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Chinese century: Lean, mean, power-hungry machine

By Norman Fernandez

Maybe the [Malaysian] Chinese population in 2030 will drop even further. But the Chinese will be a lean, mean, highly educated and progressive community. Just like the Jews, they are nimble and able to survive in whichever condition and whatever political terrain.

What more the next economic superpower is China.

China has the clout and no world power can stop its economic tentacle. Today, Malaysia which is on a fire-sale is being snapped up by China and come 2030, China may be able to buy up the whole of Malaysia with still change to spare.

Malays on the other hand will be hard-pressed to compete, what more Malays will not have the skills and education required to compete.

There will be newer Malays with thousands of Bangladeshis intermarrying Malays and diluting the real Malay. The real Malay will need to share the already small pie with the new Malays.

Oil, the mainstay to help propel Malay economy, will run out or technological advances will be such oil may be something of a relic. Also, the DNA of the Bangladeshis or the future Malays is such that they will overwhelm the original Malays.

Add to that Malays will be torn into sectarians and split into Shiah, Sunnis, Wahhabis, Salafist and other sects. So, do not ever think being a majority is always advantage, not in a Chinese century. It is the minority Chinese who are all ready to embrace the Chinese century.

So, I think the gloating will only come to bite the Malays.

Norman is the former Johor DAP deputy chairman. His comment originally appeared @ 2016/02/17 at 12:47 am

Chinese mega cities

Dapsters hate non-Malays who’re able to think independently

Protun blogger Annie alluded to Norman Fernandez as a “pariah” and bontot kuali, saying he is “ugly like the bottom of a wok still want to make so much noise”.

“Don’t la make so many stupid statements. Now after getting kicked out, still making stupid statements. Real moron,” is the barb directed by Annie to the ex-Johor DAP leader.

As is obvious, Annie’s vocabulary is just as ugly as the Dapsters. And uncannily or not, Annie … cluck-cluck … is also attacking the same targets as the Dapsters are.

Dapster-Protun Politics of Hate

The Protun-and-Dapster overlapping mob foment a herd mentality that urges their cult followers to unthinkingly hate on political targets selected for public lynching.

Norman became a Dapster bullseye when on the eve of GE13, he made an appeal to opposition supporters not to gamble their future by pangkah Bulan. At that time, DAP and PAS were still partners in Pakatan.

Annie has also alluded to Norman as the “flip flopping DAP reject“.

Annie is a proven liar.

DAP agreed to PAS pursuing its Islamic state objective separately

Norman Fernandez is consistent. PAS is consistent. It is the DAP that flip-flops.

The video above is a recording of Lim Guan Eng taken a week before Malaysians went to the polls on 5 May 2013. It features a reading of the DAP-PAS joint statement where both the political Islam and the political Christianity party ‘agree to disagree’.

“Perbezaan di antara PAS dan DAP hanya setakat lima peratus sedangkan kami bersetuju 95 peratus untuk menegakkan kebebasan, keadilan, kebenaran, integriti dan demokrasi untuk semua,” the DAP-PAS manifesto said.

One major sticking point between DAP and PAS is whether our country is secular or Muslim. Nonetheless, Pakatan’s agree to disagree formula provided enough leeway for the two strange bedfellows to pursue their raison d’etre separately, each on their own.

“PAS berhak memperjuangkan akidah dan konsep negara Islam secara sendiri,” their mutual statement said — see sentence underlined below.


DAP betraying its own cause and voter base

The signature of PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang is on the document above.

Guan Eng too put his name to the statement agreeing that PAS maintains its right to pursue “negara Islam”.

Ever since his father Kit Siang took control of the party – see timeline below – DAP has been stridently against the Islamic state concept. You can even say that DAP has been against Islam as the mainstay of government right from the outset.

Yet in 2013, merely for the sake of political expediency and a shot at Putrajaya, DAP was willing to backtrack on one of the party’s most fundamental stand.


DAP flip-flopped while Norman held fast

It is DAP that clearly ubah itself in order to grab power “Ini kali lah”.

Norman Fernandez is among the most ethical of former DAP leaders. He was steadfast to the founding principles of his party and hence had no choice but to oppose DAP’s willing accommodation of the PAS Islamic push.

Understandably, Norman balked at his party’s call for non-Muslims to vote for PAS. It was a voting choice that incorporated an implied acceptance of Hudud for All. Now that DAP and PAS have broken up, Norman is vindicated.

He was right all along but not in the eyes of rabid Dapster army though, who are loyal to the Lims (and not to principles instead).

The DAP hatchet men had mounted their vicious attacks on Norman when he threw a spanner in the works during the GE13 campaign and again post-tsunami when Liew Chin Tong made his move on DAP Johor’s then leadership. (Note: Johor DAP chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau has been ousted.)

Very typically, the RBA carried out smear campaigns falsely accusing Norman and Dr Boo of this and that.

They did the same dirty on DAP national vice chairman Tunku Aziz Ibrahim when he refused to endorse the Bersih street rally to discredit the Election Commission. Dapsters always do that — fabricate stories and tell lies all the time.

Two Faced Hannah Yeoh

Annie, another confused schizophrenic

Annie the fraud and liar is becoming more and more Dapsterish by the day. Annie lied when he alluded to Norman being a “reject” who was “kicked out” of DAP.

Norman, in fact, chose to resign due to his disgust at the DAP two-facedness, especially in compromising on their own religious freedom as well as exploiting Islam to fish Malay support.

Annie further lied when he alluded to Norman “flip-flopping”. It is actually DAP that ubah or flip-flopped.

Hannah YeohPemuda MCA’s Young Professionals bureau chairman Eric Choo pointed out that DAP used to label MCA leaders as “traitors of the Chinese community” for donning songkok at official functions.

“Less than 10 years after it has sown the seeds of racial polemics within the Chinese community, the likes of Hannah Yeoh (left) and Lim Guan Eng are now wearing tudungs  and songkoks at various functions,” MCA’s Eric highlighted.

Annie has flipped-flopped from being Projib – according to Syed Akbar Ali, Annie is one of the “prepaid” (which Annie denounced as “nonsense” spoken by a “bastard”) – to being Protun and now Life of Annie is a toxic Dapster dump.

After flip-flopping over his gender and his race too, Annie now can’t seem to decide whether he’s still operating a political blog or some other writing genre.

While thinking people quickly realise to turn their back on the DAP, Annie Anakin is slowly but surely drifting to the dark side. Cluck cluck.

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Annie is a liar and fraud just like the Dapsters



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58 thoughts on “Chinese century: Lean, mean, power-hungry machine

  1. Fernandez’s analysis of the Chinese giant and comparisons he draws between it and Malaysia are not only questionable but also based on populist assumptions.

    China may be an economic power as he suggests and is one that cannot be ignored. But China’s economic might and prosperity has not reached its masses to the extent Malaysia’s has to the vast majority of its people.

    China is diverse in that it comprises over 30 nations cobbled together by Mao’s revolution to create the nation it is today. The same to a large extent is also true of India and the US (a settler nation the spoils of a war).

    Most of what China acquires abroad today is unlawfully acquired with misappropriated money form Chinese banks and government institutions by individuals in power. (not that the Indians, Americans, Germans and Brits all do it lawfully).

    Whats not understood is that China’s banking system is weak and not sophisticated enough to independently track its fortunes and the fortunes of its individual citizens who engage foreign money managers and banker to undermine the Chinese system and its economy.

    China’s policy makers have plotted a different trajectory for the country and its economic ambitions. Individuals undermine it. It is not something for us to gloat about or to celebrate.

    But we must compare apples with apples (how cliched). What Malaysia has achieved in the years since its independence is unquestionably great. Compare its growth, its institutions, its people and its freedoms and recent history with those of its neighbours:

    i) The Philippines (Marcos),
    ii) Indonesia (Suharto),
    iii) Myanmar (the army and before that Ne Win—and only he won), iv) Viet Nam (and the war)
    v) Laos (and the war,
    vi) Cambodia (Pol Pot and the war):and
    vii) Thailand and its numerous coups and bloodbaths and its corruption.

    I leave out Singapore for reasons it has had a distinct and unfair disadvantage over all the world because the powerful western backers of that state allowed Lee to run a heavy hand over his subjects without criticism and gave him a black cheque without the need for scrutiny in the beginning. He was largely honest with other people’s money.

    The port and its location which Dr.Alebert Weinsimius and Lord Vivien Rothschild helped turn into the trade hub it is is a natural phenomenon Lee did not create on his own. But thats not to discredit the man.

    Lee may have had a part to play in it but with the disproportionate volume of business against a small population and a mixture of his policies it worked well for all in the end.

    Setting aside Singapore for the moment, it is good Anwar is in jail but bad that the outlandish number of propaganda sheets like the Malaysian Insider and Malaysia Kini, Free Malaysia Today and others who scream that “the sky is falling: have been allowed to do so unchecked for too long.

    You tell a lie long enough and often enough, people begin to accept it as truth and fact.

    1. I agree with grkumar in many respects. Fernandez is very disgustingly DAP-ish in and outside what has been well known as the anti-Malay, anti-Islam DAP that caused the race riots of 1969.

      Good that he is no longer in DAP. His kind of talk can be unnerving, casting aspersions and snide remarks on the Malay race that he alleged will get “diluted” by inter-marriages with Bangladeshis, etc.

      The kind that were uttered highly provocatively by the marauding convoy of mainly DAP members and supporters raiding Kampong Bahru and other Malay areas in Pudu, Jalan Travers and Brickfields in KL when celebrating getting extra seats at the general elections in 1969, that sparked the race riots of 13 May. Google “13 May 1969: A Tragedy, National Operations Council, October 1969” for the somber and even gruesome details.

      Fernandez is presumably in the Police cyber radar for the kind of talk he makes.

  2. Methinks that Norm Fernandez is the confused one. No surprises there.

    In his “eagerness” to “get on the right side” of the “lean, mean, power-hungry machine”, Norm goes off into flights of fantasy.

    As per his “analysis”, it’s all over, bar the shouting, for Malaysia. “Greater China” will rule the roost (at least in this neck of the woods) and there isn’t a damn thing that the US, Japan, India etc can do about it.

    Which means that the TPP, Asean Economic Community and suchlike are merely postponing the inevitable.

    I wonder what the avid proponents of the “Ketuanan Melayu” agenda make of it all?

    1. Wonder what is perceived as the “Ketuanan Melayu” and what is meant as an “agenda” above.

      Ketuanan Melayu is reflected in the roles, functions and responsibilities of the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers, the Rulers Council, etc. No royal assent, no appointment of PM or MB.

      Where there are doubts, the YDP may refer to the Rulers Council, who may meet on their own initiative. And where there are controversies, the Malay Rulers may take the initiative to determine whether the MB enjoys the confidence of the ADUNs, like begun by the former Sultan of Perak who was himself a former Lord President (Chief Justice) of the country, well able to interpret the laws.

      That the Civil Service, the Police and the Armed Forces are predominantly Malay does not necessarily reflect Ketuanan Melayu – the Chinese have not been interested to join those for historical and DAP propaganda reasons. It reflects the Malay majority. And that this was Persekutuan Tanah Melayu where Francis Light had to ask the Sultan of Kedah for permission to set up a trading post in Penang and Stamford Raffles maneuvered to get the the same from the Johor royalty. All the scheming and political machination had led to what Penang and Singapore are to day.

      That the Malays dominate the elite civil service, that can run the country even when the politicians are busy during general elections – the Perkhidmatan Tadbir & Diplomatik, PTD – was a legacy of British Imperialism and Colonialism. The British Colonialists set up the Malay Administrative Service as the “understudy” to take over ruling this country long before Merdeka.

      1. And your point is?

        If the Brits were engaged in some grand colonial conspiracy – which is arguable – they couldn’t have carried it out without support from domestic players.

        That was then. Fast forward to now. What has all the anti-colonial rhetoric gained for Malaysia? An “ability to punch above it’s weight” in the region? A “must have” to be courted by all the powers in the same region?

        The choices aren’t that great. “Greater China” hegemony (or “suzerainty”) or the “benign embrace” of the US (capitalism, free markets, secularism etc)? There’s no Third Way – not NAM, not the OIC, not Asean.

        Maybe you can rail at the unfairness of it all, but when were/are the great powers ever “fair”?

        For Malaysia, it’s playing the cards it has been dealt and making the best go of it. Nothing less.

        And no excuses.

        1. Well, someone is playing the Arab card pretty well, after all he sent his deputy to meet the Arabs a couple of times if you know what I mean l o l !

        2. What’s the point in arguing with this guy Kineas – having explained in a few paragraphs what Ketuanan Melayu is, as a counter to the aspersion cast on the subject of Ketuanan Melayu raised earlier, he still does not see the point. He must be blunt.

          But just to put it on record – yes, the powerful always get their way. But remember, China is not the most powerful nation on earth. US is. Russia second. Britain and France can be considered third. Japan can be third or fourth quite soon if their people and the international community allow it.

          The Chinese Ambassador to US himself admitted on CNN to China not being a Super Power. Some 25 years has been the estimate for China to reach that level. China has just started to test an aircraft carrier. Others have not been scrapping theirs and if Donald Duck Trump becomes President, he will “build US strength to monstrous proportions and breathe down on China.”

          Yet a lot of bullying by China in the East and South China Seas. No doubt the US has been making the “containment of China” efforts, including Obama saying that they will sail, fly, (and snoop) and do all that is internationally legal in those seas despite China’s claiming them as their territorial waters and militarizing the newly built island.

          So, my card is cast with the US and countries of the Free World.

          1. “What’s the point of arguing….” – if you can’t refute the points I raised, why go off on a tangent?

            Maybe the US and countries of the Free World will band together and read the riot act to China. That’s a big maybe and depends on what the next occupant of the White House does (Obama being a lame duck and all).

            Is there any appetite in the EU to confront China? In Japan? In India? That’s another “maybe”.

            In the meantime, the PLA Navy is making merry off the coast of Sarawak and in the South China Sea. For Asean, it’s “jaw jaw”. As usual.

            Let’s see what Malaysia does the next time President Xi comes calling…..

            1. Re Let’s see what Malaysia does the next time President Xi comes calling…..

              l o l ! President Xi will be entertained like an Emperor and there will be the usual billion dollar deals involving China and Malaysian companies. The PM will look on with a sly grin knowing that Chinese money is flowing into Malaysia and that can help the economy to stay afloat.

            2. You sound China Chinese. Are you?

              If you are and trying to belittle Malaysia, you are not welcome in this country.

              Would you be carrying a ROC flag and waving furtively when China’s President comes along? You would be showing an example of “what Malaysia does the next time President Xi comes calling .,” eh?.

              If you are a Malaysian and one of those ready to pack your bags and abscond, I rest my case.

              Paragraphs of explanations won’t do any good to this DAP kind of mentality.

            3. And what is your point in “raising those points”?

              Trying to point out that nothing much can be done in the face of a bully in this region? Or gloating at that situation?

              No condemnation or expression of distaste or disgust at a bully?

              And expressing doubts if Malaysia would raise a protest at “PLA Navy making merry off the coast of Sarawak”?

              1. Exactly right.

                What, precisely, is Malaysia doing to “confront” China’s antics in the South China Sea?

                Go on, don’t spare us the details.

                Resurrect “Konfrontasi”, this time with a China twist?

                Make common cause with Asean?

                Loudly condemn all “bullies” at every available opportunity?

                That is not “gloating”. It’s simply an acknowledgement of “realpolitik”, however distasteful that may be to you.

                As too the prospect of a “lean, mean and hungry” China. A “bully”? Go figure.

                Btw, I don’t see any active moves to counter the PLA Navy in the region. Unless occasional “show the flag” missions by the US Navy and Air Force count as countermoves….

                1. What are you trying to say by asking “What .. is Malaysia doing to “confront” China’s antics in the South China Sea”? When even “show the flag” missions by the US Navy and Air Force” is not enough for you?

                  What’s your purpose of “acknowledgement of ‘realpolitik'” when everybody knows Malaysia hardly has the means to militarily counter the Chinese menace?

                  Resurrect “Konfrontasi”? You do not know Malaysia did not initiate “Konfrontasi”?

                  And what’s wrong with “Loudly condemn all “bullies” at every available opportunity”? You like bullies? You always let bullies do as they please? What a mentality.

                  Or you want stronger ” moves to counter the PLA Navy in the region”? Why don’t you say so clearly? Give some suggestions as well. Like bomb or Exorcet missile the PLA Navy?

                  You a Malaysian? Or a foreign agent provocateur?

                  1. It’s “Exocet”, btw.

                    I merely pointed out the happenstance of realpolitik, no matter how distasteful it may be to you.

                    And “Konfrontasi”. Do you mean that China shouldn’t be “confronted” about what it’s been doing in the South China Sea? That it shouldn’t be dragged into lawsuits like what the Philippines has done?

                    Spell out the alternatives open to the country. To Asean, if it has a collective foreign and security policy (which it hasn’t, so it’s everyone for himself).

                    China is adept in playing off one country against another. That’s self-evident in Asean.

                    And “foreign agent provocateurs”? Reading too many exposes about foreign intelligence services, have we?

                    1. Now you sound responsible, suggesting that China should be “confronted”, not sounding gloating.

                      Reading too many exposes about foreign intelligence services? You mean you have not watched the 007 movies – so many in the past many years?

                      Reading Shakespeare or defence journals only, eh?

                    2. Kineas 1067: Let China try to take Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia as per Nanyang dream. Let her try. Even the mighty US fell in Vietnam. Even the Russians left Afghanistan. As for people like you Kineas, Malays will whack you as per May 13.

                  2. @Abdul H I

                    Feeling a tad belligerent, are we?

                    Why not go & demo at all the “reclaimed areas” in the South China Sea, especially those areas where Malaysia has staked a claim?

                    Or are you inclined to let Wisma Putra’s “quiet diplomacy” do the necessary?

                    Or, if push comes to shove, call on the US to “confront” those ill-mannered interlopers from you-know-where?

                    US “boots on the ground”, anyone?

  3. “What more the next economic superpower is China.”

    Sometimes I do think the world has over-estimated the so-called economic clout of China.

    Like this blog owner has always said, look at the data and history.

    Although China may be the second largest economy in the world, but they’re also one of the poorer countries (not poorest) out there measured in term of GDP per capita (a better measure of prosperity), ranked along the likes of South Africa and Maldives. Malaysia’s GDP per capita is at least twice of China. Economic superpower doesn’t have such a low GDP per capita (refer to USA, UK, Japan numbers for benchmark).

    Bear in mind that China has 1.3 billion population, with over 82 millions peasant still living on less than a dollar a day. There’s also extreme urban poverty in mega cities like Beijing – poor urban Chinese migrants living underground. This is a country with very high inequality.

    Historically China is a nation wrecked by civil wars and wars waged by foreigners and also poverty for years, which is why our ancestors have decided to flee mainland and settled in Nanyang many moons ago to escape the difficult life. One wonders whether this chaotic Chinese history will repeat itself one day.

    Granted, China’s rise has benefited some Malaysian Chinese over here indirectly via new biz and career opportunities. Some of my course mates are still working in places like Dongguan and Huizhou in the Guangdong province of China where most MNCs are located. From some reasons, they like to hire Malaysian/Singaporean Chinese in engineering positions. Rich businessman like Robert Kuok has very close ties with the Chinese officials.

    Like Rita Sim has said, Malaysian Chinese will continue hedging their bet to ensure their survival i.e. sending kids to overseas, having a permanent residence elsewhere (migrating), parking some of their biz or investment outside Malaysia, etc .

    The lowly educated ones will have to head to Singapore to work as sushi makers and lorry drivers or continue to “jump aeroplane” (Chinese lingo for working illegally in foreign country) to other European countries working in restaurant kitchens somewhere in Chinatowns.

    We’ll find our way out to survive, that’s for sure because insecurity is the driving point (as documented by Amy Chua’s latest book “The Triple Package”).

    1. re: “We’ll find our way out to survive”

      The 82 million China peasants still living on less than a dollar a day and the extreme poor urban Chinese migrants living underground in mega cities like Beijing can come here and become DAP members. “Jump aeroplane” from Air Asia cheap flights.

      No culture shock upon landing. People here speak Chinese and got Chinese culture. There’s Chinese food, Chinese entertainment and Chinese school some more.

      1. “can come here and become DAP members”? Are you joking? That statement lends credibility to the allegation that you are a DAP agent.

        Emphatically NO. Malaysia cannot under any circumstance be a safety valve to China’s population pressure and be a recipient of China’s poor. DAP has always been so-called championing the poor and the down trodden and succeeded in drawing most of their votes. Poorly educated and immersed with problems of daily survival, they have no time or deliberately refuse to understand gratitude, respect for the Constitution and the law.

        MCA and MIC Presidents have expressed their gratitude to the Malays for agreeing to the citizenship right for the non-Malays in Parliament in 1968 but not the DAP. Instead, the DAP tried to question the rights and privileges of the Malays, hogging subversive Lee Kuan Yew’s “Malaysian Malaysia” slogan wanting equality without acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays (extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak on the formation of Malaysia) and caused the race riots of 1969.

        Race relations have been fragile in this country for some time already, caused, in no small measure, by the words and deeds of DAP members and supporters – the phrase “anti-Malay and anti-Islam DAP” has been widely used not out of fun or laughter but in very serious tone and belief. They must not be allowed to get new supporters from arriving China’s poor. Or even the not-so-poor. Loyalty is problem even among the rich – Robert Kuok blatantly announced in Kajang that he is “twin-footed”, one foot in China.

        Joking or not, this comment serves to show a strong objection to any gullibility on the part of Malaysia.

        1. re: “Emphatically NO. Malaysia cannot under any circumstance be a safety valve to China’s population pressure and be a recipient of China’s poor.”

          Possibly YES, and why not?

          The scenario of Malaysia welcoming poor immigrants from China could become a reality if DAP succeeds in taking over Putrajaya.

          After all, the PAP government has opened Singapore’s doors to mainland Chinese labour. And Chinese nationals are buying land in Johor.

          There’s now a brouhaha over the Bangladeshi jobbers waiting to come to Malaysia. And there is some worry that the Banglas will intermarry with local women.

          Once the mainland Chinese come, intermarriage with local Chinese is even more convenient (less barriers) than Banglas marrying Malays who have a different language and different culture.

          With the absorption of mainland Chinese, the demographics of our country could UBAH in the blink of an eye.

          1. That is a scenario the DAP may be hoping for. But even if the Oppos win PRU14, even if bringing in China’s poor becomes their policy, implementation lies in the hands of others.

            Fiji had (still has?) an immigrant majority population, allowed by the British colonial rule. The party comprising majority immigrant-origin citizens won the general elections but they could not taste power. The Army grabbed power, ruled until the party of locals won and handed back power to the politicians.

            I cannot say more as it may contravene the Sedition Act.

          2. re: And Chinese nationals are buying land in Johor.

            May I add more? China company acquiring 1MDB power assets and Bandar Malaysia land. China company building the Penang Undersea Tunnel. China company expected to get the high speed rail KL-Singapore project. China Xiamen Uni building a campus in Sepang. China gomen to purchase Msia gomen bonds. China developer buying huge tracts of land in Johor.

            Who is responsible for the influx of Chinaman or investments into our country? I put the blame on federal government (as per the list above) except the Penang Undersea Tunnel.

            re: The scenario of Malaysia welcoming poor immigrants from China could become a reality if DAP succeeds in taking over Putrajaya.

            Don’t blame or attribute something which has not happen yet. Look at things that have already happen and see who is the party at fault.

            1. What to do?
              The Arabs were the first choice, but they are just looking for sweet heart deals. They don’t stay long term, their money is not where their mouth is, and they’ll flip assets at the first chance.

              Who knows why the China companies are highest bidders on all these projects.

              1. Investors, whether they are Chinese or Arabs, they will keep the assets for a certain period of time so that they can recoup their initial investments, after which they will milk the assets. When all is said and done, they will sell the assets to another party and exit. That’s how investors make money.

            2. Latest Chinaman deal in Malaysia. Acquisition of 51% stake in Shell Refining Co. Shell Global is exiting Malaysia and Chinaman coming in.

              Where are the Arabs? Where are the Indians (from India)? Heck, even China warships are entering our waters. Pandas from China are enjoying life in air-con bungalow. Ambassador is interfering in our local affairs yet no punitive action taken against him.

              Chinaman is ‘chinanising’ Malaysia indeed.

                1. Thanks. Learn a new word. Malaysians have to accept the fact that China is coming to Malaysia in a big way. In fact, China is Malaysia’s largest trading partner. This trend will continue in the years to come.

                  Shouldn’t the Malays be worried? Having to face the influence of the local Chinese and foreign Chinaman?

                  1. Are you gloating? What purpose do you hope to achieve by doing so? What is your question “Shouldn’t the Malays be worried?” ained at? Aimed at getting the goodwill of the Malays?

                    If you are trying to scare and cow them down, think again. Recent Malaysian history shows that they weren’t.

                    Avoid such kind of taunting and denigrating, will you? Your DAP kind of mentality does not bode well for long-term harmony and peace in this country.

                    1. re: Recent Malaysian history shows that they weren’t.

                      Maybe not all Malays are afraid. But some Malays are indeed afraid. They made statements to oppose the influx of foreign elements into Malaysia. Protest voices have been made by some Malays in relation to China’s influence:-

                      1. selling of 1MDB power assets;
                      2. selling of 1MDB Bandar Malaysia;
                      3. selling of Shell Refinery;
                      4. preferential treatment of panda;
                      5. invasion of China warships into Msian waters;
                      6. interference of China ambassador in the Red Shirt rally;
                      7. selling land in Johor to China developers.

                  2. Before China thinks they can tinker with S E Asia, let it be known that the Japanese will be ready to whack the Chinese at any given moment. Who do you think will help Japan in their raw material needs? Truly, Malaysian Chinese are delusional.

                    1. Oh, dear – another “opinion”?

                      Will Japan be ready to “whack the Chinese” if push comes to shove?

                      Or will they take cover under the US nuclear and anti-missile umbrella and rely on US forces to do the “heavy lifting”?

                      And how are Malaysian Chinese “delusional”?

                      Would you use the same label to tag Malaysians who commute daily to work in Singapore?

                      Just asking, see…….

      2. Good idea!

        Dear Komtar operatives- are you guys reading this? Do consider this policy when you guys take over PutraJaya come 2018 election, ha!

        On the serious note, I do think the Malays are afraid of Chinese nationals swarming little Malaysia given the gomen officials’ dilly-dally attitude in approving the visa-free facility for Chinese tourists.

  4. For a country to wield considerable influence, it must have a combination of both soft and hard power in sufficient amount. China may have a lot of hard power but it lags in soft.

    Don’t be mistaken by its large size. Ask any Malaysian Chinese if they admire China’s pop culture? I’ll bet the answer is No.

    GDP per capita is generally a better indicator than purely GDP. Hence, the continued soft power of the US, the previous craze of J-pop and the current K-pop phenomenon.

    That being said, it doesn’t mean that China won’t be, after all, it did before in the past millenia. But perhaps we’re jumping the gun this time, at least for the next couple of decades. 50 years on, who knows.

    1. The Economist – chart below – is confident that China is the world’s foremost superpower.

      If you’ll look through the mag, there are other graphs and charts comparing Red Dragon vs Uncle Sam.

      1. Economists the world over hardly agree with one another even on such things as inflation, deflation – there’s even such thing as “stagflation”.

        Gosh, 70-80 years on, they they are still arguing on the causes of the World Economic Depression of the 1930s.

        And now one forecast after another, the variables sometimes only God knows.

        Causes of stock markets ups and downs can even be some big guys waking up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning and offloading his tsocks.

        Often, it’s very much of “your opinion is as good as mine.”

  5. Helen – For the life of me, I don’t quite understand your relentless attack on “Annie”. I noticed “she” had stopped writing about you and did not even want to mention your name in “her” blog, but you continue to hurl accusations and slanders (yes slanders, because what you wrote about “her” were your opinions, and not FACTS) like there is no tomorrow.

    This stance of you, “either you are with me, or against me” doesn’t bode well with your “reputation” of being a fair and open minded blogger. Learn to agree to disagree!

    You mati-mati want to convince your readers that Annie is a fraud, by quoting others like this freaking ex DAP megalomaniac Norman Fernandez and another kaki-exaggerate blogger Syed, but you are never able to provide a concrete proof that Annie is a fraud. I am still not convinced that she is what she is not as you claimed.

    I know this your blog, and you write what you like, but if you continue this line of juvenile incessant attacks on other blogger who does not want even to talk about you in her blog, the readers will eventually grow tired of you. I am!

    Take this as a constructive criticism, please. Move on. “She” did.

    1. re: “Helen – For the life of me, I don’t quite understand your relentless attack on ‘Annie’.”

      Setem – For the life of me, I don’t quite understand how you can fail to see that it is Annie Anakin in cahoots with the DAP cytros who relentlessly attacking me. You’re blinded by your animus against Najib and taking the Protun side.

      They even update ‘hourly’ (figure of speech) over there on what I blog here, and their smearing against me is endless.

      re: “I noticed ‘she’ had stopped writing about you …”

      Lelaki itu selalu cakap tak serupa bikin, you tak perasan ke? Annie said he would “go off the radar” for CNY kononnya because he’s (FRAUD) Chinese celebrating pineapples. Well, that’s what he said.

      What he actually did was blog like a headless chicken every day – some of his postings sniding at me – throughout the festive when the real Chinese took a week off. What I’m stating is fact. You can counter-check with Annie’s archives.

      re: “and did not even want to mention your name in ‘her’ blog”

      What he did was even worse and sneakier, i.e. name-calling “Ah Soh”, “DAP operative” (SLANDER!), the “smelly” person (more slander) and other nasty and demeaning labels.

      re: “but you continue to hurl accusations and slanders (yes slanders, because what you wrote about “her” were your opinions, and not FACTS) like there is no tomorrow.”

      In the first place, you haven’t noticed, meh, that I did not post articles for more than a week? Annie was posting daily. I took time out and yet you accuse me of hurling accusations “like there’s no tomorrow”.

      You’re like the moviegoer who believes that the cowboys are the heroes and the Red Indians were the bad guys.

      And in the second place, I’ve already asked you to evaluate for internal coherence. e.g.

      Annie claims in his Blogspot biodata that he is an “educator” who works in the “education industry”. Those of us who know Annie’s identity say that he is a political reporter.

      Annie recently blogged that he was in Sg Limau, Kedah for the whole duration of the DUN’s 2013 by-election. Is that consistent with an educator or a political reporter?

      Other facets of internal incoherence. Annie claimed to be petite (something like 45kg) but at the same time claimed to ride a big bike from Kuantan to JB. Laki ke pompuan?

      One of the regular readers Onsleuth remembered that Annie wrote about his favourite WW2 fighter plane. Is this hobby/interest more consistent with a guy or a gal?

      It is you who continue to harass me.

      This stance of you, ‘either you are with me, or against me’ doesn’t bode well with your ‘reputation’ of being a fair and open minded blogger.”

      My “reputation of being a fair and open minded blogger” is well deserved and well earned. At this juncture, we really have to pick sides (not if you’re an ordinary person, but if you’re a political operative or have any political stake, then ‘Yes’ you need to).

      Annie, by allowing his blog reader space to be hijacked by Dapsters, is like Anakin. He has gone over to the Dark Side.

      Tun is determined to chop off Najib’s head. I dunno to what extent further Najib will retaliate. But it’s obvious there’s no neutral ground anymore.

      My line on the sand is simple: DAP is ‘them’ while the establishment is ‘us’.

      Protuns should be regarded as a lost cause (like Chinese voters) and their GE14 votes written off. To make up for the shortfall, Umno must close ranks with PAS and the Islamists against DAP who is anti-Malay and anti-Islam.

      re: “Learn to agree to disagree!”

      Hullo, fren. You’ve been vehemently disagreeing with me here how many years already. Don’t tell me that from your own personal experience, you’re unable to accept that I’m democratic?

      re: “You mati-mati want to convince your readers that Annie is a fraud, by quoting others like this freaking ex DAP megalomaniac Norman Fernandez and another kaki-exaggerate blogger Syed, but you are never able to provide a concrete proof that Annie is a fraud.”

      I’ve already said,


      Ask the execs in Media Prima, they know. Ask the senior editors in NST, they know. Ask the Umno bloggers, they know. Ask the Ministry pol-secs or press secs, they know. In fact, Annie himself even bragged about having contacts in the PMO.

      If I’m not telling the truth, do you think that I’d be confident enough to challenge you to ask anybody?

      re: “I am still not convinced that she is what she is not as you claimed.”

      He (male pronoun). You truly have a blind spot that prevents you from realizing that Annie cakap tak serupa bikin. He said he doesn’t want to blog about politics but continues doing so. He said he doesn’t want to be a part of the negativity but has allowed his blog to become a toxic Dapster dump.

      You got any friends who are senior Umno bloggers or not? Anyone who has had some experience handling the backend (admin) of a political blog can tell straight off the bat that the Anons populating Life of Annie are the same, repetitive DAP cytros.

      re: “I know this your blog, and you write what you like, but if you continue this line of juvenile incessant attacks on other blogger”

      Juvenile? There you go again. It is Annie’s self-validating poll, his taunting “smelly”, old spinster and other mengumpat as well as his warning to male readers not to visit that is Drama King and J-U-V-E-N-I-L-E.

      re: “going on about who does not want even to talk about you in her blog”

      Annie is now heavily censoring comments that question his gender. And spiking comments that mention my name is a juvenile trick, because those comments that do not pass Annie’s moderation are really the comments that question his authenticity.

      How can you fail to notice that after Annie’s slash-and-burn censorship, the commenters left proliferating in Life of Annie are Mr Alphabet Soup and his Anon sidekick.

      re: “the readers will eventually grow tired of you. I am!”

      On the contrary, if you keep on harassing me and siding the ‘cowboy’, then the readers will be able to see how the anti-Najibers have blinkers on, and how Protuns are unable to see that it is Annie whom the readers are growing tired of.

      Read …

      Rocky recently took to task “this cybertrooper and RedBeanArmy era, [where] we have too many monkeys with fancy keyboards making use of the cover provided by Anonymous to spam your space”.

      Note: Annie’s blog is filled with Anons. My commenters are established names and some regulars whom you’ve been acquainted with for years.

      re: “Take this as a constructive criticism, please. Move on. ‘She’ did.”

      He did not. If you genuinely think that he so much as did, then your judgment is flawed, on top of your being very gullible. I repeat: Annie Anakin is a LIAR and a FRAUD.

      I advocate the Najib administration to take a hardline, and for Najib to become a war general because the number of Malays who ikut rasa rather than thinking logically and rationally

      e.g. Annie’s grandmother stories failing to add up when there’s never been any photo of Annie and you all pembaca taksub only teruja dengan his cute Japanese anime avatar and Annie failed to show his konon ‘Chinese’ grandfather’s photo (only showing grandpa’s pineapple) and not a single Umno blogger has stepped forward to vouch for Annie.

      Given this evident failure in judgment over the Annie vs Helen contestation, I rather doubt your ability to make a critical political appraisal with enough wisdom and foresight. Hence I’m afraid a critical mass of Malays will make a ‘wrong’ (as in makan diri) evaluation/decision concerning the future of our country.

      Thus I support the Najib administration’s approach to take no prisoners.

      1. It is obvious that you can’t stop stalking Annie’s blog. You are obsessed with her. You are obsessed with ProTuns. Your are obsessed with anyone not agreeing with you.

        Once you were anti BN. Then you claimed you are now pro BN. What will you turn next? A few commenters in Annie’s blog are dead right about you.

        You could be probably a Trojan horse of someONE.

        1. re: “It is obvious that you can’t stop stalking Annie’s blog.”

          Setem, it is obvious to any neutral and intelligent thinking observer that it is Annie who has allowed his blog to be hijacked by the DAP cytros as their platform to slander me.

          I took more than a week off for CNY. Throughout the celebration period and even on Day One of CNY, Annie and his new collaborators (Dapster ‘brothers in arms’) were conducting their smear campaign against me. Annie’s incessant output is something you can easily check in his blog archives.

          Who is stalking whom? The Malay man frantically blogging every day during the festive break or the genuine Chinese woman who took time out and enjoyed her holidays going to the movies?

          You are the one hurling unfounded accusations against me.

          re: “You are obsessed with her.”

          Annie is a man and he has been smearing me in dozens of postings. All his repetitive “smelly Ah Soh” / wet dog personal insults are a clear indicator of who is obsessed with whom.

          Like Norman said, I don’t hide behind Anon or a fictitious persona. Similarly, I don’t hide when I call Annie out as a liar and a fraud. I’m willing to spell it out that it is ‘Annie’ who is the liar and the fraud.

          Annie, on the other hand, is sneaky and wants to attack me but avoids fingering by name and instead referring to Ah Soh, Smelly and other demeaning nicknames.

          My public identity is established. Annie does not even have a ‘real’ photo in his Blogspot profile. He uses a Japanese anime as his avatar. Annie has never published his photo or his Chinese grandpa (ganti diri dengan gambar “pineapple” pula) and anything from the family to even remotely bolster his claim that he is a mixed-race Chinese woman.

          The fact that until today you are still not able to ascertain Annie’s identity and gender only goes to show how little networking you have in the political circles. I already said, why don’t you ASK KHALED NORDIN’S BOYS WHAT ANNIE WANTED FROM THEM.

          re: “You are obsessed with ProTuns.”

          As one example of the Protun, you’ve proven conclusively how blinkered by hate (for Najib) you all are, so much so that you’re unable to evaluate a situation rationally.

          You yourself told us that your comments to Annie’s blog did not pass his moderation when you queried about his identity. Compare lah.

          All – EVERY SINGLE ONE! – of your comments to my blog has been published without any censorship of any single word, and I answer you in detail toe-to-toe. Your comments in Annie’s blogs were spiked (not published).

          Like this also you dunno how to appraise which blogger is more credible. Sad case lah you Setem.

          re: “You are obsessed with anyone not agreeing with you.”

          Norman Fernandez has already said that he disagrees with me on many, many things. Why don’t you ask Norman what he thinks of your outrageous statement that Helen is obsessed with anyone not agreeing with her.

          re: “Once you were anti BN.”

          Yes, I was. And just a couple of years ago, the Dapster evangelistas were so gungho pro-PAS that they wore PAS headbands and loudly proclaimed that they loved PAS people like their own Christian brothers and sisters.

          I was anti-BN before DAP came to power. If they did not control any state government as yet, how could I have possibly known or foreseen how ruthless and power hungry they are?

          Once DAP got entrenched in power, their true colours showed up very quickly.

          re: “Then you claimed you are now pro BN.”

          I’ve already made it clear — we need to choose one side or the other. The contents of my blog are pro-BN.

          The contents of Annie’s blog have become anti-BN following the rejection of Annie’s services offered to Khaled Nordin and to the PMO. That’s the reaction of rejected Malay yang merajuk.

          re: “What will you turn next?”

          Who is the one who turned? From being anti-Islamic state and anti-hudud, DAP made a 180-degree reversal to sleep in the same bed as PAS.

          And now that they’ve realised their differences are irreconcilable, the DAP has made yet another 180-degree reversal and attacking Hadi Awang and the ulamas as mortal enemies. So it is DAP that turned and turned again.

          And as Pemuda MCA pointed out, last time DAP called MCA leaders “traitors to the Chinese community” for wearing songkok at official functions. Today, it is the DAP evangelista YBs who wear tudung to Occupy Masjid. Who changed? Who turned?

          Who shifted the Chinese 95 percent to become stridently anti-establishment in a tsunamic wave? Last time at the height of its popularity, MCA maybe got around 40-45 percent Chinese support. Didn’t 40 percent of the Chinese “turn” – moving from MCA to DAP?

          Have you forgotten that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction? I’m reacting against the Chinese herd instinct because they’re delusionally running themselves off a cliff like lemmings. At least I have enough rationality to pull the brakes.

          If DAP is now behaving like neo-Zionists, why should I continue supporting them even though I voted oppo in 2004 and 2008?

          re: “A few commenters in Annie’s blog are dead right about you.”

          Oh. So now you’re admitting that Annie’s blog is a platform for the DAP cytros to incessantly character assassinate me. If, like you gullibly claim, Annie is not interested in mentioning even my name, then nobody in Annie’s blog would keep on talking about me 24/7, right?

          re: “You could be probably a Trojan horse of someONE.”

          And you’re like one of the moviegoers who swallows hook, line and sinker the Hollywood propaganda that the cowboys are the good guys and the Red Indians are the bad guys.

          Similarly, the Protuns are allowing themselves to be duped by the DAP black ops and made a mule of the DAP in the ride to Putrajaya.

          Dulu PAS dikaldaikan oleh DAP untuk mendapat laluan percuma kepada orang Melayu di ruang-ruang ibadah mereka yang tidak layak dijejaki orang kafir yang belum mengambil wuduk. Sekarang pula, ianya kelompok Protun yang diperdaya untuk mengusung DAP atas tandu.

      2. Helen,

        re: ” Is this hobby/interest more consistent with a guy or a gal?”

        That statement is so perverse coming from a female!

        It is against ALL females not just a single female!

        So what if a female likes riding big superbikes?

        So what if a female like fighter planes?

        I guess you object to females who have an interest in fixing their own cars, right?

        Gosh, it would be like me saying that Helen Ang’s political views are silly because she is a woman!!

        Women can do almost anything a man can do.

        Conversely, a man can do almost anything a woman can do.

        I like sewing, does that make me effeminate?


        What if I told you I like designing and sewing different types of punchbags and martial arts protection gear?

        I consider it stupid for us to sometimes hold gender-based views.

        To me, the biggest difference between a male and a female is that a male produces sperm needed to fertilise the egg in a female’s womb.

        It requires a male and a female to procreate.

        Beyond procreation, there is very little to differentiate the male or female.

        I like to think that I respect the skills and abilities of males and females equally.

        1. re: “So what if a female likes riding big superbikes?”

          It depends on your size and height. Rocky for example is a six-footer. Since the “Little Lady of the Valley” has been portraying himself as petite and featherweight, it’s obvious the fictional Annie’s legs wouldn’t even reach the ground to sit astride on a big bike.

          The pix below of Hannah Yeoh’s aide sekadar gambar hiasan.

          re: “Gosh, it would be like me saying that Helen Ang’s political views are silly because she is a woman!!”

          Helen Ang (and Joceline Tan) write professionally. We don’t whinge about our menstrual pains. Annie’s charade at being feminine is way over the top.

    2. For fcuk sake, say what you like about Helen, she do not hide behind an anonymous or fictitious persona. Even, I do not agree with many many of her views but I respect her right to free speech.

      By contract, Annie is a fraudster from the onset. Baiting the readers claiming “she” is a female Malay of mixed parentage, when in truth the vermin is a Malay Male, former journalist at a poorly circulating English paper who got kicked out after “her” incessant attack against the present Johor Menteri Besar. “She” could have written with courage but alas “she” thought the way forward was to be a “Melayu tipu Melayu. Thus the reason for many Malay males like Hj Zin from Melaka to endear to “her”. This Hj, must be feeling like a right ‘ol jackass” for being made a fool.

      As for me I have been proven right on my judgement of PAS and DAP fooling Chinese on PAS. I need say no more. I WAS spot on and right. I am entitled to gloat and no abuse is going to wear me down now.

      1. You think too much of yourself of thinking you were the only one that knew DAP were taking the Chinese for a ride as far as believing in PAS.

        I would say that you were as gullible as the Chinese to believe in DAP in the first place.

        No need to gloat.

      2. Hv you got any real proof that Annie is a Malay male former newspaper reporter? What Outsidethebox said is no proof at all.

        Are you not trying to divide the Malays by using such phrase as ““Melayu tipu Melayu”? If so, that’s seditious, you know.

        Good that you left the anti-Malay, anti-Islam DAP that caused the race riots of 1969. But your mentality is still DAP-ish, not helpful for nation building.

        But I don’t mind you saying “DAP fooling the Chinese”. Anytime.

        Double standard? No. Just anti-DAP. And anything DAP-ish.

          1. Why just “a clue”? If it is a solid fact, why worry about being sued and the like?

            I’m also interested to know whether the she is a he. If so, the whole gamut of views and opinions – even facts – expressed in her or his blog will become hogwash.

            To be fair, until and unless the truth is established beyond reasonable doubt (not asking beyond “all” doubt), they remain as they are.

            1. re: “To be fair, until and unless the truth is established beyond reasonable doubt”

              In what way has Annie ever even established his identity credibly?

              ‘Annie’ is an Anon name. Do you know Annie’s real name? (to play along with your belief in the charade) Namanya (?) binti (?)

              Any photos of Annie? Takde. Only a cartoon avatar.

              Did he ever say where he worked?

              What did he work as? Kata dalam biodata dia kerja sebagai “educator” but blogs about spending the entire by-election campaign period in Sg Limau, Kedah. And doing political propaganda work for Ghani Othman.

              Claim to work in the “education” sector but his blogroll dotted with NST Johor reporters.

              Anybody can claim to be anything. Lim Sian See also claimed to be a woman. And his name is not really Lim SIan See either.

              But unlike Annie who is digging the hole deeper and deeper for himself by piling on more lies to cover the earlier lies, at least Lim Sian See had the grace to own up and move on.

              And you’re right to say that Annie’s Chinese grandmother stories are hogwash.

              His political observations are alright. Everybody is entitled to their personal take. Only Annie got too big headed that he knows Umno Johor politics better than an armchair numbers cruncher, and egotistic about patrolling his political turf.

  6. re: “China has the clout and no world power can stop its economic tentacle. Today, Malaysia which is on a fire-sale is being snapped up by China and come 2030, China may be able to buy up the whole of Malaysia with still change to spare. Malays on the other hand will be hard-pressed to compete, what more Malays will not have the skills and education required to compete.”

    We have cause to be really worried. Time for serious introspection nationwide followed by thoroughgoing housekeeping. Poorly educated young people leads to ineffectual citizens and a weak democracy.

    1. Unfortunately for Malaysia, we have an economy that is best described as rentier capitalism. All domestic banks bar 2 are either state owned or state dominated banks, thus providing a perfect avenue for the financing of extravagant projects of a certain ethnic group. Then look at the privatisation of public infrastructure such as roads/highways and water services etc. These too are now under the sway of that ethnic group. The highway concessionaires are from that ethnic group, This is no baseless accusations. Just visit the websites of the monopolies and you’ll know who these people really are. The savaging of our public education system is intentional while at the same time privatized education is promoted. Why is that the case ? Knowing that a majority of the people cannot afford the cost of private education, savaging the public education system serves the very purpose of creating a class of citizens doomed to servitude thus perpetuating the power of the ruling class, which without question is now dominated by the very ethnic group now dominating the political sphere.

      1. A lot of high falutin’ mumbo jumbo, innit? And the whole thing in just one paragraph. Ain’t that telling the kind of thinking?

        The savaging of our public education system is intentional? Really? What proof, pray tell.

        serves the very purpose of creating a class of citizens doomed to servitude? How come? Just accuse, no explanation? Where got?

        thus perpetuating the power of the ruling class? What power? How about economic power? You wanna more, more and more, everything? Ultra kiasu? How can?

        Won’t even mention Malays, eh? Just saying .. the very ethnic group now dominating the political sphere. No kira the Chinese and Indians in the BN set up, with proportionate share of Cabinet posts? What you talkin’, man?

        1. The PISA rankings are open to scrutiny.

          As too the relative rankings of Malaysian public universities in the Asian pantheon…… Singapore (again!) being a case in point.

          “Economic power”? Something that the US and the West possess in quantity? With Malaysia etc desperately scrambling to keep up, let alone catch up.

          You want “high falutin’ mumbo jumbo”, mate? Take a gander at some of the more esoteric utterances of Malaysian Ministers!

    2. “Malays will not have the skills and education required to compete.”

      But thanks to the NEP, Malays have been increasing their stock of people qualified in all categories of the profession. From only half of a Malay doctor to every five non-Malays (1 in 5) in 1970 when the NEP started, there are now hordes of Malay doctors at the hospitals, and as specialists, too. So are the Malay engineers, accountants, lawyers etc, including those with Master’s and PhD degrees. So many at the Universities and the NGOs.

      Among those calling for Najib to be replaced are the many disenchanted, even frustrated, at him placing the NEP at the back burner. In this regard, good that even DAP wants Najib replaced.

      In business too, although parity is nowhere at the end of the tunnel yet. Competition there will be but the NEP and the Special Position of the Malays must continue to be there so long as the citizenship right for the non-Malays is there. That was the quid pro quo.

      1. And that is increasing Malaysia’s competitiveness and ability to attract FDI how?

        If the situation wrt the economy is that rosy, why would the government want to sign up for the TPP, RCEP, OBOR etc?

        I agree that ALL (emphasis on “ALL”) should get the best possible education that they can.

        More than that, they should understand that education is a lifelong process and doesn’t stop after one leaves school, polytechnic or university. Business, science and technology doesn’t stop developing and Malaysians have to keep up or opt out.

        Just look at the repeated exhortations of the Singapore government for the need for Singaporeans to embrace “life-long education” and “reskilling”.

        1. Not apologetic this time – like mentioning “Singapore again!”?

          Quit comparing tiny Singapore ruled by Lee Kuan Yew under an Iron Hand, “Big Brother on The Wall”, Opposition MPs sued to bankruptcy etc, with relatively vast Malaysia facing problems much more complex but not known as Iron Hand-ruled, no threats to send foreign correspondents to the prison on Pulau Senang like LKY did.

          Agree with you education is damn important but the rest of what you say is clouded by your mention of The Red Dot down below.

          1. But “tiny Singapore” is doing relatively well compared with the rest of the region, is it not?

            Let’s not even dwell on the “strong” Singapore Dollar, the tiny red dot’s trifecta of triple-A credit ratings, the best (by far) airport and sea port in the region and a government that is always looking to the future (Committee on the Future Economy) and the next big thing (being in the IT field, I will mention 5G mobile networks and the Internet of Things).

            What is so “complicated” about Malaysia that it cannot see which way the winds are blowing and why it persists in the delusion that it’s “business as usual”?

            I would be inclined to say that LKY and his colleagues did a damn fine job with the cards that they were dealt!

    3. Agree that ” Poorly educated young people leads to ineffectual citizens and a weak democracy.”

      More than that, they lead to mat rempitism (many among the Malays), secret societies, thugs and gangsters (many among the Chinese and the Indians).

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