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Zaid Ibrahim’s Easter Sunday rally with the Protuns

Zaid Ibrahim is organizing an anti-Najib rally on March 27 — which is Easter Sunday, i.e. the day celebrated by Christians to honour Jesus rising from the dead.

The resurrection of Christ symbolizes being Born Again or birthed anew. The opposition want to kill off the old regime and usher in a new country (system) made over in their own “progressive” image.

Dapsters and Protuns are the new strange bedfellows

Zaid’s rally planned for March 27 is supported by the Protuns — see above.

Ex-cabinet minister Zaid wants Malaysians to “rally behind Dr Mahathir” to remove the Prime Minister and thus, he is glad that Umno dissidents are reciprocating by giving him their backing.

For every action, there is am equal and opposite reaction

Zaid said he is also “encouraged by the wholehearted support given [him] by the Amanah leadership and by Lim Kit Siang and the DAP.”

Were the Dapsters and the Protuns to take to the street together on March 27, they shouldn’t be surprised if, on April Fool’s Day, the Red Shirts respond in kind with a rally to defend the status quo.

April 1 is the Friday of the week following Easter Sunday. The reds might conceivably march from Masjid Negara after their Friday prayers.

That's Tian Chua behind Siti Hasmah
Tun Mahathir at Bersih rally


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30 thoughts on “Zaid Ibrahim’s Easter Sunday rally with the Protuns

  1. Zaid tried to be a champion. Of sorts. In the end, he is a champion of nobody, of nothing.

    He was given so much legal work by UMNO and the Establishment until his firm became the largest at least among Malay legal firms in the country. He sold his shares in the firm and must have become a multi-millionaire.

    He was appointed a Minister in charge of legal matters. He was criticized heavily for bias on the treatment of former Judges perceived as aggrieved during Tun Dr Mahathir’s rule. He resigned and his sad story began. Joined Anwarul Al Juburi but failed to get the PKR Deputy President post. He was even rejected by KITA, a now defunct party that he formed and spent a lot of money on.

    But he is of considerable value for his Pro-Tun posture, supporting Tun Dr Mahatir and the UMNO faction that wants UMNO to replace Najib.

    Between Zaid and Lim Kit Siang who wants to be a champion of the ungrateful ingrate, non-Constitution-respecting renegades, I’d take Zaid anytime.

    1. Siapa yang boleh jatuhkan Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang corrupt/kurap dan mengkurapkan itu berhak jadi champion.

      AhJib Go!

      1. Kalau “menjatuhkan” Najib dengan niat menjatuhkan Kerajaan selain dari di PRU, itu salah, menghasut.

        Kalau mintak UMNO gantikan Najib tapi UMNO terus merintah mcm Tun Dr Mahathir dan puak nya buat, itu tak salah.

  2. La ni cuaca tengah panas adakn rally nanti kena heat stroke payah keluarga semua nanti.

    BTW MPs Aduns yang ambil bahagian, gaji dan elaun mereka jalan juga ke aritu?

  3. Have you seen the latest DAP “CNY” video ? Can’t say I’m surprised but it’s still quite insulting and in bad taste to make the Cai Shen act as a beggar!

    1. It is not just as trivial as bad taste but more of the insult on the beliefs of the Taoist religion. This is a new low of behavior of Christians. As a Christian myself I find this behavior appalling.
      The DAP thinks that this stunt will take them closer to Impian Sarawak. I don’t think Sarawakians would want to vote for such leaders. Sarawak does not need such chaos from the Peninsular.
      The true colors and attitudes of the Evangelista towards the Taoists are now very clear to see.

      This one is many times worst than their last OneDerful Malaysia. Insulting another person’s religion cannot be condoned.

        1. I must clarify the above to ensure the credit reaches the person intended –

          My “Very well spoken” comment was for Mulan.

  4. Helen,

    To me, there is one interesting thing which has arisen from all of this 1MDB fiasco.

    Perhaps for the first time, in a long time, in Malaysian political history, supporters from BOTH SIDES of the political fence have come together for a common cause – a rejection of corrupt behaviour by public officials.

    OK, I understand that some people could be upset that Najib Razak is the target of this union of minds but please humour me for the time being by taking personalities out of this.

    Also, others may say that this is all a political ploy by vested parties to capture political power.

    The danger there for those vested parties is that their political ploy could backfire if Malaysians decide to make anti-corruption measures a permanent feature of Malaysian politics.

    So, what can we expect next?

    Will we see a united stand by Malaysians from both sides of the political fence against racism? Religious fundamentalism? Misogyny?

    Are Malaysians becoming more politically mature to be able to put aside political differences and stand together on issues which are beneficial to the nation?

  5. Did you see the latest antics from Tony Pua and Teo Chin Nee concerning the God of Prosperity?

    This news conveniently is missing in most English media esp the Star. It is very ill mannered these two Christians poke fun at Taoist rituals.

    The only other person highligting this is Raja Petra.

    It seems like the DAP apart from having issues with Islam, now they have issues with Taoism. Is this behavior of poking fun at Taoist rituals something Jesus would condone?

    1. i never meet jesus so i dun know what jesus like or dun like. however taoism the philosophy was started by 2 gentleman that is full of sense of humour, laozi n zhuangzi. though taoism the religion is quite different, however i still think taoism is a fun religion. i guess most believers think poke fun is okay, didnt u watch the hk nonsensical comedy (not my word) especially from stephen chow n how they make fun on our daity? just laugh n enjoy la.

      1. 1. As a Taoist, your understanding of Tao philosophy, Tao folk religion and metaphysics is extremely shallow;
        2. You are not a Taoist but claim to be one for the sake of trying to diffuse the disrespect shown in this video by fobbing it off as comedy.

        I suggest either way you learn up a bit and reflect on what you have been doing and saying. What goes around comes around and you don’t need a religion to tell you that’s the truth.

        1. “though taoism the religion is quite different, however i still think taoism is a fun religion.”

          No wonder the Chinese these days do not get much respect from other races these days. Just for the sake of protecting the DAP regime, some members of the Chinese community are wiling to defend folly to these culture and religion.

          If it is fine for a Chinese (Christian included) to make fun of the god of their ancestors or relatives, then it is more than OK for non Chinese to poke fun at Chinese customs and religion. With your “fun” logic HY, it is perfectly fine for a non Chinese to give white coloured and pows. Firstly it is just money and secondly who cares. Thirdly it is more eco-friendly to use white paper rather than red paper.

          I don’t whether you understand the concept of “maruah”. Perhaps “maruah” is no longer relevant to the modern Chinese like you, but “maruah” is very important to other races especially the Muslims. Muslims would protect their culture and religion because they have “maruah”. Thanks to your insight I truly understand why generations ago China is the sick man of Asia and why “No dogs and Chinese allowed”.

          Shame on you HY, Teoh and Tony Pua. Tak ada maruah.

          1. the chinese is never a bumi wannabe, thats maruah. n most chinese wan to live our life the way we wan. we dun impose our way into others, unlike the whiteman, with their burden. the chinese were once very backwards in almost all aspect, n the mengamok like what the boxer did only brought the chinese into more dire situation. n the chinese change, nothing shame about making changes. what abt u, still pursuing yr bumi dream?

            1. ” still pursuing yr bumi dream?”

              Still pursuing your Jewish dream. Obviously it is OK for the Evangelista to make fun of your ancestor’s culture. Too ashamed to be Chinese is it?
              I am sure 1st, RINA etc are laughing at you. I pity your ancestors.

              1. nope! the diff is I dun feel insecure n paranoid like u did. n no worry, my ancestor is doing fine. we might not have the oldest n greatest civilization in history but it is still one civilization. that’s y we will never be a bumi wannabe.

                1. mulan, ever hear of mongols n manchu? they r from the north. they conquer china n give birth to chinese like yr pal wakaka

              2. Mulan, you must understand that his ‘ancestors’ where the indigenous peoples of the south subjugated by the Han Chinese when the Han people moved south during the Han and Tang Dynasties. These people assimilated into the Han cultural sphere. They have no Han blood in them. But of course these people are not going to admit that they are not of Han stock. You can laugh at him and people like him. You and I know, as any Han Chinese in Malaysia also know that these people are not Chinese. Why do you think when the white men went to China to ‘buy’ coolies, they went to the south and the people in those places willingly sold these people to the white devils ? Why ? Because most people in those places in the south were not Han Chinese.

        2. i am more likely the first one. now pray tell what n how a taoist should react? show me the taoist text that guide our action n reaction in a similar scenario. n pls oso read the history of china, how often the chinese start a war or fight because of others insulting our belief? u sure u understood the meaning of what goes around come around in the chinese religion context?

          1. who got time to reread old comments, lets try the new one, gift from our ancestors, the taoist side.

            outside soft inside hard, outside round inside square. 外柔内刚, 外圆内方。 laoshi never teach kah? then do more reading, it is a good habit.

        3. C72, all you have to do is re-read all his comments from years past. The man is a dbag. He is a thug, pretending to be Chinese when in fact he is not. A descendant of the indentured labor brought to the then Malaya to serve the white men, how on earth do people like this dbag can lay claim to being a Chinese ? He and people like him have no claim whatsoever to Chinese identity or culture. You can dress a person in fancy clothes but if the man has the mentality of a thug, he is still a thug even with the expensive fancy stuff. Only those of a higher culture know what reflection and instospection mean. Stop wasting your time trying to educate this lowlife.

    2. DAP is not Chinese by the way. It is anti Chinese but our community is so in love with this party they will just ignore all the insults the DAP dish out to us as long as the party wins power. Sad but true.

      1. DAP is not Chinese? With only a handful of non-Chinese as members, it’s not Chinese?

        They furnished a list of only about 2,500 members to the Registrar of Societies who asked for details on their CEC election when members complained of not being given notices of their CEC election.

        “they will just ignore all the insults the DAP dish out to us as long as the party wins power”?

        Not true. In fact, it is nonsense. This kind of comment cannot be allowed to pass without being disputed. The DAP Tony Pua and gang making fun of non-Christian Chinese beliefs is abusive and this kind of comment has to be taken on.

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