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  1. just wanna ask, what happen with china ah? selalu benda2 pelik dirakam, ya la malaysia pun ada…tapi china punya kes macam spesial and pelik sikit la…hahaha

  2. The prospect of a China version of Donald Trump (rabid xenophobia, among other characteristics) should alarm the region.

    POTUS Trump versus his possible Chinese equivalent is the stuff of nightmares.

    Helen would not be opining thus if that happens. She, like others in the region, will be busy running for cover…..

    1. Mr Trump “Let’s make America great again” looks on course to become Potus.

      China’s supreme leaders also triumphalist about the new Chinese millennium.

      It is Malaysian PM who’s gonna be sandwiched. What if he has to pick a side — one or the other?

      1. PM must play both sides to Malaysia’s advantage and not get drawn into ideological differences; need to maintain our stance as a managed capitalist economy with some social engineering structures for Bumi – not 100% aligned to US free market (which is kind of BS because they have their own informal barriers, subsidies and whatnot that they will fight tooth and nail to keep, but they can somehow market that as free market) nor to the socialist economy.

        We have to play this game until.the day Asean gets developed enough that collectively, we can tell these 2 to go fly kite. Not going to happen in my lifetime unfortunately.

        1. You can keep on dreaming. I m not being disrespectful but Asean is just another collection of states with limited powers. Look at the grouping. It is very much divided on just about everything. All the photo ops merely hightens the suspicion that the group is just a reality tv show. Asean is essentially intoxicated by neoliberal capitalism. Why else do you think the grouping is now opening their markets yet their major trading partners are not ? Selling of state jewels to foreign interests in our case Edra clearly indicates that the grouping in now being bought out by foreign powers with the red dot Singapore playing the role of the middleman. Asean will still be a developing economy 20, 30 years from now and if neoliberal capitalism is still the rage within Asean after that period of time I mentioned, Asean is a basket case. China and the USA will not go fly kite. Their hold over Asean will only intensify with the passage of time. With more foreign powers like Japan and India coming in, not to mention Europe as well, Asean looks very much like a colony of these foreign powers to be exploited to the hilt.

    2. “The prospect of a China version of Donald Trump (rabid xenophobia, among other characteristics) should alarm the region.”

      Why do you think there is a sudden liking for a leader who is xenophobic among the masses? After years of Obama moderation, why do the masses want someone so xenophobic. Just look at what moderation made America. Americans were asked to be politically correct. Politically correct meant anyone who wants to be race based, anti-gay, anti Asian, pro Christian etc had to be shut up because it is culturally unacceptable. So all the pent up frustrations are now being let loose.
      Perhaps UMNO should come up with their own Donald Trump. Any Donald Trump follower would certainly not endorse any pseudo-race such as the imaginary Bangsa Malaysia. A Bumi Donald Trump would give the Pakatoons and Protuns a run for their money.

      1. http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/03/of-course-donald-trump-can-beat-hillary-clinton/471879/?utm_source=SFFB

        “There are two pieces of conventional wisdom about Donald Trump that don’t fit comfortably together. On the one hand, people seem to think Trump’s appeal transcends the issues and that he doesn’t really care about policy. On the other hand, he’s considered unelectable because of his policies, like building a Mexican wall and banning Muslim immigrants.”

        1. On the other hand, he’s considered unelectable because of his policies, like building a Mexican wall and banning Muslim immigrant.

          Isn’t Islamphobia? Or you deliberately misread HY?

            1. on a thread with title like chinese r the toughest race in the world? aiyo, y u like to state the obvious huh? i at least use the term muslim n islamophobia, not malay n islam. i hope u know the diff.

          1. i didnt read yr second when i submit my. n moreover the second is a copypaste. reread what u wrote on yr first, y u omit islamophopia n muslim, when many know that is probably what the american fear most.

      2. A Malaysian version of Trump would be quickly sidelined by the bigger Trumps out there.

        Because posturing on the domestic stage for a domestic audience just doesn’t cut it when one has to be humble and meek on the International stage (the bigger Trumps, remember?)

        I believe the relevant phrase is “delusions of grandeur”….

        1. OK lets cheer for the US Trump. (I certainly love him because unapologetically xenophobic unlike our DAPsters who deny that they are racist or xenophobic. In a rude and crude way, he is honest.)
          With his stand on Mexicans, Muslims and China, I don’t think the Malaysian Christian Chinese girl who goes to America in search of knowledge and got LOVE would be welcomed – like the Journey modus operandi. Honestly he will have the balls to send the next Malaysian Christian Chinese love-seeker back in a junk back to Hong Kong.
          Suzie Wongs are NOT welcome in Donald’s USA.
          You better pray hard that Mrs Clinton wins if you plan to tear your passport anytime in the Fall.

          1. The Donald is not racist all. He is a real person, a real man. He says it as it is. When you say someone is politically correct, you know that person is a closet racist. A liberal is also a racist, denying the existence of race, which is why when someone says he is of a particular ethnicity, the liberal will call that person racist.I would certainly cheer for The Donald, and you know what, mainland Chinese also cheer him too, just read this https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2016/03/03/trump-finds-some-unlikely-supporters-the-chinese/

          2. The Donald doesn’t like Muslims either…..

            A minor little peccadillo…but, then, a fair number of Americans (and Aussies, Brits, EU nationals etc) are not exactly enamoured with Muslims too.

            As for the China Chinese, big bucks are welcome everywhere.

            Like how Malaysia is allowing China Chinese to apply for e-visas online and is aiming to attract 8 million Chinese visitors this year (much needed tourism income?).

            Or how the RMB has overtaken the MYR in setting Malaysia-China payments (17% for the RMB and 4% for the MYR in 2015, according to SWIFT).

            Let’s not even mention Chinese companies agreeing to pay MYR15 billion for 1MDB’s land and power assets or the sale of 47 hectares of land in Johor to a Chinese company for MYR4.5 billion (as reported in the media).

            No Suzie Wongs there, apparently!


  3. In China, many cars installed dash-board cameras. That is why they can capture these moments.

    Nasib baik tak jadi apa2 to that boy. So careless of the driver. The minute the boot was swung open, he should have realised it.

    1. You’re correct, Kak Mar. It was reported that the drama was captured on dashboard camera.

  4. Here is some good news about Malaysian passports.

    I got this from a classmate’s FB who love to criticize everything Malaysia. He did not realize Malaysia is in the Blue passport category.

    Our passport is the ranked 12th most powerful in the world…. more powerful than even Hong Kong, Taiwan


    Only a stupid fool would tear our passport. One torn passport Malaysian Chinese, 20 China Chinese (including Hong Kongers, Taiwanese and Macaonese) would want them.

    1. I note that Singapore passports are ranked 5th in the list.

      Did you conveniently forget to mention that?

      Maybe it’s “selective amnesia”.

      I would hesitate to use the phrase “delusional triumphalism”, although it has a nice polysyllabic ring to it.


      1. Why don’t you tear your passport and get a better one? AKA Singapore one.
        Why settle for 12th place when you can get number 5.

        And please give chance to all the China Chinese (Hongkong, Taiwan and Macau included). You know that they are very low class unlike Singapore Chinese or the Malaysian Race from JSubang. China Chinese are usually GROs and maid while the men are all gangsters and coolies.

        I wanna hear the TEAR!

        1. Exactly right. Go for quality every time…..

          Like BMW over Proton. …hahaha.

          China Chinese don’t have to worry. Their government very garang one….. like in the South China Sea.

          Why don’t you ask the Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia about this
          the next time you see him in Bukit Bintang?

          Did I just hear the TEAR? As in sob sob?

    2. The very reason why many are screaming to do away with “bangsa” on their documents to simply have “Malaysia Malaysian”.

      See, should foreign immigration see race as a “Malay” well, very little questions posed unless of ‘cos yr names are already on their computer watch-list for whatever reasons.

      Kalau you kata you are an African Malaysian, faham2 aje la how some foreign immigrations people may react.

      1. We should keep the bangsa column. I love being Chinese. You should not apologize for being a Malay either, and our fellow Indians and other natives should also be proud of their ethnicity. Only those with identity crisis call themselves Bangsa Malaysia.

  5. 🐴🏊🐴🏊🐴🏊🐴

    Mathematician: How to write 4 in between a 5?

    India: Is this a Joke?

    Japan: Impossible!

    America: The question’s wrong!!

    UK: Rubbish !!

    China: F(IV)E
    This is the reason you find Chinese everywhere in the world in finance, business, medicine, engineering & arts…
    anything to do with optimising your brain!!

    British: Can you swim?
    Chinese: No
    British: Then a dog is better than you because it swims.
    Chinese: Can you swim?
    British: Yes!
    Chinese: Then what’s the difference between you and the dog…
    British Shocked!!
    Chinese Rocks! 👍 😜

    European : Why do you Chinese come in all colors; look at us, we are all white..?
    Wong Fei Hoong: Horses too come in different colors but donkeys are all the same..!!!

    Send to all Chinese all over the globe!

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