’t matter anymore. Malaysia will sign the TPPA tomorrow in New Zealand. His position as PM is now safe and sound. All the accusations, the misconduct, the FBI investigations etc, they are just strong arm tactics employed by the US to force Najib to give in to Uncle Sam’s demands. After the TPPA is signed and sealed, Malaysia will be a vassal state. All the support given by Uncle Sam to the opposition will slowly be withdrawn. The opposition is finished. The PM will then be free to do what he wants. I have said in my previous comment that it is better to stop all this nonsense to unseat the PM before you end up somewhere in Sg Buloh with Anwar et al and this time Uncle Sam won’t say a thing about it.

          1. Then after he done the work will we become like iraq? Hope not but that is what happened. I hope pas is in the ready to become next govt by contesting as much as possible in federal n states seats. I am sure all malay are in favour of pas now.

            1. Mail,


              When confronted with allegations that tppa will allow US to undermine Msian sovereignty, it wud be good to remember that the TPPA is a multi-lateral agreement involving almost a dozen countries. This means that in almost all substantive issues, what applies to one country applies to all thus if its true that Msia’s sovereignty is compromise thru the TPPA then the same situation will also apply to Vietnam and Japan whom are also signitories to it.

              But wud that be logical??For ex:Wud the Vietnamese compromise their sovereinty to US thru a negotiated agreement wen they were willing to War and die by the hundred of thousands to defend it? And even if the US wanted to, can it even be possible for the Japs to be colonized wen it is the 3rd largrst economy on the planet (bertrillion saiz GDPnya)?

              Jawapannya tentulah tidak.

              And since wat applies to the Hanoi and Tokyo also applies to Malaysia this means our entry into the TPPA will not compromise our sovereinty.

              Additionaly, being one of the earliest participant in the TPPA negotiations has given Msia a ‘first mover advantage’.

              PS: Mail,when talking about the TTPA and whether it wud compromise our soverignty, it wud serve us well to be aware of how the history of Japan’s current Consitution came about. Why? Bcos there are parellel and lessons to be learned that can help us evaluate the TPPA in terms of its impact on our soverignty.

              Japan’s current national Constittion was drafted and imposed on them by the Americans after WW2. It puts restrictions on the spending Japan can utilise for her military.

              Yet, after 70 years Japan of being under a constitution written and imposed by foreigners, it wud be an uphill argument for anyone to say that Japan’s sovereignty was compromised by and to the US simply on the basis that her her highest law of the land was forced on her by foreigners.

              And the same apllies to the TPPA: there are cost and benifits to it that imposes challenges and oppurtunities to Malaysia. Just bcos there are challenges doesnt mean that our soverinty is compromised.

        3. Drinho,
          You must be too naive to only assume 1MDB and 2.6 billion is the cause. There are many issue, but mainly due to Najib not kowtow to Tun’s demands and refuse to become his lembu cucuk hidung.

          1MDB and 2.6 billions is just the smoke screen that cover his true intention. The entire Helen’s article is all about lies and deceptions as the main game played by the protun and the dapster. I wonder if you really read what Helen wrote.

          1. re: There are many issue, but mainly due to Najib not kowtow to Tun’s demands and refuse to become his lembu cucuk hidung.

            2.6 bil and 1MDB are the main issues frequently raised by Tun M. No doubt Tun M also talked on other issues like BR1M, sacking and appointment of AG etc. But still, 2.6 bil and 1MDB are Tun M’s main issues against Najib.

            In fact, these 2 issues made international news as well. Oppo capitalised on these 2 issues. Even Umno members were concerned. Like Muhyiddin, Shafie and grassroot members.

            Tun M didn’t attack 1MDB at its formation stage. He started attacking when 1MDB acquired power assets at high valuation, incurred lots of debt and now forced to sell the assets to China company.

            Tun M didn’t attack Najib when he first received the 2.6 bil donation. Tun M had no knowledge of the donation as it was covered up until the exposure by WSJ last year.

            1. Tun had already made up his mind to jatuhkan Najib, like he previously decided to jatuhkan Dollah Badawi.

              Tun has a long laundry list of things he’s unhappy with Najib about, just like every other Mamat on the street too.

              I’m not saying that Tun is not concerned or aghast at 1MDB but …

              Kalu Tun dah nekad untuk tumbangkan Najib, akan ada alasan yang tetap dicarinya. Failing all else, pick the low-hanging fruit, i.e. Rosmelda and her spending habit.

              It just so happens that 1MDB is the subject of popular outrage and Tun latched on to it. If there was no 1MDB, Tun would have easily found other issues, such as Najib abolishing ISA and plan to abolish the Sedition Act which was vehemently objected to by the Umno warlords and party grassroots.

              1. re: such as Najib abolishing ISA and plan to abolish the Sedition Act which was vehemently objected to by the Umno warlords and party grassroots.

                I don’t think issues like abolishment of ISA and Sedition Act can be that compelling like 1MDB and 2.6 bil donation. After all, ISA is ‘replaced’ with POTA, SOSMA and the upcoming NSC. Sedition Act also remain as a valid law although with some amendments.

                My opinion, Najib sendiri gali lubang kubur by creating issues like 1MDB and 2.6 bil donation for detractors (Tun M, oppo parties, international media etc) to capitalise on.

                1. re: “I don’t think issues like abolishment of ISA and Sedition Act can be that compelling like 1MDB and 2.6 bil donation.”

                  Correct. That’s why from the list of geram items (unhappiness with Najib), Tun selected the most potent soundbite, which is “Mana RM2.6 bilion?”

          2. “1MDB and 2.6 billions is just the smoke screen that cover his true intention.”

            Mak oiii… Tun ada niat tersembunyi ka wahai grandmarquis? Hang dah tau ka atau saja tuduh2?

            Yang terlintas dalam hati aku, Tun jatuhkan PakLah dulu sebab dia lembab. Sekarang ni dia nak jatuhkan Najib pulak sebab dia tak tau jaga Melayu dan Malaysia, tapi terhegeh-hegeh sangat nak ambil hati orang Cina.

            Sebelum Tun turun takhta dia tukar timbalan tiga empat orang sebab tak berkenan. Dia dah atur arahtuju Malaysia, nak capai wawasan 2020. PakLah best sebagai TPM tapi tak tau buat kerja bila jadi PM.

            Bila Najib naik, Tun sokong dia, tapi dah senget kot lain pulak. Sebab tu Tun tak puas hati. Pasal apa Tun masuk campur hal pentadbiran dan politik Malaysia walaupun dia dah pencen? Nak tunjuk dia besar kepala? Baik dia pegang jawatan PM tu sampai mati, biar orang sembah, sujud dan meniarap di kaki dia. Dia nak kumpul harta? Buat apa dah, rumah kata pi kubor kata mai.

            Bagi aku dia nak jaga Melayu, dan Malaysia. Dia bukan nak rosakkan UMNO tapi nak halau Najib. Marahkan nyamuk spray ridsect banyak2, biar semput nak bernyawa pun tak boleh, asalkan nyamuk mampus, selamat dari aedis dan zika.

            Tapi Tun jugak manusia, ada salah silapnya. Tak semua tindakannya aku sokong. Tapi kalau kita nak padamkan segala kebaikan yg dia dah buat untuk Malaysia, last sekali tak ada sorang PM pun yg kita boleh sanjung dan puji. Mak ayah kita sendiri pun kita boleh benci kalau nak himpun dan kenang semua salah silap depa.

            Itu pandangan aku.


              Mahathir: Bagaimana wang ‘beku’ boleh dipulangkan?
              Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mempersoalkan penjelasan peguam negara bahawa Datuk Seri Najib Razak memulangkan kembali sebahagian besar wang sumbangan diterimanya kepada kerabat diraja Saudi.

              “Bagaimana dan bila ia dibuat? Kita diberitahu bahawa bakinya dibekukan oleh Singapura.

              Opssss….. dibeku singapura? Bila? Berita tu keluar Julai 2015.

              Bila duit 2.6 diterima? awal tahun 2013 sebelum PRU. Bila dipulangkan? August 2013.

              Kalau betul Tun tu betul-betul concern pasal Malaysia, orang Malayu, dia takkan turun ke tahap begitu rendah untuk berbohong disiang hari. Dulu Tun tuduh Pak Lah macam macam. Lepas Pak Lah turun, adakah Pak Lah masuk penjara? Mana pergi semua kesalahan Pak Lah? Itulah kita kata smoke screen.

    2. Mukhriz will still be ousted as MB, because all the old warlords know that they will not be named as PRU candidates in 2018 by Mukhriz. So to stay on in power they have to boot out Mukhriz. Especially now, Najib is giving out millions to his supporters. Najib has got nothing to lose, since its not his personal money but the people’s money i.e. from 1MDB.
      But watch out, the rakyat will not take kindly to be made fools of. Come election time, Kedah will fall to the opposition. So will Johor

  2. Helen,

    Musuh Najib adalah musuh you jugak kan?

    Saja nak bagitau, kalau Helen tak perasan lagi. Najib ialah Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang paling dibenci rakyat sejak Merdeka. Dan aku harap Mat Bashah tak jadi Menteri Besar yang paling dibenci di Kedah. Tapi tak tau lah… Aku harap dia jangan salahkan orang lain bila UMNO tersungkur lagi dalam PRU yg akan datang ni…

    1. Qalam Qabut,

      re: “Musuh Najib adalah musuh you jugak kan?”

      Tun is the enemy of the DAP’s enemy. Because of this, Tun has suddenly been embraced by Lim Kit Siang as his newfound BFF. Tun’s enmity for Najib is weakening Umno. A weakened Umno (power see-saw) means a strengthened DAP.

      Indirectly, Tun is empowering DAP for GE14.

      re: “Najib ialah Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang paling dibenci rakyat sejak Merdeka.”

      Just like the Red Indians have been made the bad guy in the movies.

      re: “Dan aku harap Mat Bashah tak jadi Menteri Besar yang paling dibenci di Kedah.”

      I don’t understand what people have got against him. He led BN to victory in Kedah last election.

      re: “Tapi tak tau lah… Aku harap dia jangan salahkan orang lain bila UMNO tersungkur lagi dalam PRU yg akan datang ni…”

      Umno is suffering largely because of Tun’s attacks, same as 2008. Read,

      Zam: Dr M to blame, too’ (The J-Star, 31 March 2008)

      “Dr Mahathir’s various accusations swayed the people to vote against Barisan, he [Zam] said.

      “Laying all blame on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for Barisan’s losses is not right because it is clear that Dr Mahathir is full of anger and uncontrolled vengeance,” said Zainuddin. […]

      “His credibility influenced people into believing what he said and he also lent this credibility to bloggers and websites,” he said when met at his house here yesterday. […]

      Zainuddin said he was merely telling the truth when he said that Dr Mahathir could not deny he had played a role in Barisan’s dismal poll results.

      “This is not to say that other factors do not count, but Dr Mahathir cannot absolve himself from this.”


      1. It’s always heartbreaking to watch Red Indian Movies.

        Split among various tribes also contribute to their extinction.

        The cunning white were advance and wealthy but still wanted more… to a point destroyed the natives together with their beautiful culture…

        To add insult to injury: Today they claim they are the righteous ones? They sure know how to talk…

      2. Helen pakai cermin mata dah cantik dah. Tapi tentu tujuannya nak lihat sekeliling dgn lebih terang. Tapi bukalah kedua2 mata supaya tak nampak hidung senget ke sebelah.

        Orang nak turunkan Najib bukan bermakna bencikan UMNO, bukan nak menangkan DAP.

        Helen tulis ‘If you disagree with the boss, you leave the company. You don’t ask the boss to resign. Ini adat.’

        Adat apa/siapa Helen? Adat diktator? Peribahasa Melayu ada berkata ‘raja adik raja disembah, raja zalim raja disanggah’. Mungkin tak kena mengena dengan Najib kot sebab dia BUGIS. Tak payah kaitkan isu diktator ini dengan Tun M sebab memang ramai tak setuju dgn tindakan2 dia sebegitu, termasuk aku.

        Malaysia bukan company kepunyaan Najib. Tapi sebab terlalu ramai pemakan2 dedak, dari menteri hingga ke ketua bahagian dan cawangan, hingga ke penjawat awam, Najib terus menerus bermaharajalela. Semua mesti sujud kepada dia.

        1. Under Tun’s 22-year watch, we had stability because Tun was known to be a authoritarian. During his rule, we did not have to suffer this kind of terrorism from the Dapsters because they were afraid of the ISA.

          Then Dollah Badawi let the liberal genie out of the bottle, and in came Najib who abolished ISA and gave us NUCC and reconciliation and ‘moderation’ and the Pudin.

          You say that Najib is a dictator. Well, how else does one deal with dajjal? I fully support Umno taking the hardline.

          I’m very convinced Najib needs to be a War General. The evangelistas are the equivalent of our ‘Isis’ problem and should be dealt with like how other states deal with terrorists.

    2. The whole article by Helen is all about lies, manipulation and the hate game played by the opposition and now the protun. I am not surprise that Najib is hated. Any of his succeeding PM I guess will be no exception. Probably he will be hated even more.

      Today politic is all about the game of lies and perception. The opposition and protun has been playing well in the game. What we cannot stand is the shed hypocrisy of the protun and opposition. What is worse is the herd mentality of their supporter who bite into their game of hate hate hate.

  3. I’m 100% support your article. You always bring ‘otak melayu’ to think more brilliant way that just spoon fed them as most bloggers did. Common ‘otak Melayu’ can’t understand the situation and just only jump into conclusion.. [deleted]. the classical way of Melayu conclusion.

    I know Tok Mat Bashah background beacuse I was born in his hometown area.. His is a very loyal and hardworking YB, since the Mahathir’s era. He was and is consistently take care of his ADUN since 1995, even after many political ‘tsunami’ had came.. he still stiff enough to stay as YB of Bakar Bata.. formerly was Alor Merah.

    Mukhriz was too much oversight his own self as a legacy of ‘hero’ from his daddy shadow. So he didn’t respect other senior Kedah UMNO.

    Your article is a very good analogy how Mahathir’s son manipulating the situasion as he is a ‘holy’ guy.. and those Tok Mat Bashah are ‘devils’.. with the ‘song’ of rakyat rights..

    1. Syukuer,

      I deleted one sentence in your comment. There’s no proof that he did that (what you say he did).

    2. Your article is a very good analogy how Mahathir’s son manipulating the situasion…

      Mat Bashah juga guna analogy yg sama. Dia hero yg menurunkan Mukhriz yg tak tau buat kerja. Dia adalah veteran UMNO Kedah yg paling senior, Pengarah Pilihanraya PRU13, veteran DUN Kedah, yg bekerja bertongkos lomos sebagai hingga dapat rampas balik Kedah dari tangan PAS. Dia jugalah Timbalan Pengerusi Perhubungan UMNO Kedah yg terlupa memberi nasihat, panduan dan bimbingan kepada budak mentah yg tak tau mentadbir Kedah tu. Dialah orang yg humble, yg ke’frust’setan bila Mukhriz dinamakan bakal MB. Dan orang yg humble inilah juga yg menjadi kepala pemberontak. Dia tau Najib menyebelahinya kerana Mukhriz di sebelah lain. Orang yg humble ini yg manipulating situation terlebih dulu. Aku yakin orang yg humble ini akan di’humbled’ dan dihumban dalam PRU14 nanti.

      Orang macam ni memang tak layak menjadi MB aku. Sama jugak Najib tak layak jadi PM Malaysia, yg menjahanamkan UMNO dengan politik kotor, yg memalukan orang Melayu dan Malaysia di mata dunia,

      Aku harap Perpaduan Ummah akan dapat membersihkan diri dan hati dan membetulkan akidah pemimpin2 yg kotor, kembali ke jalan yg diredhai Allah.

      1. Orang kelayakan SPM mahu jadi manager Mcdonald’s pun terlalu susah ooii. Tapi kalau main wayang kulit politik si fulan boleh jadi orang besar ya? Berapa orang lain yang cerdik pandai lurus digenggam oleh si fulan besar huh?

        1. It may have been MCE (rather than SPM).

          I picked up the ‘SPM’ info from a Jasa write-up but come to think of it, given Bashah’s age, the exam during his time is more likely MCA.

          But anyhow, I don’t reckon we should overrate paper qualification. That reeks of elitism, and I don’t believe that people lacking uni necessarily make bad YBs. Lee Lam Thye was a good MP and one without the requisite paper stamp.

          On the other hand, I know supposedly educated people who have such poor judgment skill about yang mana hak dan benar (speaking wrt Jerusubang and Life of Annie).

          e.g. it defies the internal logic of the situation to claim that there are phantom voters in Subang Jaya. Hannah Yeoh won both in GE12 and GE13 with whopping super majorities. Thus it’s pointless to send even a few busloads of phantom voters to her area

          (that is for the sake of argument, we go along with the DAP’s contention about the existence of phantom voters).

          1. Ya betoi tu Helen.
            Some with Mast, Phd suruh goreng cekodok pun tak tau. Goreng ikan keli meletup2 terlompat2 dalam dapur.

            Not a guarantee they can manage a state la!

            1. Macam ni puan2: Kalau keadaan darurat si PhD. mungkin kena meniaga goreng pisang. Tapi kalau bukan situasi darurat, si SPM tak mungkin menjawat Mentri Besar kan?

              1. humble pie
                Boss I dulu BI donno, BM pun sekadar cakap2 pasar aje. SPM/ MCE pun tarak. Pun masuk senarai Forbes among one of the richest man in Malaysia.

                Mat Bashah is a five-term Adun.

                Jangan terlalu pandang hina kpd mereka yang tanpa kelulusan ya. Experience dan kemahiran sangat2 penting.

              2. Humble Pie, i dont see anything new or unprecedented or wrong with Amad Bashah’s lack of formal qualification.

                Ahmad Bashah takda degree bole jadi MB tapi bawah Tun M, Ghafar Baba yg takda degree bole jadi lebih tinggi drp MB iaitu Deputy Prime Minister.This wud mean that Tun M already considered that in the event he is incapacitated in office, Ghaffar wud take over as PM.

                So kalau Tun M thinks that Ghaffar is a possible PM material walaupun takda degree, i think there shudnt be a problem with Ahmad Basyah yg cuma jd MB tak berdegree.

  4. Helen, kalau anda maksudkan last election, PRU, 13 carrot yang digunakan Najib, dibantu oleh pengarah election Si Basah menayang nayangkan Mukriz lah yang menyebabkan Kedah kembali ke pangkuan UMNO. TDM juga kempen mati matian.

    Ingat tak PRU 2008, Si Basah yang mengetuai UMNO/BN, first time in Histrory UMNO/BN kalah di Kedah!

    Macam ni lah tak usah gaduh gaduh, tunggu PRU 14, kalau Kedah masih dikuasai UMNO/BN kita kasi credit 100% or more kepada Si Basah!

    1. Kak Norlin,

      Like Pak Zam said, there were several factors causing BN to lose its 2/3 majority. He believes Tun’s vendetta against Sleepy Dollah is one of those factors.

      I would blame Tun Dol and his SiL Khairy for opening the floodgates which Tun, with his iron grip, had kept under control.

      I don’t fault Tun for being angry with Tun Dol & Najib both. But his present attacks are destabilizing BN to the point that we risk losing Putrajaya.

      If you read Annie’s blog, you can see what rabid dogs the DAP operatives are and what kind of lies they concoct (which I intend to debunk later).

      Just like Annie is colluding with the Dapsters and Cina ultra, so are the Protuns complicit with the DAP’s aims and ambition.

    2. Norlin,

      May I offer my view as a person born and bred in Kedah.

      Kedah has around almost 75% Malay voters. Out of 36 seats, only 2 has non Malays as almost half of voters. Kedah is also as state where UMNO has been locking horn with PAS ever since independence.

      Generally UMNO has more support among Malays In Kedah. But situation changed in 2008. partly due to ,Makkal Sakti, partly due to someone bashing Tun. and partly due to Yun too bashing non stop Abdullah Badawi.

      But in 2013 UMNO recaptured Kedah. There are many reasons for it. One reason is that PAS has 2 camps in Kedah with Pahrolrazi, no 2 PAS man in Kedah tried to undermine Azizan.

      And Najib despite making a blunder trying to please Chinese, did something right just before election. it was a master stroke . He announced that Mukhriz would be appointed as MB if UMNO won.

      But that was not the main reason why UMNO recaptured Kedah. there are other main reason. The main reason was how PAS allowed the creation of largest Chinese cemetery RIGHT IN MIDDLE OF MALAY AREA IN SG KOB. That really put the Malays off.


      What I see is that Najib is consolidating his position. It is a good news. He is showing that anyone in UMNO must be with him. He must be firmer nowadays. Show no mercy to these DAPsters of those in Tun’s camp.

      Tun’s habit of non stop criticising Najib will not only bring Najib down but UMNO too. I hope Tun is not ignoring reality that if UMNO is down, he too will be charged just to make UMNO looks bad.

      The worst thing UMNO members can do is being APOLOGETIC. I have one simple solution. If a DAPSTER whacks UMNO for changing Kedah MB, he should be reminded that PKR too did the same thing and worst thing forced a by election

      If someone mentions about Najib ‘s RM2.6 billion saga, that person should be reminded of DAP’s reluctance to sue DR Zuhdi over claim of USD 300 million political donation..

      be bold. tell DAP off. That is the way.

        1. Kah kah kah… Masa mula pegang jawatan PM dulu, nak letak muka atas banner pun tak kasi…

          Aku pun tertipu masa tu.

          Najib oiii… Letak AGAMA di hadapan sekali, sebagai pedoman hidup. Power tak boleh dibawa mati.

          1. The Muslim religious repentance is supposed is meant to be a process of intellectual maturation, triggered by the presence of a very saintly person or place. “Tawbah”, in its traditional form, yields an outlook of joy, contentment, and a deep affection for others. The modernist type of tawbah, however, is born of insecurity, and often makes Muslims narrow, intolerant, and exclusivist. It can even produce people whose faith is – despite its outward intensity – liable to vanish as suddenly as it arrived. Deprived of real nourishment, the person’s soul would only grow hungry and emaciated, until at last it dies.

            How should we respond to this disorder? We must begin by remembering what Islam is for. As we noted earlier, our “din” is not just a manual of rules which, which if meticulously followed, becomes a passport to paradise. Instead, Islam is a package of social, intellectual and spiritual sciences whose purpose is to cleanse the human heart. In the Qur’an, the Lord says that on the Day of Judgement, nothing will be of any use to us, except a sound heart (qalbun salim). And in a famous hadith, the Prophet, upon whom be blessings and peace, says that:

            “Verily in the body there is a piece of flesh. If it is sound, the body is all sound. If it is corrupt, the body is all corrupt. Verily, it is the heart.”

            At this critical moment in our history, the “ummah” has only one realistic hope for survival, and that is to restore the “Middle Way”, defined by that sophisticated classical consensus which was worked out over painful centuries of debate and scholarship. That consensus alone has the demonstrable ability to provide a basis for unity. But it can only be retrieved when we improve the state of our hearts, and fill them with the Islamic virtues of affection, respect, tolerance and reconciliation. This inner reform, which is the traditional competence of Sufism, is a precondition for the restoration of unity in the Islamic polity. The alternative is likely to be a continuance of agonising failure.

            taken from:

            Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

            1. Setuju sangat.

              Aku pun harap perpaduan ummah akan jadi kenyataan, buka peluang untuk kita ingat mengingati antara satu sama lain dengan hati yang ikhlas. Bukan kutuk mengutuk, menuding jari mencari kesalahan orang saja. Yang lepas tak perlu diungkit-ungkit hingga menghalang perpaduan. Yang salah perlu ditegur segera supaya boleh diperbetulkan. Salah silap orang jangan dibuat teladan, tapi dibuat batasan. Keutuhan ukhwah harapnya boleh membawa kepada kekuatan iman dan taqwa, melorong kita ke jalan yang diredhai dan diberkati. Apa pun hati mau ikhlas. Islam yang kita anuti setiap detik dalam hidup kita. Islam saja yang boleh bawa kita ke matlamat yang paling agung. Jika kita nak berkuasa, nak berpolitik, nak kaya raya pun, letakkanlah AGAMA di hadapan sekali.

      1. takpelah…

        let the next PRU be the decisive factor…..

        bising2 sekarang pun tak guna dah…what that needs to be said has been said,,

        hang kata tu,,dia kata nie…

        non scientific observation indicates urban votes dah gone case dah for BN….


        Siapa tah tulis one piece….BN needs a younger blood for Kedah…

        i totally agree…

        The young will lead the next election…and we need young blood…BN is losing on this alone…

  5. Politics gather no bounds weather you are the enemy of my friend or not the 1369 shows end result how dosa boleh diampun hanya dengan membayar granting of pihak yang kalah perang kepada pihak yang musnah kerna perang. Sebagai orang Islam, kaum Melayu ada batasan.
    Re:Mereka menganggap fitnah itu dosa besar. Melayu takut kepada akhirat dan maka itu, Melayu yang warak akan cuba menjauhi daripada dosa. Begitu juga orang merompak bohongi orang boleh dikerat tangan setelah proses keadilan itu pun terbebas leaps and bounce tanpa proses keadilan sikit pun cuba cita sikit…

  6. Mukhriz langgar adab sebab melawan bos!!
    Sejak bila adab Melayu dan Agama Islkam membenarkan pemimpin atau ketua mencuri RM42 juta dan di belanjakan ikut selera budi bicara sendiri? Sejak bila pula adab Melayu menerima perbuatan terima derma tapi belanja tidak pada tujuan derma tersebut??
    Kamu Helen, sebuk melihat dan mencar silap dan salah Tun M dan proTun hinggakan salah besar Najib depan mata, kamu tak nampak. Maknanya, bukan mata kamu yang sebenarnya buta tapi ….
    Have you forgotten about “Nothing2Hide”? …..

    1. re: “it does not make us superior”

      Jauh api dari panggang. There’s no comparison in superiority between a PM of 22 years and an ordinary citizen.

      re: “I hope najib’s inner circle will take note of yr abrasiveness.”

      I don’t believe “Ish, ish orang tua ini” will register any outrage among Najib’s inner circle as “abrasive” when Tun is ‘violent’ enough in trying to decapitate the PM.

      re: “fyi I just met one of ds najb’s trusted lawyers this afternoon but some how I forgot 2 tell him abt najib’s supporters being rude in d bloggers sphere. eventhough he does not agree wth tun m’s actions, but being a malay, he has d highest respect 2wards him.”

      I’m sure the trusted lawyer will realise how the Tun supporters, including yourself, have been even ruder about the PM.

      re: “my plea is for us t b truthful n polite in our analysis at all times bcos who knows it might come 2 bite us back in future.”

      Thank you for confirming Annie’s male gender. Aside from lying about being a girl and telling his grandmother stories, a lot of other stuff in Life of Annie are pure fabrication. Furthermore, all Annie’s screaming “bitch” at me is hardly polite.

      But I see that the Protuns (except your good self) do not mind the untruthfulness of Aniie or that his blog is being hijacked by Dapsters to peddle lies. As long as sama-sama Protun, penipuan dihalalkan.


        My reply @ February 3, 2016 at 10:09 pm is to Abdul Rahman Noor @ February 3, 2016 at 8:46 pm, and not to Darman Marwan.

        It jumped (wrong position).

    2. Darman,

      Hang tau ke Najib curi 42 juta? Sejak bila agama Islam membenarkan penganutnya untuk menuduh orang tanpa bukti. Oh… awak mesti baca dari blog dan WSJ. Tapi sejak bila agama Islam benarkan penganutnya untuk menuduh orang hanya dengan baca blog dan WSJ yang tak tau kesahihan sumbernya?

      Hang pun sama je, pandai tuduh orang, tapi salah silap sendiri tak pernah tengok. Kalau anda benar, saya cabar anda untuk tunjukkan bukti yang kukuh Najib curi 42 juta.

      1. Apa status RM42 juta itu? Kita tahu duit itu datang dari SRC International dan dimasukkan ke dalam akaun peribadi Najib. Najib tidak tahu kemasukan duit ini dan sangka ia sebahagian daripada 2.6 bil derma dari Arab.

        1. Yang saya belajar dari agama Islam ialah kalau tak tau, jangan tuduh. Lain lah kalau ada Islam versi lain yang ajar pengikut untuk tuduh walaupun hanya berdasarkan khabar angin.

          1. Eh? Apa tuduh pula? Tak tahu nak bezakan di antara ‘soalan’ dengan ‘tuduhan’?

            Lagipun, AG sendiri mengesahkan RM42 juta dari SRC dimasukkan ke dalam akaun Najib. Cuma Najib sendiri tidak tahu dan sangka wang tersebut sebahagian daripada derma RM2.6 bil.

            1. Hahaha… Teringat pulak joke Mukhriz…

              A bertanya “Hang nama apa?”
              B jawab “Saya mai dari Kedah.”
              A tanya sekali lagi. kali ni dengan suara yg lebih jelas. “Hang ni nama apa?”
              B juga tinggikan suara: “Laaa…Saya mai dari Kedah.”

              A terfikir dalam hati, dia ni bodoh ka? benak ka bangal ka?

              Itulah yg terjadi kalau soalan tak dapat dijawab dengan betul – menimbulkan banyak spekulasi dan tuduhan.

  7. to disagree wth tun m intensely is one’s right but to b condescending towards n old man wth phrases like ‘ ish ish orang tua ni’ is certainly uncalled 4. it does not make us superior n it does not win us more friends.

    I hope najib’s inner circle will take note of yr abrasiveness.

    fyi I just met one of ds najb’s trusted lawyers this afternoon but some how I forgot 2 tell him abt najib’s supporters being rude in d bloggers sphere. eventhough he does not agree wth tun m’s actions, but being a malay, he has d highest respect 2wards him.

    my plea is for us t b truthful n polite in our analysis at all times bcos who knows it might come 2 bite us back in future.

    1. Rahman

      I use to think that no one shud be abrasive to Tun. But after he has shown that he is capable of the most malicious slander( ex: claiming that Riza Aziz’s movie the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ didnt make any money which wud raise question on how RA cud afford the things he bought post OR Ahjib wud get arrested overseas) I think anything done to him is fair game. What he does is far worse than being abrasive. By joining Bersih, a movement that ealiarhe has taught his supporters to redicule, shows that he doesnt care what his supporters think–in fact its akin to spitting on their face( the faces of people whose support were critical to him being PM for so long)

      Now, even if the Goverment brings him to court or charge him for sedition, its just serves him right. U live by the sword, u die by the sword.

      1. I hv met tun m twice. I hv known ds najib’s existence since his varsity days in Nottingham. I was then n education attache’ in London. I hv been a loyal ds najib’s supporter until d 1MDB saga emerged.

        as I hv mention in this blog that u can disagree wth him intensely but do it wth decorum. ini adat kita orang melayu yg beragama islam.
        yes I agree wth u that tun m shld b brought 2 court 4 sedition. in fact they had that intention but was scared of d consequences. who knows they may still do it. just like d case of tun ling, let everything b exposed 4 the courts n rakyat 2 judge.

        living n dying by d sword is very medieval. what is required now is d sword of d intellect .

  8. Kak Helen,

    Terimakasih kerana sudi menjawab soalan saya tempoh hari. Jelas dari jawapan tersebut, Kak Helen menyamakan protun dengan dap hanya kerana terdapat segelintir blogger protun yang agak kasar terhadap Kakak.

    Walaupun agak sukar saya menerima alasan tersebut, kerana yang saya lihat Kak Helen adalah wanita berani, tidak mudah merajuk tetapi apabila kak Helen sendiri sudah mengakui itulah sebabnya, maka saya terima.

    Hakikatnya, jauh beza protun dengan projib dan Ahjib Ngor sendiri. Saya lihat Tun sendiri begitu berhemah membalas surat terbuka akak. Tidak pun dia berkata kamu orang Cina jangan campur urusan politik Melayu.

    Cubaan berterusan Kak Helen untuk menyamakan Protun dengan DAP adalah amat janggal sekali. Saya melihat, apabila Tun ingin memecat Anwar, Anwar dipanggil untuk membela dirinya, tidak seperti Ahjib Ngor, apabila beliau memecat timbalannya, Muhyiddin tidak diberikan peluang membela dirinya didepan Ahli Majlis Tertinggi, begitu juga dengan MB Terengganu dan Kedah.

    Jujurnya, yang saya nampak ialah lebih banyak persamaan Ahjib Ngor dengan puak pembangkang, DAP, PKR & PAS memecat ahli yang tidak sehaluan dengan pucuk pimpinan,

    PKR ada langkah Kajang, Ahjibngor Langkah Trengganu & Kedah,
    Anwar lari ke kedutaan Turki, Ahjib lari dari PWTC in nothin to hide
    Anwar politik wang, ahjib cash is king
    Anwar cuba untuk menukar hakim, pendakwa dalam kesnya, Ahjib tukar terus AG, no. 2 SB
    Anwar kata kesnya fitnah, Ahjib pun gitu juga tapi duit memang dia akui dan terbukti dalam akaunnya, begitu juga Anwar buktinya ada 4cm.

    Jadi kak, part mana Protun atau Tun sama dengan puak pembangkang kak? Di atas hanya sedikit sahaja contoh. Saya sendiri adalah protun dan juga peminat penulisan kak Helen.

    1. Kak Helen,

      re: “Kak Helen menyamakan protun dengan dap hanya kerana terdapat segelintir blogger protun yang agak kasar terhadap Kakak.”

      Like you said, I’m “wanita berani [yang] tidak mudah merajuk”. I don’t take issue with that Protun because of “agak kasar” but because he behaves almost like the Dapsters who are dajjal.

      Kasar is one thing. Deliberately crafting the most malicious lies is another. I’m going to debunk the lies they’ve been telling about me in a proper posting later. For now, I’ll refer you to the lies that they told about Chew Mei Fun during the Kajang by-election where she contested against Wan Azizah.

      You see, what the dajjals do is take a bit of news that’s true and hook something viciously false to it. And they do this with a calculated malice.

      TRUTH: Chew Mei Fun (CMF) resigned as Deputy Minister. She quit her post not only as a deputy minister but as a senator too because she’s ethical.

      Her ministerial portfolio was Women and Community. When Chua Soi Lek made a comeback as MCA president, CMF felt that she could not work as Wanita chief under him due to his sex reputation being against family values.

      CMF also resigned as senator on the reasoning that she got the senatorship as an MCA office holder and since she’s no longer Wanita chief, she should not continue in her post as senator. CMF is a gem among politicians – giving up the two posts means a loss of considerable income.

      LIE: Do you know what the oppo smear campaigners did to CMF? They distributed flyers in the Malays areas of Kajang saying that she was forced to quit as a Deputy Minister because she had abused her Indonesian maid.

      What kind of a sick mind can fabricate such a vicious lie? CMF is a single lady. She does not even have a maid in the first place.

      Then on Chinese-language Facebook, they viralled a degrading (like sex worker) doctored pix of CMF in a bikini. They also cropped an innocent photo of her and spread the lie that CMF was having an affair with a married man.

      What kind of people are they?! So ultra kiasu, and just to win they’re willing to sink to the gutter. Similarly, vile inventive lies have been spread about me in Annie’s blog which I will be addressing soon.

      So it’s not because of robust comments that I take issue but it is the nature of the dajjal beast that’s in the Dapsters and infecting the Protuns.

      re: “Saya lihat Tun sendiri begitu berhemah membalas surat terbuka akak. Tidak pun dia berkata kamu orang Cina jangan campur urusan politik Melayu.”

      Tun said my open letter was a criticism of him. It was not. It was an appeal. And the topic was the re-absorption of MCA into the Cabinet.

      At that time, I had thought that Tun was the only person capable of stopping Najib (from taking back MCA as Ministers). I also believed that Tun was the only BN leader capable of stopping the DAP juggernaut.

      Well, my opinion of Tun’s great capability has not changed. But he’s now using all his strength and ability not against the evangelistas in the opposition but against Najib in Umno.

      re: “Cubaan berterusan Kak Helen untuk menyamakan Protun dengan DAP adalah amat janggal sekali.”

      Some similar traits: Mob mentality and bullying, fudging and deceit. And also their one-sidedness and belligerence.

      e.g. About half a dozen Protun bloggers threw me off their blogroll. That’s antagonistic, and not peace-making.

      Rocky, although he’s Projib has about half a dozen if not more prominent Protuns on his live-feed blogroll. So which side is more democratic – Protun or Projib?

      re: “Jujurnya, yang saya nampak ialah lebih banyak persamaan Ahjib Ngor dengan puak pembangkang, DAP, PKR & PAS memecat ahli yang tidak sehaluan dengan pucuk pimpinan”

      Mukhriz is not merely tak sehaluan. He was openly lawan tokay.

      re: “PKR ada langkah Kajang …”

      Tun ada dakwaan yang dibuat oleh Barry Wain (AWSJ) bahawa beliau telah membazir duit negara sebanyak RM100 billion.

      re: “Jadi kak, part mana Protun atau Tun sama dengan puak pembangkang kak?”

      Kaki buli. Anybody who is even remotely pro-Najib is tarred and feathered as pemakan dedak. This is harassment, just like Mao Zedong’s red cadres terrorizing the countryside.

      It is this lynch mobs imposing an oppressive conformity of thought so that any dissenting views are immediately burned at the stake.

      Do you remember that Chinese Facebookers threatened to gang rape a young woman (a friend of Shen Yee Aun) who did a home-made video ad BN during the election? You know, those Dapsters whose every third word to come out of their mouth is either four-letters or a curse and a swear.

      That’s how they railroaded the 95 percent into the DAP boot camp. And as for the five percent, we’re the victims of their dedicated smear campaign.

      And now the same railroading in the Malay community. It’s like anyone who supports the status quo (keeping Najib in power) is on the Dark Side and treated as minions of the Evil Empire. Come on lah. It’s time the Projibs fought back.

      re: “Di atas hanya sedikit sahaja contoh. Saya sendiri adalah protun dan juga peminat penulisan kak Helen.”

      You can be a pro-Tun. I was an oppo-DAP voter in 2004 and 2008. It doesn’t mean that we behave like the Daptsers and the Protuns like Annie.

      1. Last time, I still have my respect for Tun. But today no more. He is no different than the liar hypocrite opposition. He engages the same technique of lies and perception.

        See one simple and classic example

        It is so stupid and trivial. The derma thingy happens in 2013 and the money was returned in 2013. The freezing of account was in 2015. So either he is nyanyuk or he is lying to build negative perception on Najib. I don’t think anyone would say “that old man” is nyanyuk, so what kind of person who would resort to such unethical lie in his smear campaign. When someone can lie in such way, there will not be any grain of respect left from me. But if you still choose to hold high on such liar, it is up to you.

        1. ‘The derma thingy happens in 2013’

          Tapi Muhyiddin terkejut beruk bila dengar cerita tu bila? Najib tak bagitau ka?

          Najib memang bodoh hantar balik duit derma tu. Pasal dia tak boleh derma dekat sekolah Cina kot?

          Kalau aku jadi dia aku buat YAYASAN ROSMAH, bagi si Rosmah ni pulak faraidkan kepada segala badan kebajikan yg ada di Malaysia. Ambil sikit buat beli tudung utk indahkan penampilan. Itu antara langkah2 bijak ke arah perpaduan ummah.

          1. Oh keluar pulak Muhiddin. Same typical script. Yo.. Muhiddin is in najib cabinet. He is or was the no 2. Kalau Ku Nan pun tau, tiba-tiba no 2 tak tau, either he is lying or he is sleeping in his job.

            Next, do you know what are the conditions of the derma? What are the terms and on what basis? Najib yg terima duit tu, dia lebih tau. Nak bagi analogy. Katakan hang tak de duit nak beli kereta. Bapak hang kaya, bagi 100 000 “derma” untuk beli kereta. Hang tak nak, tapi pasal bapak dah nak bagi, hang guna 40k untuk beli MyVi. Balance tu hang pulang balik.

            Bila kawan hang tau, dia kata hang ni bodoh bangang pasal hantar balik duit derma. Kalau aku ditempat hang, aku kata kawan tu yang bodoh sebab tak tau hujung pangkal pasal duit “derma”, tapi nak main tuduh tuduh. So fikirlah, siapa yang bodoh sebenarnya.

            1. Hang dengaq dak Najib kata apa mula2 dulu? “Saya tak tau pun. Bila duit tu masuk dalam akaun saya pun saya tak tau…” Dia cakap tu tahun 2013 ka? Awat dia tak jelaskan awal2 “Saya dah hantaq balik dah. Pakai sikit saja, beli MyVi saja.”

              Tok Arab tu hantaq duit masuk akaun gomen ka akaun peribadi? Pasai apa akaun peribadi? Kalau takdak akaun BN, akaun UMNO ada. Boleh letak apa syarat pun yg dia mau, untuk pembangunan Islam ka, pembangunan Melayu ka. Untuk lawan ISIS ka, lawan DAP ka.

              Pasal apa dia sorok sampai kena siasat, sampai Peguambela Negara pulak kena bagi penjelasan di penghujung jalan. Dan pasal apa SPRM rujuk kes tu kepada PPO bila Apandi cakap tak ada kes? Saja suka2 ka?

              Semua ni tak akan jadi kalut kalau awal2 lagi Najib bagitau “Saya dah hantaq balik dah. Check la dengan Bank Negara kalau tak percaya.” Kan lebih mudah macam tu.

    2. @abdullah

      last time you sound macam prone to piety, at the same time you are protun. i bukan benci tun, tp tak perasan ke yang tun tu ke arah jalan… i am sorry to say that “sesat”. we don’t have to be too PRO anyone. if you should be one, there is only PRO ISLAM, only if you are muslim. i think if you say this to tun, he won’t like it. he is liberal man dude. nevertheless i pray to Allah Taala to guide me first and foremost and our beloved tun and all muslims.

  9. abg rasa sangat seronok dengan keputusan yang dibuat oleh mukhriz. dia sememangnya layak dipecat, walaupun realitinya dia letak jawatan, tidak kiralah dipaksa atau terpaksa.

    itulah, sudah jadi mangsa, ayah sendiri asyik attack dato najib, tolonglah hormat pemimpin, pemimpin negara, mahupun pemimpin dalam parti masing2, janganlah tendang2 tikam belakang semua.

    abg lihat, sudah pasti letak jawatan ini membunuh kareer politik mukhriz, maklumlah, dia kata, kalau orang dah tk suka, baru letak jawatan, harap chedetcocc tidak cerita yang mukhriz dipaksa degan menggunakan gaya buku nota seorang student medic, which is very boring.

    abg tk nampak pun kejayaan mukhriz, kedah hanya ada langkawi, itupun orang kedah sudah cukup bangga sedangkan ada sahaja orang kedah yang datang kl dan selangor jadi kerani firma guaman mahupun memandu teksi, itupun masih tak sedar diri hidung tinggi.

    abg ttp sokong dato najib

  10. refering to yr following opinion:

    “Jujurnya, yang saya nampak ialah lebih banyak persamaan Ahjib Ngor dengan puak pembangkang, DAP, PKR & PAS memecat ahli yang tidak sehaluan dengan pucuk pimpinan”

    You are wrong. Ahjib didnt sack them from the party like yr claim that PAS, DAP or PKR sacks their members for disagreeing with their leadership. Muhyiddin, Apdal, Muhkriz are still Umno members. Pls dont cite Anina’s case bcos at the lower level leadership, many Umno members get sack for a variety of reasons since Tunku’s days.

    But Mahathir did get Anwar sack frm Umno, even as an ordinary member. And he created roadblocks for Ku Li, Tunku Abd Rahman, Harun Idris, Rais Yatim, Manan Osman, Radzi Sheih Ahmad and others to join Umno (Baru) after the original one was banned. And bcos these leaders cudnt join Umno Baru they had to form Semangat 46.

    And before i forget, Anwar and some of his supporters within Umno like Zahid Hamidi, Kamaruddin Md Noor, etc2 were thrown in the ISA by the Mahathir government during the fallout.

    Jadi kalau u rasa memecat orang yg tak sehaluan dng kepimpinan parti lebih menyerupai style pembangkang, maka, adakah u akan akui bahawa perbuatan Mahathir semasa dia PM lebih menyerupai style pembangkang drp Najib? After all BUKAN SEPERTI TUN MAHATHIR, Ahjib takda sumbat orang dlm jail cuma krn tak sehaluan dengannya.( pls dont mention Khairuddin & Mathias bcos they were held not bcos they disagreeed with leadership but bcos they were colluding and instigating foreigners to get involve in our domestic affairs)

    Walaupun u seseorang yg pro Tun namun saya yakin u tak bole nafikan bahawa bedasarkan track record Tun memecat, menyekat atau menyumbat ke dlm jail musuh politiknya( ie the yardstick that are using to show similiraties with oppo), Tun M jauh lebih menyerupai pembangkang drp Ahjib.

    1. Nice reply. But I disagree that Tun M lebih menyerupai pembangkang. Actually tak serupa pun dengan pembangkang sebab apa yang Tun buat zaman dia, pembangkang pun tak buat.

      1. Grandmarquis,

        Haha. Saya setuju. I was just pointing out to Abdullah that using his yardstick–that sacking people frm the party are opposirion traits–will make Tun M more akin to oppo than Ahjib.

        But ofcourse, apa Tun M buat to his political.adversaries like putting them in ISA was worse than anything the pembankang ever did. Kalau Ahjib ikut style Tun, mungkin nasib Muhkriz sama macam Anwar, Kit Siang, Chandra dan berpuluh lgi musuh politik Tun—iaitu dihumban dlm tahanan.

    1. re: “Kak Helen, whats your take on Ahmad Maslan being recently appointed as UMNO Cyber War Team?

      Baik serah jer Putrajaya kat DAP atas dulang mas.

      Ini (lihat bawah) reaksi DAP.

  11. I am interested to see how BN Kedah will perform in GE14.

    If BN loses, will you blame Mukhriz and Tun Mahathir, Helen?

    It is an open secret that ProNajibs modus operandi (Lim Sian See, especially), is to put the blame for every negative thngs that are happening to the country today, to Tun Mahathir.

    Your accusation that some ProTuns are gullible for “easily” fooled by ProTuns and opposition propaganda, maybe right. I can also accuse ProNajib of the same thing, especially the pre-paid ProNajib bloggers.

    1. re: “If BN loses [KEDAH], will you blame Mukhriz and Tun Mahathir, Helen?”

      Yes, if the Protuns serang Bashah bertalu-talu dan tak putus-putus.

    2. Setem,

      Although many of the current challenges facing the country can be traced to TDM’s leadership, nonetheless, it was never Ah Jib’s intention to blame Tun for anything. And the facts support this: Ahjib has been PM for 6 years from 2009 to 2015 and not once did he blame Tun for anything.

      It was only after Tun and his supporters started blaming Ahjib for everything , that Ahjib supporters started pointing out that many ofTun’s attacks are hypocritical, loppsided, half truth misrepresentations.And to do that, references to wat Tun did has to be cited.

      For ex:

      1. Tun kata hutang negara bawah Ahjib sebesar 54% GDP boleh membangkrapkan negara. Ini tak betul kerana zaman dia sekitar tahun 87 ke 90, hutang negara sebagai nisbah kpd saiz ekonomi jaih lebih besar, iaitu 70% of Gdp dan negara tak bangkrap.

      2. Tun kata Umno milik Najib. Ini tuduhan yg sangat tak betul. Bawah Njb pemilihan dlm Umno jauh lebih terbuka yg melibatkan 165000 ahli yg membuang undi mewakili bhgian2. Oleh krn jumlah pengundi yg terlibat paling banyak dlm sejarah maka Najib dimiliki ahli Umno lebih drp mana2 Presiden sebelumnya

      Dalam zaman Tun, hanya 2000 pewakilan Umno GA mewakili bhg2 yg mengundi. Tambahan pula bagi jawatan Presiden dan Timbalan ada sistem kuota dan undi bonus untuk setiap pencalonan yg dibuat oleh bahagian. Pecalonan adalah bukan undi, namun bawah Tun pencalonan bersamaan 10 undi ahli.

      3. Tun suruh Ahjib resign but Tun did not resign wen in 1987, hampir separuh drp pengundi yg layak dlm Umno( 48.5%) nak dia diganti. So if Tun does not resign wen almost half the Genetal Assembly wanted him to, why shud Najib resign just bcos Tun asks him to do so? Additionally, Tun suruh Ahjib resign kerana according to Tun, Ahjib is a problem for Umno, but Tun did not resign wen under his leadership Umno wad declared illegal.

      Setem, i can give many other examples but I am writing frm a handphone which makes wrting hard thus the above shud suffice to prove that ITS NOT AHJIB’S statergy to defend himself by saying everything started with Tun. Infact Ahjib never blamed Tun for anything fot 6 out his 7 years as Premier. But since Tun started blaming Ahjib , then its impossible NOT TO BRING UP WHAT HAPPEN DURING TUN’S PERIOD to prove that either TUN IS HYPOCRITICAL OR TUN IS HIMSELF GUILTY OF MANY OF THE PROBLEMS HIS SUCCESSORS ARE FACING.

      Kalau Tun boleh attack orang, its only fair for others to attack him.

      Indeed defending yourself from attacks is a basic human right

  12. Helen,
    Taking 5 minutes of my holiday to wish you and your readers a Happy Chinese New Year. May the new year brings you prosperity and good health.

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