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Tun to head Easter Sunday parade

Easter Sunday symbolizes the resurrection of Christ. The holy day marking the rebirth of Lord Jesus.

It’s hardly accidental that the ‘Save Malaysia’ rally, i.e. gathering to force the ouster of Najib Razak so that a new government can be established, is planned for the fourth Sunday of the month (March 27).

This year’s Easter Sunday falls on March 27, and the date chosen for the rally is obviously significant to Born Again Christians who form the backbone of the DAP-led opposition.

BELOW: Muhyiddin flanked by Umno rebels Shafie Apdal and Mukhriz Mahathir during his press conference today

Tun standing shoulder-to-shoulder with pro-Christian MPs

Rally organizer Zaid Ibrahim has confirmed Tun Mahathir’s attendance on Easter Sunday rally and that the ex-premier will be delivering the keynote address.

Muhyiddin Yassin will also be present at the anti-Najib event.

I’ve been saying that the Protuns bersekongkol dengan (colluding with) Dapsters, that Tun and Kit Siang are eerily starting to echo each other’s words and that Tun has been indirectly empowering the DAP.

Was I not right?

Just a couple of days ago, Tun huddled with the liberal MPs from PAN. As we all know, the New Hope party is a DAP stooge.

BELOW: Tun with PAN Parliamentarians Mujahid Yusof – the evangelistas’ BFF – and Hanipa Maidin who had sided with the Christians over the kalimah ‘Allah’ issue

Also at the meeting were MPs Mohd Hatta Ramli, Sit Mariah Mahmud (her constituency has 54% Chinese and Indian voters) and Tian Chua — not in picture

mahathir mujahid

Tun working together with evangelical party

It is clear that Tun is cooperating with the opposition. He is scheduled to speak at a joint press conference with Pakatan Harapan tomorrow.

Kit Siang has further revealed that he and Tun had met up.

So … wasn’t I telling the truth when earlier I’d said that Tun bersekongkol dengan Grandpapa Dapster?

annie-profile-faker job

Malay mole turns to the Dark Side

Some readers were sceptical when I first raised the possibility that Tun’s collaboration with the opposition would help in bringing down Umno.

These readers were similarly sceptical when I exposed Protun blogger Annie Anakin as a liar and a fraud, e.g. Annie claims in his Blogspot biodata – see above – that he is “a little lady of the valley” who works in the “education” line.

Yet Annie’s blog postings has been about his involvement in GE13 as the self-proclaimed leader of Media Team Ghani Othman. Annie also boasted that he covered the various by-elections (Sungai Limau, Teluk Intan, etc) for the entire duration of the campaign periods.

Any discerning reader would necessarily realise that our insistence that Annie is a political reporter, formerly with the NST, to be more believable than Annie’s fraudulent claim that he is an educator.

Yet it appears that a disappointing number of readers are incapable of critical evaluation when presented with compelling facts.

Annie popularity poll

Think Annie, think Che Azemi — photo below

It shouldn’t surprise anyone how gullible some Malays can be — going by the results of Annie Anakin’s self-validating popularity poll (see screenshot above) conducted in his own blog.

A mere 200 respondents took part in the survey, indicating how badly Annie’s readership had eroded of late.

Only 14 percent of Annie’s readers read his blog mainly because they believe that he “knows politics”. Hahaha.

On the other hand, 24 percent picked the answer — mainly because he “is not smelly”. These are the Dapster votes. So now at least we’re alerted that a quarter of Life of Annie hardcore supporters are the DAP senior operatives and RBA obligated to prop up a useful Protun-Trojan Horse blog.

A small segment of the truly delusional said they read Annie because he “is cute and nice”. These seven percent of respondents are in the ‘No hope, no cure’ category of stupidity.

Annie does not look like a Japanese anime in a Sailor Moon suit lah. Actually Annie far more resembles the RBA profile below. (Note: Annie Anakin is not the K-Pop-Japanese cartoon-Chinese-movie loving Che Azemi … profile pix is just a guideline.)

che-azemi-facebook crop

86% readers don’t care that political blogger doesn’t “know politics”

A big majority of Annie’s readers (86 percent) who took part in the poll above do not visit Life of Annie because they think the blogger “knows politics”. Reminder: Only 14 percent of those polled said they read Annie’s blog because he “knows politics”.

This “86%” shocker should be taken seriously by Team Najib to internalize the reason why it is that the general public is so clueless, i.e. they take at face value a political blog operated by a liar and fraud who, largely, does not even know his politics.

If the masses are going to be guided by their wayward emotions (54% of survey respondents are fans of Annie because they believe he “writes from the heart”) instead of being guided by a level head, then the Projibs are in trouble.

It is the Protuns who will be successful in making the takyat bertindak “ikut rasa”. Die lah the Projibs like this when so many gullible netizens wear big blinkers.

BELOW: Annie Anakin slams Syed Akbar as “a bastard” for exposing Annie as a “prepaid blogger” and a man

See the Protuns becoming more Dapster than Dapster

What Protun Annie has in common with the Dapsters is his big ego and ultra kiasuness. Which is not something that should surprise you seeing as how Annie is trying to be more Cina than Cina.

Annie is not the only male blogger who had pretended to be female.

The difference, however, between a Protun and a Projib blogger engaging in the gender switch charade is that the Protun still bermati-matian nak tegakkan benang basah – swearing till his face turns blue that he is an attractive female with a bikini bod – compared to the Projib guy who graciously backed down when he was found out.

J-Star online editor Philip Golingai had interviewed Lim Sian See in October last year.

Philip wrote in his Oct 31 article:

  • “anonymous Facebooker named Lim Sian See has been attracting a following with his/her wry comments”
  • “I had a question-and-answer session with him/her
  • “Is your name really Lim Sian See?” / “No, it is not. It’s a pseudonym”
  • “The anonymous Facebook political commentator says his/her aim is …”

Note that although Philip had been face-to-face with LSS, he nonetheless did not reveal the blogger’s real male gender to the J-Star readers.

After LSS was outed, he sportingly changed his Facebook gravatar to ‘male’

Annie PMO advisor

ABOVE: “dia orang kena bayar aku macam dia orang bayar Tun Faisal” — rungut si Annie

Umno reject who is jealous of Khaled Nordin’s boys and Tun Faisal

Annie Anakin had in the past been vociferously defending Rosmelda.

However, Annie is currently complaining that “some anti-Najib people had went around telling the world that I wanted to quit writing politics because I was not paid to do so anymore”.

Annie was outed by Syed Akbar Ali (OutSyed the Box) as a Malay male “prepaid blogger” who is shamelessly masquerading as an awek cun. SAA also said that Annie threw in the towel after the dedak dried up.

Kesian Annie who is perpetually grumbling about not receiving payment. See the take by A Voice (below) on this topic.

The Dapsters have now rallied around Annie saying they “don’t care whether [the Protun blogger is] female, male, animal, vegetable or mineral”. They love Annie for his “heart”, konon. Semua mesti ikut diorang punya cakap … double standards.

double face

BELOW: Annie lies again!

Annie Anakin claims that Umno is “throwing out just about everyone who disagree with the leadership”. That’s not true. Umno has so far only sacked Tun’s henchmen Khairuddin and Anina – not for “disagreeing” but for actively sabotaging the party.

Previously, Annie also lied when asking the Projibs a rhetorical question: “why you all want to kill off the innocent civilians just because they don’t go around carrying banners ‘I love PM’.”

There is a difference – not acknowledged by Annie – between one simply not loving the PM and one being in cahoots with the ‘enemy’ in order to topple the party president and bring Umno tumbling down together along with Najib.

Another Brick in the Wall

Unwanted by Protuns, rejected by Projibs, Annie can only turn to the Dapsters

Blogger otai Voicey has something to say about the “softie” yesterday. [Somebody else remarked to me that he had never before come across a man as “bitchy” as Annie. A man-“softie” is the more politically correct term, I suppose, LOL.]

‘A Voice’ wrote yesterday in his blog Another Brick in the Wall:

“Mahathir’s challenge come with money, something the opposition coalition have limitation in the past. His corporate backers have held back donation to Umno in the past election and saving up for the boss since the meeting of taukeh IPP with Mahathir in Argentina many years back.

“He is willing to pay for more clowns other than Dato Khairuddin Abu Hasan and Anina. Some taukeh judi are willing to pay some of his diehards monthly salary in the tens of thousands.

“So it is rather pitiful to see proTun cybertroopers voluntarily stalking pro-Najib bloggers and facebookers as ‘makan dedak‘ and lawyers being paid pittance but there are those earning big money.”

Double kesian Annie the Stalker. According to Voicey, some of Tun’s diehards – but not Annie – are receiving a “monthly salary in the tens of thousands”.

Machiavellian campaign of lies and misinformation by the Protuns

Like Syed Akbar said, neither the Protun nor the Projib wants to pay Annie now, now that he’s shown how unstable (ref. his vehement insistence that he’s an attractive, young woman) he is.

Considering how Annie has allowed the hate-filled Dapsters to turn his once highly popular blog into their toxic dump, it is hoped that the Anakin is being compensated on the DAP payroll to make it worth his while.

Life of Annie makes for a good illustration of what happens to those vulnerable Malays – rejected by Umno and PMO, ejected by Umno-owned company – who have had their soul corrupted by the Dapsters. It’s the prefect example of the cakap-tak-serupa bikin blog that our leaders have described as pembohong dan pemfitnah.

Communications Minister Salleh Said Keruak blogged today:

“Politics is all about perception so the war of perception to be able to win the hearts and minds of the people intensifies as political disagreements escalate.

“And this is when we adopt the Machiavellian doctrine of the end justifying the means by embarking on a campaign of lies and misinformation. We cannot claim the moral high ground and say that our cause is virtuous when we are neither noble or virtuous in our methods.”

The Protuns, having sunk themselves into the Dapster gutter, cannot claim the moral high ground when their methods are become as vile and as vicious as the Bintang Lima’s.

Protuns and Dapsters are beginning to merge into each other.


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33 thoughts on “Tun to head Easter Sunday parade

  1. I am beginning to believe Tun and his daughter Marina (suspected by many to be) … deleted.

    The Tun is a great man and so too are his achievements.

    “In your Easter Bonnet with all the frills upon it, you’ll be the grandest fellow in the Easter parade.

    I could write a sonnet upon your Easter bonnet and you’ll be the grandest fellow in the Easter parade.

    To the park we”ll go round rotunda, the photographers will snap us and then we’ll be seen in the schamtes magazines…..”

    Good one Tun. One for the road. And remember this everyone in the Tun’s shoes:

    Thee good you do people seldom seem to remember. The mistakes you make the never seem to forget

  2. The Protuns should really be thankful to the Projibs for wow-ing the Tun’s decision to resign from UMNO, agreeing with the Opposition to get Najib replaced, heading the 27 March parade, Muhyiddin joining in, etc, etc.

    That’s really good publicity and the Projibs are shifting gears, almost on overdrive now. Almost everywhere there is talk about the 27 March parade now. Tun’s presence lends significance to the event.

    You see, Tun is well respected. Even Zahid said he has respect for Tun and asked him to reconsider his quit-UMNO decision. He said so at about the time Najib was in Saudi Arabia, prompting some to ask if there is anything more to that and if Najib would feel uneasy Zahid saying so when he is away overseas.

    As to the Projib and Protun accusations and counter-accusations, these will always be, for so long as Najib remains UMNO Presdent and PM. Because the 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion scandal is not going away any time soon. Oh ya, some one said in a previous post, not to forget the RM42 million SRC issue, too.

  3. “the ‘Save Malaysia’ rally, i.e. gathering to force the ouster of Najib Razak so that a new government can be established” –

    Whatever the intention of the others, whether declared or otherwise, and whatever Tun might have said, there are the Protuns who just want Najib to withdraw or be replaced by UMNO.

    Of course, even in the US, at one time they were “looking for a communist under every bed” and now they found Donald Duck Trump who accuses everybody bad except himself. God save the US and us in the rest of the world if he becomes President – World War III might erupt soon after he is sworn in.

    But not Najib, I assure you. Only UMNO/BN would face its demise if he is not replaced well before PRU14.

    1. re: “whatever Tun might have said, there are the Protuns who just want Najib to withdraw or be replaced by UMNO.”

      (1) Najib will not be withdrawing

      (2) Umno is not replacing him

      (3) ergo, the Protuns will just have to fall in with Tun’s programme to work with the opposition so that enough public pressure – collectively – can be exerted on Najib

      Conclusion: There is no way to replace or remove Najib before GE14/2018 (remember that even voting down the Budget 2016 motion failed in Parliament) unless there’s a street revolution

      1. Well I am sure in the process one can imagine the hungry old and new toyols will get desperate and angry they may start biting each other and finally the rakyat will be able to see their faces.


    2. So without Najib to lead UMNO you think “Malay first, Malaysian second” Muhyiddin can gain back votes from the anti-establishement, Dapsters, and all the ABU crowd?
      So what if UMNO is replaced after PRU14? I will put the blame on Mahathir and his people. He has been constantly making people hate UMNO, from the early 80s until now.
      About Donald Trump, if he wins it just show people want somebody to take charge!

  4. If Annie is akin to Anakin, it’s still ok because Anakin eventually gained redemption by throwing the emperor into the Death Star hole in the end. So he’ll turn over a new leaf soon, don’t worry :)

    1. When you try and make a pious virtue out of being “neutral” or “non-partisan”, konon, the Protuns cannot be sure whether it is their Old Man that Annie Anakin will eventually throw into the Death Star hole — if the price from DAP is right once Tun is no longer of use (habis madu, sepah dibuang) like Tunku Aziz coming under attack by RBA.

      Likewise the Projibs will be unsure it is their ’emperor’ that’s going to be cast into the abyss by Annie, especially with Anakin now going overboard with his more-Cina-than-imaginary family Cina posturing.

      Remember, it is Annie himself who complained only just the other day (Tues. March 1) that “some anti-Najib people had went around telling the world that I wanted to quit writing politics because I was not paid to do so anymore”.

      Annie is referring above to SAA & gang who are Protuns. It was not any of the Projibs who outed Annie but a Protun.

      On the other hand, ‘A Voice’ is a Projib but his rebuke yesterday was very, very mild.

      In any case, from the criticisms directed at Annie (the majority spiked and not allowed to appear in Anakin’s blog as revealed by Zack, Aku Melayu, Setem and others whose comments did not pass his moderation), it’s clear that only the Dapsters such as Mr Alphabet Soup and his repetitive Anon sidekick are assidously propping up Life of Annie.

      Annie has lost the trust of the Protuns (that’s why he was attacked by SAA) and credibility among the Projibs (none of whom has stepped forward to vouch for, or defend Annie.)

      The outcome is that both factions of Malays are marginalizing Annie due to his flip-flop. Life of Annie is, at the end of the day, a Protun blog hijacked as a platform to be used and abused (for spreading propaganda and lies) by Dapsters.

      Like Voicey implied in his blog posting yesterday, Annie has descended into becoming a “pitiful” stalker.

      1. Postscript:

        What I meant by Annie losing “credibility” is that so many editors and senior journos and Umno bloggers know his identity, i.e. that the Anakin is a dumpy, middle-aged Malay man.

        They feel geli / jelik at his insistence on keeping up the pretense of being a “cute” and young biracial woman.

      2. Ok, in another words, basically Annie is a two-headed snake la, hahaha. Frankly speaking I do feel very disappointed that Annie is not what “she” claims to be. In mind Annie was supposed to look like Ryoko Hirosue, not a stout mid-age Malay dude!

  5. Huh…the title was about Dr.M’s Easter Sunday but 85% of the posting was Annie-bashing. Wonder what’s the hatred is all about? I guess, if Najib is not the PM, we do not really care if Annie is a she or he. It all boils down to ‘Cash is King’. Everybody is talking about who get paid by whom.
    Well at-least Dr.M don’t have RM2.6 Billion and his wife, RM2 Million in their own personal bank account. They did not got themselves entangled with dubious middlemen such as Razak Baginda, Deepak Carpet and Jho Low, in government dealings.

    Thank You Helen for reminding that March 27 is Easter. At least the Muslim & Christians have something in common. We believed in Nabi Isa too. Luckily we’re not like the Sunnis & Shias in the middle-east. though they believe in the same God and Prophet, yet they are killing each other.

    1. re: “Huh…the title was about Dr.M’s Easter Sunday but 85% of the posting was Annie-bashing.”

      In the first place, it is not “bashing”. I’m showing readers the progressive degradation of Protuns once you all allow yourself to be hijacked, manipulated and exploited by the Dapsters. Life of Annie is the perfect example of how the Dapsters drag Malays into the gutter through contaminating them with endless lies and fitnah.

      PAS learned its hard lesson after seven years of being up-close-and-personal with the evangelical party.

      DAP mengkaldaikan Melayu-Melayu lurus bendul yang berjaya dihasut untuk membenci saudara Melayu dan Islam sendiri. You all kuda tunggangan jer bagi evangelista.

      re: “85% of the posting was Annie-bashing”

      You’re not very good at arithmetic. It’s roughly 40 percent about Tun and 60 percent about the Protun Annie Anakin. You can check the ratio/percentages using Microsoft word.

      re: “Wonder what’s the hatred is all about?”

      You have to ask Annie. A third party ‘A Voice’ (Another Brick in the Wall blog) implied yesterday that Annie is the “pitiful” “proTun cybertrooper” who is “stalking pro-Najib bloggers and facebookers as ‘makan dedak’.”

      You don’t feel the toxicity in Annie’s blog, meh, with its torrent of insults and name-calling against the “bitch”, “mad dog”, “wet/dead dog”, “spayed dog”, etc. If that’s not typical RBA hate speech, then I don’t know what is (and I’m not even citing the examples that are even more vile and vicious).

      Life of Annie is deluged by RBA Anons or fake/dummy accounts (check out the avatar – they’re less than two months old), e.g below of Annie’s commenter who only registered with Blogspot in January 2016.

      Like Voicey, I find you Protuns pitiful for your blur sotong obliviousness just because you’re blinded by hatred of the PM.

      re: “I guess, if Najib is not the PM, we do not really care if Annie is a she or he.”

      Lim Sian See is not a ‘she’ either. But LSS did not spark such a strong backlash because unlike Annie, he did not pretend to have a bikini bod and peddle soft porn fantasies – like I said before, and Annie admitted, of the bikini shots and half nudes (back view) to lure red-blooded male readers.

      Some male readers who were conned had ~~spit~~ at ‘Annie’ after realising the subterfuge – this was following SAA’s expose.

      Annie perpetrated a fraud and is really freaking out those in the know (bloggers, journos and special officers in the political circles, press secs, pol-secs) wrt to his not-so-secret identity, and who are just feeling geli trying to imagine a middle-aged Malay guy’s insistence that he is a cute, bikini-clad girl.

      Annie is suffering a mental instability fanned by Dapsters … “what a tangled web he weaves when he first practices to deceive” (paraphrase of a Shakespeare quote). He has been inventing lie after lie (e.g. photo of “Grandpa’s pineapple” but never a photo of Grandpa or the imaginary Chinese half of the family) to cover up all his earlier lies.

      re: “It all boils down to ‘Cash is King’.”

      It all boils down to ultra kiasuness and wanting to win at any and all cost. Like Salleh Said Keruak said, the Protuns are on a campaign of lies and deliberate misinformation (spin). And Tun does not care if Umno is destroyed as long as he gets to satisfy his personal vendetta.

      re: “Everybody is talking about who get paid by whom.”

      The Protuns started the cluck-cluck-cluck first.

      re: “Well at-least Dr.M don’t have RM2.6 Billion”

      Why not if his sons are billionaires (as recorded year after year in Forbes) and his cronies are among the richest men in Malaysia.

      re: “and his wife, RM2 Million in their own personal bank account”

      Voicey claims (url here) that the campaign to topple Najib is being bankrolled by tauke IPP. You don’t for a minute think that the planned coup is operating on fresh air and sunshine?

      re: “They did not got themselves entangled with dubious middlemen such as Razak Baginda, Deepak Carpet and Jho Low, in government dealings.”

      Datuk Khairuddin the bankrupt who has been gallivanting to the capital cities of Europe not dubious, meh?

      re: “Thank You Helen for reminding that March 27 is Easter. At least the Muslim & Christians have something in common. We believed in Nabi Isa too.”

      Okay. Go ahead and put your belief in the evangelistas too. If it’s their tarikh keramat, let’s see what you will reap from their holy day.

      re: “Luckily we’re not like the Sunnis & Shias in the middle-east. though they believe in the same God and Prophet, yet they are killing each other.”

      Precisely! Kan evangelista yang paling licik sekali. They’re using Tun as the “borrowed knife” for Muslim (Umno B) to ‘kill’ Muslim (Umno A).

      1. ..A person who suddenly becomes wealthy without explanation might be suspected of keeping a “toyol”. …

        Tapi manusia payah nak nampak kecuali “pembela2 toyol” aje. Banyak toyol berkeliaran dan pandai main aci sembunyi. Kekeke

      2. What DAP and the dynasty has failed to achieve, Najib has wittingly or unwittingly succeeded in doing:
        Pawn away the sovereignty of Malaysia to outsiders.

        1. Really?

          Please be explicit on your accusation that Najib has “pawn[ed] away the sovereignty of Malaysia to outsiders”. It’s a serious charge. Don’t simply say.

          1. The desperation is showing. You can really hear the desperation. When you ask questions, they dismiss you as nonsense. Now they talk about sovereignty which is odd considering the fact that the opposition is backed by foreign elements operating in this country. A clue. One of these foreign elements is located besides the Menara Public Bank. You know what I m talking about right ? Maybe grkumar knows what that foreign element is. Or just visit the location. Easy to find. Sebelah Menara Public Bank. You will not fail to notice the ‘flag’.

  6. I repeat my earlier deleted comments without having to repeat them here. (know what I mean?). It is a rumour thats been circulating for some time by the Hannah Yeoh types.

  7. Practically all the accusations apply to both the Protuns and the Projibs. Di keldaikan, di sepit, di gigit, di tonggang, di kongkang.

    Betapa ramai ahli ahli UMNO Projib yang di sepit hingga tak menguit, terdiam. Sentiasa tersengeh macam kerang busuk. Di gigit bila menceret apa apa yang busuk berkaitan Najib.

    The problem is when the same is done to the Protuns. Threats of all sorts are made, expulsions from cabinet, from the party etc.such that UMNO does not appear democratic, tending to become DAP-ish.

    Of course, soon the above comment will be countered by pointing out the much worse dictatorial habits of Tongkang Lim. I don’t mind that at all but not distinguishing DAP wanting to overthrow the government and Protuns wanting only Najib be replaced is unwitting.

    No doubt, Tun has said words implying more than just replacing Najib but I’m pretty sure that was just out of frustration against Najib’s intransigence. I have long been convinced that Tun is Malay and UMNO in sentiment more than the “Bugis warrior .. also pendatang .. kaku cakap Melayu ,,”, ISA-discarding, Sedition Act almost-thrown-away Najib.

    1. re: “not distinguishing DAP wanting to overthrow the government and Protuns wanting only Najib be replaced”

      It will require the combined forces of Tun and DAP both in order to oust Najib.

      We’ve seen that the DAP is the strongest force in the opposition. The evangelical party managed to kick PAS out of Pakatan.

      DAP is also twice as strong electorally compared to PKR. DAP has 105 Aduns, PKR has 49.

      DAP has 37 MPs currently, PKR has 29. DAP is ruled by the Kims and their iron fist. Wan Azizah as president of PKR is wishy-washy and Mat Sabu as president of PAN is Guan Eng’s stooge.

      Let’s say they (DAP & Tun) succeed in removing Najib. Remember, DAP is an elected body politic whereas Tun is only a rebellious individual, albeit a very charismatic and influential one.

      If the ANC succeed in getting Najib replaced, why in the world would DAP allow Tun to place his Umno puppet as the big chief?

      Unless the replacement getting Tun’s green light is Azmin Ali. But if ANC removes Najib only for him to be replaced by Azmin Ali, then the result is that Umno and BN would have fallen.

      The scenario or mantra that Tun’s campaign with the oppo to topple the Umno president but at the same time still allow Umno to remain in power at Putrajaya is an impossible equation.

  8. Mention of a revolution somewhere, earlier – no such thing as that.
    A revolution is where the use of force, unruly behaviour, weapons and the like are brought to bear. The Police will simply not allow that. They have good intelligence gathering, crowd monitoring and pre-emptive measure capabilities. PLUS, the Military have always said they are willing to assist the Police in bringing any situation back to order anytime when asked.

    The rakyat must be allowed to express themselves so long as they conform to the Peaceful Assembly Act and related laws. The danger, of course, is a situation like when Anwar Al Juburi made a hand signal to Azmin Ali leading to the breaching into Dataran Merdeka during the last Bersih Rally that became boisterous. If the DAP or PKR blokes do anything causing a clash between the Police and the “assemblers”, then the Police have every right to react in ways fitting the occasion.

    March 27 would lead to UMNO/BN being replaced? Not likely, unless at PRU14. But it sure will make more and more people aware of the need to replace Najib. Mat Sabo as PM? Kucing bertanduk kot. Azmin Ali? Maybe Tun might agree as Azmin has shown some mettle against DAP as Selangor MB. But Tun may detest the idea of Azmin handing over the reins to Anwarul Al Juburi when he comes out of prison less than 5 years away. If UMNO/BN is replaced tomorrow, Anwar might be released the next day.

    So, we’ll see. Meanwhile, let’s keep on asking Projibs to provide the answers to the numerous questions that have been brought out concerning 1MDB, the RM2.6 billion and the RM42 million in Najib’s bank accounts. The 40 “Questionable Answers” listed by a Projib (maybe he is just Antijib) has increased in recent times. They will be helping Najib by doing so. Just saying bohong, tipu and the like for not suing WSJ, NYT etc does not help at all. Politics is perception. By the 40 Questionable Answers alone, Najib has been perceived as dishonest, to say the least. And counter-accusing Tun etc is just dodging the issues. Worse for the public perception of Najib.

  9. This Easter Parade could beat Judy Garland’s and Fred Astaire original version. Someone could also be Dancing in the Rain….

    Unfortunately, Tun has certainly missed being in Power… Sheeeeessh….

  10. FMT publishing the words “the people to rise up” in the statement “The coming together of these two statesmen (Tun and Anwar) once again would lead the people to rise up once more in an even greater wave to pummel a Najib” is rather questionable. But Najib’s gomen presumably would let it be especially after the Najib-bashing for blocking/ banning of TMI.

    Sure, the rakyat who have been disgusted with 1MDB, the RM2.6 billion and RM42 million banked into his personal accounts would get very interested in any “pummelling” of Najib.

    FMT quotes a PKR Vice President, “On Friday, at 3.30 pm, Mahathir is scheduled to hold a joint press conference with opposition leaders at the Rumah Kelab Alumni Universiti Malaya. He will then sign a joint declaration with opposition leaders to demand that Najib step down as Prime Minister.”

    Nurul Izzah herself announced the programme for Friday (this afternoon) at a press conference on Thursday. “Besides Pakatan Harapan leaders, some PAS MPs and leaders will also be present. Yes, we will have a joint press conference .. with Mahathir (Tun), and we are coming together .. to help move the nation out from its present predicament.”

    We’ll see if DAP proxy-holder Mat Sabo or Anwarul proxy-holder Wan Azizah will be named as PM candidate.

    1. re: “would lead the people to rise up once more”

      ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’ — Newton’s Third Law of Motion

      The Red Shirts can also rise up to meet the challenge.

      1. Aye, but eventually they will realize that they’re just being used in order to intimidate. Used by those who wants to secure power and position.

        Muhyiddin and Mukhriz didn’t hide behind a mob when they came for them. Characteristics of true leaders. They have to be more vocal now in order to see this through.

        Najib is just our PM but he is not our king.


        1. re: “Aye, but eventually they will realize that they’re just being used in order to intimidate.”

          No, the Red Shirts are not being “used”. Instead they had been held back by the authorities.

          Recall that the police barricaded Petaling Street when the mob wanted to rampage through Chinatown. Similarly the police also held back the Low Yat mob earlier.

          The Sept 16 rally was ad hoc. If the Umno top leadership had given it the green light earlier and ‘properly’ organized the affair, i.e. with the full backing of the party machinery, the turnout would have been twice or triple the size.

          Najib was hesitant, adopted a hands-off approach and actually gave no encouragement to the Red Shirt rally. He is cautious by nature. It was only after looking at the surprising ‘success’ of the assembly – after the fact – that he warmed up to Ali Rustam’s Pesaka people.

          re: “they’re just being used in order to intimidate”

          The Red Shirts were a visceral reaction. It was the overbearing Yellow Shirts who started the bullying. Bersih 4.0 was biadab – there is no other word for it. Remember that Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid said Malays felt they were being pushed with their back against the wall.

          re: “Used by those who wants to secure power and position.”

          The Bersih crowd was the one that was used by the opposition who wanted to grab power and plum positions for themselves – greed of the bourgeoisie carpetbaggers. It is the oppo that is power hungry. The BN fat cats have already been enjoying power for the last 60 years. BN does not act desperate power-crazed like the grubby opposition always inciting hatred to achieve their aim.

          re: “Muhyiddin and Mukhriz didn’t hide behind a mob when they came for them.”

          Muhyiddin has very little support on the ground whereas Mukhriz is too nice and orderly/regimented (the Japanese influence – he studied in Japan and can speak Japanese).

          re: “Characteristics of true leaders.”

          I’m surprised that you hold Muhyiddin as a “true leader”. He looks like a hesitant whiner to me.

          re: “They have to be more vocal now in order to see this through.”

          They’re ratcheting up tensions. They should be careful what they wish for. We have the NSC Act now.

          re: “Najib is just our PM but he is not our king.”

          Najib has to be the type of leader suitable for our times.

          You fail to grasp how intolerable (melampau/too much) the behaviour of the opposition is. When the opposition is perceived as Chinese and Christian, and given the history of Sino-Malay and Muslim-Christian relations, then the fault line is compounded.

          Raja Nazrin only very recently warned against stirring the hornet’s nest and “playing with fire” wrt agigiting the Malays. HRH’s advice should be heeded. Unlike the loudmouthed RBS, the Sultan does not just simply say things.

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      1. Maybe you’re right. Benci juga dgn Tun M yg dah jadi Ketua Paderi Kristian SeMalaysia. Sebab tu dia pilih Easter Sunday utk bersihkan diri dia dari kekotoran lama.

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