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MCA, DAP fight over Khir Johari name and whether Zairil is Malay

zairil melayu“Zairil Khir Johari aka Christopher Ross Lim (left) does not count as an ethnic Malay and is at best a muallaf or Muslim convert who converted to Islam when his mother married his stepfather Khir Johari, the former Minister of Education”, stated Pemuda MCA’s Young Professionals bureau.

Bureau chairman Eric Choo said this in a statement titled ‘The real DAP dilemma‘ on the evangelical party’s schizophrenia.

Co-writing the Feb 1 statement with Kong Len Wei who is the bureau’s Perak chief, Eric described the DAP’s few window-dressing Malay faces such as Dyana Sofya (pix below), Syefura Othman and A. Samad Said as only “perhaps more of a publicity stunt”.

Zairil’s party came back guns blazing through the DAP Youth national executive secretary for publicity, Muhammad Shakir Ameeer Mohideen, who retorted that to “question his biological parents is despicable, to say the least”.


Muhammad Shakir vouched that he had had the privilege of knowing both Zairil’s parents when they as boys were growing up together, and attended the same ‘mengaji‘ class. He refers to late Khir Johari (pix above) as Zairil’s father.

Note: Zairil’s antecedents – in the context of the Islamic naming custom and ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ with regard to conferring ‘bin’ – has been the subject of some political debate arising from the DAP Bukit Bendera MP’s overlapping claims to Malay ethnicity and the Anak Malaysia of DAP’s bangsa rhetoric. How confusingly contradictory.

BELOW: Dyana (far right) beside Zairil’s mother


The bloody hypocrites

Quite predictably, the Firsters waded in with their ‘We’re all Malaysians’ whinge and attempting to portray any criticism on ‘race’ (questions about disputed ethnicity) as a low class action.

One of them called the MCA youths “petty”.

Two Faced Hannah YeohRebecca Khoo, in a letter to the Malaysiakini editor chided that “harping on the family background of anyone – let alone that of Zairil Khir Johari – is not something head chiefs of a respectable organization should be doing”.

The stance adopted by DAP defender Ms Khoo is definitely hypocritical considering how the party itself had paraded precisely the over-hyped biracial “family background” of Hannah Yeoh’s infant daughters as their cause celebre.

DAP had gone even as far as to harass the Prime Minister to look into creating an especial new racial category under the National Registration Department, just solely to cater to Hannah’s demand that her “neither Chinese nor Indian” firstborn be recognized as “Anak Malaysia”.

BELOW: Look at the Malay column … full of zeroes

DAP GE13 MPs race

MCA categorizes Zairil as Chinese

The ethnic breakdown (see table above) of the DAP Parliamentarians is tabulated by MCA’s Eric Choo and Kong Len Wei.

Since they list only one DAP Malay rep in Parliament – that would be Ariff Sabri, YB Raub then it stands to reason that Zairil is regarded by the MCA as a Chinese.Hannah Yeoh

Eric and Kong also highlighted the DAP’s two-facedness in branding MCA leaders as “traitors of the Chinese community” for donning songkok at official functions.

Hypocritically, the DAP then makes a 180-degree own turn with the likes of Hannah Yeoh wearing tudungs (left) at various functions, pointed out Eric and Kong. It truly puzzles the MCA duo as to how Hannah and Guan Eng are labelled as “true multi-racial leaders” according to the DAP’s double standard (… and the 95 percent Chinese lapping it up).

“Such is the duplicitous sanctimony of DAP politics,” they concluded.

double face

DAP’s 2 Malay YBs out of 142 multiracial M’sians

The DAP has a total of 105 Aduns nationwide – see table below.

From the number, only one YB is Malay, i.e. Tengku Zulpuri Shah who is the rep for Mentakab.

BELOW: Look again at the Malay column … more zeroes

DAP GE13 Aduns race

Of the DAP’s total 142 YBs (105 Aduns + 37 MPs), only two are Malay and both representing Pahang.

DAP, however, has 119 patriotic Anak Malaysia MPs and Aduns, and 20 Indian MPs and Aduns, boasting of itself as a multiracial party.

Yet all in all, DAP has only one Malay MP and one Malay Adun.


Three of the DAP’s “Indian” YBs hail from Karpal Singh’s Punjabi family (above) — Jagdeep Singh Deo (Adun Datok Keramat cum Penang state exco), Gobind Singh Deo (MP Puchong) and Ramkarpal Singh (MP Bukit Gelugor).

Dapsters call Helen Ang a Malay wannabe

As I’ve blogged in my earlier posting today, the Dapster operatives are spreading the rumour that I am the Malay male blogger masquerading as a woman, instead of Annie being the real culprit.

The sneaky bastards are not only the masters of fitnah but also pros at deflecting negative exposes by throwing red herrings or false flag operations.

MCA noticed the same thing. Eric and Kong said in their statement that the “DAP’s vehement protest when PAS mooted hudud was equivalent to a burlesque show to DEFLECT FROM the fact that DAP shared a big part of the responsibility in advancing hudud in Malaysia”.

DAP is always pointing fingers and telling lies in order to divert blame or suspicion to their opponent’s door. Its followers have also viraled “Helen Ang Abdullah”, so much so that the name has become a Google search prompt – see screenshot below.

Due to the Dapsters’ deliberate campaign of misinformation, some people have been misled into believing that I’m a man, a Malay and a Muslim. Just because they themselves are confused (schizo), they want to confuse the public too.

Helen Ang Abdullah

Their Chinese-Bangsa Malaysia split personality borders on criminality

Just like how MCA leaders got bashed by the DAP/Firster hypocrites, I too have been their target. They say I’m desperate to become a Malay.

Firstly, I speak good bahasa Melayu. In this, I’m only respecting Article 152 of the Federal Constitution although the Dapsters allege that it’s because I want to be a Malay. It is they who have shortcomings in being a Malaysian when their command of our national language is like tongkang pecah.

BELOW: “Adakah Melayu dan Islam diancam?” Jawapannya: Pasti!

Islam diancam Kit Siang

Secondly, I accede that Malaysia is a Muslim land. The Constitution says so, and so do a myriad of other legislation including laws at state level. And furthermore, it’s clear that Islam is embedded in Malaysia’s basic structure.

dapantiislamDAP, on the other hand, is anti-Islam. Therefore, Dapsters are anti-Malaysia.

Thirdly, I want our country to be peaceful and stable.

DAP is an enemy of the Malays and Muslims. This enmity is the lifeblood of DAP politics, and not too long ago, “Abdul Hadi Awang and PAS were suddenly painted as DAP’s number one enemy”, observed the MCA Young Professionals bureau.

DAP is at war with the biigest parti Islam and the biggest parti Melayu both.

snake Malaysian FirstThe evangelical party has “deliberately misled and deceived the Chinese when they created a situation that they could never control,” said the MCA bureau. And it continues “to pit one community against the other”.

Their endless dirty tricks – tipu, bohong dan fitnah – amounts to vicious slander, libel and defamation, which are criminal offences.

They’re anarchists who have turned politics in Malaysia into a blood sport.



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15 thoughts on “MCA, DAP fight over Khir Johari name and whether Zairil is Malay

  1. ‘Their endless dirty tricks – tipu, bohong dan fitnah – amounts to vicious slander, libel and defamation, which are criminal offences’.

    yg ada kuasa kuat tu buat apa?

    1. Yang ada kuasa tu tak berani ambil tindakan sebab kalau ambil tindakan mereka akan dituduh rasis.

  2. may b u shld also list dowm d no of malays who contested in d last 13ge under d Dap ticket. this n d total no of malay Dap members will indicate Dap’s sincerity n seriousness in projecting a multi racial party.

    I know 4 a fact that a group of my malay friends who worked their butt out 2 help DAP win over penang in d 12ge were unceremoniously ignored as candidates in d 13ge. some were even sacked when they fought back.

    as for yb zahril, his position is similar 2 that of redhuan tee abdulah.
    both r Chinese muslims. I m pretty certain that one strives 2 b a good GOD fearing muslim while I m not quite sure abt d other.

    both shld strive 2 propagate this true religion 2 their brethren n leave d malays 2 chart their future themselves.

    But I think both r ‘d jure’ malays if they fulfil d criteria set forth in d constitution i.e speak d malay language; is a muslim n adopt d malay ‘adat’. on this score a lot of malays (especially in urban areas) may cease 2 b constitutional malay bcos they do not fulfil all d criteria above.(wallahuallam).

    1. I just Googled. Saw that the cast of the movie and its production crew are mainly Chinese.

      Pardon me for not following local or EPL or international football, but I was under the impression that Malaysian football is played by mostly Malays and import players.

      Since when did the Bangsa Malaysia-Chinese take over our football scene?

  3. hallo, olabola shows how Malaysia was in the 70s-80s. We were a solid nation before Mahathir and BTN and whatnots. It’s more than football matches, it’s about unity….. well, umno has ruined everything, right from sports to education and the country….FYI, Datuk Soh Chin Aun – although not recognised internationally, his claims of 324 international appearances for his country make him arguably the most capped international player in the world.………Now, that’s a Malaysian

    you can ask around, our Malaysian football team has been shitty for a very long time – and who has been taking care of Sport Ministry all this while??

    And you should be asking too, why mostly malays and imported players are around today? where are the other Malaysians??

    1. Can help clear up one point first, please? I’ve not gotten around to reading the articles/reviews on the movie. Just had a quick glance at Wiki which was the prominent entry to show up on Google.

      (Am reading the Mukhriz saga aftermath — tons of people seem to have an expert opinion, hahaha.)

      Is the film biographical and based on people in the ‘real’ team?

      1. okay….yup, it’s biographical and based on people from the real team….it’s a feel good movie , go watch….

        And Mukhriz saga, what the hell, they are all from umno…’s to be expected…umno kills everyboody….

        1. Oh, from the publicity photo I thought it might have been.

          Do share with us urls of any articles, if Soh Chin Aun and the other fellas (players) have something to say about how they’ve been portrayed.

    2. ‘where are the other Malaysians??’

      Well the Cina had decided that bola is not for them. Too many Malays. Period. Anyway their parents want them to play Basketball instead! Takut anak depa ‘masuk Melayu’. Indians and the rest of us are still main bola.

      Google la skit brader klu tak tgk bola tempatan pun sbb no Cina around!

  4. BTW, did you hear our dear Malay-wanna be Z has been caught dancing with the same MP-wanna be again. Remember both of them were photographed in intimate poses and the pics were posted to Z’s FB page some time back (apparently by Z’s wife) ? Z denied it and called it gutter politics and our usually very nosey alternative / on line media conveniently swept the issue under the carpet….

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