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  1. Seven Samurai or Seven Dwarfs?
    Will this be “Snow White” Mahathir’s last card before he is put into sleep?

  2. Didn’t Snow White triumph over the Evil Witch? Or was it the Evil Queen? It’s been a long while since I read that fable and watched that movie.

    And in that story, it was the Seven Dwarves that chased down the Evil Witch/Queen, wasn’t it?

    Leaving Snow White in the happily ever after.

    You have to be more careful with your allegories, Helen!

    Like in the principle of Unintended Parallels…..

    1. The evil queen is Mahathir because he is old and someone who is concerned about himself. He should look into the mirror when speaking about all the wrong things Najib does.

      1. It’s been a long while since you read “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”, looks like.

        You wouldn’t have made that elementary mistake otherwise.

        Unless you read a translated version or a bowdlerised version of the Snow White story and they got it wrong. Which does happen…..

        1. Kineas 1067: You are such a daft for misspelling “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”. “Seven Dwarves” is actually spelt “Seven Dwarfs”.

          For someone who regularly picks on others for their “elementary” mistakes, you are not that “special” after all!

          Get the hell down from your high horse, Kineas! You are just another Jinjang Joe.

          1. Dwarfs vs dwarves….check out the reference in http://www.grammarist.com

            Both usages are correct. “Dwarfs” may be more acceptable conventionally, but no one is going to quibble about using the word “dwarves” instead of “dwarfs” – unless, of course, one is a wannabe pseudo-language Nazi.

            Tolkien, who, I dare say, expressed himself better in English than you, was comfortable with “dwarves” and “elves”. As too R A Salvatore in more recent times.

            Now, who is left with telor on his or her muka in the rush to score points?

            Seems to me that the horse has already left the stable…..

            And, hopefully, that is not an allegorical reference to Malaysia!

            Btw, from one language Nazi to another – “daft” what? Is it allowable to use the word as a noun instead of an adjective?

            Just asking, bro, seeing as how your command of English is up there and all….

            1. JohorMali II @ Kineas @ Kineas 1067 @ Geng Sewaktu Dengan Nya:

              That still does not detract from the obviousness of your error. You must be kicking yourself from your sheer asininity and the untold painful shame that goes with it especially among readers in this blog. No one writes “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” no matter how hard you try to spin it. Even Helen got it right. And to obsfucate the issue you unashamedly bring in Tolkien and Salvatore in an out-of-context manner to hide your “elementary” mistake.

              You are the one with a history of putting down others linguistically. I don’t. I do not even care.

              One who regularly harangues on the mistakes of others should themselves be extremely wary of mistakes that one does and not hide behind a different account!

              As who’s the Nazi, take a good look at yourself. The answer is pretty obvious, ain’t it?

              By the way Kineas, “daft” can be used as a noun colloquially or didn’t they teach you that? Or you’d rather deem this blog a part of academia?

              You’ve probably heard of this: “He who digs a pit for his brother . . . . I’ll let you finish it coz you seem to be a such a clever fellow. And you know the full import of “clever” here!

              1. Colloquialisms? Or proper English language usage?

                No worries – you stick to your usage and I will stick to mine.

                Btw, your last paragraph – you are not quoting from the Christian Bible, are you? Because the context in which that statement was made was very specific. Would you cars to enlighten us as to what that is? A small sermon, perhaps?

              2. Well done, Abdul. Bravo. Good that you teach the nuisance bloke a lesson. Most gratifying to see you do it.

                We’d certainly like only those who contribute positively to the discussions on Helen’s blog posts. Though one bloke using the words fucking Melayu has been allowed in. That surely is seditious. Countering the bloke will make it worse.

                1. Pak Abdul hasn’t responded to my response.

                  Is he flummoxed by the reference to the Bible?

                  To recap: “You have heard that it was said to your ancestors, “You shall not kill,”… But I say to you, whoever is angry with his brother will be liable to judgement…”(Matthew 5:21-22).

                  And also: “Therefore, whoever thinks he is standing secure should take care not to fall.” (1 Corinthians 10:12).

  3. As much as you try to spin and bitch this – fact is – it’s a Malaysian sentiment rather than a singular political party. That’s a reality your mass (mostly deluded) posts daily can’t mask.

    At some point all this will be over. Some party will prevail and life will go on. You’ll remain a bitter, failed hag though.

    1. The failed hag is Annie……oops! The failed old geezer is THE MALE BLOGGER WHO IS STILL BLOGGING UNDER THE BLOG ‘THE LIFE OF ANNIE’! His true color has been exposed tapi masih tak nak mengaku because he has followers like you. Now his blog has become the nest of protuns and RBAs.

      Most Malays whether we like Najib or not will stand and support Najib because we despise DAP and Mahathir is now in cohorts with Lim Kit Siang, the DAP supremo.

      1. I despise DAP too, but Najib has to go. And Muhyiddin would be my first pick for PM, unless you want to wait for Zahid.

        1. I’ll risk being accused of hogging Helen’s comment space writing comments too often.

          But I must say that I agree fully with the above.

        2. Wow! Someone is willing to have a man who betrayed his own party with false accusations then goes on to betray his race and religion by allying with people whose intentions are to Christianise our beloved Malaysia as their leader. It is either you are also an evangelical Chinese Christian or you just have a liking towards people who can’t be trusted.

            1. Nah, I’m not new. Been following and commenting on Helen’s blog for years now. Just took a break to focus on my studies.

              In fact, I didn’t outrightly label you as an evangelical Christian (although you’re not denying the Chinese part?). I did make a second guessing that you probably just have a liking towards people who can’t be trusted.

              I mean, for a man who marched around town saying that he is “Malay First” and made friends with Islamic NGOs saying that Islam will always be his number one priority, it is funny how he is now making friends with evangelical Chinese chauvinist. And not just any evangelical Chinese chauvinist, but the very same guy who was largely involved in disrupting the peace of our multi-racial country by playing a big role in the instigation of May 13. The very same guy who says that Chin Peng deserves a place in this country. The very same guy who is a leader of the party who has sworn to make Malaysia a Christian country.

              I am not sure if I would like a leader who can easily turn his back on us just because of some personal/political (or whatever the heck convinced him that he doesn’t really need to stick to his own words) issues.

              1. Oh, and about the new part, if you want some evidences, you can check Helen’s old posts. I was a frequent commenter here during sometime somewhere around 2013-2014.

              2. re: “the party who has sworn to make Malaysia a Christian country”

                DAP has denied this.

                ANd LKS is likely not a Christian. However all signs point to his son LGE as an evangelical convert. His daughter-in-law Betty Chew is a Christian.

                1. Oh. thank you for the clarification on LKS, but I thought that there is that assembly in Penang, prior to PRU13, in which members of DAP and pastors from all over the world came together to swear that they will make Malaysia a Christian country? Yes, they have denied this, but come on, there ARE evidences which prove that it happened. In fact, it is obvious from their stance that they are working for it.

                  1. There are nuances. To say “make Malaysia a Christian state” is seditious and DAP would not be spelling it out even if it were their real intention.

                    Some states, however, can be said to be Christian majority. At present, Sarawak is Christian majority. Sabah used to have a high percentage of Christians but this was diluted through Project IC.

                    We do not have the potential to be a Christian country at the moment (or at least not yet). Which is not to say that the DAP’s evangelical politicians are not preaching everywhere and trying to save lost souls and to Christianize the system.

                    A country turning from Muslim/Buddhist to Christian, however, has successfully happened elsewhere.

                    If you look at the example of Nigeria, it used to be a Muslim country at the time of its independence but is now a Christian country due to aggressive proselytization by the missionaries. See data (charts/graphs) here, here , here and here.

                    Another example of the success of Christian missionary work in recent decades is South Korea which is now Christian majority and known for its mega churches. Ref, https://akarimomar.wordpress.com/2015/01/11/korea-sebuah-negara-kristian-kpop-suatu-agenda-promosi-kristian/

                    The Chinese often complain that Malaysia is being “Islamized” or that “Islamization” is happening at a fast pace. ‘

                    Similarly the Chinese in Malaysia is being “Christianized” by the evangelistas and this “Christianization” is happening at a fast pace due to the push by the evangelical party that is supported by 95 percent of the community.

                    They may not have the grand ambition to officially make Christianity the Religion of the Federation but that doesn’t mean that they’re not trying to convert non-Christians en masse to their religion, or trying to impose their City Harvest culture on the rest of the country.

          1. Or a Projib like you who trusts Najib whose trust has been seriously eroded by the 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion scandal.

            1. Do you actually have any evidence to prove if the 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion scandal are true or false?

              You can label me as a Projib, but alas, I am just a strong believer in the Islamic principle that one mustn’t try to topple an Islamic government, even if it isn’t perfect.

              “Dengar dan taatlah pada pemerintah (Islam) walaupun punggung (iaitu belakang)mu dipukul dan hartamu dirampas! Dengarlah dan taatilah ia.” (Riwayat Imam Muslim dalam Sahihnya, No. 1847. Didhaifkan Dr Yusof Qardhawi)

              1. BN is not an Islamic Government. They are very secular but ridden with scandals

                If you want an Islamic Government theres only one party to vote for…PAS

                1. Ahh…. Here is the stupid “Malaysian government/law is secular” line again. It seems like someone needs to do some reading into the Federal Constitution of Malaysia which clearly states that Islam is the religion of the Federation. When a country/government is secular, they are not allowed to support any religion. Take the US for example, there are cases where they have to take down a tall Christian’s cross from a memorial park because the memorial park is owned by the government.

                  The fact that the Malaysian government funds, supports and protects Islam is a proof that our government is not secular.

                  And hey! You got that right. I am in fact a PAS supporter. And I am proud of the fact that Haji Hadi is not blinded by power and is instead committed to making Malaysia a better place by working for the unity of the Muslims and Malays. If you can remember well, you will remember that Haji Hadi has said that he and PAS will not support the movement which is trying to topple the government.

                2. Oh, and I suppose that you do not have any evidence to prove if the rumoured scandals are true or false? Since you are just repeatedly, blindingly stating that the government is ridden with scandals but are yet to come up with any evidence of some sort.

                  1. You know what evidence is? Are you talking in a court of law or of public opinion here?

                    evidence is defined as “the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.” What has been said all over the places is not evidence?

                    If you want to talk about its legal definition, go and sue. Why Najib has not sued WSJ, NYT, or even Tun? Takut more “evidence will come out?

                    Are you the one being blinded by such things as even the Auditor General’s views in the “attachments” to the Final Report on 1MDB are classified as Secret and hidden from public knowledge? So as to lessen the evidence, eh?

                    1. I am talking about how foolish some people are to just blindly believe in rumours when no concrete proof has been brought forth.

                      Like, you know, believing that Malaysia is a secular state just because some ‘sunken ship’ said so.

      2. The people who comment on “Annie’s” blog seem to have decided opinions otherwise about a certain blogger who shall remain nameless…..hahaha.

        Btw, is it “cohorts” or “cahoots”?

        I am sure Abdul H Ismail would be RWA to educate us on this subtle point. Once he dismounts from his high horse….

        1. Kineas: I’d like to remind you dear fellow, it’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”!

          It’s disingenuous to hide behind a different account.

          Boy, you ain’t smart at all!

          1. Didn’t I reply to you earlier?

            You are not still flummoxed by the references to the Bible, are you?

            Dwarves, dwarfs – whatever rocks your boat. Stick to your usage and I will stick to mine.

            And if you have any more smart*** comments, bring them on….

  4. Helen,

    I suggest that you change the title of your article to “Tun and the Seven Dwarves” if your intentions were to mock them.

    The film, “The Seven Samurais” by Akira Kurosawa, was about a battle between good and evil.

    Good, represented by the seven samurais, eventually triumphed over evil, although not without loss.

    Kurosawa’s film was remade by Hollywood into “The Magnificent Seven” starring Yul Brenner.

    “The Magnificent Seven” is a more readily identifiable film for most Malaysians.

    Just saying.

  5. Hah, even the Sporean who has been ashamed of admitting being a Sporean wanna say something against Tun.

    I thought Spore is not quite friendly towards Najib. Soon after the Swiss AG announced he is investigating billions in Swiss bank accounts believed to be connected with 1MDB, Spore announced freezing of several accounts linked with 1MDB subsidiary.

    Ah well, it takes all sorts to make this world.

      1. The one formerly known as Kineas: Again, it’s “Seven Dwarfs”. Even a preschooler can tell you that!

        1. Talk about being a one-trick pony!

          Now that we have plumbed the depths of your expertise in English language usage, shall we move on to more mundane topics?

          Such as being “flummoxed” by the Biblical references, for starters.

          And suchlike…..

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