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Post-Pagoh rebellion: Umno renegades vs party mainstream

GE14 battlefield = DAP vs Umno

Civil war = Tun+Muhyiddin vs Najib

Enemy of my enemy is my friend = Tun.Muhyiddin+DAP vs Umno Najib


Yesterday Najib Razak posted in his Facebook about the safe landing of an RMAF plane after the aircraft experienced an emergency situation in mid-air. All the flight crew are, thankfully, okay.

Despite the positive content of the FB entry, this particular thread in the prime minister’s official social media account was inundated with a torrent of vitriol by mostly the Cina DAP.

Malay Facebookers had reacted “Alhamdulillah” to the good news that “semua 8 anak kapal CN235 TUDM yang mendarat cemas di Batu 2, Kuala Selangor selamat” and “Amin” upon the PM’s thanks expressed “kepada nelayan tempatan yang menghulurkan bantuan kepada anak-anak kapal TUDM semoga Allah SWT merahmati anda”.

Majib FB alhamdulillah

Najib FB amin

Meanwhile, Chinese Facebookers chose to carpet bomb Najib’s page with a flood of ‘hate’ emoji — see screenshots above.

The Dapster-evangelistas who dominate the media and social media are clearly everywhere fanning hatred for the Umno president – whether openly or insidiously by wearing Malay-Muslim disguise – and needless to say, instigating a public revolt against the party that Najib leads.

They are emboldened by the Protuns who have the same objectives of toppling Najib and sidelining Umno.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh’s interns Occupy Masjid

DAP kafir supporters Occupy Masjid

Malay moles on the DAP payroll

It is largely the Protuns who are willing to have any truck with the DAP. These can be described as Malay REJECTS that drifted to the Dark Side.

PAS Malays have mercifully had their eyes peeled to the true colours of the evangelical party despite the chameleon charade that DAP’s elected reps and their interns have been assiduously putting on.

In truth, the influence of Hannah Yeoh and her ilk – their tudung- and songkok-wearing playact regardless – simply cannot penetrate the Malay vote bank as effectively compared to the Protuns (who themselves are ‘real’ Umno Malays).

Therefore it is not surprising that the DAP is keen to recruit those Malays who already have a lot in common with Dapster-evangelistas, i.e. recruiting frauds who possess the talent of masquerade.

And just like the Red Beanies who are on payroll of the evangelical party, these DAP Malay moles accuse Projibs of being pemakan dedak when three fingers are pointing back at themselves … cluck, cluck, cluck.

The Singapore ties and Chinese connection are a giveaway

After the DAP’s stunning victory to take Penang, Singapore’s PAP officials came a-calling on them to look-see the new Chinese power. The PAP courtesy calls were reciprocated by the DAP officials going to Singapore to look-and-learn from their ideological brethren.

(Historically DAP is an offshoot of PAP, and since the 1960s taking on board Lee Kuan Yew’s “Malaysian Malaysia” slogan, which lately ubah-ed into Lim Kit Siang’s “Malaysian First” motto.)

DAP’s Malay moles can be recognized through their close ties with Singapore. Ini jenis Melayu yang berkiblatkan Singapura dan mahukan semua mencontohi cara diorang buat kat republik kecil tu yang jiran kita di selatan.

They create their imaginary world as if this peninsula – that used to be called Tanah Melayu – is the 20th province of China. Laughably some of these Melayu fraudsters even try to appear more Cina than Cina.

Two sides of the mouth

Speaking kumbayah from his hypocritical heart

One of the regular commenters on this blog has kindly shared with us the Hadith insight below:

Abdullah bin Amr (r.a.) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, “Whoever has all the following characteristics is a consummate Hypocrite; and whoever has but one of these characteristics, he already bears the marks of Hypocrisy:

1) Whenever he speaks, he tells a lie.
2) Whenever he makes an agreement, he proves to be treacherous (i.e. he betrays the trust placed in him)
3) Whenever he makes a promise, he breaks it.
4) Whenever he quarrels, he behaves in an evil and degrading manner.”

(Hadith No. 34, Book of Faith, Sahih Bukhari, Vol. 1)

Two face in one

ABOVE: Two faced … One shady character with an alter ego faking a fictional life

Beware the liar and the fraud

“Verily, the hypocrites will be in the lowest depths of the Hell-Fire; no helper can you find for them.” (Quran 4:145)

Well, we all know who’s the incessant slanderer – who is being diligently propped up by fellow slanderers – despite him trying to cloak his identity under the feminine veil of anonymity.

Siapa yang cakap tak serupa bikin? Siapa yang perangai dan bahasanya kasar? Definitely the characteristics of one who bears the marks of a consummate Hypocrite. No wonder that Anon Protun and the Anon Dapsters flock together. Birds of a feather are perfect company for each other.

It is widely known why the Malay mole has been rejected by Umno and the communication units under top-flight government departments. The reason for rejection? His treacherous streak has been sniffed out, that’s why.

reject stamp

Malay discards knocking Umno foundation from inside out

After being cast out by mainline Umno, the moles wade in chest deep with Chinese ultras. Their slice of cyberspace has turned very ugly and not to mention toxic. It is the same kind of toxicity that we can see the Cina DAP obviously trying to inflict on Najib’s social media.

Their game plan is to wreak havoc on Umno from within the Malay, especially among the pro-Tun and rebel, community. This is the same cancer eating from inside the body politic that had previously, in GE12 and GE13, enabled DAP to sweep along 90 percent Chinese in a tsunamic wave.

If a formula is proven so successful, why not replicate it, eh? Hence, the same methods are once again deployed to ramp up the volume of hate against Najib.

This chorus of stinging disapproval works best in an environment that is already pro-Tun so that fence-sitting Protuns can be ubah-ed by Malay moles to turn against the BN. You have been warned!



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35 thoughts on “Post-Pagoh rebellion: Umno renegades vs party mainstream

  1. Why are you dragging Singapore into this? Have you exhausted your list of issues and people to “whack”?

    And, in the greater scheme of things, are you “targetting” China?

    Those are two countries that the government is trying very hard to have good relations with.

    Because, in Asean, it’s “sink or swim together” in the nexus between politics, trade, the economy and the games that the great powers play.

    Pulling the plug on the Internet won’t help either. Unless someone wants to build the “Great Malaysian Firewall” like a certain other country in this continent.

    1. Touchy, touchy.

      It’s no wonder some of the other commenters have been wondering whether you’re a Singapore agent for always “whacking” Malaysia and Malays at the slighted excuse.

      1. Well said, Helen.

        The Sporean who is shy in admitting being a Sporean. Biadap, as the bloke himself has admitted it. And pointed so by another commenter here.

        He must be feeling inadequate in many respects. He can’t just state his views but tried to insult others, too. “Tried” was the word – he got insulted, instead.

        For one, he must be most embarrassed by the lack of freedom in Spore such that he finds able to express his frustration only in Malaysian blogs.

        Pretends knowing a lot on international affairs but expected the Malaysian Ambassador or Foreign Minister to take issue with the Spore Straits Times even on small matters.

        And when he runs out of arguments, he’d praise his own standard of the English language.

        What a pity. Poor fellow.

          1. Still hogging that old chestnut, are you?

            You mean you haven’t found out the answer yet? With all the vaunted surveillance of the Internet and social media?

            The proxy servers and anonymous settings must be working behind the firewall….lol.

        1. Oh, wow – still spoiling for a fight, are you?

          Well, then, carry on. With passes for “arguments” and “logic”.

          I will settle for the mundane – competitiveness rankings, FDI stock etc – you know, all the boring stuff.


      2. That’s for you to guess, isn’t it?

        In the meantime, why don’t you answer the points I raised?

        As for “whacking”, I am sure that there are others who adopted that word as their SOP and modus operandi.

        And it is the “slightest excuse”, not the “slighted(sic) excuse”…..

        1. re: “As for ‘whacking’, I am sure that there are others who adopted that word as their SOP and modus operandi.”

          I know who you mean. That whinging fraud and liar is like a one-trick pony.

          Btw, you sic too much. It’s obviously a small and careless typo.

          1. Yes, but you are a stickler for keyboard accuracy and language usage, aren’t you?

            Or are you just being cavalier in your editing?

            1. I’m particular about facts. I am, however, not a grammar Nazi. Obviously the commenters here all have varied standards in their use of language.

              To give credit where credit is due, I will say that your English is very good.

    2. Singapore Chinese and Penang Chinese are the remnants of Chinese coolies who migrated from China to escape the hardships and famine in China. Besides they were also escaping from Mao communists. They are not from the Chinese mandarins so they are just opportunists just as migrants are bound to be. Their loyalty is to their wallets.
      What we Malays must realised that UMNO has slowly been infiltrated by business men.
      Every one is a business men in UMNO supreme council. One Azeez Rahim was even a car repossesor now proudly the appointed by Najib as the 75 billion Tabung Haji.
      So you can see how dire the Malay situations.
      Khazanah invested billion in Chinese and Indians company while GABEM, MTEM talk and talk about advancing Malay business.
      PEMANDU is stack with chinese and indians and now even dictate the education policy of DLP which is now boycotted by the Malays.
      What rubbish is Najib and his cousin Hishamudin doing suspending Johor Muhyidin?
      Hishamuddin was the first to announce the 3 million Bangladesh MOU when he was the Home Minister. You dont need the indian labour minister to bring in more Indians,

      The Malays must realised why the Chinese managed to coax Najib to move Keretapi Tanah Melayu from Tanjong Pagar.

      Najib is just in it for the money. But Mahathir started this. Malaysia is very rich with oil. But he gave it all away to the Chinese and indians business all the time calling the malays stupid and lazy…

      His sons were not stupid as they got billions ringgit loans from maybank and others.

    3. Why are you trolling on Helen Ang’s blog?
      Are you the ultimate kiasu?
      Do you belong to the exMalaysians club whose members perceive themselves as being passed-over-despite-my-fantastic-grades/talents and are now Singaporean citizens?

      1. Yup, and why not?

        At least, “fantastic grades/talents” get recognised and rewarded, strange as that may seem to you, being an alien concept to your thought processes…..

        A lot of “mom & pop” Malaysians are working in Singapore too, including those of, shall we say, a certain race and ethnicity, who have a predilection for triumphalism.

        They are not part of the “being passed-over….club”, are they?

        Or those who have forsaken “dignity and pride” to cari makan in SIN city?

  2. You described ProTuns as Malay REJECTS.

    Rejected by whom? Just because they refused to be bought by Cash is King PM, they are rejects? Just because they refused to believe on the fairy tales thrown to them about 1MDB, 2.6bil donations, and the tiada salah lakus of PM, they are rejects? Just because they have more brains and more dignity than proJibs, they are rejects? Just because they side with Dr M, they are rejects?

    You chided others for flaming Najib’s FB with inappropriate postings and crude words, but you carelessly and without much thought do the same thing to the Malays who support Dr M by saying they are Malay rejects? You had just sunk to the levels of the DAP RBAs that you “supposedly” hate.

    Hypocrite laaa you ni Helen! Talam 10 muka.

    ProJibs are penjilat bontot PM, that’s what ProTuns labelled them. UMNO MTs some of them now belong to that group now.

    ProJibs bloggers are prepaid bloggers sponsored by PMO. I no longer believe you finance your own blog from your own money.

    You’ve lost the high moral ground to preach other bloggers on how to blog with dignity, because obviously you don’t do what you preach!

    1. re: “Rejected by whom?”

      Rejected by Umno. Rejected by Umno-owned companies or Umno-controlled organizations. Rejected by PMO or Umno-dominated units/depts/GLCs.

      re: “Just because they refused to be bought by Cash is King PM, they are rejects?”

      Aiyah, you still haven’t taken up my suggestion to dig deep into your networking and ask Khaled Nordin’s boys what a certain incessant badmouther had demanded from them post-GE13. Kesian the fella, always moaning about being “cast off” and his services unwanted and unappreciated.

      re: “Just because they refused to believe on the fairy tales thrown to them about 1MDB, 2.6bil donations, and the tiada salah lakus of PM, they are rejects?”

      I don’t see any mega rally in Pagoh or in Johor for the ‘rejected’ division chief, do you? Even the DAP challenger from Ipoh Timor can inspire humongous rallies in JB. And Johor isn’t even the home state of YB Gelang Patah who parachuted in.

      re: “Just because they have more brains and more dignity than proJibs, they are rejects?”

      I do not see where the dignity is when Tun’s macai-macai trot off to the capital cities of Singapore, Paris, London, Zuruch and Hong Kong to conduct economic sabotage of their own country’s financial enterprise.

      re: “Just because they side with Dr M, they are rejects?”

      Umno is behind Najib, its party president. Those siding with Tun (an ordinary member with no party posts) are “rebels”.

      There are 191 division chiefs. The only ones rebelling are Pagoh, Jerlun and Semporna — that’s 3/191 or 1.6 percent.

      This 1.6 percent troublemakers are “rejected” by the Umno mainline leadership. If the Supreme Council did not reject Jerlun, he would not have lost his MB-ship. If the Supreme Council did not reject Pagoh, he would not have been suspended.

      re: “You chided others for flaming Najib’s FB with inappropriate postings and crude words, but you carelessly and without much thought do the same thing to the Malays who support Dr M by saying they are Malay rejects?”

      Calling a Protun as “Malay reject” is nowhere near as crude as the nickname by which you called Naji*.

      re: “You had just sunk to the levels of the DAP RBAs that you “supposedly” hate.”

      Your name-calling of Najib mirrors the RBA. Surely you can see how they’re dragging the Protuns to their gutter level.

      re: “Hypocrite laaa you ni Helen! Talam 10 muka.”

      I have only one face – that of a woman, unlike a Protun masquerading as the opposite gender.

      I have only one ethnicity – Chinese, unlike a Protun inventing an imaginary biracial family and celebrating pineapples.

      And I don’t lie about my profession/field of work or concoct false stories about rival bloggers unlike that slanderous Protun.

      re: “ProJibs are penjilat bontot PM, that’s what ProTuns labelled them.”

      Terikut-ikut gaya RBA always labelling (who also label MCA as “running dogs” of Umno).

      re: “UMNO MTs some of them now belong to that group now.”

      The Umno supreme council consists almost 60 members all in all (25 elected, 10-plus/minus appointed, the Prez, VPs, heads of the wings, permanent chairman, his deputy, sec-gen, treasurer, working secretary, etc).

      They have spoken in one voice. They “reject” the Protuns. TSMY’s suspension is proof of the rejection.

      re: “ProJibs bloggers are prepaid bloggers sponsored by PMO. I no longer believe you finance your own blog from your own money.”

      In the first place, I’m upfront in openly declaring that I’m pro-Jib and even, quite straightforwardly, labelling myself a “Projib”. Do you see any PMO-‘prepaid’ blogger doing this?

      Anakin, on the other hand, is always whinging, whinging, whinging in denial — denying that he’s paid but admitting he’s jealous and actually wants to receive payment and recognition like Tun Faisal who’s an advisor to JASA, a unit in the Prime Minister’s Dept (see Google search result below).

      In the second place, I’m not sponsored by PMO unlike someone yang hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong-sorong … lol … his hidung kemek at Umno Johor post-2013, and when services unwanted mula lah mencemuh Team Khaled Nordin.

      BELOW: Annie’s melenting & merajuk @

      re: “You’ve lost the high moral ground to preach other bloggers on how to blog with dignity, because obviously you don’t do what you preach!”

      Actually it is a certain hate-filled Protun blog that has been dragged into the gutter through his collusion with Dapsters and Chinese ultras. Cakap tak serupa bikin and allowing the DAP cytros to smear without any restraint.

      Ambil lah iktibar, Setem.

      You can see how that once popular blog is degenerating before your very eyes into a toxic dump which is daily being dominated by Mr Alphabet Soup and his sidekick Anon. Takde lagi genuine Malay commentators yang you dok kenal kecuali those Cinapeks known to be hardcore DAP.

      Six months ago, before the Tun-Najib breach allowed the Komtar operatives to capitalize on various Protun platforms, it (that cesspool) never stooped this low.

      The bad company that the Protuns have recently begun keeping has rubbed off on wayward Umno Malays. It is a lesson that PAS learned the hard way. Why do you reckon PAS has today become so allergic to the DAP evangelistas? Think! Reflect!!

      1. You can now call these Protuns and Pakatan Harapan scum as Pakatuns. That’s what they are. These 2 working hand in gloves, one of them is going to the dumps and that one is the Protun camp. The Pakatan Harapan scum will no doubt survive because unlike the Protuns, they are hated only by Umno whereas now look at the Protuns. Despised by both Umno and Pakatan Harapan, the case with Pakatan Harapan being that the Protuns are useful commodity when it comes to hitting Najib and Umno so they will put up with them for now since they have a common foe. These Protuns still don’t get it do they ? After Umno and Najib are done with them, do you still think Pakatan Harapan is still going to hang around with them ? Just like any useless commodity, Pakatan Harapan will discard them like trash, sampah. Pagoh is just the start of house cleaning. Next stop the cronies, the saboteurs. They think they can hide they better think twice. Speaking of cash is king, one should ask how much of Umno’s and the nation’s treasury went to the bank accounts of the cronies of a certain ex PM now making a brouhaha all over the country claiming he’s doing all this to save Malaysia.

        1. Now is a good time ,the Malays is further divided ,there no other better time .
          DAP should stay on focus now , assuming that no Malay base party will win big ,that allowed them to lead the next government .

          Want will be the collation ,would be interesting to wait .

        2. The very name you choose to blog here tells what kind of a bloke you are. Yes, what are you What Is This? Wat you say man, all in one long paragraph? Forgot your brakes, eh?

          Scum you say? Do you know it’s not as bad as shit that others might call you?

          Mention of shit, I lose appetite to continue this counter-comment. Those words said above suffice for now.

  3. Those kurang ajar Chinese facebookers. Tak serik-serik lagi even after the himpunan merah.

    1. I already replied to Setem above but I will humour you nonetheless.

      Please provide a job description of what you mean by ‘consultant’, where he works (office location), how much salary range/what kind of benefits he gets, who he reports to and what access he has to the PM.

      I will answer you once you set the parameters, lol.

      1. l o l did you notice the words he used ? Konsetan & Punahsihat ? Sounds more and more like a certain species don’t you think ?

        1. Methinks the concern about consultants is legitimate. On this I agree with Tun.

          Why the need to bring in powerpoint presenters Pemandu for replicating government work at such an astronomical cost, on top of giving outsiders (not within the civil service framework) so much power and importance when EPU has always served us well all these years.

          BELOW: A Pemandu senior analyst and her “champagne brunch at Westin” hotel

          Also, as one example, why is the PM (rumoured) to have hired ultra expensive advisors like Paul Stadlen?

          I don’t know how much Umno cybertroopers are paid but Najib’s terlepas cakap in calling them “bangang” had demoralized the troops.

          I don’t figure those fighting online for Umno are all that demanding. Many, I’m sure, do it/did it because because they support the party or they believe in the perjuangan.

          Sikap kurang prihatin Najib terhadap those foot soldiers who are the ones fighting Umno’s psywar in the trenches must have hurt their feelings. Najib’s current unpopularity is partly due to the party prez losing some vital strands of the plot.

          I’m not sure how much or how far Umno can win hearts and minds anymore at this juncture. Perhaps the pro-establishment people have to be prepared for Umno (as BN’s big brother) to adopt the hard line.

          If Umno-BN had not been losing so much ground, we would have no pressing need like now for a war general. The fact that we require a hawkish cabinet with a ‘Take No Prisoners’ approach signals that Umno/BN is having its back pushed to the wall already.

          1. BN and by extension Umno lost the cyber war in 2013. I don’t think they are going to change anything no matter how hard they try. But still they have to have a presence in cyberspace because if they don’t the whole place is going to be infested by snakes. What they must do right now and do it fast is to cleanse the house of saboteurs and the like. With the next general election just 2 years away they cannot risk having these saboteurs in their party wrecking havoc. One thing Najib must also keep in mind is to make sure he has the support of the Bumi parties in Sabah and Sarawak. They saved him in 2013 and come 2018 they will play a pivotal role in keeping him and BN in Putrajaya. Banking on Pas to help BN is very risky because having them as partners risk alienating the Bumi parties in Sabah and Sarawak.

          2. Very responsible stand to take, Helan. We belong to different camps, you and I. But I respect the position you take in many instances.

            More to say, another time.

      2. Terimakasih Kak dengan jawapan yang di atas, mengikut link yang saya berikan, takrif konsetan & punahsihat akak ialah…….. I had also said, “I suspect he (the plagiarist) is one of the ‘consultants’ – perhaps contracted from outside – with links to the PMO media team.”

        Jawapan saya ialah seperti yang di atas bermula dari perhaps……

        1. re: “perhaps contracted from outside – with links to the PMO media team”

          Sigh … at you and your langgar tak semena-mena.

          I am an outsider (not Umno, not civil servant). I am not “contracted” by PMO.

          I do not have links to “the PMO media team” but I do hope that the key figures read my blog.

          In fact, Komtar operatives like ‘zofreis’ @ 2016/01/06 at 10:50 pm can easily reel off the names of Najib’s men better than I can recognize the line-up.

          1. Postscript:

            ‘zofreis’ is ‘mdzfrs’ in Annie Anakin’s blog as well as used some other pseudonym (or Anon) in Rocky’s blog.

      3. Rasanya the correct word is ‘insultant’ kot?

        Apa pun aku percaya Presiden UMNO pujaan Helen ni akan tersungkur. Jangan percaya sangat dgn perkiraan 1.3% bahagian saja yg protes.

  4. All this political fighting is depressing me, but what can I do about it?
    Even if I don’t pick sides or don’t vote somebody’s gotta win an election, there are no draws, one guy/party wins, the others lose.

    This is not related, but since you have expressed a lot concerning another blogger, I’m sure you won’t mind me asking your opinion about another blogger, Raja Petra that is, what do you think about him?That guy used to be with the opposition, and now he’s against most of them. How do you rate the his gossip, allegations, political opinions, talking points?He wrote that Dr Mahathir had a part in chinese tsunami. That’s kind of outrageous but I can’t help and wonder.

    1. Dear anonymous,

      I’ll have to ask you to please use a moniker/pseudonym the next time you comment. Thanks.

      re: “there are no draws, one guy/party wins, the others lose.”

      What it boils down to ultimately – the bottomline – is which party you want to have in Putrajaya. It’s either Umno or DAP running the show.

      From the behaviour of the DAP dajjals (you can evaluate them in Annie Anakin’s blog), there is no doubt that they’re neo-Zionists.

      re: “This is not related, but since you have expressed a lot concerning another blogger”

      Because Annie Anakin exemplifies the Dark Side into which the Protuns can be drawn once they allow themselves to be hijacked (dikaldaikan) by Dapster-evangelistas.

      re: “I’m sure you won’t mind me asking your opinion about another blogger, Raja Petra that is, what do you think about him?”

      An augur (noun). Definition: “Augury is the practice from ancient Roman religion of interpreting omens from the observed flight of birds.”

      If you wanna divine what path/action the PMO might take next, look to Raja Petra for the signs in the sky.

      re: “That guy used to be with the opposition”

      Anwar used to be No.2 in Umno but the oppo have anointed him their PM-in-waiting. Azmin Ali used to be with Umno too.

      DAP used to be dead set against PAS and its hudud and Islamic state aspirations (kena “langkah mayat” si pengerusi DAP terlebih dahulu) but for GE12 and GE13, they were willing to bury their objection.

      re: “and now he’s against most of them”

      If Raja Petra had not been up close and personal with the opposition, he’d never know what kind of dajjal they are.

      Similarly, Tunku Aziz, Zulkifli Mohd Noor, Mohd Razali Rahman, Amran Ahmad Nor, Wee Choo Keong, Norman Fernandez and others would not have known tahap sebenar kedajjalan DAP if they had not been themselves been ex-leaders in the party.

      After being at the receiving end of the ‘Search & Destroy’ treatment meted out to these ex-DAP leaders (kalau tak kenal, maka tak ‘kena’), it’s quite natural for them to be more vehemently against the party than an ordinary member of the public.

      re: “How do you rate the his gossip”

      It opens up new trains of thought.

      re: “allegations”

      Have to go on a case-by-case basis.

      re: “political opinions”

      Raja Petra has stated that Malaysian Christians are the biggest hypocrites on Earth. He rarely picks on Buddhists or Hindus.

      re: talking points?”

      He seems to believe that Cina DAP bullies and pricks are scum of the Earth. He is also convinced that The Star are backstabbers and MCA will fade into oblivion post-GE14. His opinions sound correct to me.

      re: “He wrote that Dr Mahathir had a part in chinese tsunami.”

      Tun played a role in the BN getting swept away by the Makkal Sakti tidal wave in 2008. That is public record.

      As for 2013, I think Tun had a more realistic sense than Najib as to how hard the tsunami would hit. He gave Chinese voters an ultimatum when he campaigned in Gelang Patah. He told them they needed to vote Ghani Othman if they wanted to maintain “kongsi” kuasa.

      Najib, on the other hand, was taken by surprise by the election results. His reaction was carried live on TV when he blurted out “Chinese tsunami” reeling in shock.

      re: “That’s kind of outrageous but I can’t help and wonder.”

      Tun has a lot of Chinese cronies. He also has 22 years of experience toying with the Chinese electorate and their kiasu vote. I believe that in 2013, Tun had the keener appraisal whereas Ah Jib Gor was still hoping against hope.

  5. I conformed. The RM2.6 Billion was a donation. So let it rest.

    But nobody, not even Projib bloggers dare to comment about that RM2 million in DS Rosmah’s personal account?

    Rosmah is not a representative of the Rakyat. Therefore, it must not be construed as a ploy to overthrow UMNO or the government.

  6. Its very simple. Without d Chinese Votes, Umno/bn is doomed in d pru 14. I hv said this to d Mca president n Umno info chief.
    Something has to done soon.

    1. BN did not get the Chinese votes in GE13.

      It was MCA that lost all the Chinese-majority seats. ALL. The only Parliament seats MCA is left holding are in Malay-majority, with the sole exception of Labis. (Bentong has an alsmot equal number of Chinese and Malay voters, and the MCA incumbent is sure to lose this seat in GE14.)

      Even without Chinese votes in GE13, Umno increased its Parliament seats from 79 (year 2008) to 88 (year 2013).

      It is MCA that is doomed. Umno should just let MCA die a natural death.

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