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There can be only be one man standing — either Tun or Najib

‘No retreat, no surrender’ obviously applies to Dr Mahathir who stared down Bukit Aman today with regard to his alleged criminal defamation of the AG.

Represented by five lawyers during his questioning by police, Tun defied the authorities to charge him — if they dare. He also warned Najib that it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

Christian resurrection, Tun’s insurrection

Tun replies, “of course” when asked by reporters if he will be attending Zaid Ibrahim’s Easter Sunday (March 27) closed-door gathering that will bring together the plotters hell-bent on toppling Najib. (Note: Easter Sunday marks the resurrection of Christ.)

Zaid has urged the various opposition forces to “rally behind Tun”.

Dr Mahathir himself told the press conference today that “it does not matter whether you are for the opposition or the government [as] now it is time to act as citizens, irrespective of party affiliations or loyalties”.

Leaving Najib alive is not an option

According to Tun, Najib is the main problem affecting the nation and the ex-premier believes “the time has come when parties do not matter anymore”.

Tun has shown that he’s willing to join hands even with DAP to oust Najib. It doesn’t matter to Tun anymore to be in cahoots with Dapster-evangelistas as long as Najib bites the dust.

He is determined to make it a fight to the bitter end. Either Najib is finished or over Tun’s dead body.

It is ironic for Tun to quip that he might be sharing the same cell with Anwar. Both of them do have one major aspect in common. Both served to empower the DAP dajjals.

Tun winking


Tun leads uprising, urges Malays to put aside loyalty to Umno


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32 thoughts on “There can be only be one man standing — either Tun or Najib

  1. Your title reminds me I haven’t watched this in a long time. Wonder if it’s on Netflix?

    It would be interesting if someone runs a poll, pitting the two and to make it interesting, poll Umno members.

  2. So what is it at stakes for Dr Mahathir to fight till the end and even willing to go to jail for it and share the cell with Anwar? Really??? I can understand why Najib would fight on, but what’s the reason for Dr Mahathir?

    1. re: “but what’s the reason for Dr Mahathir?”


      He’s hounding Najib as relentlessly as he hounded Sleepy Dollah.

      Badawi did not have an “RM2.6b donation” nor 1MDB but was not spared Tun’s ridicule and wrath either.

      1. Power of Hate ; Jennifer Rush’s hit song is called “Power of Love”… Dr Mahathir regards Najib’s father as his “idola”, so the hatred shouldn’t be at this, what, crazy level?

      2. h-a-t-e sebab peribadi atau kerana si clueless memporak perandakan negara, undang2 dan ekonomi kak?

          1. tun ‘benci’ Pak Lah? Fakta ke kak, kalau betul Tun benci Pak Lah yang pernah ‘membakar jambatan’ dalam terma Pak Lah sendiri yang menentang tun, kenapa Tun melantik semula PakLah, dan akhirnya memilih dia sebagai pengganti??

            Jawapannya, masakan akak tidak tahu! Nampaknya tun pada umur 90 tahun masih mempunyai fikiran yang tajam dan memori yang hebat, walaupun akak pernah mengutuk tun kununya dia seorang tua dengan selected memory :)



            1. Individu yang diserang Tun sampai BN hilang majoriti 2/3 bukan Pak Lah, ke?

              Memang Tun marahkan KJ tapi ia bukan pentadbiran Khairy yang menjadi punching bag bagi Tun. Yang ditumbuk bertalu-talu adalah pentadbiran Badawi … dan sekarang pentadbiran Najib.

              Mahathir — Malaysia’s new opposition voice

              26 June 2006

              “KUALA LUMPUR: For the first time in a decade, Malaysia has a feisty and effective opposition — in the form of ex-prime minister Mahathir Mohamad.

              Mahathir, disgruntled with government policies since he left office in late 2003, has mounted a withering attack on his hand-chosen successor’s admnistration in the past two months.

              At 80 years of age, his stinging criticism of everything from failed state projects to implementation of auto policy has wrought results that opposition parties can only dream of.” — Reuters


    2. It must be appreciated that there is such a thing as fighting for what one believes in.

      In this case, Tun believes that Najib has done many wrongs, has not admitted the wrongs, the new Attorney General cleared Najib of wrong doings because of feeling obliged for appointing him to the post from which Gani Pattail was suddenly removed without even a doctor’s certification that he was permanently unfit for work, etc, etc.

      There is so much material and moral corruption in this country that moral values have gone asunder. Rights and wrongs are looked at in skewed and blinkered ways and the rakyat are confused, flabbergasted. Now even the Final Report on 1MDB by the Auditor General has not been presented to Parliament, again postponed on the PAC’s flimsy excuse of its members being busy overseas, again attaching a low value to matters of national importance.

      And why must the Auditor General’s Report be confidential, not released to the public, anyway? The very act of making it so suggests that there are matters that the authorities want to hide from the public. That itself gets people to talking, speculating, surmising etc etc. Such that if Najib is left standing at the end of it all, he’ll have thin ice below his feet.

    3. And, as has been pointed out by others, Tun has not much to lose for doing what he did. He had 5 lawyers beside him when interviewed, remember?

      If brought to court, he sure will fight to the highest court of the land. UMNO will lose at PRU14, the Opposition comes into power and the new government will not hesitate to have Najib prosecuted on many charges that a new Attorney General will conceivably prepare – removal of an incumbent is easy, based on the recent past precedence..

      It makes sense for Najib to prepare an exit strategy, negotiate with the team likely to take over, choose a place of retirement anywhere in the world and get assurances of no prosecution upon exit.

      And don’t forget that Muhyiddin is still the UMNO No.2, not Ahmad Zahid. And Shafie Afdal is still Vice President.

      1. re: “It makes sense for Najib to prepare an exit strategy, negotiate with the team likely to take over, choose a place of retirement anywhere in the world and get assurances of no prosecution upon exit.”

        You’re repeating the opposition narrative. It’s not going to happen.

        Najib will win the war.

        1. I too believe Najib will win the war. Then Anwar will have the old man as company in Sg Buloh. But Najib won’t stop with just sending the S*** old man to Sg Buloh. You can expect the old man’s family to face the music too, what with his sons’ wealth being of questionable origin. It will be a blockbuster seeing Najib coming after the old man’s sons. Phew !

  3. Guna pancing
    Guna serkap
    Guna jala

    Tapi ikan yang sekoq ni tak juga dapat ditangkap so akhirnya terdesak terpaksa

    Guna jerung

    Jerung ni dok tunggu bila2 masa saja nak baham dua dua sekali. Kekekeke

  4. Senility and hatred affected many of us humans.

    Some choose to keep the fire burning, some prefer reconciliation with the Almighty Creator, many prefer to forgive and forget but a few would rather fight to the end rather than lose face.

    “It is ironic for Tun to quip that he might be sharing the same cell with Anwar” …. Maybe, deep inside Tun is a secret admirer of Anwar

    1. To resign in the face of this heat is untenable and evidence of a person without courage. It will inevitably lead to the conclusion that Najib has something to hide.

      What baffles many is the position of many within the legal fraternity that silence is guilt. Silence in the face of such allegation as as those faced by the PM requires courage and strength as well as good legal advice. I think he has both.

      Tun Dr. Mahathir’s comment that by not suing his accusers for their vile and unfounded allegations against him, Najib must have something to hide or is guilty (or words to that effect) must also logically then apply to the Tun.

      During his tenure in office and since there have been rumours (unfounded many of them) about his conduct in office. Much of it surrounded cronyism and illegality and unconstitutional conduct on his part and that of his administration.

      Is the Tun saying that by not suing his detractors on allegations about the Perwira Steel failures and a million other things from Vincent Tan’s gaming licenses and Anand Krishnan’s many contracts he is guilty that he is guilty as alleged then?

      This whole episode is sad because the Tun is a man who in the estimation of many built up the nation from a backward malarial swamp to a developed nation. For him to be caught up in this fight with Najib there must be some deeper underlying cause which none of us know about.

      When two elephants fight, it is the turf that gets damaged. Stay out of their fights I say.

      1. We do (stay away), and I believe the older elephant will walk away, tusks broken. And the herd will leave it (him) to rot

  5. When a person is as old and vindictive as Tun, he got nothing to lose. He will try to get all the sympathy and that’s what he is doing.

    His contention to the people is that “if the govt. did not take actions against me, then what I said is the truth and not against the law, and if you take actions and charge me in court, then the people will cursed you for taking actions against a “poor” old man”. Sympathetic strategy.

    UMNO and the Govt. should just leave him alone but get rid of all his cronies. I think that’s what is going to happen very soon. On the top of the list is TSMY. Either he should resign from UMNO or UMNO should suspend him or if he thinks he got the support then he should challenged Najib for the Presidency but I am very sure he will not challenge the PM as he knew he will lose badly. So the only thin thread of life in him is to cling to Tun, hoping to overthrow the PM by hook or by crook.

    UMNO cannot continue having TSMY as a cancerous thorn eating away the body. It is high time they chop him off and UMNO will be better off. Najib should not be so accomodating anymore as enough is enough.

    1. re, UMNO and the government should just leave him alone ,but get rid of all his cronies .

      Are you suggesting , put the rest of all his supporters and those agreed with him in jail .

      I think it’s a good idea . Helen should have a poll on that .

  6. Like any father tun is doing all he can to protect his childrens .He knows that najib after successfully getting rid of his son mukhriz is now aiming his gun at his ‘cronies’ children vide his corrupt regime. He nows deviating this issue and offering himself as sacrificial lamb and seeking public sympathy. Hope the rakyat will not be fooled by this old man”s trick.

  7. Good that you try to redeem yourself Tun.
    Better to be late than never. We love Najib. Try your best Tun.

  8. The problem is najib loves himself more than the nation. He should just do the ‘marcos’ to US. I believe the couple can live comfortably there as the US owe najib a lot.

    I think many of the commenter here are the dapster who have axe to grind with Tun. Tun has always been the person who had succesfully control & kept them at bay before this.

    1. I agree with Raja Kumbang. I also agree with Qalam Qabut who wrote many comments in the “Protuns behind closed door” post giving various reasons why Najib shoul resign or be replaced. Others have also expressed similar views.

      Some among those who are not DAPsters but are merely Najib’s supporters have admitted to Najib’s weaknesses and outright wrongs done but fear replacing Najib would be exploited by the Opposition and UMNO and BN would lose at PRU14. But not replacing Najib would be much worse.

      The 1MDB and RM2.6 billion “donation” issue is not going away and will linger until PRU14 and beyond. WSJ only recently put out a video saying “Najib Razak’s billions came from accounts related to 1MDB” – see //

      WSJ and NYT will continue to do so as long as there will be anything “of news value”. And Najib will not dare sue them for fear of more beans being spilled in the court process. “Non-regular happenings” in Malaysia will always be “of news value” so long as Najib is the PM. News outlets and all forms of the media in Malaysia will feed on them. But if Naib is replaced, the news value of 1MDB, RM2.6 billion, etc will depreciate and become stale by the time of PRU14.

  9. “It is ironic for Tun to quip that he might be sharing the same cell with Anwar. Both of them do have one major aspect in common. Both served to empower the DAP dajjals.”

    Anwar is in consonance with neo-cons and islamists to oust Najib. Tun is consonant with the Malaysian rakyat to oust Najib.

  10. 1. dia lantik pak lah & dia sendiri peturun. (scored own goal & then equalised)
    2. lantik pulak najib (timbalan pm) tapi sampai sekarang tak boleh samakan kedudukan (still trailing by 1-2 own goals). siksa wor!
    3. masa perlantikan diatas dibuat, tak pernah tanya rakyat pun. sendiri buat, sendiri tanggungjawab la, kenapa kena libatkan rakyat.
    4. siapa yg akan ganti najib?
    5. adakah pm baru akan perbetulkan benda2 yg dah dibengkok dari 1981 e.g. separation of power, ipp & belambak lagi?
    6. what will the rakyat stand to gain, harga barang2 akan turun?
    7. here’s the link wrt derma of usd681m;
    note the glaring statement therein; “exorbitant” fees for transactions charged by Goldman.
    8. let’s enjoy the show.

  11. The old man thinks he’s still running the show. He thinks with the help of his cronies he can get rid of Najib. He’s wrong and his ending, and that of his cronies will look just like the ending Of Arnie’s Running Man.

  12. Kak, penulisan akak semakin lucu apabila akak bersungguh2 mengaitkan tun dengan DAP dan membela ahjib ngor yang menurut akak adalah seorang two sides of a split personality, clueless kura2, tak boleh dipercayai, etc etc etc

    akak juga pernah berkata

    What has Najib done?

    He paid RM7.2 billion to consultants. He flew the FLOM on private jet.
    He retains Shahrizat at Ministerial status and she is given ministerial perks. Not only her but other cronies too. And not forgetting his busloads of Pemandu, who in a fit of Freudian slip had “sacked” him.

    1. re: “Kak, penulisan akak semakin lucu apabila akak bersungguh2 mengaitkan tun dengan DAP”

      Komen Abdullah berbunyi semakin liar dan terdesak, sehinggakan penipuan Annie yang terang-terang itu pun sanggup Abdullah halalkan. Senjaga menabur fitnah dan berbohong dengan memakai nama samaran bertentangan jantina adalah dua perkara yang asing dan berbeza.

      Perihal sama ada Tun boleh dikaitkan dengan DAP, biar kita tunggu Easter Sunday (27 Mac) dan tengok nanti. Juga persoalan sama ada Tun boleh dikaitkan dengan Tony Pua memandangkan Tony berkali-kali mengadakan pertemuan dengan Clare Rewcastle.

      re: “membela ahjib ngor yang menurut akak adalah seorang two sides of a split personality”

      Saya telah menulis, “Lim Kit Siang has resolved the question of why Najib ‘appears to be one person on the international stage and another on the local scene’. In his press statement on 20 Oct 2014, Kit Siang said that Najib’s approach to moderation is split between the latter’s two contrary personalities.”

      One of the ‘split personalities’ was Ah Jib Gor. This side of the personality is now suppressed, so I have no more complaint.

      This year, Najib did not wear a full Chinese costume and beat the Chinese drum. He did not host a free CNY concert like the one he did in Penang where Korean popstar Psy was hired to perform. He has also not been visiting Chinese schools but chose to visit Tamil schools instead. He has learned his lesson.

      rujuk —

      Saya telah menulis, “the PM appears to be listening to BN’s enemies while he ignores sober voices in his own party”.

      Najib sudah mengambil iktibar. Tindakan ke atas TMI ini adalah sebiji nasihat baik yang dituruti orang Najib (Menteri Komunikasi).

      Saya juga menulis, “Grandpapa Dapster praises Ah Jib Gor, BN voters criticize Najib … the enthusiastic support given by the DAP Mursyidul Am to Najib’s moderation agenda”.

      Sekarang ini, Grandpapa Dapster praising Tun Mahahtir pula and … the enthusiastic is support given by the DAP Mursyidul Am to Tun’s singel-minded agenda to bring down the PM.

      DAP sudah UBAH sokongan daripada kesederhanaan Najib kepada pemberontakan Tun.

      rujuk —

      He’s not so clueless now, is he? And not as slow as a tortoise anymore. He decisively sorted the Mukhriz problem in less than a fortnight. He was even quicker in chopping Muhyiddin and Shafie Apdal in the cabinet reshuffle.

      The kura-kura has turned into a speedy arnab.

      re: “He paid RM7.2 billion to consultants. He flew the FLOM on private jet. He retains Shahrizat at Ministerial status and she is given ministerial perks. Not only her but other cronies too. And not forgetting his busloads of Pemandu”

      Those were his mistakes. Since then he has done many things right.

      Appointing Rahman Dahlan as BN Strategic Communications director is good.

      Appointing Salleh Said Keruak as Communications Minister is also good, and yesterday’s MCMC decision to block TMI is excellent. (Hidup Kota Belud!)

      Appointing Ustaz Nasha as CEO of the Moderates is a stroke of brilliance, especially as Ustaz Nasha’s appointment prompted Wong Chun Wai to quit from the GMM Board of Trustees.

      Replacing Mat Maslan with Annuar Musa as Umno info chief is an improvement.

      Replacing Gani Patail with Apandi Ali as AG is a vast and splendid improvement, esp. if action will be taken against the TMI bosses on the March 2015 case.

      Replacing Mukhriz with Mat Bashah might be for the better. Give him a chance to show us what he’s capable of.

      And now it seems that there is a move going against Muhyiddin. No more kura-kura lah. Najib has evolved. And it looks like he’s evolving into a war general, which is what I’ve been hankering for. So why should I complain anymore?

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