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Isma: “Orang Cina tak boleh terima Islam sebagai agama negara”

Perbincangan oleh timbalan presiden Isma Tuan Haji Aminuddin Yahaya di forum ‘Perkauman, Bangsa dan Islam’


Disyorkan baca … DAP Kristian Zionis


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87 thoughts on “Isma: “Orang Cina tak boleh terima Islam sebagai agama negara”

  1. Bukan orang Cina – Cina DAP yang tak boleh terima Islam sebagai agama negara.

    Mereka dah lama di katakan sebagai anti-Melayu, anti-Islam dan menyebabkan pergaduhan kaum 13 Mei 1969.

    Tidak boleh di nafikan apa yang tertera di Perkara 3 Perlembagaan negara – “Islam ada lah agama Persekutuan ini (Malaysia)”.

    1. Akim,

      re,Bukan orang Cina – Cina DAP yang tak boih terima Islam sebagai agama negara.

      95% orang Cina menyokong DAP dalam PRU 13 . Menyokong berarti bersetuju dengan ideloji DAP, but they say they love PM.

      1. 95% orang Cina menyokong DAP dalam PRU 13? Can you you give a reliable link? (Saya gunakan BI di komen ini dan berikut nya sebab mahukan penganut DAP yang tak hormat kan BM faham sepenuhnya.)

        Who says they love PM? The blinkered DAP members and ardent supporters certainly don’t.

        Very many of the rest who formed the Chinese tsunami have been brainwashed by the nasty DAP propaganda of hating the Malays and Islam, hating anything with Malay dominance including the Civil Service, the Police and the Armed Forces.

        Yet they don’t want to join Government Service on grounds of low pay (been said so in some comments in here), or the Police and the Armed Forces, presumably because of the tradition of hating the Establishment l foreigners in South China where they originated from – the Manchus who ruled China for several hundred years were foreign, and the Malays are not their own kind, too.

        The DAP made only propaganda – sham attempt – at getting them to turn up at Armed Forces recruitment interviews.

        There will not be long term harmony and peace in the country so long as DAP keeps that mentality – they caused the race riots of 1969.

        1. DAP is with PAS in PRU 13 ,what made you say they, ( DAP members only) hate Islam .
          PAS even love DAP then , because DAP MP’s can recite verses from the Quran to their crowd .

          1. Dear ismailhjjaafar (if you are really a Malay, as clicking your nic produces that name and a lot of masquerading by DAP),

            DAP colluding with PAS in a general election does not mean their members love Islam. Or even truly loves PAS. Didn’t you see the way DAP treated PAS, Hudud and Hadi? Lim Kit Siang shouting “Never” and Karpal Singh shouting “Over my dead body” to Hudud? No doubt Karpal is dead now but the DAP dislike for Hudud remains.

            Lim Guan Eng bullied Hadi who refused to attend meetings of Pakatan pucuk pimpinan for over 6 months and, when PAS Muktamar lambasted DAP, he kicked PAS out and declared Pakatan dead even without consulting PKR.

            Now, who says PAS even loved DAP then? It’s shallow thinking to assume PAS loved DAP just because 1-2 DAP MPs can recite 1-2 verses of the Qur’an to the crowd.

            1. “DAP colluding with PAS in a general election does not mean their members love Islam. Or even truly loves PAS. Didn’t you see the way DAP treated PAS, Hudud and Hadi? Lim Kit Siang shouting “Never” and Karpal Singh shouting “Over my dead body” to Hudud? No doubt Karpal is dead now but the DAP dislike for Hudud remains.”

              Love Islam = Love Hudud?

              1. Hudud is not a part of Islam?

                Do you know that it’s mentioned in the Qur’an?

                Double compounded ignorance.

              2. Dr. Chandra Muzaffar in his book “Rights, Religion and Reform: Enhancing Human Dignity through Spiritual and Moral Transformation” addresses the specificity of hudud laws in the holistic religion which the blessed Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. conveyed to humanity :


                The proponents of hudud laws have created the erroneous impression that hudud laws are central to Islam, that they define the character and identity of an Islamic state and society.

                If we examined the growth and spread of Islam, how Islamic civilisation sustained its dynamic spirit for centuries, and what led to its eventual decline, we get a different picture of the role of hudud in the religion.

                The spread of Islam from Spain to China within one hundred years of Prophet Muhammad’s death – more rapid than the spread of any other religion in history – was not due to some inherent attraction to hudud laws. Islam came as a liberator to all sorts of people suffering from oppression and persecution. This was how the religion was perceived by the Persians, for instance, just as it brought a measure of equality to the Egyptians who for centuries had been groaning under the yoke of unjust social structures maintained by the Greeks and Romans. The promise of justice, equality and freedom, enhanced no doubt by the compassion and tolerance of Sufi saints, played a major role in the diffusion of Islam as a faith, an ideology and a way of life. Or, in the words of H.G. Wells:

                “Islam prevailed because it was the best social and political order the times could offer. It prevailed because everywhere it found politically apathetic peoples, robbed, oppressed, bullied, uneducated and unorganized and it found selfish and unsound governments out of touch with any people at all. It was the broadest, freshest and cleanest political idea that had yet come into actual activity in the world and it offered better terms than any other to the masses of mankind.”

                It was primarily because of what it did for human dignity and social justice that Islam flourished as a great world civilisation between the eighth and fourteenth centuries. There was, however, another reason too. At its Zenith, Islam exercised Overwhelming Command over All Types of Knowledge. A vast corpus of knowledge applied to commerce and the economy, science and education, the military and administration gave Islamic civilisation the strength and resilience to withstand various trials and tribulations. Hudud, understood today as modes of punishment associated with criminal law, cannot claim to have helped preserve the quintessence of Islamic civilisation.

                1. “islam came as a liberator…we believe u communist would have the utmost understanding” tis is what some muslim told wang meng, a former china minister of culture n an author, recently when he visited middle east, wang meng thot maybe wealth n better living std is the best solution, tis happen to chinese under ccp leadership after mao. however i guess muslim, or some muslim have a totally different way of life n wants compare to chinese (at the current stage).


                    This retired Minister of Culture is a humanist. It seems he escaped the tribulations of Mao Tse Tung’s cultural revolution. I think many Chinese, have only in the last two decades escaped the communist clout into a global economy and cosmopolitan ideas – they do not yet understand the religion of Islam nor Buddhism or Confucianism for that matter. Worst still, is that Wahhabism and Islamist radicalism have stormed into the world stage with the proliferation of petrodollars from Saudi Arabia. Chinese Muslims are affected by these negative influences just as the poor muslim populations of Mindanao and Africa.

    2. so macammana mau tau itu cina dap, itu cina bukan dap?

      i think all chinese are the same, they dont want malays power. Chinese only wants power by themselves.

      Look! I predict in a nother decades, chinese will mobilising and take over maalysia.

      Soon bye bye malays. You just keep amassing wealth as long you can before the fallen of yur power, and be corrupt as long you able to corrupt on par with the chinese, keep supporting the chinese for the sake of money and position. Yu can be the good buddy to the chinese and chinese are not stupid, they will give you everything but they know finally this type of malays only good to be on their claypot, or wok waited to be made “gulai” after you’re powerless and when chinese grab the power.

      Whther the malays are from umno or pkr, pan or some pas members, chinese will use all these malays to the fullest.

      Chinese gains everything regardless on which malay sides they sleep with.

      A clear sign malays going to submit to chinese in a few years to come.

      Helen, it is not a difficult maths to see this.

      1. Simplistic mind is tolerable if not bad-intentioned and seditious, otherwise it belongs to the gutter.

        China has had 3,500 years of written history and the largest population on earth yet has been conquered and ruled by the Mongols for 80 years in the 13th century and by the Manchus for several hundred years until the early 20th century. Misery and suffering prevailed until Maoist communists ruled, were treated like pariahs by the West until only 1-2 decades ago.

        The Mainland Chinese tried to build an island with a runaway and jetty in the South China Seas but have not been unbridled and not shouted at.

        Saying “chinese will mobilising and take over maalysia.” is DAP-ish language, standard of English, corrupted and sick mentality of a high order.

      2. Mister, you say:
        “Whether the malays are from umno or pkr, pan or some pas members, chinese will use all these malays to the fullest. Chinese gains everything regardless on which malay sides they sleep with.”

        Please let me inform you not all Chinese are of one kind, and I think is clear that not all Malays are of one kind, or any other race also. Allow me to quote from the ancient Tao Te Ching wisdom, chapter 2

        When the world knows beauty as beauty, ugliness arises
        When it knows good as good, evil arises
        Thus being and non-being produce each other
        Difficult and easy bring about each other
        Long and short reveal each other
        High and low support each other
        Music and voice harmonize each other
        Front and back follow each other
        * (meaning the world and existence is polarized)
        Therefore the sages
        Manage the work of detached actions
        Conduct the teaching of no words
        They work with myriad things but do not control
        They create but do not possess
        They act but do not presume
        They succeed but do not dwell on success
        * (meaning that holiness comes from unselfish intelligence)
        It is because they do not dwell on success
        That it never goes away

    3. Islam like Christianity originated from the Arabs and the Jews. Even as we r speaking the news is that the Jews hv shot dead 3 Arab teenagers. Do we Malays want to be part of this mess?
      The islam that Isma is propagating is IS islam, they r probably looking to set up a caliphate too. The malay islam is p ramlee and saloma islam. Tawfik Ismail will be the perfect secular PM as he dont double talk like Maha keeling. In fact T I accurately pin pointed MK was responsible 4 whiiping malay women for drinking carslberg while opening beer factories in malaysia.
      in fact it is Marina Mahathir’s father’s hudud that allows raped women accuser to be charged if the rape was not witness by 4men in kl in 2016!
      The evil of This indian is obvious when gambling chinese tokay kissed him while malays are jaIled for openly buying toto.
      Dosa bukan jenayah. Kerajaan BN tidak boleh ampunkan dosa. Denda Umno tidak menghapuskan dosa zina, minum arak, tak sembahyang. Hanya tuhan yang boleh ampunkan dosa kita.
      Ini asas ugama ma…

      1. re: “Maha keeling. In fact T I accurately pin pointed MK was responsible 4 whiiping malay women for drinking carslberg while opening beer factories in malaysia.”

        I don’t see any connection between the punishment and beer factories, and Kartika was not caned in any case. She was pardoned.

        re: “in fact it is Marina Mahathir’s father’s hudud that allows raped women accuser to be charged if the rape was not witness by 4men in kl in 2016!”

        There is no hudud in Malaysia, so your statement is not factual / inaccurate. Don’t lah simply tembak like that at Tun.

        1. minum arak & berkhalwat are part of hudud offences in malaysia.
          hukum potong tangan kerana mencuri tidak boleh dibuat lagi kerana ia bercanggah dgn undeng2 sibil.(sudah ada hukuman).

          1. Noted. I was thinking of the Kelantan and Terengganu hudud enactments which, at the present time, cannot be enforced.

            1. Dear Helen, god forgive u 4 yr ignorance on Mahathir’s cruel and senseless hudud for Malay women and girls. As indian he has no idea about malay culture or hv any empathy towards malay women. Tun Fatimah were modern malay women who fought alongside the malay men against the christians invaders from europe. Let me explain that it si existing Mahathir hudud which no sane malays would agree to but it is passed by UMNO,MCA&MIC. Typical keeling mind he konon condemned kelantan hudud laws but Anwar ibrahim whose father is also indian migrant and chinese mother, wanted his sodomised victim to be charged for reporting him when no 4 men were watching. Mahathir and UMNO tried to take the religious power of the Sultans but luckily malay sultans enjoy life and commute the whipping.
              Helen just because u r not dating or having active sex life, you should deprive others of their privacy. Just recently Malacca IS department claimed they checked EVERY room looking for young women and asking their religion in malacca hotels. If they are malays théy will take their panties as evidence.
              Chinese or indians who look and speak good malay,they hv to prove they are not islam.
              IDEAS CEO told how IS officers knocked loudly on his hotel room door and insisted on looking at his mother aurat!
              This IS islam. Théy then left his room because the woman he was with was old? without asking for identification.
              My point is IS islam are perverted fanatics encouraged by mahathir.
              Please do not be flippant about the freedom of drinking and eating of the malay woman. It took many liberal malays to push the Sultan to commute the injustice to malay women by IS officers.
              What about beer factories? Well is it justice to cane malay women when Mahathir allowed beer freely available and then punish the malay woman when she had a taste?
              The point is that the poor, the marginalised, women bore the brunt of hypocrites muslim like Mahathir. Poor and teenage Malay women are targetted by IS officers becuz they cannot afford the privacy of bungalows or gated houses to have sex.
              Mahathir use religion as opiate for the malays while he enjoy the kisses from chinese gambling kings.

              1. re: “Dear Helen, god forgive u 4 yr ignorance on Mahathir’s cruel and senseless hudud for Malay women and girls.”

                Nanti I spike your comment, you complain pula no ‘freedom of speech’ in my blog. But you’re taxing my patience with your outrageous claims.

                I don’t see how you can link Tun to “cruel and senseless hudud”. Under his watch, hudud was stalled in Kelantan and Terengganu.

                re: “…Anwar ibrahim whose father is also indian migrant and chinese mother, wanted his sodomised victim to be charged for reporting him when no 4 men were watching.”

                That’s Anwar. That’s not Tun.

                And in the second place, Anwar as Pakatan leader once again wanted the guy responsible for the leaked China Doll sex tape to be charged for qazaf.

                re: “Helen just because u r not dating or having active sex life, you should deprive others of their privacy.”

                Are you saying this because you peeped into my bedroom window?

                re: “Just recently Malacca IS department claimed they checked EVERY room looking for young women and asking their religion in malacca hotels. If they are malays théy will take their panties as evidence.”

                I really don’t know where you get your stories.

                re: “IDEAS CEO told how IS officers knocked loudly on his hotel room door and insisted on looking at his mother aurat!”

                You must be a Dapster embellishing stories. Do you know what ‘aurat’ means?

                re: “What about beer factories? Well is it justice to cane malay women when Mahathir allowed beer freely available and then punish the malay woman when she had a taste?”

                It was not Dr Mahathir who punished the woman, for heaven’s sake. It was the Pahang Islam state department and the Syariah Court, and not even when Tun was PM.

                1. “I dont see how you link Tun…hudud stalled in Trengganu and Kelantan”

                  You right hudyd was stalled in Trengganu and Kelantan but what most people dont realised Mahathir passed in Parliament his own hudud where Malay women must bring 4 male witnesses while they are raped. This idiot of pelakun didnt even read his own islamic syariah. There are IS fanatics in Jakim who created this UMNO syariah and was passed by parliament. The proof? Anwar Ibrahim quote this mahathir hudud when Saiful reported he was sodomised! And why saiful was not qazaf? The shorty golf lover minister said mahathir qazaf law only applicable for women!

                  “Are you saying… bedroom?”
                  Far from it. Just an educated guess. Some people are married to their computers…

                  There is no sin in Shelly Bassy… or is it celibacy?

                  “I dont know …your stories”
                  It s the fake religious sex angle that draw readers.
                  Its all harian metro,sinar harian. You must read these papers to understand malays.

                  “I dont know where you get your stories”

                  Its all on you tube ma… these IS officers puling blankets off malay girl.

                  “IDEAS CEO ………. mother aurat”

                  Just google ma.. his mother was sleeping with her tudung off.
                  Why not ask him yourself. Dont be lazy.

                  “It was not Mahathir………..Tun was PM.”
                  The fanatics planned for mahathir hudud for WP to be copied by State IS. Pahang one of the states.
                  Dont say you dont read Tawfik Ismail interview where he told Mahathir he was to blame.
                  So Mahathir did many things which we have to live with today.
                  Moral policing of what we eat and drinks are core of G25 complaint not to mention genitals policing..

                  Anyway, glad to point you all to things you missed on the internet..

                  1. re: “what most people dont realised Mahathir passed in Parliament his own hudud where Malay women must bring 4 male witnesses while they are raped.”

                    Huh? When did he ever do such thing? Rape comes under our secular criminal law, not Islamic law.

                    What Tun did was amend Article 121(1A) which strengthened the Syarian Court.

                    re: “The shorty golf lover minister said mahathir qazaf law only applicable for women!”

                    What?! You’re really laying on your claims thick. Pls provide url. Until and unless you do, we’re taking what you say with a big bucket of salt.

                    re: “Its all on you tube ma… these IS officers puling blankets off malay girl.”

                    You sound like an agent provocateur.

                    re: ““IDEAS CEO ………. mother aurat” / “Just google ma.. his mother was sleeping with her tudung off.”

                    His mother sleeping bare haired is different from your earlier bad faith allegation that “IDEAS CEO told how IS officers knocked loudly on his hotel room door and insisted on looking at his mother aurat!

                    Come on. Be more responsible in the way you express yourself.

                    re: “The fanatics planned for mahathir hudud for WP to be copied by State IS.”

                    There is no such thing as “Mahathir hudud”. You’re obviously playing some kind of propaganda game – I don’t know for which side.

              2. re: It was not Dr Mahathir who punished the woman, for heaven’s sake. It was the Pahang Islam state department and the Syariah Court, and not even when Tun was PM.

                Big sin vs small sin. Gomen licensed beer factories to manufacture beer and sell it nationwide. Yet the gomen choose to punish a woman for consuming alcohol. Who committed a bigger sin? Gomen or the woman?

                1. It was not Mahathir who punished the woman. In fact Mahathir spoke against it. Even today he is against hudud. But this only show he dont what s going on in the Religious dept.
                  Pahang just copied the federal version where IS offcers use breathlaysers to arrest malay women for alcohol in clubs… yes its all in sinar harian or metro..hehe

              3. I agree with what Helen says above. This bloke must be a DAP nitwit masquerading and pretending he knows aurat and the like, out to create confusion, cause ill feelings to people and among the races. He might even be a communist kind, subversive in thought and action.

                Accused me – in another comment – of asking if he is Malay, reflecting guilt conscience of his masquerading habit.

                Foul-mouthed, calling others keeling, rambling about things that people have not heard about. He is the DAP who “makes wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations”.

                Either those or he has sanity problems. If and when his comments are published, the only response he deserves is pooh-poohing them.

              4. you are obnoxiously ugly guy with skewed and mental ideas, a very dangerous person in society.

                take note, thats what the IC needed to state your religion and race.

                Clearly your are making up fairy tale story

                1. And you are a more disgusting self righteous ignoramus who only joy in life is to peek at naked women as you are too ugly to attract women yourself.
                  Religion is faith not an ic. Though your ic may say islam, some indians claim it was a mistake by kdn and they are hindus. So you think god to take the Hindus as muslims becuz the umno ic state islam?
                  Iman tak boleh di beli atau di warisi..

      2. I support Helen’s views above. The guy makes all sorts of accusations, no explanations at all.

        He does not substantiate the allegation that “The islam that Isma is propagating is IS islam, they r probably looking to set up a caliphate too.”

        And saying “The malay islam is p ramlee and saloma islam”, without any explanation, may even be seditious to the Muslims. If this guy is a Malay or Muslim, he sounds like the sekolah pondok type, talking dosa bukan jenayah and such. If not Malay or Islam, he is a DAP masquerader out to create unpleasant feelings.

      3. “Hai orang-orang yang beriman, janganlah suatu kaum mengolok-olok kaum yang lain; boleh jadi mereka (yang diolok-olokkan) lebih baik dari mereka yang mengolok-olok, Dan jangan pula wanita-wanita (mengolok-olok) wanita-wanita lain; boleh jadi wanita (yang diolok-olokkan) lebih baik dari wanita (yang mengolok-olok).” (Quran, Al-Hujurat:11)

        Dari Abu Hurairah r.a bahawa Rasulullah s.a.w. pernah bersabda: “Barangsiapa menyeru ke jalan petunjuk (kebaikan), maka baginya pahala seperti pahala orang-orang yang mengikutinya, yang tidak mengurangkan sedikit pun dari pahala amal mereka sama sekali. Barangsiapa menyeru kepada jalan yang menyesatkan, maka baginya dosa semisal (sama) dosa orang-orang yang mengikutinya, yang tidak akan mengurangkan sedikit pun dari dosa-dosa mereka.” (Ibnu Majah)

        Dari Sahl bin Sa’id bahwa Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda:
        “Barang siapa boleh memberikan jaminan kepadaku (untuk menjaga) sesuatu yang ada di antara dua janggutnya [iaitu mulut] dan dua kakinya [iaitu kemaluan], kuberikan kepadanya jaminan masuk syurga.”

        Dari Abu Hurairah bahwa Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam bersabda:
        “Barang siapa yang beriman kepada Allah dan Hari Akhir maka hendaklah ia berkata baik atau hendaklah ia diam.”

        (muttafaq ‘alaih: Al-Bukhari, Muslim)

    4. Akim,

      Nothing strange for a non-Muslims to have doubts on Islam. If you ask any non-Muslims, many will prefer to ‘stay away’ from the influence of Islam. Eg. lack of interest in civil service, national schools etc.

      What really strange is Muslims themselves undermine the role of Islam. I am talking of BN (Umno specifically), the party that had commanded 2/3 majority until the same was lost in GE2008. Umno failed to uphold Islam in the governance of Msia. Look at the examples below:-

      1. kedai nombor ekor, kilang arak, kasino genting, mesin judi di kelab golf,
      2. disko, kedai urut, bar
      3. perbankan berasaskan riba/faedah,
      4. status mahkamah syariah yang inferior berbanding mahkamah sivil (cth terbaru kes Deepa)
      5. tiada pelaksanaan hudud sehingga hari ini (lebih teruk adalah menentang hudud di Kelantan semenjak 1993).

      Despite Islam being ‘agama Persekutuan’, the truth is that significance of Islam is limited to the extent which the Perlembagaan permits.

      1. Drinho , islam is not undermined by Malays which is obvious with the example u listed. Firstly becuz, Islam is not a malay burden. We hv our own gentle and beautiful culture 2 million years in fact according to Lembah Bujang data.
        Malays enjoy the simple life. What u pointed out just prove the ‘point kita ni sekular. Which explain our tremendous progress compare to religious countries like Phillipines or Pakistan.
        The malay language now produces scientific papers and thinking, just read today STAR.

  2. To make a long story short , its Dap and it evangelist arm that is creating this divide.

    Can anyone say that the situation was the same 30 or 40 years ago.?

    Religion and race makes a great political divide, and Dap sure knows best how to gain from this divide and rule.

    Look at BN today, need we say more?

    1. DAP and City Harvest causing divide. PAS and Islamists causing divide. The Malays are divided and the Chinese appear to be united.

      1. The only difference between the 2 is that the former is a lot smarter, better organized while the latter is only good at blowing themselves nowadays with extreme consistency with regards to what is happening right now in the middle east and places where their brethen are allegedly discriminated, I say allegedly because this latter group has no problem agitating and provoking themselves into doing crazy things. Remember Paris November 13 2015 ?

        1. Stupidity, gullibility and being seditious are the characteristics of the comment of the demented and the warped-minded.

          Saying “this latter group has no problem agitating and provoking themselves into doing crazy things” yet not realizing that in the US, which has no “Middle Eastern political situation” as it has not been ravaged by unjust, “no-WMD” wars and undemocratic leaders, they have from time to time been doing “crazing things” like shooting dead innocent people, like reported by CNN just now.

          1. Your mere presence shows just how demented you are. Anyone with a sane mind would know by now that all it takes is some minor provocation and you will show your brown ass and the resulting bs. Whereas the Americans would deliberate on how to advance their agenda whether by legit means or foul play, all you are capable of is blah blah blah.

            1. 1. Yes, it’s not easy to accept when your nasty intention is being defiled

              2. Note that so many comments have not been responded to or countered

              3. There are those in here who merely want to explain andlor counter the comments that are disagreeable, incorrect, or bad-intentioned, sometimes simply vile. It helps make this blog informative, of quality and well respected.

              4. There are the gentlemanly comments – e.g by Researcher | February 21, 2016 at 6:00 pm

  3. Yes Akim, please respond to Compounded Ignorance, since he/she is “double compounded ignorance”. Quran has 114 chapters and each verses are numbered. A very scientific book. Please refer to the versus where it states about the hudud law and let us all be brought out of “ignorance”.

    1. You using a polite name Researcher and not offensive in your comment (complete with the word Please) deserves an answer in kind:

      Please see Interpretation of the meaning of the Qur’an by Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali & Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan,

      Surah 3, Verse 7, states

      It is He Who has sent down to you (Muhammad SAW) the Book (this Quran). In it are Verses that are entirely clear, they are the foundations of the Book (and those are the Verses of Al-Ahkam
      (commandments, etc.), Al-Faraid (obligatory duties) and Al-Hudud (legal laws for the punishment of thieves, adulterers, etc.)

      1. If one would google for “Al-Hudud” in the Quran one finds that of all the English translations in the world, only Al-Hilali and Muhsin Khan interpret this particular verse as referring to “Al-Hudud”.

        In line with all the other numerous translations of Al-Quran, Sheikh Muhammad Tahirul Qudri of Pakistan has translated verse 3:7 thus:

        (7) He is the One Who has revealed to you the Book comprising some firm and solid Verses (i.e. literally clear and precise in meaning); they are the foundation of (the commandments) of the Book. And other Verses are figurative (i.e. containing abstract and allusive meaning). So, those who have deviation in their hearts follow only its figurative Verses under the urge to create disruption and with the motive to supply themselves self-seeking interpretations instead of their true interpretation. But none knows its true interpretation apart from Allah. And those who are perfectly firm in knowledge say: ‘We believe in it. The whole (Book) has been revealed by our Lord.’ And direction and guidance is the share of only those who possess wisdom and insight.

        and Marmaduke Pickthall:

        (7) He it is Who hath revealed unto thee (Muhammad) the Scripture wherein are clear revelations – they are the substance of the Book – and others (which are) allegorical. But those in whose hearts is doubt pursue, forsooth, that which is allegorical seeking (to cause) dissension by seeking to explain it. None knoweth its explanation save Allah. And those who are of sound instruction say: We believe therein; the whole is from our Lord; but only men of understanding really heed.

        The Al-Hilali/Muhsin Khan translation is the official organ piece of the Saudi government and in many places its dogmatic interpretations have caused controversy among the learned scholars of Islam.

    2. For a person who called himself “Researcher”, you are too lazy to look for things on your own. This is what happen when you use internet solely for researching fetish porn and lightning fast 4d result. Try googling the word “hudud quran” and click the very first link to wikipedia. Let me list the answer to you rhetorical question
      5:38, 5:33, 5:90, 24:2, 24:4, 24:6, 9:66, 16:106. Now you can take your compoundingly stupid friend and go do some real reasearch on those numbers i gave. You might win the 4d next week, who knows. Now do you see the light at the end of the tunnel? Go to it!

      1. Question for a fetish number cruncher:

        A non-muslim woman gets raped by a muslim man (or vice versa). Does the woman have to produce 4 reliable male witnesses to verify her statement that she has been raped?

        1. as follows, it takes less than 3 minutes to read & understand:

          Many laws enacted today in the name of Islam in Pakistan and elsewhere have caused immense harm to minorities, freedom of religion and to women’s rights. One specific outrage is when women who have been raped are punished on the counter-accusation of adultery. Critics of Islam claim that Quran 24:5 is the root cause of this problem which requires a victim to provide four witnesses for proof of her claim. The following discussion shows that even a textual interpretation of the said verse should refute both the critics and the outrageous requirement placed on women.
          Consider the following scenario: A woman X accuses a man Y of raping her. In an ‘Islamic’ court the legal counsel of Y asks her to produce the 4 witnesses (who do not exist) to prove her case. As she cannot present them, consequently, the court feels free to sentence her to punishment for self-confessed ‘adultery’ or for defamation.

          While it should be obvious to any compassionate Muslim that such an interpretation is a travesty of justice to a rape victim, some Mullahs or theocratic states conflate it with adultery. Take for instance, Munawar Hassan of Jamaat-i-Islami who proposed that unless a raped woman can produce 4 witnesses she should remain silent [1][2].

          Consider the actual Quranic verses: “The adulterer and the adulteress – flog each one of them with a hundred stripes” (24: 3) that is followed by “And those who calumniate chaste woman but bring not four witnesses – flog them eighty stripes and do not admit their evidence ever after” (24:5).
          Now consider the following points:
          1. The woman X accuses the man Y of rape – not adultery. Hence she cannot be asked to produce the 4 witnesses under the said verse.
          2. By asking X (supposedly a rape victim) to produce the 4 witnesses as supposedly she has ‘self-confessed’, both person Y or the court are themselves counter-accusing the woman of adultery. According to 24:5 the onus is on them to produce 4 impeccable witnesses to prove such an accusation against X.
          3. The requirement to have 4 witnesses is when a woman – not a man – is accused of the act.
          4. Every woman is assumed to have an unblemished character unless proven otherwise.
          5. If Quran is handing a severe punishment to those who even falsely accuse a woman of adultery then what of those who go to the extreme of raping her?
          Rape is an act of violence and thus falls in the category of “fasaad” and “fitna” which is dealt in 5:33 instead. Since it is a crime of an entirely different nature, its rules of evidence too will be different from those of adultery as in 24:5.
          In short, the so-called Sharia law in some countries is in contravention of the actual intent of the verses. At any rate, the Quranic punishment is at most a corporal punishment of 100 stripes for public lewdness – not stoning to death which is nowhere to be found in Quran. Moreover, even the punishment itself is not for the act per se but rather for the very public display of promiscuity. Lastly, there is a similar punishment for making an unsubstantiated and false accusation against a woman – especially one who is a victim of rape.
          While the arguments above will be lost anyhow on Mullahs and critics of Islam, it is hoped that this will help clarify the issue for those who seek to remove misconception about Quran.

          The views expressed are those of the author’s and do not represent the editors/contributors at PTH.Twitter contact:@amaarahmad

          1. Thank you Kampung Lad. A piece of intelligent exegesis makes a sturdy bridge over the yawning chasms of compounded ignorance. But the jahilliyah will want to have their say.

          2. I have a question about the status of witnesses w.r.t. illicit sex between a man and woman. In the case of the widely publicized video of a certain politician and his China doll, there must have been many thousands of viewers to the encounter. The video has been certified by experts to be original and untampered with. How would such a case be resolved? The way that the PAS leadership hardly raised a legal eyebrow over the ensuing national hoo-ha is bewildering, considering their trumpeting of hudud punishments.

            1. O you who have believed, avoid much [negative] assumption. Indeed, some assumption is sin. And do not spy or backbite each other. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his brother when dead? You would detest it. And fear Allah ; indeed, Allah is Accepting of repentance and Merciful. Quran 49.12

              O you who believe! Enter not houses other than your own, until you have asked permission and greeted those in them, that is better for you, in order that you may remember. Quran 24.27

              And if you find no one therein, still, enter not until permission has been given. And if you are asked to go back, go back, for it is purer for you, and Allah is All-Knower of what you do. Quran 24.28

              did the above enlighten you? where do you think the ‘work in progress’ could possibly be seen by 4 witnesses?

              1. The politician in question has been campaigning to become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. We are talking here about the moral qualifications of a prospective leader of tens of millions of people! It doesn’t occur to me, and I daresay it would not to reasonable thinking folks, that this is his own private matter behind closed doors (like your quotes imply). Just as it was morally repugnant for the pornographic Alvivi duo to broadcast their private eroticism to cajole the nation into sexual permissiveness – they should have been dealt with in the severest terms.

                1. 1. no, i did not imply anything.
                  2. witnesses & the videoed guy (aspiring to be the leader as you claimed) are two different subjects.

                2. The only difference is this: the said politician would not admit he was performing in the video but the porno pair were overjoyed to admit they were the performers in theirs. Thousands “witnessed” both videos, but no one else was in their rooms when they performed. The porno pair were charged in court on the basis of video evidence. Clearly, they had gone beyond the limits.

                  1. ‘Thousands “witnessed” both videos’

                    do you know the difference between witnessing & watching? though the video had been accredited to be genuine, how do you prove that the man is that politician? serah saja pada mereka yg ada kuasa kuat.

                    the issue here is about zina & witnessess (work in progress) just like you witness an accident. jgn melelong.

                    1. How do you prove that man has set foot on the moon? How do I prove that the mother and father who brought me up are my biological parents? How do the cops prove a pile of currency was stolen by someone who stole it when none was witnessing his crime?

    3. Please also see Surah 5, Verse 38 which states

      38. Cut off (from the wrist joint) the (right) hand of the thief, male or female, as a recompense for that which they committed, a punishment by way of example from Allah. And Allah is AllPowerful, AllWise.

      1. I beg to digress a little, but Chandra Muzaffar’s essay on Hudud Punishments in Islam has direct bearing on the punishment for theft stated above:

        “Even the decline of Islamic civilisation has no direct or indirect link to the observance or non-observance of hudud laws. As distinguished Muslim thinkers like Shah Waliullah have pointed out, “elite corruption and oppression”, apart from the devastation wrought by external invasions, were largely responsible for the downfall of Muslim empires in history. It is worth noting that most of these empires and kingdoms faithfully carried out hudud ordinances. But this could not save them from decline and dissolution since they had ceased to be loyal to the fundamental spirit of Justice embodied in the Quran.

        In fact, there are a few examples of Muslim regimes today which although adhering strictly to hudud yet their people remain trapped in poverty, ignorance and ill health. One of these hudud oriented societies in West Asia has an incredibly high rate of illiteracy, in spite of its huge oil revenue. It is also totally autocratic, does not even observe minimal public accountability and denies the ordinary people any form of participation in government. The ills of this and other Muslim societies cannot be overcome through the mere imposition of hudud laws.

        Though it is only too obvious that the colossal challenges confronting most Muslim societies today, ranging from poverty and exploitation to authoritarianism and foreign domination, cannot be resolved through the promulgation of hudud ordinances, a significant segment of the ulama continues to believe that allegiance to these laws demonstrates fidelity to the faith. This is why they are even prepared to label as “murtad” (apostates) those who question the relevance of hudud to the eternal Islamic mission of protecting human dignity and promoting social justice.

        Before we try to understand this attitude of some contemporary ulama, it is important to emphasise that by questioning the relevance of the modes of punishment prescribed in hudud “one is not challenging the notion of right and wrong that underpins Islamic law or the Shariah”. For a Muslim, murder or theft or adultery or consuming liquor would always remain morally reprehensible. Preserving and protecting the basic moral structure of the Quran embodied in its eternal values and principles is essential to the defence of Islam’s fundamental ethical foundation and framework. Muslim reformers who regard various types of punishment in hudud ordinances as contextual have never been known to raise doubts about the validity and the authenticity of Quranic values and principles. Indeed, some of them would even argue that the obsession with meting out punishment in Hudud legislation in various Muslim countries today is inimical to the spirit of encouraging the wrongdoer to repent and reform which is germane to the Quran and the example of the Prophet (the Sunnah). After all, hudud itself is essentially a reminder to the human being of the importance of observing certain boundaries, certain restraints, in one’s personal and social conduct. It is a way of persuading the human being to function within a moral realm. Hudud, in its philosophical sense, is not a rigid, dogmatic set of rules and regulations.

        Unfortunately, an important section of contemporary ulama do not see hudud or Islamic law from this perspective. The vast majority, whatever their sect or inclination, adopt a Legalistic, traditionalist approach to Islam. Laws — not universal values or eternal principles — in their opinion embody the sanctity of the religion. This explains why laws – though only about 300 out of 6666 verses in the Quran deal with various types of laws – are given so much prominence in the writings of the ulama. By overemphasizing laws, the ulama, who alone exercise authority over interpretation, enhance their own power. It is a power derived to a great extent from their role as the custodians of the whole tradition of Islamic law. And, in applying the Shariah to the contemporary situation, the ulama invariably adopt an unthinking, uncritical approach. Consequently, the Shariah in its entirety, and not just its Quranic root, is seen as divine and sacred.

        Indeed, there are rules and regulations in the Shariah, including some pertaining to the hudud, which are “not in consonance with either the letter or the spirit of the Quran”. For instance, the Quran does not prescribe any specific punishment for sukr (intoxication) but hudud laws do. Similarly, the Quran does not lay out any punishment for apostasy, though it is condemned in the strongest terms. In hudud, it is punishable by death. It is significant that most Muslims today accept these hudud punishments as divinely ordained. It goes to show that in reality the legalist tradition of Islam has a more powerful grip upon the Muslim mind than the Quran itself.

        1. re: “Indeed, there are rules and regulations in the Shariah, including some pertaining to the hudud, which are not in consonance with either the letter or the spirit of the Quran”.

          “I’ve committed fornication and given birth to a child. I’m horrified and ashamed. In my chaos I threw my baby away. . . forever . . . I killed it!“ wailed the young woman in front of Abu Hurairah. “I’m sick and I regret everything . . . Sir, will Allah accept repentance from people like me? ”she cried desperately.

          Abu Hurairah pronounced prompt judgement: “You’re immoral and you have no soul. Do you deserve Allah’s mercy?!“ She wept aloud: “Cursed am I, I am drowning in sorrow. If this pretty face and body were fuel for eternal hellfire!“ – and she left him.

          Abu Hurairah related the matter to the Messenger (s.a.w.). He expected the approval of his teacher for the exacting manner with which he had addressed the woman. Instead, the Prophet chided him: “You judged poorly. Haven’t you heard Allah say:

          “And the servants of the Most Gracious are those who walk on earth in humility and calmness, and when the foolish address them they reply back with mild words of gentleness . . . and those who invoke not any other god along with Allah, nor kill such persons as Allah has forbidden, except for just cause, nor commit fornication – and whoever does this shall receive punishment. The torment will be doubled to him on the day of Resurrection, and he will abide therein in disgrace – except those who repent and believe, and do righteous deeds; for these, Allah will change their sins into good deeds, and Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” [Quran, al-Furqan v.63-70]

          Abu Hurairah became fearful. He had made an unwise judgement on the young woman, and he must now locate her to seek her forgiveness. He combed the streets of Madinah reminding anyone he chanced upon: “Please get the woman who talked to Abu Hurairah last night to meet him again!“ He needed to convey the Messenger’s message to this sister but it seemed the earth had swallowed her up. Abu Hurairah was embroiled in distress and it shocked him the following night when the woman appeared mysteriously. His heart was lifted up : “What a joy! Be glad. I’ve mentioned your story to the Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be with him – and the manner in which I judged you, and I was reproved for doing so.”

          Abu Hurairah then related the Quranic verses the Messenger s.a.w. had mentioned. The woman’s soul was comforted and she fell down in prostration crying: “All praise and thanks be to Thee oh Allah! You have delivered me from overwhelming catastrophe and broken the bonds of my sin. You’ve opened the doors of repentance to unburden me.”

          In due time, this lady servant of Allah proved the sincerity of her repentance by doing many good works, the least of which was to purchase the freedom of enslaved women.

          source of hadith:
          Al-Kandahlawii : Hayaat Sahaabah vol 3.
          As-Suyuuti : Ad-Durr al-Manthur vol 6..

    4. Researcher,

      Another “translator and interpreter” of the Quran, Abdullah Yusuf Ali, was proficient in other languages as well, as he was a Greek History Lecturer and studied translations in other languages – including one done by a Monk in an East European Monastery, done for the Pope who was interested to know why the quick spread of Islam in the 7th-8th Century reaching parts of Spain and East European states.

      He said the language used in the Qur’an was ancient Arabic. Difficult to translate and often involves interpretations. His version of the “English translation” of the Quran carries voluminous commentaries, explanations and references. It is therefore incorrect to say that the Quran can simply be translated – it is also interpreted as well.

      There have been so many translations and interpretations done in the past. I strongly doubt anybody dares say any of them is incorrect. And the fact remains that Hudud is mentioned in the Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali and Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan translation and interpretation. There may be others and you may like to research them.

  4. beastofburden, are you an ox?

    But good of you to say no need to say more of the good that BN has done all these over 50 years.

    BN has brought huge progress, peace and stability in the country except for the period of Emergency Rule following the race riots caused by the DAP highly seditious, subversive and repulsive acts of wanting the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak removed.

    Damn the DAP, they campaigned on that at the 1969 General Elections –

    And when they won a few more seats than expected, they went rampaging with insults and abuses against the Malays through the Malay areas in Kampung Bahru, Pudu and Brickfields in Kuala Lumpur –

    1. Yes, can someone give the stats. Hope the chinese ambik the BR1M without feeling malu as they are tax payers like any other rakyat also.
      When the government give back to the citizen, why should they refrain themselves when some people in entire life only leech on others.

      1. samada kerajaan itu baik atau sebaliknya bergantung kpd pemerintah. dlm hal ini pm najib yg membuat keputusan. dah meluat sangat kat dia, ambik jugak. rm1,000/365 hari = rm2.74/famili wor!

  5. Thank you for your explanation on Quran. Let it be as it is and if it is in the Quran, then the muslims should get their Hudud. For my simple mind, certainly God has made it difficult for man as the interpretations vary from ancient arabic (short arabic) to cairo text. Surah 10:100 as
    And it is not for a soul to believe except by permission of Allah , and He will place defilement upon those who will not use reason.

    Thank you and have a great day

    1. Not so fast , read my explanation of the origin of Islam above. The quran is in ancient arabic. So why must we malays believe these indians Muhsin Khan? Stupid. They are not infallible. I advise Akim and Isma and other IS minded Malays to read another Indian blogger Syed Ali. Or Tawfek Ismail book just launched in Singapore. The Malays must realised religion was the tool of Kings in Europe and Middle east before democracy.
      All men are created equal and we create the government for the people not some power crazy mullah or utusan and berita harian munafik alamak…

      1. Where have you explained? You merely stated “Islam like Christianity originated from the Arabs and the Jews.”

        And who said Islam originated from the Jews as well? And accusing people who believe Muslim Khan stupid, you must be daft.

        You sound incoherent and rambling all sorts. It’d be good if you drop in at the Specialist to see if your thinking is ok or not. A sincere suggestion.

      2. Dear “Demokrasi itu sekular”,
        I totally in agreement with you but if the majority thinks otherwise, then there is nothing much the minority can do. As I see it, the Hadith has become the most quoted source in Islam and the vast majority accepts it as truth. See the video posted in this article. The guy, ISMA deputy presiden I think, gives a factually distorted info. It was Long Jaafar and Ngah Ibrahim, the Menteri Larut, of Perak that first brought the chinese miners and it is because of the war between the triads that brought the British interference into Perak. About the Malacca ships three times the size of Portuguese ships, I don’t know where he got it from! Certainly there must be some sunken ships somewhere if it exists. This are the type of people that distorts facts for their own advantage and people believe them. If it can happen here then certainly it can happen to any religion, including islam.

  6. Helen, I agree there are more chinese chauvinistic than they dont, There are chinese who are good & bad to the malays.

    At the end of the day, the chinese will feel they need to have their own gov & country.

    For example look at Singapore. Before, no one would dream there would be a chinese singapore government other than the malaya ruled by the malays. Today there are almost 95% chinese in Singapore. I never heard malays (from Malaya) were invited or be given citizenship by the Singaporean gov. Not until this date. Really I never heard that during my stay for a work in the island in several years ago. The Singaporean gov only imported and given citizenship to chinese people all over the world including the chinese from malaysia to reside in the country starting from its foundation in 1965. Dont forget that Singapore island was awarded by a malay leader to LKY, and thats the beginning of the chinese gov in South East Asia region.

    We did nt see any objection by the malays when the malay’s leader handovered Temasek to LKY. Silent dissatisfaction may be but in overall, they were all accepted the new Singapore gov headed by the chinese.

    In mentioning that, I can feel that the malaysian chinese too would feel the urge to have their own gov in malaysia in several years to come as shown by the chinese uprising in previous GE. This is not impossible for the chinese to achieve. If the price of oil can depreciated from more than 100usd per barrel to 20usd per barrel where it was out of the people’s mind, it is possible too the chinese to take over malaysia soon. As a rule of thumb, majority is ruled. While it is true but it is not always. Now days would see a minority who is mentally and economically stronger than the majority can also have the opportunity to rule. Will there another malay leader going to look forward to award malaysia to the chinese in future? Looking to the weak political and economic situation in malay’s society, it can happen at anytime.

    1. Yes, DAP are neo-Zionists. Ruthless and vicious.

      What you say can happen, just like how the Jews took Israel for themselves.

    2. Singapore was given away FOC to LKY by stupid Tengku A Rahman – if George W Bush can be called stupid, I see no reason why TAR cannot.

      One of the greatest stupidities of mankind. Throughout history, countries went to war to protect and promote their territorial integrity and national sovereignty. Here was a decrepit old man angry at the mischievous words and deeds of Maha Chauvinist and Racist LKY for some time already, went to London, came back announcing he had decided for Spore to be separated (so-called kicked out) from Malaysia not realizing it meant giving it away FOC to the chauvinist LKY.

      And thereafter started the endless irritations in relations between the island state and Malaysia. Even water became an issue.

      There were people hoping that, instead of separation, a state of emergency be declared in Spore, the Army takes over (goodness, the entire Malaysian Navy was HQ-ed there at that time), and ruled via a Director of Operations, like was done to Kelantan when the politicians there became naughty years later.

      This damn TAR stupidity must not be forgotten, excused, whatever, and must always be repeated so that bloody DAP will not attempt a LKY and be allowed to get Penang separated from Malaysia ever. That DAP caused the 1969 race riots had made Malays – even many Chinese – more intolerant of them than any others.

      Remember, countries went to war to protect their territorial integrity and national sovereognty.

      1. So you admit that you people are dumb for letting that happened ? You gave Singapore to LKY for free and 50 years later you’re still mad at your leaders of that time ? The first PM made a brilliant choice, very brilliant indeed. Because of what he did, Singapore under LKY and PAP became an international financial centre and we Chinese can hide our money there and no hostile regime can lay it’s hands on our wealth. We must indeed thank and praise this man the Tengku.

        1. “and we Chinese can hide our money there and no hostile regime can lay it’s hands on our wealth.”

          You one of those who talked about migrating, are you? I can assure you that nobody will feel a loss when you do.

          Ever thought of why the Chinese in mainland China with 3,500 years of written history and the largest population in the world had been suffering most of the time until communism became attractive, then got treated like pariahs by the West until only 1-2 decades ago?

          Because of a mentality like yours. Accuse wildly trying to bring the Government down. And betray your country at the slightest opportunity.

          Got your bags packed already? Don’t wait too long, the “hostile regime” may take your underwear, too.

          1. Why here so regularly ? You butthurt or what ? People say something so you must respond to every comment ? Hai who would do that ? Unless someone is paying you to do that sort of thing. Look at the amount of comments you have posted, so many already and you’re here like barely a month ?
            Don’t worry lah. We will go somewhere. You don’t need to remind us lah. As for pariahs, look at the negative publicity generated by 1MDB. Hai you always clueless. Just read WSJ’s reports on 1MDB lah. l o l !

            1. You are feeling the brunt, aren’t you? Did I hurt your butt a lot? To the extent that you cannot even realize that I have not responded to so many comments under so many names. You using more than one name that you feeling the brunt?

              I only whack those ungrateful ingrate like you who talk nasty and mischievous, make money here but keep money elsewhere and have bags packed, ready to cabut any time you like. And in the meanwhile, wildly accusing “hostile regime” and such nonsense.

              And how plainly stupid you are – you responded to my comment at 2.44 pm as a reply to Prospect Terrace and you asked me questions, but when I answered you at 5.05 pm, you come out terceret with the above comment at 5.26 pm. Bengong already, eh?

      2. re: Singapore was given away FOC to LKY by stupid Tengku A Rahman – if George W Bush can be called stupid, I see no reason why TAR cannot.

        Back then if not mistaken, the Chinese population of Singapore together with the rest of Malaysia is almost equal to the Malay population. TAR and Umno is afraid that the Chinese will over-populate the Malays in years to come. Hence the decision to expel Singapore. At least the Malays maintain their political supremacy until today. You should be grateful to TAR.

    3. The Chinese have been having economic power for so long. The Malay-led governments had helped – starting from giving Robert Kuok the sugar monopoly that made him a millionaire and later a billionaire. The same with other Chinese like Vincent Tan and now there are about a dozen Chinese billionaires.

      Having got economic power, you want to talk about “political power for the Chinese”? What “feel the urge to have their own gov in malaysia” are you talking about? What “uprising” in previous GE do you mean? Mischievous, even seditious, aren’t you? Nasty and creating ill feelings aren’t you?

      Such talk may attract counter-comments re the race riots of 13 May 1969 (DAP got extra seats and started to behave very badly against the Malays) and that’s not good for everybody.

      1. malays are all bumiputeras but not all bumiputeras are umno(baru)puteras. there are non-malays whose names you mentioned above in addition to a.krishnan, ytl etc are umno(baru)puteras. kan melayu suka kongsi2.

        1. I usually don’t respond to comments that don’t deserve to be responded to.

          But what the heck are you talking about?

            1. haha he comes here just about 24/7 to the extend that my friend Spectre and I decided that it would be fun to provoke him here and there knowing that he will respond haha !

  7. Dear Helen,

    Wonder why my 2 comments in reply to Demokrasi itu sekular | February 21, 2016 at 11:47 pm and February 22 at 12:01 am did not appear here.

    I recognize your motto being “My blog, my like”. But I would appreciate knowing what it was in those comments that may have been objectionable and were not published.

    1. Since you pointed it out, I just checked the spam queue and found one of your comments there. I’ve restored it and it’ll be published. It could have been diverted because you included 3 urls, and the filter mechanism detected such a number as spam.

      As for your second comment, if it’s still missing, you can resubmit (with a note to let me know). None of your comments have been withheld by me.

      Another factor that causes a comment to be spammed is if there are too many asterisks or too much punctuation @#$*!^~$ in relation to words.

      1. Helen, u dont lose anything by Labelling this AKIM as spam as his comment does not go beyond asking other commenters R u malay? when he is on the losing end of the argument. He even try to scare others by using the dirty word Sedition! muahaha
        Just ask him to read Richard Dawkins, maybe it will broaden his small IS mind…

        1. As stated in my earlier comment, the only response you deserve is pooh poohing your comments.

          You don’t even understand simple English Helen used – she did not spam my comments, it’s the blog admin system that automatically did it based on my putting in 3 URLs, etc.

          Yet trying to impress by mentioning Richard Dawkins, eh? If you have been prescribed pills for your kind of talk, do take them, will you? Readers will be spared the nuisance when you do.

        1. Welcome.

          Also another reason your comment came out later (than those who commented earlier than you) is because I work on LIFO – Last in, First Out – basis.

          That’s the way my blog admin back-end is configured. Scrolling my moderation page from top down, I see the newest comments (time stamp – current) first, and then progressively down to the older comments, i.e. those who comment at earlier time.

          Now if a restaurant followed LIFO, instead of FIFO (First In, First Out) in serving customer orders, there would be a lot of hungry and disgruntled diners. But blog, okaylah.

  8. my response to two tales of fornication | February 23, 2016 at 10:34 pm.

    1. man set foot on moon – i never made such claim, so i don’t have to prove.
    2. your biological parents – that’s your problem &
    3. cops with stolen money, lack of witness(es) – tanya polis la. tak kan nak apply the quranic verse kot? undeng2 & mahkamah tak sama oi!

    1. Isn’t he posing rhetorical questions to suggest “scientific forensics” as the way to closure of criminal cases? My friends informed me that the Kelantan hudud bill has not been deliberated upon beyond the 4-witness qazaf stage in cases of rape. And back to the transgressing politician in question, wasn’t he finally convicted of sodomy based on spermatozoa DNA lodged in the excretory channel of his young victim?

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