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  1. “”Tun M””

    He was once our hero sadly at the end of his life he chose to be traitor to Malays.

    How did Tanah Melayu have been colonized by the deceitful Europeans ? Because of some powermongers who had committed treason and betrayed the rulers (also due to the act of some rulers who allow foreign intervention in order to strengten and secure their rulership – they were desperate and left with no choice, putting tanah melayu at stake of colonization).

    Tun has absolutely committed the act of treason. He has placed his emotion far greater than the Malay interests, he has violated his very own principles. For 22 years, the Malay race stood by him in order to ensure he was in power, very sadly this is what we get from him. When anwar ibrahim was sacked as DPM, everyone with rational mind knew that it was a plot. Tun had wronged Anwar and had committed a tremendous injustice towards him, despite that the Malays stood by him for the sake of this country and kept him in power. Can he imagine what will happen to him as a prime minister at the time without the support and loyalty of these malays. We put our emotion aside.

    I am not siding Anwar because he has changed as much as Tun has. They have gone astray !!

    1. Utter Untruth.

      Do you know what treason means? And what is the basis for calling a person’s behaviour as treasonous?

      Ever heard of non respect for the Constitution, the highest set of laws in the country?

      You think the whole lot of DAP jingbang is not treasonous for not respecting the Constitution? Especially the sensitive Articles that are protected under the Sedition Act?

      And Najib wanting to discard the Sedition Act (decided to do it but protested by Ketua2 Bahagian, MT, Youth and Wanita UMNO) not treasonous going by your loose use of the word?

        1. You need to define “the enemy” first. Considering his policies that had not been defending and promoting much Malay rights and interests, against the very purpose of UMNO’s existence, he has become the enemy.

          Discarding ISA, almost doing so to the Sedition Act (decided to do so but flipped flopped due to opposition by UMNO), that which protects the sensitive Articles of the Constitution, sidelined the NEP, etc, and on top of those brought the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion scandal.

          If switching political loyallties is treason, then so many even in UK should have been done up already. Including Boris Johnson, the London Mayor, who loudly goes against the Conservative Party line on the issue of Britain staying within the EU.

          1. Truth,

            You are in fact stating the truth but Akim is spinning to defend his senile loser

  2. I’m still amazed at the sheer audacity and presumptuousness that it takes to call this farce a “citizens’ movement” and a “People’s Declaration” when it’s all about shameless personal motivations and political agendas.

  3. ..i thought politic is a serious business, by the people for the people… until my hero turn villian and serious plot become a comedy, what a waste of time….huk.. huk.. huk..

      1. Kesian nu bila tengok video tuuu. Memang HAIRAN tak habis2..Saya ni oghang Kedah, bila ziarah kampung halaman berlinang air mata, the tears just automatic keluaq.

        Bila kenangkan ada oghang Kedah jadi PM selama 22tahun tapi malangnya rakyat Negeri sendiri terbiaq macam dalam video hang bagi!

        Apa guna bela puluhan billionaires majoriti bukan dari golongan Bumiputra (mujuq anak sendiri tersenarai) padahal yang dari kampung halaman sendiri hidup sekadar kais pagi makan pagi aje hidup mereka.

        TDM dok kalut nak memperjuangkan nasib rakyat sounded like a big JOKE. Memang dok nganga hairan.

  4. Kak Helen tak nak komen apa2 ke pasal deklarasi rakyat. Mungkin boleh tolong Ahjib ngor jawab point by point.



    Helen: Tolonglah bertimbang rasa sikit terhadap kegunaan ruang di blog orang (blog saya) dan usah tangkap muat/salin tampal sebanyak 30-lebih perenggan di sini.

    Bagi jer url. Pembaca yang berminat boleh klik untuk tengok sendiri.

      1. re: “Harap akak tolonglah jawab point by point”

        Why should I? I’m not on Najib’s payroll or his media team.

        You’re really quite demented to challenge me to rebut 37 paragraphs of Deklarasi Mahathir or to pick fights with the Protun diehards.

        I’m willing to engage with anti-Najib commenters like Setem and Qalam Qabut because they – unlike you – are open to discussion (mencari pencerahan).

        You, on the other hand, have become a pious troll yang asyik nak cari pasal jer in your one-track pursuit of badmouthing Najib. Your self-righteous comments of late have got no value except baiting.

        It’s not my job to defend Najib, getit? I’m blogging because I choose to defend my conviction that DAP are dajjal.

        Given your attitude. I don’t see why I should feed obsessive trolls like you who copypasted 37 Deklarasi paragraphs on my comment space, and taunting me to respond “point by point”.

        1. Hahaha… Tau pulak takut nak jawab. Ntah2 nak baca pun tak berani kot. Semua point dok kutuk pemimpin nan agung.

          Tapi terduduk jugak aku tadi, kena penangan saudarai Azalina. 2.6b tu derma peribadi. Kalau AhJib Go! halal menerimanya, maka halal jugaklah dia menderma kepada pemakan dedaknya. I think Helen can apply. Rasanya ada baki sikit lagi sebab WSJ cakap AhJib Go! terima lebih dari 2.6b.

  5. tun in his numerous attempts had failed to bring down PM najib. didn’t it a sign that he should stop or his continual action could lead him to ………..

  6. Aku pun nak tumpang ketawa jugak bila baca empat komen yg teratas ni… Manusia yg jadikan negara Malaysia famous sekarang ialah AhJib Go! Bukan Mahathir. So julanglah AhJib Go!, pasti Mahathir akan tenggelam.

    1. Re : “Aku pun nak tumpang ketawa jugak bila baca empat komen yg teratas ni”.

      sebab awak tak boleh terima kenyataan….period.

      1. Period? Aku rekomen stayfree.
        So apa cerita terbaru?
        Mukhriz cakap AhJib Go! belanja 1.5b utk PRU 13? Nak kena recalculate balik berapa sebenarnya derma Tok Arab yg AhJib Go! hantar balik
        ‘Tim Leissner, a top banker who is embroiled along with the firm in a growing scandal over Malaysia’s troubled state investment fund’ sedang dicari polis US? Berapa top bankers yg involve dgn 1MDB yg pencen setakat ni? 3 – 4 orang kot, tapi aku tak interested sangat pasal 1MDB ni.
        Hj Hadi yg dah pakai baju pink sedondon dgn AhJib Go! juga dah mula goyah dgn tekanan orang2 kanannya? Tunguuu…
        Ahmad Said dah mula bersuara di Trengganu? Don’t worrylah Ahmad Said is alone over there.

        So apa berita baik di sebelah sana?

        1. Menurut Suara TV, “Mahathir merayu supaya orang Melayu menyokong DAP”. Mahathir is not only senile, he also has become insane. DAP is known to be anti Malay and anti Islam and yet this dinosaur wants us to support DAP . He is a loser, an opportunistic m…..f….r and a desperado. He deserves my middle finger!

        2. PKR tarik balik saman pasal belanja pilihan raya. Tak tahulah kalau PKR pertimbangkan balik.

          Sumber belanja pilihan raya bukan daripada satu sumber sahaja. Bukan daripada sumber Arab je. Banyak sumber. Macam mana nak tally. Lainlah kalau kamu ada privy untuk maklumat itu.

          1. Tahniah Zack, boleh fikir sikit2…
            Jom kita buat soalan matematik ni….
            AhJib Go dapat derma dari Tok Arab sebanyak 2.6b. Dia belanja utk PRU 13 sebanyak 1.5b. Apandi bagitau AhJib Go dah pulangkan kepada Tok Arab 2.03b. Berapa baki yg tinggal dalam akaun AhJib Go!? Tunjukkan penyata akaun sebagai bukti. Bendahari UMNO kan ada…

            Ini soalan multiple choice srp pulak…
            Mukhriz cakap isu belanjawan PRU 13 tu dibincang bersama lain2 Ketua Perhubungan UMNO Negeri. Sekarang kita tunggu apa komen Ketua Perhubungan UMNO Negeri tu. Adakah:
            (A) Mukhriz fitnah
            (B) Mukhriz betul
            (C) Mana ada cerita macam tu
            (D) Ntah, tak sedar pun
            (E) Tak relevan

        3. apa hal ? i was talking abt tun, you diverted the story pegi kat najib. i tak minat nak tau pasal 1mdb ka 2mdb ka selagi tak ada bukti kukuh. si mukhriz tu kenapa sekarang baru nak ckp itu ini tp dulu tak. masa jawatan ok tutup mulut demi pangkat bila dah resign banyak crita plak.

        4. mr. kelam serabut,

          i actually x minat dan x tahu byk tentang politik (malaysia i.e. x ikut sgt sebab this thing akan byk buang masa) and we do not know whether those stories were true or not.

          it is not worth living in this world utk mencari2 other people’s faults then disclose and spread them to the world and pick on them. we think we want to improve the situation in fact we are making things even worse.

          1. Truth, thank you for adressing me as mr. kelam serabut. First time for me. Kalau kelam kabut tu biasalah… Heh heh heh…
            Ekceli wat hepen tu yu truth? Skejap care skejap donkare. U rakyat Malaysia ka?
            U said:’ it is not worth living in this world utk mencari2 other people’s faults then disclose and spread them to the world and pick on them’. Aku setuju sangat2. Tapi kena ingat, yg aku dok cakap ni bukan pasal orang tua nyanyuk yg dah pencen, tapi ttg Perdana Menteri yg memerintah Malaysia sekarang. Bengong tongong kalau aku tak mau ambik tau hal macam tu.

            Mahathir is negarawan ulung, 22 tahun memerintah Malaysia. Dia dah boleh bayang ke mana PakLah nak bawak Malaysia, sebab tu dia mintak PakLah turun walaupun dia yg pilih PakLah sebagai penggantinya. Dan tolong ingat balik Mahathir masuk UMNO balik dan sokong sepenuh2nya masa awal pemerintahan AhJib Go!. Ingat balik bila Mahathir mula kritik AhJib Go! No, bukan masa AhJib Go! lantik KJ jadi menteri, atau bila anak Mahathir diterajang keluar dari Kedah. Carilah sendiri saat dan ketika itu.

            Mahathir tak gila kuasa sebab dia turun takhta dengan rela hatinya. Dia pun tak terhegeh2 nak minta Mukhriz ikut jejaknya. Selama 22 tahun dia memerintah, Mukhriz dah boleh ditabal jadi TPM kalau dia mau. Tapi Mukhriz hanya boleh buka langkah pertama selepas dia pencen. Of course mak bapak mana yg tak mau sokong anak. Kalau Tun Razak masih hidup pun dah tentu dia akan di sebelah AhJib Go! walaupun sekarang ni terang2 AhJib Go dah kencing kepala bapak dia. (Sila baca balikAmanat Tun Razak kalau tak faham).

            To improve things we have to get rid of the problem. And the problem is AhJib Go! Dia yg create problem in the first place.

            When you said ‘apa hal ? i was talking abt tun’, it means ‘mencari2 other people’s faults’ and at the same time not adressing the real issue yg orang ramai perkatakan sekarang. Tak ada siapa sibuk nak lantik Mahathir jadi PM, nak mintak AhJib Go! berundur adalah… Dah jadi macam Muhyiddin pulak, orang lain yg buat salah, orang lain yg kena hukum.

            Kalaulah AhJib Go! benar2 tak bersalah, tunjukkanlah bukti dia tak bersalah. Dia punya segala jentera yg ada dibawah kuasanya. TV1, 2, 3. Berita//Utusan/STAR, malah media satu dunia pun nak tau apa sebenarnya yg terjadi. Apa yg susahnya nak bercerita yg sebenar, the truth, the whole truth and nothing about the truth. Dia tak kesian ke 15 juta rakyat Malaysia sedang bengong dengan hal dia sorang.

            RINA, aku pun kesian jugak tengok hang. Lagi sekali hang balik Kedah, pi Aloq Staq, menangeh dekat bau Mat Bashah. Biaq ayaq mata hang bashahkan baju dia.

            ‘Apa guna bela puluhan billionaires majoriti bukan dari golongan Bumiputra (mujuq anak sendiri tersenarai)’. Aku setuju. Jadi sekarang ni kita buat KPI baru, Semua PM Malaysia kita biaq jadi billionne. Macam tu? Kalau 1MDB ni tak menjadi, kita buat 2MDB pulak? Aku rasa boleh kot, dgn segala kewibawaan yg AhJib Go! ada. Jangan kesah sangat pasai ‘kais pagi makan pagi’ tu. Oghang Kedah tak heran. Oghang Kedah dah seronok kalau buleh hidup aman dan sejahtera. Tak payah maju dan laju pun takpa. Tapi Mat Bashah ada visi hebat, kita tengokla PRU 14 nanti.

            Aku Melayu, yg aku boleh cadang utk kamu ialah ‘put your middle finger in your own juxbox’

            Kesimpulan yg aku dapat buat (bukan sekarang tapi sejak isu AhJib Go! ni timbul dulu), proJib dan proTun ambil jalan yg berbeza. Satu naik keretapi di darat, satu lagi naik feri di laut. Tak akan dapat cari titik pertemuan, bergaduh sampai bangsa Melayu dan bumi Malaysia hancur pun tak selesai. Sebabnya problem tak sama. Yang satu kata AhJib Go yg problem, satu lagi kata Mahathir.

            Why not we read what other people in the world wrote about us?
            Thank you. Thanks also to Helen yg tak pernah hampakan atau hampaskan komen2 aku.

            1. qalam qabut

              aku igt hang tak sensitif sebab hang pun melawak ngan aku…….

              “””Period? Aku rekomen stayfree”””

              sory la no kalau lawak aku tu hang terasa.

              1. Truth, no plobrem ok. Takdak hal. Memang melawak pun. Hang tak dengaq aku gelak ka lepas cakap hang orang pertama address aku as mr. kelam serabut…

                Aku suka usik orang, unfair pulak kalau orang tak boleh usik aku. Tak perlu nak sakit jiwa nak kutuk orang atau kena kutuk dek orang. Masing2 nak lontar pandangan dan pendapat, bukan nak cari musuh. Kalau hang depan aku pun hang masih selamat. Bukan nak sua penumbuk ke muka hang, nak tumbuk meja pun aku tak pernah. Masa aku dok taip komen pun selalunya aku senyum.

                Bukan setakat Truth, siapa pun rasa tak setuju dgn pendapat aku, sila respond. Hentamlah setakat yg mampu, Tapi kata2 kesat dah tentu kena censor dgn Helen. : )

            2. Qalam Qabut,

              I’ll show my middle finger to Mahathir to show my displeasure. But you OTOH should use your middle finger to poke inside Mahathir’s asshole and then smell it to cure your ketaksuban disease. Unless you are getting paid to be his loyalist tu, lainlah! You , Akim and a few others were not Helen’s regular readers and commenters until lately, why the sudden appearance knowing full well that Helen is in Najib’s camp? RPK too is in Najib’s camp but I don’t see you guys commenting. Got to balls, eh? Helen is a woman and that’s why you goons like to bully her, betul tak?

              1. Hoi Aku Melayu, jangan buat dosa tak pasal2. Aku tak pernah taksub dgn sesiapa. Aku tak pernah defend Mahathir macam kamu membabi buta dok kutuk dia. Kalau kamu orang Islam, Melayu dan UMNO totok pun jgn dok tiru perangai menteri pelacongan tu.

                Dan jangan nak tunjuk pandai di sini dgn katakan aku ‘not Helen’s regular readers and commenters until lately’. Kalau kamu boleh cakap macam tu maknanya kamu yg baru dari aku.

                Wahai ungka, Helen baru saja cakap ‘I’m willing to engage with anti-Najib commenters like Setem and Qalam Qabut because they…are open to discussion (mencari pencerahan). Yang kamu lebih sudu dari kuah ni apasal? Pemakan dedak tegar xtrim ke? Sedar le diri, kamu tu menumpang macam aku jugak.

                Bebal punya Melayu… Tak sedar diri…

              2. ….SiAnu and a few others were not Helen’s regular readers and commenters until lately, why the sudden appearance….

                I noticed this too.

                I think it was mentioned sometimes ago in one of Cik Helen’s postings tht DAP set up a special training school cannot remember nama “Democracy” something. Recruiting the youngs including Malays so memang tepat sekali ramalan mereka. They have awal2 lagi prepared themselves for these kind of opportunities .. dapat cekop TDM and geng masuk pukat mereka bagaikan menang loteri! Datang dengan sendiri pulak tu. Owh DAP pelawa kut pasai dari dulu asyik mengutip siapa saja yang anti gomen.

                Jijah pula dah kata, “TDM needs them more bla bla” and she is using this golden opportunity to bebaskan suami dia. SIGH

                Itu Dyana pun mak dia dulu in UMNO and Perkasa. So we may have excitable recruits like her here posing as UMNO members. Yang tak kisah apa saja, boss suruh masuk bertanding kat Teluk Intan wokay aje.

                Cara penyampaian mereka, rentak, tempo very similar using demeaning words in their comments, mencarut, mencaci, membodohkan, memperkecilkan oghang lain and always on the defensive side…very very typical of the die hard Dapsters and Red Beanis who used to comment in Helen’s blog. Ada sekok mentioned his English teacher, probably SPM leavers rasa2nya so tak perlu pikiaq banyak2, just jadi parrot cukup.

                So I am not surprised.

                1. ….SiAnu and a few others were not Helen’s regular readers and commenters until lately, why the sudden appearance….
                  I noticed this too.

                  Yalah RINA, aku pun tau aku siapa, hang siapa… regular readers and commenters. Aku timbul tiba2 saja. Masa cerita Sri Pristina dulu pun aku duduk sideline saja. Masa Helen cerita pasal KJ simpan awek DAP dalam kementerian dia pun aku hanya penongkat dagu saja.

                  Entah2 Helen pun dah lupa cerita gengSTAR tu. Bukan Melayu saja mudah lupa, semua manusia pun. Yang lupa dia tu manusia pun ada…

            3. Qalam Qabut,

              Have you ever wondered why the Chinese tycoons were in attendance at Mahathir’s birthday bash and hardly any Malays were there? His 90th birthday party was organized by Vincent Tan, a well known Mahathir’s crony. C’mon lah open your eyes wide and think! Unless, as I had said before, you are his paid cyber trooper.

              1. Aku Melayu,

                Ada kamu pergi kira berapa kerusi yg tak ada orang di Majlis 40 Tahun AhJib Go! Bergelumang Dengan UMNO? Dia tak bagi elaun kehadiran kot?

              2. Tambah sikit lagi…

                Untuk maklumat Aku Melayu, aku tak pernah terima satu sen pun dari Mahathir utk menjadi pengampu. Kerja di bawah kerajaan dia yg selama 22 tahun tu pun tak pernah. Aku pernah jadi ahli UMNO, tapi bukan aku yg register, tak pernah bayar yuran satu sen pun. Semua gara2 orang UMNO yg teringin nak jadi Ketua di cawangan baru. Aku sokong UMNO dan suka AhJib Go sehinggalah dia terlupa apa yg dia maksudkan dgn ‘rakyat didahulukan…’ Aku tak pernah kutuk dia sembarangan, sentiasa nak cari pencerahan mengenai kes 2.6b. Tapi pemakan dedak dan penyondol macam kamu ni aku tak lepas peluang. Kalau kamu boleh berperangai macam orang bertamaddun, aku pun boleh macam tu.


                p/s Sori Helen, terpersonal sikit. Aku tak mau si Aku Melayu ni buat dosa tak pasal2, tuduh dan fitnah aku yg bukan2

    1. Dua individu tersebut baru didakwa tetapi belum diadili di mahkamah.

      Selagi hakim tidak memutuskan mereka bersalah apatah lagi menjatuhkan hukuman, mereka boleh dianggap orang tertuduh sahaja. Bukan orang yang sudah bersabit jenayah.

      Innocent until convicted.

      1. True Helen, very very very true… Mereka boleh dianggap orang tertuduh sahaja, Macam AhJib Go! jugak. Yg bezanya mereka ni dituduh oleh pihak berkuasa, malangnya AhJib Go! dituduh oleh orang awam. Kesian…

        Memang AhJib Go! nampak innocent. Kadang2 tu nampak seolah2 macam innocent bystander pulak. Tak pasal2 kena tembak…

        Heh heh heh… Sori Helen saja nak buat joke petang. Harapnya you boleh senyum macam dalam gambar you tu… I like your smile. Honest!!!

          1. …dituduh oleh orang awam…

            Depa dok tuduh pasai apa Cik Helen? Saya pun orang awam juga, tapi sekarang sekadar dok dengaq gossip2 aje.

            I baca decklarasi rakyat tu. Laaaaa macam Akim, QQ dan kawan2 dia dok gossip memanjang aje. Ingatkan depa ada dokumen2 sandaran tapi sekadar he said she said they said aje.

            Point 18 ada rajah..pun habaq “according” aje, dokuments itu yang rakyat nak tengok sangat2? Show us la. Isssh payah nak caya la kalau sekadar gossip.

            Nampak gaya depa kena cari perempuan yang “full of fury” baru boleh menjadi. Owh hampir terlupa pula itu Clare Rewcastle Brown, klo takde dia takde la deklarasi rakyat ni.

            1. Heh heh heh… Rasa bangga jugak bila dengar Rina cakap dokumen Tun M tu macam gossip Akim, aku dll. Tapi itulah standard orang tua2, bila dah lepas umur pencen, 60, 70, 80, 90 nampak segagan saja.

              Bila Rina dah tegur pasal orang awam tu, aku nak mintak Helen edit boleh tak? Ganti orang awam dgn orang tua nyanyuk.

      1. That’s within their rights.
        Dr M telling UMNO people they can resume fighting DAP after they help him topple Najib on the other hand is presumptuous.
        I assume he’s speaking for UMNO, I doubt he means that statement for DAP and their followers as well.
        We have to ask Lim Kit Siang for that.

        1. Dear anonymous,

          Please use a moniker or pseudonym the next time you comment. Thanks.

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