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How much do you think Mrs Lim Guan Eng’s ring costs?

The Nazi party was called, in full, the National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei or in English, the National Socialist German Worker’s Party.

Malaysia’s ‘socialist’ Democratic Action Party is more vicious than the Nazi party. Its Dapster-evangelistas are neo-Zionists.

DAP are dajjal out to destroy their political opponents (Umno) through the vilest and foulest means … with some help from their new friends — the Protuns.

Bintang Tiga used to kill people with rifles and bayonets. Bintang Lima are trying to kill people through character assassination (fitnah, tipu, bohong, putar-belit).

Only Umno stands in the way of DAP taking Putrajaya, so the DAP’s 24/7 method of lie-to-kill its opponents is no surprise.

There’s at lot at stake after all.

Guan Eng Betty Chew
Attempt to make a silk purse from sow’s ear

A bang for their buck

With only Penang under their control, already this is happening: “Big bucks are riding on the massive land reclamation in Penang which will profit property developers and infrastructure giants” (read Anil Netto).

Imagine with Putrajaya under the DAP’s control, the kind of bigger bucks riding on massive crony projects.

It should be no surprise that DAP are willing to ‘bang’ (kill through character assassination) for their buck.

Click to enlarge Betty Chew’s ring

Betty Chew's ring





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25 thoughts on “How much do you think Mrs Lim Guan Eng’s ring costs?

  1. Even with the money and what money can buy she is still not classy. Look at her evening dress. Yuck. Btw she reminds me of a certain reject from Tasmania. The ring looks like a knockoff l o l !

  2. Need to explain my stand that, while the Protun words and deeds may be similar to those of the DAP, the Protuns are never “friends” of the DAP.

    The Protuns only want UMNO to replace Najib but UMNO remain in power forever. DAP want the entire UMNO be replaced, and done so to morrow morning.

    The rest of Helen’s post are acceptable.

    But Betty wearing “plunging thigh line” (is there such a word as opposite to plunging neckline?) – has she something to show? And awww, why show the back where lumps of “spare tyres” come out.

    1. re: “opposite to plunging neckline”

      High slit.

      And in any case, her neckline is plunging as well. She’s baring in both directions.

      Nouveau evangelistas are socialite wannabes. Expect more of them to scramble into the increasingly lucrative world of DAP politics.

    2. Akim, I totally agree with you that Helen is very wrong to lump Protuns with DAP.

      Helen in her determination to support Najib at all costs, has compromised her sense of fairness by painting Protuns as the enemy of UMNO. She’s very wrong in her overgeneralisation of the Protuns. Protuns just want to see Najib replaced as Msia PM, and they still support UMNO to continue to dominate Malaysia politics.

      1. re: [Akim’s comment] “the Protuns are never ‘friends’ of the DAP”

        Tony Pua is a friend of Clare Rewcastle. There is also a connection between Tun and Clare Rewcastle.

        Is there any connection between Tony and Tun? Dunno yet. The talk is that Tun’s long-time aide Sufi Yusof was investigated by Malaysian police vis-a-vis Justo.

        If the investigation into Justo can later show any link between Tun and Tony, then I’d say that the Protuns and the Dapsters are indeed new BFFs.


        re: “lump Protuns with DAP”

        Annie Anakin’s masquerade and fitnah is worse than a Dapster. Surely by now you would have FINALLY realised that Annie-the-Protun fabricates his obsessive malicious, false stories out of thin air?

        Nanti Annie akan jawab kepada Tuhan dan terima balasan atas dosanya — sooner, I’m sure, rather than later because he is becoming as unhinged (constantly creating imaginary ‘conversations’ and fictional Wassap group threads just to concoct lies about me) as the demented Dapsters.

        Haven’t you noticed that the regular and known/familiar commenters don’t go to Annie’s blog anymore?

        The only ones commenting there nowadays are Mr Alphabet Soup ‘mdzfrs’ (Komtar cytro who had previously been stalking me @ Rocky’s) and the Dapster Anon who has verbal diarrhea and repeats the same smears ad nauseum.

        In a nutshell, a popular Protun platform has been given over to the Dapster operatives, and not forgetting that Annie promoted the “Chinese ultra” (Annie’s own description). Protun and Dapsters not in cahoots, meh?

        The Protuns too will be similarly ostracized by the Malay’s main body politic eventually.

        re: “Helen in her determination to support Najib at all costs”

        If I was supporting Najib at all cost, I’d be writing about 1MDB. As it is, I don’t post about 1MDB. I only reply when that ‘drinho’ fella continually brings up the topic & asak x3.

        If I was supporting Najib at all cost, I would be insisting that the RM2.6b is a Saudi donation.

        If I was supporting Najib at all cost, I would be defending Rosmah. I don’t do that. It is Annie who was defending Kak Ros (before Annie Anakin crossed over to the Dark Side).

        re: “has compromised her sense of fairness by painting Protuns as the enemy of UMNO.”

        Tun is being investigated by police for criminal defamation of the AG. Apandi was an Umno leader.

        Have you heard Tun even criticize DAP once anytime during the past one year?

        Tun was hinting to the ROS to de-register Umno because the RM2.6b is not reflected in the party a/c.

        Tun declared that Malaysia is a failed state, that Umno and the country are corrupt, that the PM would be arrested by Interpol, and he sent his henchmen (Khairuddin & Matthias) to several cities around the world to lodge reports so that 1MDB and the PM would be investigated.

        Tun wants to chop off the head of the Umno president. He is the patron of the recently formed rebel group comprising renegade Umno branch chairmen. Not enemy, meh?

        re: “She’s very wrong in her overgeneralisation of the Protuns.”

        I maintain my generalization that Protuns are terlalu taksub and have a big blind spot.

        re: “Protuns just want to see Najib replaced as Msia PM”

        That can only happen if everything unravels. And if the centre no longer holds, then Umno is weakened. It’s a zero sum game.

        See the table below of the general election results. It’s always been a see-saw. When DAP was weak, MCA was strong. When MCA was weak, DAP was strong.

        Now MCA is out of the picture. The up and down of the turning wheel is between DAP and Umno. So if Najib is toppled and Umno kucar-kacir/porak-peranda, then conversely the DAP is automatically strengthened.

        re: “and they still support UMNO to continue to dominate Malaysia politics”

        Tun relentlessly attacked Sleepy Dollah (it was Tun who gave and popularized this nickname) and that was one of the factors for BN losing its 2/3 majority in 2008.

        The BN’s traditional dominance has been weakened due to the 2008 – and also 2013 – election results.

        The Protuns want history to repeat in a hattrick — GE12, GE13 & GE14 where BN performs successively worse. They are encouraging Malays to boycott BN in GE14. They have been such an acute destabilizing force that now we need the NSC law which Tun claims is even more draconian than the ISA.

        1. To say they join forces would be too far. Lets just say protun and dapsters have a common enemy in najib. What the protun doesnt realize is that they are on the losing end since technically, they are on the same boat with projib. They should have learned from pas where collaborating with dapsters will only weaken your party. Refer to the last election result and the breakaway of some of its member to form pan.

    3. “while the Protun words and deeds may be similar to those of the DAP,”

      u mean equally vile n foul? tis I can agree. but I think the so called projib is no diff. 2×5.

  3. Helen, tak baik buruk sangka. Mana tau kut dia simpan tabung duit sejak di bangku .. err DUN.

    1. :)

      Well, if the public is no holds barred and free for all speculating about Rosmah’s ring, I don’t see why Betty Chew should be exempt.

  4. Helen,

    I am not a valuer of rings but since you asked, I’ll have a go :)

    Looking at the design, it seems like a rather simple starburst.

    It appears to be made up of small white pearls as the whiteness seems too “solid” for them to be diamonds.

    Looking at the design, it does not seem to lend itself readily to mounting diamonds. It seems to be 3 or 4 layers stacked.

    I also cannot see any sparkle from diamonds but it could just be a poor light angle and the picture quality is rather low as well.

    There is definitely no central feature to the ring.

    So, overall, what do I think the ring is worth?

    Hm, I am tempted to say, less than RM24million or less than a Burdekin bag, but that would not be nice of me so I won’t say it :)

    RM20,000 max? The reason being the design is simple and the pearls, if they are pearls, are quite small.

    If they were diamonds, I would guess about RM100,000 max – again because the design is simple and the diamonds are small.

    Note that small diamonds simply do not have high value, even if they are of good grade.

    Well, I could be totally wrong about the valuation but you did ask :)

    1. Thanks for the interest.

      I was hoping someone could finger it, like how the DAP cytros found out the price of Rosmah’s Birkin bags, and how intrepid Umno bloggers returned the favour by finding out the price of Betty’s [Gucci, if I recall correctly] handbag.

      1. To me that looks paste. So, I’m gonna go with the price of the dress > price of ring. (And I would never want to be seen in both … meow!)

        I do believe the reason no Umno cytro has put a value to the ring is because they are still reeling from the picture of the “seksa” (as one blogger wrote) lady.

      2. It’s easier to get a value on branded bags and watches though. This kind of cocktail ring can range anywhere from RM700 onwards for a nicely done costume piece to 8 figures if the central stone is valuable.

        My guess from the picture is a seed pearl diamond cocktail in white gold, below 20k… diamonds losing value nowadays. Better to diversify into coloured gemstones like tanzanite and sapphires.

      3. Helen,

        Happy to throw something into the mix.

        It is starting to look like the ring and the attire, tacky though they may be, are quite reasonably priced and affordable.

        All the rest of the comments I see here about Betty’s fashion sense are just plain feminine bitchiness :)

        And before any woman here starts whacking me for the above comment, please know that I fully understand why you ladies make comments on what other women wear … hmmm… or do I really understand? :)

        Look, I am a guy whose standard every day wear is a tee shirt, jeans and sneakers, ok? So maybe I don’t understand :)

        1. I prefer catty to bitchy, more kosher.

          I wear jeans & t-shirt daily too but I recognize horrible dressing when I see it. There’s just so many wrong to that dress, but mainly if you have not seen the inside of a gym in over 5 years then please do not show even a glimpse of flesh. Also dress your age. What may look good on your 20-year old self does not work on your 50-year old body.

          That concludes fashion 101.

          1. “All the rest of the comments I see here about Betty’s fashion sense are just plain feminine bitchiness :)”

            It is not about bitchiness but dressing right. Dress shows upbringing. There is no point of showering oneself with designer clothes and accessories but wearing them badly. Dressing neatly includes hiding one’s panty line.
            This is my observation of a few Indonesian tai tais going to Sister’s Char Koay Teow. Ta pau Char Koey Teow and placing the food in a Coach handbag.
            My point. You don’t need to hang lots of bling to earn respect from others.

            1. Mulan,

              re: “It is not about bitchiness but dressing right.”

              I’ve learnt never to argue with a woman about fashion :)

              re: “Dressing neatly includes hiding one’s panty line.”

              Look, it’s all your fault that I went back to have a closer look at that picture. Now I know why there is a pic showing her back :)

              This is something a guy like me just cannot really understand but I guess is important to women.

              re: “You don’t need to hang lots of bling to earn respect from others.”

              My auntie turned up at a family function once with an EIGHT CARAT diamond ring!! I know cos I asked her. It was HUGE!

              I refused to respect her because she wouldn’t give me the ring :)

          2. I am Woman,

            re: “I prefer catty to bitchy, more kosher.”

            OK :)

            re: “That concludes fashion 101”

            Heheheheheh!! Thks for the tips :)

  5. My Indian friend and I have to say this. We girls have got a fashion comment about Betty’s dress. Apparently the late Joan Rivers would put her on ISA for her VPL.
    (For the men, since they don’t understand our lingo.
    Please ask Trinnie and Susannah to fly from India to Penang to indoctrinate this woman!

  6. DAP has another meaning in Indonesia – Divisi Anti Pemurtadan
    “An anti apostasy group in Bandung pays a visit to a church.

    Dozens of members of the Anti Apostasy Division (Divisi Anti Pemurtadan (DAP)) of the Forum Ulama Umat Indonesia visited a Christian church (Gereja Kristen Pasundan (GKP)) on Kebon Jati road in Bandung on 4th April to enquire whether the church had broken its agreement not to convert Muslims to Christianity.”

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