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Kenapa ada Melayu yang mahu lebih ‘Cina’ dari Cina?

Adakah ia sebab DAP sekarang sudah ada war chest yang besar dan sanggup menabur dedak?




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20 thoughts on “Kenapa ada Melayu yang mahu lebih ‘Cina’ dari Cina?

  1. Helen,

    There are many reasons for such mind boggling attitude. It must be the combination of ignorance, anger, hatred, seeking revenge or the misplaced feeling of “romanticism” for daring to destroy the only bargaining point the Malays have: the political power.

    Many Malays assume that as UMNO though hated but not hostile to other races, then other parties(meaning DAP) will behave the same way. How wrong they could be.

    And some “politikus pencen” simply could not accept reality that the they are no longer the centre of attraction. They become agitated when the government of the day does not take their advices. To them, the government is sinful for not taking orders from them. So, to prove their influence, they go all out to topple the very party that enabled them to be in the seat of power. They do not hesitate to destroy the political base the Malays are enjoying right now..

    They have become the willing ally to the very party that gave them chances to be ADUNs, MP or Ministers, or head of government. They whack non stop UMNO. They rejected any explanation. They behave as if UMNO is so cruel.

    They insist that Najib and all “who’s who” in UMNO to take all the insult without responding. They made secret meeting overseas which I believe is “tikam UMNO”.

    Najib to them must not retaliate. Najib must be “lembut lembai” while they , with assistance from DAP, whack UMNO or any institution linked o Malays like Tabung haji, YAPEIM, MARA as if they do not know “dosa pahala”.

    Initiallly, I tried to appreciate their criticisms. But now I realise, anger, hatred have coloured their judgement. They actually do not want any explanation. They just want to bury UMNO lock stock and barrel.

    Never mind if they too will be “buried” together with UMNO.

  2. Being antiJib doesn’t automatically mean one is pro-DAP or proTun.

    Being proTun doesn’t automatically mean one is pro-DAP either.

    I am anti-Jib but I’m not crazy over TunM either though I admire him as the bestest Malay in the modern era, and certainly I’m anti DAP.

    I hope Helen and the rest of the commenters can understand those concepts.

    Don’t over generalise people.

  3. Sebab ada Melayu suka terikut-ikut trend. Trend sekarang benci UMNO, Najib dan BN. Jadi mereka mahu ikut trend. Mereka tak mahu dikatakan orang yang pelik dan ganjil.

    Lagi satu itu hasil didikan PAS sejak amanat keramat kafir-mengkafir. Ditambah dengan ketaksuban kepada ahli agama yang mengatakan tak apa mencarut, berkawan dengan syaitan dan sebagainya. Tengok apa jadi dengan parti PAS sekarang. Kena kutuk dengan bekas penyokong sendiri. Senjata makan tuan.

    Tapi jangan risau. Itu Tuhan Maha Adil.

  4. Sdr. Syamsul Dr. M did mention UMNO akan punah(rosak) dari dalam rasa-rasa hari ini apa yang berlalu tak nampak sedikit pun kelumit tanda-tanda itu dan the dramatic part was not sacking of officials and politicians so on so forth that cause much havoc tetapi the demoralisation that came forthwith that claws it included the gov. administration as well jika takdir itu berlaku apa ubat rindu sebut saja senang…kan saperti Melayu akan jadi bangsat itu ini dan macam-macam lagi

  5. Zack awak pra matang yang masuk kelas BTN ka cuba fikir apa yang di ajar dan buat penilain sendiri don’t simply booted out.

  6. “dedak” = serbuk halus dr kulit padi (untuk makanan ayam, itik, dsb)

    “dedak” is a food not fit for human consumption.

    1. Dunno about dedak but the Dapster DNA is assuredly fitnah. Tipu dan bohong are their darah daging.

  7. I am sure the Klang Valley is quite peaceful now. Since many have gone back to the hills (bukit) for example Bukit Mertajam.
    Hahaha. Funny joke.

      1. How’s the hills, HY?
        Oh yes Gong Xi Fa Cai to you.I am sure hill water is good for you.
        Here is Chinese wear tudung ad from Petronas. We are quite wrong to call Hannah names when she wears a tudung. Tudung is the traditional costume of the Chinese.
        And these rubber tappers speak Mandarin. They do not speak Hockien or Hakka.

        1. hill is fine, no batu api here, so i can afford to drink less water. hannah is never a bumi wannabe, she married not a chinese, so no surprise if she wear sari or tudung or whatever. the rubber tapper is lky, a baba, followers, u see the problem created by all tis baba nyonya?

            1. i thot they r cina tulin? just some of them wan to be more bumi than the bumi, some pula mahu lebih cina dari cina, a confused lot i guess.

              n whats wrong with malay mother?

              1. No goodwill for us even on the first day of CNY? The Peranakans do celebrate the occasion, you know.

                Anyway Gong Xi Fa Cai to you, HY.

                1. sorry my dear, in fact i dun see u any diff. just for the sake of tit for tat, i played along with mulan. n happy lunar new year to u, ak n mulan, n wit or whatever. n the rest, happy holiday.

                  1. Cina Peranakan are not exactly Baba Nyonya though the term is used interchangeably by some.

                    The Babas are Malaccans.

                    Peranakan include the Chinese in Penang (a lot of us migrate to S’gor, and it could be that the Malaccan Babas migrated up north and down south to S’pore) and the kampung Chinese in Kelantan. Terengganu too, I suppose.

  8. Let’s see the critics
    TheJibrilK 2 days ago
    Wow petronas should diversify and enter the movie industry lol
    Steve Vai 2 days ago
    its simple , we blame the government
    Reply · 19

    But this very strange comment. Don understand lor.
    Syed Muhamad 2 days ago (edited)
    Video ni mengajar aku erti bersyukur. Bersyukur je lah apa yg kita ada dalam hidup kita, just accept it.. dan perlu sentiasa cari peluang untuk menjadikan kehidupan kita lebih baik. Setiap orang ada kelemahan dan kelebihan masing-masing.

    1. Okay, my understanding from the comments that the chinese never feel grateful particularly those DAP supporter so greedy and arrogant and the malay always feel grateful eventhough the situation very bad, simply saying the malay was the weak one who let these kind of people behave like this, ungrateful and arrogant.

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