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Videos: Fiery blowback against immigrants of different race, religion

The German crowd clapped and cheered as fire ripped through a building in Bautzen, Saxony on Sunday (Feb 21). Saxony is home to Pegida — a fast growing, anti-Muslim immigrants movement.

It took a team of about 60 firemen to bring the blaze under control. Arson is suspected on the hotel building that was being reconstructed to be used as a refugee centre.

“Bautzen became the scene of the latest of the hundreds of attacks on asylum homes in Germany over the past year,” reported Deutsche Welle two days ago.

The Bautzen planned immigrants centre, however, was unoccupied as yet and nobody injured.

VIDEO BELOW: The big fire in Bautzen

VIDEO BELOW: German protesters in the town of Clausnitz, Saxony block a bus carrying newly arrived Arab refugees

They are shouting, “We are the people!” and telling the immigrants to “Go home!”

Lawyers sue Merkel for allegedly defying German constitution

A group of German lawyers last month filed a lawsuit against Chancellor Angela Merkel over her immigrants policy, said a report by German news magazine Der Spiegel.

They filed a complaint in court claiming that Merkel’s decision to throw the door wide open to last year’s influx of more than one million asylum seekers is unconstitutional. They argue that it is an infringement of German borders law for the Muslim migrants to enter freely without valid travel documents.

BELOW: Cross in painted in tricolour of the German flag at Pegida street rally


Coalition partner revolting against Merkel’s authoritarian fist

There is now a rift in Merkel’s coalition government comprising the Christian Democratic Union (CDU is Merkel’s party), Christian Social Union (CDU’s sister party in Bavaria) and Free Democratic Party.

CSU is rebelling against Merkel’s unrechtsstaat (oppressive authoritarianism) in compelling Germany to accept the colossal number of refugees who have already caused social unrest, Passauer Neue Presse reported recently on Feb 9.

CSU party chief Horst Seehofer openly criticized his boss Merkel saying, “We don’t currently have a state of law and order”.

Police in Cologne are investigating hundreds of reports of sexual assault during the city’s New Year eve street carnival. Allegations by native German women that men of North African/Arab origin molested them during the event has caused public sympathy for Muslim asylum seekers to plummet.

Germany poll refugees

Source: Deutschlandtrend (Germany-trend) poll commissioned by public broadcaster ARD

Merkel will soon pay the price in German state elections

In a latest (Feb 2016) public opinion study, four out of every five Germans surveyed believe that their government has failed to contain the refugee crisis – see bar chart above.

Several of Germany’s 16 states are holding elections next month while the country’s federal election must be held latest by October 2017.

BELOW: The placard says, “Merkel must go!”


The timing of state polls is bad for the ruling party as it comes amidst a hardening of public sentiment against Merkel whose personal approval ratings are on a continuous downward slide.

Less than half of the respondents answered ‘Yes’ when asked if they were “satisfied with the work of Angela Merkel”. Approval for her performance slumped 12 percent on the previous month’s figure.

Satisfaction with the German government has similarly decreased from 57 percent last July to 38 percent this February. It is an even steeper drop of almost 20 percent in the matter of a mere seven months – see line graph below.

Germany poll satisfaction government

Death wish politicians who choose to punish their own voters

The German public is forced by Merkel’s government to accept millions of immigrants belonging to a different race and religion who do not show positive signs of being able to adapt to German national culture.

Instead it is the native Germans who are labelled “racist” and “xenophobic” for their less than warm welcome of the outsiders.

Heidenau in Lower Saxony was the scene of anti-immigrant riots last August. The crowd booed and shouted “Traitor, traitor!” – video here – at Merkel when she visited their town following the riots.

As recently as three weeks ago, Merkel was again jeered and booed, this time in Neubrandenburg (video above).

In the one-and-half months of this year alone, there have been 25 arson attacks on asylum shelters in Germany.

Bavarian Prime Minister Seehofer (also head of the CSU party) has already said, “Support for the government depends first of all on stopping the mass influx of refugees”.

According to the Russian press, the Chancellor’s opponents are convinced that Merkel is “in danger of committing political suicide”.


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50 thoughts on “Videos: Fiery blowback against immigrants of different race, religion

  1. You’re slick and sneaky with this. If I m right, soon someone will post a comment on Malay – Chinese relations in Malaysia and will ‘attempt’ to establish a link with what’s happened in Germany. I look forward to a heated exchange between hawkish Malays and delusional Dapsters on this issue.

    1. And who are you? A foreigner? So what the hell are you doing in Malaysian blogs? If Singaporean, is it because not much freedom in Spore blogs?

      If a Malaysian, are you a batu api? Helen posted an article based on events n Germany, why must you talk the way you do? Why can’t you just state your views and be done with them?

      “Hawkish Malays”? And you? An Oppo Hippo cockadoodledoo?

      1. Perhaps the poor dear is confused – there are X million illegal immigrants in Malaysia and no one seems to be bothered about it.

        And say what you like about Singapore – they take border controls and border security very seriously. As too illegal immigrants and refugees.

        I like the bit about “delusional DAPsters”, though. Quite a few of them seem to have eaten magic mushrooms (as in Episode 5 of “The X-files” reboot) or peyote. As for “hawkish Malays”…..that’s a natural reaction to a world that is developing and spinning away from them.

        1. Peyote is native to Mexico and if you look at the number of migrants both legit and not legit Mexicans account for a lot of them especially in California. Looking at Malaysia other than Indonesians but then again Indons are native to the Malay archipelago, then Bangladeshis are the largest non native new migrants. At the pace we have right now it won’t be long before these migrants from South India displace the Chinese as the 2nd largest minority in Malaysia even though these people are not citizens. I m sure hawkish Malays will accept these Banglas with open arms. They are after all Muslims so in theory should augment the Muslim population. Why should you freeze the intake of Banglas ? Bring them on. 2 million, 3 million, Malaysia can accommodate them. As for the chap calling me batu api, well, that’s all he does. He’s here practically all the time. That says a lot about this ‘chap’ but then again I could be wrong. After all, if a Malay man can masquerade as a biracial woman surely a woman can do likewise but as a ‘man’.

          1. The above is the bloke who explains his problem only after a walloping for using the words “hawkish Malays”.

            Again the “wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegation”, the hallmark of DAP buggers, saying ” I m sure hawkish Malays will accept these Banglas with open arms.” Just because “They are Muslims so .. Why should you freeze the intake of Banglas”? What an utterly demented mind.

            He must have had his head and ears in between his legs not hearing or reading the Purajaya decision to suspend the intake of Banglas. Or the statements of the Federation of Malaysian Employers on their need for the necessary workforce.

            Run out of argument, the bloke again shoots wildly by saying I’m “here practically all the time.”. Not even acknowledging that there are so many comments I have not commented, and so many long periods of time I did not come in. This is what the former DAP Chairman Tengku Aziz said “biadap” – this bloke is the Lim Guan Eng kind.

            So, what do we do? We whack ’em back. The days when Malays just grinned and bore it have long gone. Even since the time British Resident JWW Birch was done up along the banks of the Perak River in 1875. And when the DAP behaved horribly nearly 100 years later. But now we whack ’em back only verbally and within the law.

            1. Ah, so……can we look forward then to the same modus operandi in the South China Sea? You know, the “whacking ’em back verbally and within the law” bit.

              Or just “whacking ’em'”, full stop.

              No prizes for guessing who “’em” are, btw…..

              1. l o l They sold Edra Global to a China company. What more is there to say ? Oh not to mention Bandar Malaysia. l o l

              2. Why is there a need for Malays to “whack” China in South China Sea? The Americans can do that dirty deed, thank you. They fixed the Chinese good in the MH 370 case. The Chinese were made to look like idiots. They can’t even trace the eventual flight path and their citizens. As good as you think the Chinese are, Americans are even better. They hold all the cards and the screws. All wily Malays have to do is call themselves American allies. The signing of the TPPA was exactly that. Play each other off.

                As for the Chinese in Malaysia, Malays will whack them [deleted] Witness the Low Yat incident. Malaysian Chinese are too impotent to fight back. Ain’t that the bloody truth? The Chinese govt won’t interfere. Never in history has the Chinese sent their army to protect the Chinese here. And forget about the Singaporeans. They are beholden to UMNO and consider Chinese here delusional.

                1. I thought that it was the Malaysian authorities that lost track of MH370?

                  Never mind that piddling detail.

                  The on-going Chinese militarisation in the South China Sea is still continuing. And there is nothing the US can do about it, short of going to war. Think there is enough domestic support in the US for another foreign military adventure, especially when 100% support from Asean is not guaranteed?

        2. Those not explaining what they mean (one requiring the other to explain like at 207 pm, and explaining at 3.30 pm only when responded to in kind), yet using impolite words in their comments, deserve what they got..

          But the ones “spinning away” are those who talk about making money in this country but keeping it elsewhere, and having bags ready to abscond the country, having a history of absconding for generations in the past. The kind who only ask what the country can do for them, never what they can do for the country. No such thing as loyalty.

          Ungrateful ingrate for the citizenship right they have got, loose guns shooting from the hip, offending and insulting like saying “hawkish Malays” without even explaining, and alleging “no one seems to be bothered about the “X million illegal immigrants”. This kind of blokes get blinkered and refuse to acknowledge the measures taken to document them for purposes of regulating their stay and preventing them from becoming “immigrants”, like the “pemutihan” exercises already done before, and the “re-hiring” exercise announced only recently.

          And this one saying “delusional DAPsters” .. eaten magic mushrooms ..”, but thinking and behaving like DAPsters himself.

          1. re, No one ,seem to be bothered about the,” X million illegal immigrants “.

            I have to agreed to that ,and I believe they increasing by the hour , arriving by using VOA or laluan tikus . Only God knows what their actual number .

            1. They have taken over singapore..their number here is minuscule compared to their own population up there.

              1. Please put up the relevant statistics.

                Trolls can do that, surely? It doesn’t require any great leap of intellectual logic to access the data.

                Or is that a challenge for you?

                1. Again calling those who disagree with him as trolls, this demon has no limits.

                  He makes wild claims and accusations without furnishing statistics but when countered, he asked other to provide them. What utter double standard or cheap way of trying to win arguments.

                  Insulting further by implying wawe is “challenged”, He must be the Lim Guan Eng Cina Bukit kind called “biadap” by no less than the Vice President of DAP at that time. Pity the bloke – looks like no upbringing by the parents.

                  1. Here we go again….

                    What “wild claims and accusations” have I made? What supporting “statistics” are you looking for?

                    “Double standards”? Sez those who deny the reality of the situation in the first place.

                    Like that Malaysians are “accepting” of and “comfortable” with the numbers of illegal immigrants in Malaysia?

                    Has any politician, whether BN or Oppo, has said that the situation is ok, manageable and that there is nothing to worry about?

                    If yes, why flip-flop on the 1.5 million Bangladeshis issue, with different Ministers issuing differing statements on this?

                    I am perfectly comfortable with being called “biadap”. After all, it takes one to recognise one, as they say. Which my late parents, God rest their souls, would no doubt agree to…..

                    1. Kineas biaDAP, as you admitted it, the facts are all over the walls. Only, short-sighted people, either purposely or out of ignorance, are unaware of the situation. Read up further and do a lot of research.
                      I am not obliged to enlighten you on any issue. Whether you agree or not with my remark is immaterial to me and many of us here. A person like you, who proclaim herself or himself as biaDAP, is not worth our resources to be wasted.
                      I wonder why you are in this blog, anyway. Just to reject and ridicule any insights of others, that is your speciality, I guess, since you have been infected with that destructive syndrome, I presumed.

                    2. Thrown in the towel, have you?

                      How convenient to aver that “the facts are all over the walls(sic)”.

                      What “facts”? What “walls”?

                      What “situation”?

                      Why not man up and state, clearly and unequivocally, that illegal immigrants in Malaysia isn’t a big deal, that Malaysians aren’t worried about the situation and that there are more important things on the agenda?

                      Is that too difficult for you to understand?

                      Maybe you are fortunate enough to be in a situation where illegal immigrants and the attendant security issues aren’t matters to be concerned about. Good for you.

                      But don’t presume that other Malaysians don’t have concerns about this subject.

                    3. Your life must be a miserable as a DAP dog. And you must suffer from acute low self-esteem to allow yourself to be buggered by LKS and LGE.

                    4. And that is the sum total of AHI’s rebuttal!

                      Strangely devoid of logic, but colourful in phraseology!


          2. Well, with the Ringgit tanking, can you blame them for capital preservation? As in looking for “safe haven” currencies (the SGD comes to mind, hahaha….).

            As for the “X million illegal immigrants”, how did they land up on our fair shores in the first place? And how have their numbers been “rolled back” in any significant measure? Mass deportations? Errant employers being brought to book and facing the full force of the law? Or, maybe, the “cheap” mantra trumps all – as in plantations, mamak restaurants, KTV lounges and the “shadow economy”?

            I like the bit about “ungrateful ingrate”, though….although the racial connotations are hard to miss. I suppose being a borderless world and all, people tend to go where they feel safe. As in the hordes of migrants washing up in southern Europe can testify. Are they also “ungrateful ingrates” for not sticking it out in their motherlands?

            The “spinning away” image has some legs, don’t you think? Why else would there be a visceral push back against the TPP and suchlike? Simply because “they” don’t get to control the agenda and call the shots. Powerlessness writ large, don’t you think?

            1. Good that you now have behaved by avoiding insulting words. Since whacking did it, you can expect the same the next time you use them.

              Only one comment to this one: those not feeling safe in this country – especially those who are in the habit of putting their money elsewhere and having their bags ready to go – are welcome to leave. Never mind about those in southern Europe.

              You have a right to state your opinions, as others do, too. So long as they are not insulting to others. Your opinions may be disputed by others – theirs are as good as yours, if not better.

              1. Oh, no – I haven’t “behaved” as you so hopefully put it. I just tailor my vocabulary to suit the circumstances. You should try it too some time soon – it’s a salutary experience. Concentrates the mind and all.

                And why aren’t the “unfortunates” in southern Europe relevant? Refugees aren’t the same as illegal immigrants? Or are the religious and racial connotations uncomfortable?

                Safe havens do exist – in currencies and in countries. Get used to it, even if safe havens may be more welcoming to some rather than the “others”. Which is why they are perceived to be “safe”.

                1. Did you mean the ingrates were in the same boat as the unfortunate ones in southern europe? being hounded by your own countrymen, back then?

                  1. Good logic, but sadly lacking in substance!

                    Is that the best that trolls can come up with?

                    Sad, but no cigar….

                    As for the “unfortunate ones” in southern Europe, how did they land up that way? And why are they not decamping for the rich Islamic states in the Gulf? Being selective with it, izzit?

                    1. Accusing others as trolls and having no substance, when the bloke himself has no substance, is worse – demonish.

                      And asking Refugees aren’t the same as illegal immigrants? The very definitions of those words show they are not. Refugees = forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. Illegal immigrants = those who live or work in another country when they do not have the legal right to do so.

                      Yet the bloke tries to denigrate others’ standard of English. Well, what can you expect of a demon. Defined as an evil spirit or devil, especially one who tries to torment others by not answering questions asked and not even knowing what refugees and illegal immigrants are.

                    2. Ducking the central issue, are we?

                      Refugees there are aplenty. You can see it played out on TV, on social media and in the newspapers.

                      The current waves are washing up in Europe. Australia used to be a favourite destination until Tony Abbott decided to get tough with Indonesia.

                      Closer to home – the unfortunate Rohingya. Are you reducing them to semantics by quibbling on English language and syntax?

                      As for illegal immigrants in Malaysia, what are the actual figures? An estimated 2 million? Legal foreign workers number about 2.3 million. That’s a total of 4.3 million legal foreign workers and illegal immigrants.

                      Can that be “business as usual”?

                      Nur Jazlan Mohamed: “…a temporary measure (the sudden decision to freeze recruitment of foreign workers in Malaysia) to determine the total number of foreign workers needed by industries and to weed out the illegal foreign workers already in the country”.

                      Rushdan Mohamed, Umno member from Selangor: ” We have been issuing press statements stating our opposition to the issue. There are already too many foreign workers in Malaysia, including illegals”.

                      Matthew Tee, president of the Master Builders Association Malaysia: “We are employing foreign workers because even if every local is employed, there will still be a demand-supply gap for manpower in the construction industry”.

                      (above quotes from the TODAY paper 26 February 2016 “‘Lack of clear policy’ at root of KL worker fiasco”)

                      All of the above is “demonish”(sic)? Or did you mean “demonic”, but Spellcheck went into a twist?

            2. For some people capital preservation is not an issue. After all, with easy money, why should they be concerned about capital preservation ? They have Big Brother to help them with their ‘mega’ projects. The man is here practically all the time shouting here and there. Who knows ? Maybe he is on a bran diet.

        3. The first badge of singaporeans had already fled years ago, again to greener pastures, as they did hundreds of years ago…. to be taken over by the next badge of immigrants, talk about strict border control, Johoreans should be the ones to take back their ancestral land.

          1. “batch”, not “badge”……

            Net migration statistics?

            And Johoreans in sizeable numbers are cari makan in that “ancestral land”……that “ancestral land” that Malaysian VVIPs like to visit for a spot of R&R …..

            That also you dunno, ah?

          1. Flashback to when Dr Mahathir approached the Singapore government for a US$5 billion “financial assistance package” (as detailed by Lim Sian See in his blog).

            Malaysia was mightily bothered then. Dr M eventually instituted capital controls and fixed the exchange rate of the Ringgit against the US Dollar.

            Before that, the Ringgit and the Sing Dollar were on par 1:1. Remember those days?

            Fast forward to now. Who is bothered about globalisation, free trade agreements, the marginalisation of the less competent and competitive etc?

            Maybe not Malaysia because it is “syiok sendiri business as usual”!

    2. Should sue the ones who gave the citizenship to immigrants en-bloc. I support….ehhh? Were not they the brits at that time?

    1. Why are Christian leaders in Singapore and Philippines so scared of Madonna (the singer, songwriter, author, director and businesswoman)?

      “MANILA: Philippine Catholic bishops called Wednesday on the faithful to boycott pop diva Madonna’s sexually charged concerts in the nation’s capital, calling them the devil’s work.”

      Singapore’s Roman Catholic archbishop has expressed concern at an upcoming concert by pop diva Madonna in the city-state and warned his flock against supporting those who “denigrate and insult religions.”

      Archbishop William Goh said in a statement posted on the diocese Web site on Saturday that he had met various government officials to express the church’s concerns about Sunday’s concert, part of the singer’s global Rebel Heart Tour.

      Quotation: warned his flock against supporting those who “denigrate and insult religions
      The same should be placed on Tony Pua’s debut as a singer. His musical video insults the Taoist deity of Prosperity.

      1. Well….Singapore being a secular state, all religions there are treated equally. Religious leaders there are free to voice their concerns, in public or privately.

        Which is what the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Singapore has done with regard to the upcoming Madonna concert in the republic. I believe that the Singapore authorities have responded to his concerns (see reports in the Singapore papers).

        What this has to do with the topic in this post is open to question, though.

        I hold no brief for Tony Pua’s vocal capabilities, by the way….hahaha.

        1. This fella sounds like a Singaporean, urging readers to read the Spore papers.

          The Spore Straits Times has been unfriendly towards Malaysia, not at all helpful to Najib re his current predicament. Someone wrote somewhere that even Helen Ang got mentioned in an article titled “Singapore Is Not An Island”. Big heart, small mind.

          I do not intend to read it and do not wish to add towards their angst, anxiety, fear, apprehension, worry – whatever they may have about our affairs in Malaysia.

          1. re: “Someone wrote somewhere that even Helen Ang got mentioned in an article titled ‘Singapore Is Not An Island’.”

            No such thing wrt above.

            Occasionally if my blog postings touch on Singapore, they might get aggregated by the Singapore news-discussion topic curators. Their redirected traffic can be in the thousand page views, so we can surmise that S’pore readers do take an interest in Malaysian views.

          2. Pity, you are missing out on some good reporting and journalism in the Singapore papers and media. In good English too, unlike what is torturously purveyed in the Malaysian mainstream media!

            If the Singapore Straits Times “has been unfriendly towards Malaysia”, I would expect the Malaysian High Commissioner in Singapore and Wisma Putra to be on their case regularly.

            Which hasn’t happened.

            Why is anybody’s guess.

            That hasn’t stopped Malaysians from working in Singapore, though.

            Maybe a strong currency makes up for a lot of “angst, anxiety, fear, apprehension, worry” – in earnings, I mean.


            1. Non response to the suggestion that you are Singaporean suggests you are one. Why frequenting Malaysian blogs – not much freedom of expression in Spore blogs?

              Criticizing the standard of English used in Malaysian media, too? Of course you can’t do that sort of things in Spore, else would be hounded by the Spore Police Special Branch. Pity.

              expect the Malaysian High Commissioner in Singapore and Wisma Putra to be on their case regularly for Singapore Straits Times “has been unfriendly towards Malaysia”? This very statement testifies to the Sporeanness or nism in you. You expect Malaysia to be kuku besi like Spore, too, eh? You loud-mouthed Donald Duck Trump kind?

              Aiyoyo the level of your shallow mindedness. “Malaysian High Commissioner in Singapore and Wisma Putra to be on their (Straits Times) case regularly” – you have any idea what diplomacy is all about? Do you know that diplomacy is not conducted on loud-mouthed and demonish ways like you do?

              1. What about the “strong currency” bit? Did you inadvertently overlook that in your rush to score a point or two?

                As too the subject of Malaysians working in Singapore, including the daily commuters (in the thousands) across the Causeway. Don’t you have any eloquent statements to address to these fellow countrymen and women?

                And do tell me about “diplomacy” and what is different from the Mahathir era with regard to relations with Singapore? So much so that all the critical reports and commentaries in the Singapore papers are airily dismissed as inconsequential and insignificant in the overall scheme of things?

                Maybe China is listening when Asean engages in “diplomacy” as per your definition. Or, maybe, it isn’t. Which is where the “whacking ’em” bit comes in, as you had written previously.

                How is “whacking ’em” different from being “loud-mouthed” and “demonise”(sic)?

        2. Isn’t Singapore the most intelligent and secular state compared to the not so developed nations of SEA like us?
          The kids of Singapore need not be protected from Madonna. if Madonna can severely hurt Singaporean kids, I wonder what could happen if we were exposed to Madonna songs.

          “Not surprising then that only those above the age of 18 are allowed into the venue of the Rebel Heart Tour in Singapore.”

          Again, a secular state like Singapore certainly would not be afraid of devil women.

          Well this proves one thing. When Singapore disallows something these Singapore lovers will defend with whatever bullshit excuses. But when Malaysia or Indonesia bans or puts of dress restriction something…. amboi kutuk betul… kutuk department ini, kutuk minister itu etc. Bila Singapore buat, they must be very progressive.

          “And this one saying “delusional ” .. eaten magic mushrooms ..”, but thinking and behaving .”

          “What this has to do with the topic in this post is open to question, though.” Actually no. They really get Hung Up.

          1. Well done, Mulan.

            I support your statement “When Singapore disallows something these Singapore lovers will defend with whatever bullshit excuses.”

          2. Hahaha, good try. That’s all that it is.

            Note that Singapore has not banned the Madonna concert. All it has done is to place an age restriction on concert attendees and to require that the concert organisers work with the artiste and her management that “sensitive topics” are not included in her performance in Singapore.

            The artiste in question could have done a Tim Cook/Apple thing and pulled out of the Singapore concert. She and her management chose not to do so. Maybe the lure of profits is stronger than artiste outrage over “freedom of expression”?

            So, Mulan & Akim – what are you going to come up with next, seeing as how your views have been shown as unfounded claptrap?

            And that’s pretty civilised language, innit?

            1. I do not wish to comment on what you say when you do not use insulting words or put out offensive or objectionable points.

              But I do want to comment on your personality – you have not responded to repeated suggestions that you are Sporean. Why don’t you admit being one? You are not proud of being a Singaporean?

              That’s the trouble with blokes like you. No sense of loyalty to any country you may be in. No wonder Lee Kuan Yew had to bring in so many commies in the hope that he’d find the loyal ones. But I read even when the bloke was alive, he was grumbling that those fellows who had never known freedom started demanding all kinds of liberties not long after living in Spore. Of course, the Iron Hand rule caused those.

              Reluctant-to-admit Spore guy, why don’t you say, “I admit I’m Sporean and I’m not shy being Sporean, ultra kiasu et al. I promise to exercise due care with my words when communicating with others. I meekly submit to and accept the indignation others bestow upon me arising therefrom.”

              I promise not to humiliate you and clap my hands in appreciation when you do so.

              1. Being a Singaporean? Is that a big deal to you?

                I could just as well be an Aussie, a Brit, a Yankee, a Filipino, an Indonesian or an Indian in India or Canada. Hey, even maybe someone from Saudi or Turkey….hahaha.

                Note that all of the above have sizeable communities in Singapore and elsewhere in the region.

                As for my vocabulary and language usage, you are not finding fault with grammar and syntax, are you?

                Thought so….

          3. Thanks, Mulan. I am chuffed that you are praising Singapore, especially when so many of your fellow Malaysians are “cari makan” there.

            I mean, what would they be doing, if they aren’t gainfully employed in the “little red dot”? Working in “3D” jobs in Malaysia to make ends meet and competing with immigrants (legal and illegal)?

            So, in giving praise where praise is due, you are at least being honest about it.

            Kind of gives you a good feeling, right?

        1. I rushed out to buy the cassette when it first came out. Seen that done that. Bought every album since Like A Virgin up to Ray of Light…. then she wasn’t so good after that.

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