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Watch Tun do magic

The Isma website curated the following news item yesterday — ‘Rejim Zionis tembak mati wanita, remaja Palestin‘.

BETHLEHEM, Rabu – Seorang wanita Palestin berusia 50 tahun yang didakwa cuba menikam seorang anggota polis Israel ditembak mati di wilayah diduduki di Timur Jerusalem, semalam.

Fadwa Ahmad Mohammad Abu Teir dari perkampungan Um Touba mati serta-merta di tempat kejadian.

Saksi berkata, polis rejim Zionis menembak wanita itu dan membiarkan dia meninggal dunia di kejiranan al-Wad di timur Masjid Al-Aqsa.

Fadwa Palestinian

Palestinians and Jews share uneasy co-existence in Jerusalem

The 50-year-old woman, Fadwa, is described by Israeli news sources as a “female stabber”. She was alleged to have tried to stab Jewish police officers near the sacred Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City on Tuesday. See the Times of Israel report.

Israeli police in their statement termed Fadwa “the assailant”. The police said its officers had been confronted by a “clear and present danger”.

“They shot and neutralized the threat.”

Fadwa died at the scene from gunfire.

Facebook / Raed Abu Rumaila
Facebook / Raed Abu Rumaila

ABOVE: A Palestinian teenager – you can see her lying on the road in the background of the picture – was similarly accused of trying to stab Israeli border police on 13 Feb 2016

Palestinian women knifing Jewish men in spiraling violence

Let’s examine two scenarios:

(a) The police statement (Israeli official version) of the incident is false

(b) The police statement is true


If the Israeli authorities had lied, then it would be a case of trying to cover up police brutality. The Palestinian woman could have been unarmed but the police are nonetheless claiming that Fadwa had a knife on her and that she tried to attack the officers.

If the Israeli authorities are lying, then it’s also a matter of the Jews trying to blacken the image of the Palestinians in the eyes of the international community while at the same time trying to whitewash the oppressive – if not trigger happy – actions of the Israeli uniformed services (military personnel and border police).

BELOW: An Israeli border police tipping over the wheelchair of a disabled Palestinian man in the West Bank last month

neo Zionist wheelchair

(b) TRUE

If the Israeli authorities are telling the truth, then it would appear that Palestinian women both young and old have taken up arms.

It’s a fact that Palestinian youth mobs (predominantly male) have been throwing stones and petrol bombs in skirmishes with Jewish occupiers. The Israeli soldiers have guns and they retaliate with rubber bullets, and sometimes with live ammunition.

There are periodic reports of Palestinian teenagers getting killed in such confrontations.

If the story about this current spate of attempted stabbings being carried out by Palestinian females is true, then it reflects a desperate, hemmed-in and burgeoning (high birth rate) population pushed to the brink.

Gaza and West Bank are imploding.

BELOW: Israel trying to establish facts on the ground

Love thy neighbour? Not in a million years

Assuming the stories of these recent attempted stabbings are true, the assaults would indicate that the Palestinians have – quite understandably – no love for their Jewish neighbours.

Yes, both races are ‘neighbours’. They each occupy one half of Jerusalem.

(i) The Palestinians want Jerusalem as the capital of their future state. The Old City in East Jerusalem is Palestinian territory.

(ii) The Jews, on the other hand, have unilaterally declared that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel despite that foreign embassies are presently located in Tel Aviv. West Jerusalem is under Israeli control.

There is no love lost between the Jewish and Arab neighbours. One side carries guns. The other side wields knives. (Needless to say, it is the gun that is the lethal weapon.)

If the Palestinians have no love for the Jews, the Jews on their part have no love and little sympathy for the Palestinians either.

Aside from the Palestinians living in the supposedly autonomous Gaza (population 1.8 million) and West Bank (pop. 1.7m), there are another 1,688,600 Muslims living in Israel. Meaning, Palestinians are a significant minority in Israel proper and they’re Israeli citizens.

(Note: Gazans and those living in West Bank are not Israel nationals.)

A quarter (24.9%) of Israel’s population is non-Jewish, i.e. mostly Arab.

Israel expel Palestinians

Pew Research: Half of Israeli Jews want Palestinians expelled

Two days ago (March 8), the Pew Research Center released a report titled ‘Israel’s Religiously Divided Society‘.

“Deep gulfs among Jews, as well as between Jews and Arabs, over political values and religion’s role in public life”, said Pew in a summary of the results of its survey conducted last year.

Israeli Jews were asked the question of whether Arabs should be allowed to live in the constitutionally Jewish state.

Roughly half of Israeli Jews strongly agree (21%) or agree (27%) that “Arabs should be expelled or transferred from Israel” — see bar graph above.

In other words, close to half of Israel’s majority population (the Jews) favour the expulsion of the country’s minority population (the Arabs, both Muslim and Christian).

These Jews feel that Israel is a Jewish state and thus, has no place for Muslims.

Chedet reckons Umno-DAP animosity can be turned on/off ikut suka

In his latest blog posting titled ‘Umno dan DAP‘, Dr Mahathir acknowledged that “ahli dan pemimpin DAP [memang] benci dan bermusuh dengan Umno”.

Tun characterized Umno and DAP as “kedua-dua parti yang bermusuh ini”.

Despite the enmity, Tun said that everyone supporting his March 4 Declaration are required to act as Citizens First and put aside their party affiliation in order to Save Malaysia from Najib Razak.

“Apabila demokrasi dan kebebasan dikembalikan maka perbezaan pendapat antara mereka [Umno dan DAP] bolehlah diteruskan”, Tun proposed.

Easier said than done! The long-standing feud between Umno and DAP is not something that can be turned on and off at will — like an electric switch.

Tun is being disingenuous to suggest that the two parties ought to freeze their mutual animosity temporarily and that they can resume hostilities once Najib is successfully ousted.

Dr Mahathir Cheshire Cat

Berperang sesama Islam sehingga lupakan musuh sebenar Yahudi

More tellingly, Tun is not listening to his own advice.

He wrote yesterday in Chedet:

“… lihatlah keadaan di kalangan orang Islam di Timur Tengah. Musuh mereka ialah Israel yang dibantu oleh Amerika Syarikat.

“Malangnya mereka lebih utamakan permusuhan sesama mereka, permusuhan antara Sunni dengan Syiah, antara Fatah dengan Hamas, antara Iran dengan Arab sehingga mereka lupakan musuh sebenar mereka, iaitu Israel, dan mereka berperang sesama orang Islam.

“Maka bertepuk tanganlah Yahudi dan Amerika.”

Tun is well aware that Muslims in the Middle East fighting among themselves are only making the Jews stronger.

Yet in our own backyard, he chooses to lead Umno Malays to battle fellow Umno Malays, and in the process weakening his former party and empowering the DAP.

Do you have faith in Tun’s flick of the finger?

Not only has Tun lost the plot, his chutzpah has become most bizarre.

He commands the DAP-Umno rivalry to stop so that both parties can join forces and concentrate on the sole aim of deposing Najib. But once Najib is toppled, Tun will immediately wave his arm to signal that DAP and Umno can resume going at each other’s throat.

The ex-premier is an overstaying leader who is consumed by hubris. It’s as if Tun believes that he has the power to command the waves.


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58 thoughts on “Watch Tun do magic

    1. Ini yg amat menyedihkan.

      Zaman sekarang budak2 muda pun ada yg dah melatah. Kena cucuk sikit tak terkawal ikut saja apa oghang suruh buat;

    2. Bukan sahaja orang tua tu. Ramai rakyat Malaysia tak kira usia dan kaum pun dah jadi macam orang tua tu.

  1. Helen,

    I no longer have any faith in Najib the PM.

    Najib is messing up the country now, big time.

    Your looked the other way, as far as Najib is concerned.

    Why are you so worried about a “has-been” politician, former-PM, 91-year almost-nyanyuk very old man?

    What are you so afraid of Dr M?

    1. (1) re: “I no longer have any faith in Najib the PM.”

      A lot of the bad press afflicting the PM is being presently generated by Tun and his Protuns. They (here meaning the opposition) have nefarious ulterior motives in their smear campaign against him.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the DAP – in cahoots with foreign elements (Christian Zionists) – has an agenda against a moderate Muslim country like us, considering their plots to destablize the Middle East and causing the Arab countries (Iraq, Syria, Libya, maybe Egypt too) to self-destruct.

      I don’t know if Najib has a big ego but if he does, he’s not showing it. Have you noticed his general bangsawan politeness, i.e. addressing his subordinates with their full titles – “Yang Berbahagia”, “Datuk Seri”, etc etc?

      Now Tun on the other hand has a huge ego. He’s not an aristocrat but comes from the professional class (father headmaster, founder of prestigious school/college) of self-achievers and rightly proud of his own many achievements, e.g. qualified as doctor at a time when very few Malays were so highly educated.

      I personally admire Tun for having the foresight to build Putrajaya — literally raising a city from the ground.

      But Tun’s ego – bolstered for decades by all the cium tangan-“ayahanda”-“you’re the greatest” sujud — is also his blind spot. Hence his relentless attacks on all his successors (none can pass muster in his eyes) with the exception of Ghafar Baba, and even the staid Ghafar Tun threw to the wolves, i.e. let the elderly man be deposed by Anwar.

      As a side note, I do not have a big ego. I’ve patiently replied all your comments at length and in detail. Annie Protun, in contrast, is big-headed from his fraudulent popularity and he spiked your comment(s) in his blog. Spiking a ton of critical or challenging reader questions is egotistical.

      In fact, the Protun Annie is even so egotistical as to attack his NST and Media Prima bosses and to the extent of calling the Communications Minister a “vicious attack dog” (only because SSK was critical of Tun).

      Look at the consequences: Annie Anakin has lost his old job and his credibility. No one from the blogging and journalism fraternity is willing to come forward and defend Annie because they all know that he lied, and created more vile lies to cover up his initial white lies.

      Annie likes to boast that he “writes from the heart”. Terlalu ikut rasa bawa padah. I write from a level head on my shoulders, based on data (“fancy graphs”, “fascinating charts”) and this is the more rational approach.

      An emotional train wreck like The Anakin allows himself to be hijacked by the sneaky Dapsters, which you can see for yourself in Life of Annie which has become a cesspit for opposition lies.

      (2) re: “Najib is messing up the country now, big time. You looked the other way, as far as Najib is concerned.”

      Some things are out of his control like dropping oil prices, currency depreciation and global recession. Other countries are facing unemployment and job layoffs.

      Other things are legacy issues from Tun’s era such as the quality of our education system, toll fares and their endless hikes, high electricity tariffs, car prices, APs, etc.

      A large part of the negative perception (“failed state”, “basket case”, “rogue nation”) is fanned by the demented opposition.

      If you wanna say that Najib messed up big time, you have to provide the indexes so that we can make reasonable comparisons. Our debt-to-GDP ratio is not alarming when we compare with other more advanced countries.

      In other words, you have to pin down what you believe he has messed up, and then we look at the data.

      (3) “Why are you so worried about a ‘has-been’ politician, former-PM, 91-year almost-nyanyuk very old man?”

      His personality cult. Pengikut-pengikut yang taksub mudah dipengaruhi oleh anasir-anasir luar yang berniat jahat.

      Islam discourages/forbids any visual representation of Prophet Muhammad to avert worship of the Messenger (it is Allah that must be worshipped).

      Christianity is different. They have statues, paintings and crucifixes/icons of Jesus, Mother Mary and the many saints who are worshipped. The shrines and relics of the saints also become centers of pilgrimages.

      Najib does not have pengikut-pengikut taksub who are convinced he is maksum. In fact, one of the foreign reports (article) said that some Umno warlords are supporting him “through gritted teeth” – terpaksa kerana tiada pilihan dan tak nak tengok Umno karam.

      Perhaps Najib has a loyal network of Umno leaders and Ketua Bahagians, and misc. supporters but they are not blindsided, unlike the Protuns.

      People who are rational make the calculated evaluation that in the balance of things, Najib is the lesser evil than the DAP. That’s all.

      (4) re: “What are you so afraid of Dr M?”

      Tun and his Protuns langgar batasan. If you follow Life of Annie closely, you will realise that some of his innuendos against me are not only false and malicious but totally beyond the pale. They’re deliberate, fabricated lies.

      Note that Tun said Najib could be arrested by Interpol. That’s malicious – jatuhkan bukan saja maruah Najib tetapi maruah Malaysia. Suka tak suka, Najib masih PM kita dan dengan itu beliau ketua (eksekutif) negara.

      Critics have commented that Tun pantang kalah. He must win at all cost and he’s thrown everything and the kitchen sink at Najib.

      This trait of ultra kiasuness makes him and the Protuns susceptible to the blandishments of DAP and Dapsters. That’s why they’re birds of a feather now flocking together. Don’t lose sight of ‘who’ is the biggest threat to Malaysia as a Muslim country. It’s not Najib.

      1. “Note that Tun said Najib could be arrested by Interpol. That’s malicious – jatuhkan bukan saja maruah Najib tetapi maruah Malaysia. Suka tak suka, Najib masih PM kita dan dengan itu beliau ketua (eksekutif) negara.”

        Tanya sikit… maruah Malaysia tak jatuh ka dengan isu Najib ni?

        1. Benar, 1MDB mencetuskan publisiti buruk dan tanda tanya terhadap kerajaan Malaysia. Tapi perkara malang tersebut bukanlah atas kehendak Najib.

          Dan meskipun 1MDB diwujudkan Najib, namun pembentukan syarikat komersial bagi membolehkan Kementerian Kewangan untuk membuat pelaburan bukan satu inisiatif baru. Khazanah Nasional – yang mempunyai peranan dan fungsi lebih kurang sama dengan 1MDB – telah ditubuhkan pada era Dr Mahathir.

          Tidak boleh dinafikan bahawa tindakan-tindakan Tun dewasa ini adalah berunsur malicious. Ini kerana Tun sengaja mahu mencuit – contohnya menyebut Malaysia sebuah “failed state” (atau bakal menjadi failed state) dan menela’ah tentnag berkemungkinan Najib ditangkap Interpol.

          Perihal Malaysia dibayangi imej yang kurang menyenangkan adalah angkara Najib – ini betul. Akan tetapi ia kesan sampingan dan bukan sesuatu yang disengajakan oleh PM.

          1. Helen,

            Bottom line is that Tun is now becoming an ally of the very party that wishes UMNO dead. and Tun achieved the height of political position(PM) through UMNO.

            Surely it is not wrong for 3 million UMNO members to expect Tun, of all the person, to have some nostalgia about UMNO. Surely, Tun must remember at least some good days in UMNO.

            Surely, it is expected for UMNO to expect even if Tun discards UMNO, he at least has decency not to wage war against UMNO by working with the very party that wishes UMNO “bungkus”.

            This is where Tun crossed the line. Malays too are unhappy with Najib. But angry with Najib does not mean sleeping with DAP to dethrone UMNO. Tun is 90 this year. He should understand that Najib is not the main target. UMNO is.

            In life, there are times that we simply have to let go. Tun’s habit of meddling in day to day governing affair is becoming ugly. Initially UMNO bought the idea when Tun tried to bring Abdullah down. But now they begin to realise the problem is with Tun(PARTIALLY).

            Just as Najib can be criticized, so does Tun. Tun had his days before. His duty to Malaysia is over..Enjoy the sunset year. Let the elected PM does his job.

            Bersabarlah. We have election to do the job of getting a leader. It is not Tun’s exclusive affair

            1. Tun does not wish UMNO dead. He only wishes Najib resign or be replaced. Get Najib out and you’ll see he would be back supporting and wishing to re-join UMNO. It’s a matter of strategy and tactic.

              If Tun has no nostalgia about UMNO, he would not have re-joined UMNO the previous 2 times he resigned. If UMNO did not value his services and contribution, they would not have accepted him back. This time he resigns also because he loves UMNO. It’s Najib who he does not love. And many Malays support him, including me.

              Tun “discarding” UMNO is only tactical. To get Najib out of the leadership post – Najib who discarded the ISA and the Sedition Act, sidelined the NEP, etc, etc. On top of those, Najib brought the huge 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion scandal.

              Good that you acknowledge that Malays are also unhappy with Najib. Plenty Malays, plenty unhappy. Such that if he continues to lead until PRU14, UMNO/BN would “bungkus”. Even without Tun resigning and working with DAP etc. So, have Najib replaced.

              “We have election to do the job of getting a leader”? But he postponed the party election to avoid being elected out? Where got normal election one? Where got fair one?

              1. re: “the previous 2 times he resigned”

                Dah talak tiga kali ini. Kena Cina buta dulu sebelum boleh merujuk.

                Tunggu Tun ‘kahwin’ Apek Kit Siang.

                1. Akim,

                  “….TUn’s discarding UMNO is tactical”.

                  Tun actually is waging war against UMNO by simply refusing whatever explanations that Najib’s administration gave.

                  And Tun is working with DAP, the very party that wants UMNO dead and buried the sooner the better.

                  You claim that if Najib stays, UMNO/BN will “bungkus” in next election. If that is the truth, why on earth DAP wants Najib out? DAP might as well hopes Najib stays in order for UMNO to “bungkus”..

                  The truth is that DAP realised 1MDB issue fails to unseat Najib. Yes. i agree about the damage and mess. But the “BERSIH” movement shows that the movement will not topple UMNO as it lacks one needed ingredient: MALAY COMMUNITY.

                  The equation has changed. DAP’ s booting PAS out actually harms DAP or more importantly PKR . It resulted in Malays seeing DAP as nothing more than ruthless party that will go crazy if it has power.

                  AS FOR TUN, what he overlooks is that no matter how great is the legacy, the belief among Malay/Muslim community is that only Prophet can expect and demand absolute loyalty among mortals. Others can not expect such submission.

                  I am not glorifying Najib. He has glaring weakness too. He made blunders too like abolishing ISA. It is just that there are simply no other alternatives with the strength matching UMNO.

                  Given the choice between UMNO and DAP led opposition, I choose the former anytime. Maybe many malays feel I am too “kolot”.

                  But who cares. believe me, there is nothing great in choosing a dynasty with Communist ideology to replace UMNO.

                  1. Dr M never said he wanted to bury UMNO, nor did he ever ask Malays to support DAP in the next GE.

                    He wants to save the country from Najib. Period.

            1. azre,

              The question “Is this really you?” should be more aptly directed at Tun.

              For the first time in his more than six decades in politics, beliau sanggup bersekongkol dengan parti yang anti-Islam saka komunis itu.

              Remember Tun is no longer with Umno.

              It is Tun who sounds different when he tries to justify his present bedding down with Kit Siang, whom only in the very recent past he had called the No.1 racist in Malaysia.

              If Tun is now willing to make a 180-degree u-Turn wrt Kit Siang and DAP, evicdently our response to him would necessarily be different from how we used to regard him in the past.

              Like Big Dog said, Tun has abandoned everything he used to preach.

      2. I still think the biggest threat to Malaysia is Najib. Just because of that RM 2.6 Billion donation, he is now, literally getting Malaysia embroiled into that senseless and stupid sectarian killing in Arabic land.

        1. Noted.

          You concede it’s a ‘donation’ and not money stolen from 1MDB as alleged by opposition.

        2. I agree Najib is the biggest threat to Malaysia. In terms of bringing out a mess that might result in a drastic change in the status quo and instability in the country.

          The RM2.6 billion is certainly not a donation. The Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister said so and pointed out it’s “an investment” by a Saudi individual. That he used the words “I believe” or “I think” is just his manner of speaking.

  2. Saya banyak bercerita dengan ramai Melayu mengenai keputusan Najib menghantar Tentera ke Arab Saudi. Apa yang paling saya terkejut, ramai hampir kesemua mereka setuju tentera kita membantu Arab Saudi berperang dengan Syiah Houthi di Yemen.
    Saya kata bagaimana pula musuh kita Zionist yang menindas orang Palestine. Dengan Zionist pun nak lawan. Dengan Syiah pun nak lawan.
    Yang paling saya terkejut bila mereka kata, musuh nombor satu bagi kita adalah Syiah. Pasal tu ramai mahu mati-shahid di Syria.

    1. Sebenarnya kaum As-Saudi Al-Wahhabi telah merampas makna dan maksud “Sunni” daripada istilah2 yang di istiharkan syiar Islam pada abad ke abad, iaitu manhaj al-Wasatiyyah (jalan pertengahan yang terimbang). Ulamak muktabar telah sesuara mengithbatkan istilah “Sunni” kepada “Ahli Sunnah wal Jamaah” atas akidah tauhidiyyah Imam al-Ash’ari dan Imam al-Maturidi (orang Melayu sejati kenal sebagai hujjah sifat 20 mengenai Allahu Subhanahu wa Ta’Ala). Akidah ini di tentangi oleh kaum Saudi-Wahhabi dengan ketara; digantikan dengan fahaman ketuhanan yang diolahkan oleh sheikh mereka Ibn Taymiyyah (abad 8 Hijriyyah). Yang tertonjol dari innovasi ini adalah ia menjirimkan dan menjisimkan Zat Allah hingga bersyubahat dengan sifat2 makhluk (iaitu wujud dalam masa dan dimensi fisik).
      Yang terburuk sekali dari kerja2 mereka adalah mereka asyik menTakfirkan sesama Muslim yang tidak tunduk kepada fahaman mereka – fahaman yang telah di hukum oleh Ulamak Muktabar sebagai penyelewengan dari ajaran Rasulullah s.a.w.
      Maka dari itu, Saudi-Wahhabi bukan Sunni sebenarnya; apalagi kalau ia mahu berperang atas nama “Sunni” lawan dengan manusia sesiapa pun.

      Rasulullah s.a.w. telah berpesan kepada ummat Islam: “Jangan kalian senang mencederakan manusia, dan jangan kamu suka membalas dendam.”

  3. Otherwise occupied since yesterday, now I can manage only a cursory glance at the blog post and wanna comment on Tun’s statement, “Apabila demokrasi dan kebebasan dikembalikan maka perbezaan pendapat antara mereka [Umno dan DAP] bolehlah diteruskan”.

    Benar apa dia kata. DAP is a gullible party, will exploit any opportunity that’ll further their cause. So, Protuns must do the same. Learn from them, use their tactics. DAP is fully aware of this, and knowing it will not dampen their spirits in the efforts to get Najib out.

    Sure, despite having resigned from UMNO in disgust, Tun’s inner feelings for UMNO are still strong, he will not allow DAP to get UMNO/BN out until PRU14 – even if they can, which is doubtful. Unless Najib continues as PM until PRU14. Which is why Najib must be replaced before that.

    But as soon as Najib is out by the weight of public opinion and uproar incessantly brought to bear on him in whatever ways that are legal, then it’ll be back to normal – the traditional DAP-UMNO ways.

    The petition “Najib Out. Undur.” is steadily increasing support. The 27 March event is coming.

        1. Rally, then counter-rally, then more rallies and more counter-rallies. Yes, no “hal” at the moment, but do think of a possibility that this may spiral out of control one day if we’re not being careful.

          1. Blame it on those who had started this alien culture of taking things to the street. Clearly they had never thought of the effects.

        1. Takde kena mengena.

          All these short burst of wasted breath are just blah blah.. It IS a waste of your time and other readers time in this blog.

          Nothing good came from it and surely nothing good will come out of it.

          What can i say, Puny minds speak puny things..

  4. Wonder if Lim Kit Siang thinks so too?
    Of course, wasn’t it his suggestion some time before?Inviting BN politicians to join DAP’s efforts to topple Najib and save Malaysia?Though not with Dr M’s addition that they should resume fighting once Najib is kicked out.

    1. If Lim Kit Sing is sincere in wanting to oust Najib for the good of the nation, then he must “disown” Chin Peng and the MCP revolution in Malaysia, which was not good for the nation.

    1. You’ve really lost it with your whiny, incessant hatred for Najib.

      Anyone can read my two posts from the past (urls) that you cited. In fact, I encourage my readers to do so.

      I sympathize with the Umno bloggers who – out of the blue – got side-winded by Najib with the “bangang” label. I said Najib might end up a war general with no troops if he fires the word “bangang” at his own foot soldiers.

      However Najib’s terlepas cakap in calling his own Umno bloggers “bangang” is nowhere near Tun’s betrayal of them in choosing to ally himself with the DAP.

      Very few Umno bloggers are siding Tun now.

      1. But many Malays have lost faith in Najib, not only as the leader of the Malays, but more importantly as Malaysia PM.

        Najib betrayal of the trusts of the peoples pale in comparison to the so called betrayal of UMNO by Dr M. UMNO does not collapse when Dr M “betrayed” UMNO, but the country will go to the dogs and shrouded with shame if Najib continues to be PM.

        1. re: “the country will go to the dogs”

          Kit Siang and his ilk have been the prophets of doom proclaiming Malaysia is ending since forever. We will not go to the dogs unless the opposition play with fire and spark an Arab Spring.

          re: “and shrouded with shame …”

          Only because the oppo black propaganda has been going on overdrive.

          re: “if Najib continues to be PM”

          He will, God willing. So what y’all need to do is learn to accept this outcome with good grace.

      2. Kak, Najib marah blogger bangang kerana blogger prepaidnya menyerang dasar2 beliau, …kata Najib…Blogger ni carik makan dengan siapa?

        Kan sudah terbukti ada blogger prepaid, dan sekarang demi mengisi temolok mereka, blogger2 tersebut mengiyakan sahaja yang batil, dan cara yang paling senang ialah memutarbelitkan fakta dan menyalahkan Tun.

        Apa kah Tun mengkhianati rakyat Malaysia dengan deklarasi rakyatnya?

        Itulah sebabnya saya berikan akak teks penuh deklarasi tersebut, dan kemudiannya linknya. Sebagai wanita yang bijak, pastinya akak faham isi kandungannya. Di atas akak menceritakan kezaliman Yahudi, lepas tu kait mengaitkan pula dengan Tun & Kit Siang, apakah deklarasi rakyat itu untuk menzalimi rakyat Malaysia? Atau hanya bertujuan untuk memecat Najib?

        Sebelum ini pun Tun atas sebab perihatin pada rakyat negara ini menyuruh Tunku Abdul Rahman bersara, kemudian Pak Lah dan sekarang Najib, apa sebabnya? Kerana ingin anak2nya menjadi PM kah seperti yang dikata oleh proJibby?

        1. Yang berdinasti adalah Bani Lim di negeri utara dan Bani Lee di negara selatan.

  5. Helen wrote :

    “Tun is well aware that Muslims in the Middle East fighting among themselves are only making the Jews stronger.

    Yet in our own backyard, he chooses to lead Umno Malays to battle fellow Umno Malays, and in the process weakening his former party and empowering the DAP”.

    i tak paham pasai apa orang melayu protun tak paham-paham.

    1. i think the so called proton is more capable to tell what is right from wrong, unlike the so called projib.

    2. This battle is not to bring Umno down but it’s president.. We can’t topple the PM but Umno members can rally together to vote in a new President. If all Umno members can wake up and acknowledge that we have a problem in Najib, then this can all be settled internally and before PRU14, giving Umno time to set up for the elections.

      But that failed and now Tun is trying to get the whole nation involved. So maybe Umno should stay quiet for a while and watch what the people are doing or saying. Then maybe they can a get a clue as to what the people want.

      Umno thinks they can buy the kampung malays. But people are not blind or deaf. There’s stories of Pemuda spending millions going for umrah. There’s stories of other umrah packages. Then there’s all the patronizing statements when people complained about rising costs. While the kampung people do not go out to sign the declaration (which TV3 has conveniently spinned into Deklarasi Tun M- Lim Kit Siang), they are also not happy with Najib.

      It is not Tun who is the problem, but if Umno finds it convenient to kill the messenger, well they are gonna need a bigger donation to help in the next elections.

      1. I support this opinion which appears to be given seriously and earnestly. I will repeat: This battle is not to bring Umno down but it’s president.

        Najib and his cronies have used all sorts of measures to frighten, silence and control UMNO members at all levels – sacking Muhyiddin and Shafie Afdal from the cabinet, suspending Muhyiddin’s Deputy President post, sacking Anina Langkawi, charging the former Umno Batu Kawan division vice chief Khairuddin Abu Hassan and lawyer Matthias Chang in court, etc. Above all, he postponed the UMNO party elections to a date near PRU14 so that nobody will challenge him when PRU14 is really round the corner.

        It’s highly doubtful he has the amount of money to win PRU14 if he continues to behave the way he does. He said in Parliament the Government is not obliged to answer questions asked based on reports in the papers that do not quote sources. This is the same tiring defence – which is no defence – he has used since the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion scandals erupted.

        He does not seem to bother that politics is perception and that those reports in the newspapers do make voters form bad perception of him and UMNO. He may have “access to” the billions that the Swiss Attorney General said are in Swiss bank accounts (not in Najib’s name) but if with that much money for PRU13, he got the Chinese tsunami and lost the popular vote, UMNO/BN will lose PRU14 if he does not withdraw or is replaced.

      2. “This battle is not to bring Umno down but it’s president”

        tun’s action to bring down najib will directly harm UMNO.

        “.. We can’t topple the PM but Umno members can rally together to vote in a new President. If all Umno members can wake up and acknowledge that we have a problem in Najib, then this can all be settled internally and before PRU14, giving Umno time to set up for the elections.
        But that failed and now Tun is trying to get the whole nation involved. So maybe Umno should stay quiet for a while and watch what the people are doing or saying. Then maybe they can a get a clue as to what the people want.”

        very wise of you, i agree. let people have their vote and choose who they want while (for the time being) upholding patience.

        “Umno thinks they can buy the kampung malays. But people are not blind or deaf. There’s stories of Pemuda spending millions going for umrah. There’s stories of other umrah packages. Then there’s all the patronizing statements when people complained about rising costs. While the kampung people do not go out to sign the declaration (which TV3 has conveniently spinned into Deklarasi Tun M- Lim Kit Siang), they are also not happy with Najib.”

        i do not know much about all this. things seem mix up with rumours.

        “It is not Tun who is the problem”

        tun is not only the problem but he is our big problem.

      3. …..So maybe Umno should stay quiet for a while and watch what the people are doing or saying. Then maybe they can a get a clue as to what the people want…..

        You need to be active in your own community activities to know how your “own people” live jadi oghang luaq, yg tak pernah selama ini tunjuk muka tak payah le mai dok palu gendang.

        Perjuangan demi bangsa, agama dan negara bukan bermusim, its a daily affair. Masalah harian ya..bukan bila dekat election or declare itu ini saja baru nak mai jengok.

        Masuk kampung tolong jangan bawa toyol2. BTW kawasan saya Apek2 sambil suap (tak sedaq depa pun toyol but think they are victims), mulut melalak viral to everyone details, siap describe muka2 dan latar belakang keluarga toyol2 sekawan mereka ni semua.

        Masuk kampung kami sila bawa whatever supporting documents to justify what they say (yang siap disahkan).

        Warga tua kampung sekarang bukan macam dulu lagi. Our old parents themselves are very well educated, very updated with the current world affairs. Kepada yang kurang pendidikan, kampung kami ada IT centre where even makcik2 jual kueh mueh tepi jalan are given free lessons supaya mereka tak ketinggalan zaman. So please tak perlu hantar parrot2 masuk kampung ya.

        1. I hear you, sistah! That’s what I tell the Ketua Pemuda and Ketua puteri Bahagian yang kalau ada photo op sibuk menonjolkan diri, terhegeh-hegeh datang bawak gula-gula. Hari lain tak nampak batang hidung pun. Lepas tu bila datang, nak patronize orang kampung I, macamle depa tu baguih sangat. Orang tua kat kampung I buat tak layan aje. Bawa kereta besor bagi becak laman saje.

          Warga tua kampung you higly educated? Bagusle. Orang tua kampung I tak sempat nak dapatkan education. Maklumle waktu tu sibuk lari dari Jepun, lepas tu kena sorok dari komunis. Bila dah settle semua tu, dah terlewat lah nak masuk sekolah. Sekarang dah lebih 80 baik pi mengaji dengan ustaz.

          Tapi I setuju bab orang jual kuih tepi jalan pandai IT. Kat kampung I pun, yang jual kuih & nasi lemak tepi jalan memang cekap IT. Maklumlah setengah daripada depa lepasan universiti yang tak dapat kerja dan tak cukup modal untuk biznez canggih-canggih. Kalau tanya semua kata kerja interim sehingga cukup modal atau dapat peluang yang lebih baik.

          Eh, seronok pula merapu tulis panjang-panjang. Patutlah you selalu buat ya?

          1. Your kommuniti tak erat la macam ni sampai kena bawa masuk oghang luaq mai dok amik gambaq mai bagi gula2?

            Kampung kami yang tak sekolah pun pandai mencari rezeki dgn kemahiran mereka sendiri. Tak payah Phd tak perlu gi Oxford atau Harvard.. Tokwan saya tak gi sekolah pun pandai tanam padi dan buka kilang beras. Sapa nak buka penanaman cendawan dia bagi DEDAK free aje. Nenek pun tak pi sekolah tapi dia pandai masak, buka dan uruskan syarikat catering.

            ….Maklumlah setengah daripada depa lepasan universiti yang tak dapat kerja…

            La aaaa. Anak2 kami dok belajaq kat bangku sekolah lagi pun dah pandai cari kerja2 sampingan, inikan pula bila dah graduate. Dok tunggu apa? Tunggu nak disuap hari2 ke?

            Takde kerja kat Malaysia? Malaysian graduates pi mana pun laku tau. Singapore, Australia, Dubai, Canada, US, UK, Japan, Korea eh mana nak pi habaq aje. United Nations pun berlambaq tawarkan peluang2 kerja2 kosong kepada graduates. Celik mata luaskan permandangan sikit. The skies the limit.

            You punya komuniti takde good networking ke? Its very important who you mix with.

        2. Dua orang “merapu tulis panjang-panjang”. Bukan orang lain yang cakap gitu pulak nya.

          I rest my case on behalf of the Protuns.

          Nak merapu lu orang punya bisnes le. Asal jangan menuduh
          pengomen mcm gue tak tentu hala. Supaya boleh elakkan bala.

  6. Helen,

    I am not sure what the relevance of a Palestinian being killed by an Israeli has for an ordinary Malaysian like me.

    Personally, I hope the Palestinians and Israelis continue to kill each other until there are none of them left, and the world will be rid of those two troublemakers.

    They know what they need to do to have peace but they refused to do so.

    I see no need to feel any sympathy for any of them.

    I see no need for Malaysians to poke our noses into other people’s problems when we have our own problems to solve.

    1. Its about giving our support for a country that no longer exist because their country has been taken over by tyrants; to the point that there is no longer a Palestinian state.

      Its about being human. If these kinds of things dont bother you, then what can i say? Go figure why things like this still persist in the world; and we call ourselves modern and civilized.

      Your disregard for the lives of people who actually belongs to the land is the problem.

      It is that kind of mentality from ppl that feel the same way as you, that has allowed this crisis to last til today.

      Perhaps blind hatred towards muslims is the sole reason that makes one look away from the issue when in fact the truth of israeli’s aggression and occupation of other peoples land cannot be disputed.

      People who thinks like that are humans of no grade, worst of quality. Senang cerita, sampah…

      1. Pen&Ink,

        re: “Its about giving our support for a country that no longer exist because their country has been taken over by tyrants”

        Let them fight their own battles.

        We have our own problems in Malaysia and we are doing nothing about solving our problems.

        And here we are sticking our noses into somebody else’s problems?

        re: “People who thinks like that are humans of no grade, worst of quality.”

        Yes, we do have people who think like that, even in Malaysia.

        And guess what?

        They think of fellow Malaysians in exactly the same way and yet nothing is done.

        Sure, now that I have brought it up, I can expect the barrage of accusations about the DAPsters and the evangelistas :)

        But are they the only ones like that in Malaysia?

        Pen&Ink, you go right ahead and feel sorry for the Palestinians and the Israelis if you like.

        When you have a bit of time and heart left over, try and feel something for your own fellow Malaysians.

        Maybe then we could yet build a better Malaysia.

  7. “Love thy neighbour? Not in a million years” –

    Would DAP love their Malay/ Muslim neighbours? Maybe not in a trillion years, those anti-Malay and anti-Islam blokes. You see, they are an entirely different breed altogether. Descended from the hill tribes of South China, they know nothing about gratitude, never saying thank you for their citizenship right agreed to by the Malays at Merdeka. Instead, they refuse to respect the rights of others, like those contained in the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

    DAP people are ultra kiasu, wanting everything for themselves, and racist all through. Racism is defined as being antagonistic to another race. They definitely are that. Having got citizenship right, they wanted equality without acknowledging that Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras and caused the race riots of 1969.

    But Tun uses them in the efforts to get Najib resign or be replaced. Tun has already said he is actually not working with the Opposition but with everybody who wants Najib out. It’s a people’s movement based on the Deklarasi Rakyat. Those not belonging to any political party are also welcomed. The online petition “Najib: Quit. Undur” is now nearly 40,000 strong. The movement is going on a roadshow trying to get a few hundred thousand signatures asking Najib to resign.

    The 27 March event will give an indication, though the authorities would likely come out with threats of arrest etc to tamper and frighten would-be attendees, like done to Bersih. But, while I detest DAP and their supporters, I support whole heartedly this call for Najib to resign. UMNO/BN will lose at PRU14 if he doesn’t.

    1. re, Would DAP love their Malay/Muslim neighbor .

      How could they love their neighbor ,they don’t talk the same language ,that’s Malaysian which is unique in the world ,as they always claimed .

    2. Ah, yes – “gratitude”.

      Are we to be grateful then for the billions of Ringgit that China is investing in Malaysia, for the thousands of apartments (affordable? proximity to Singapore as a selling point?) being built or planned in Iskandar Malaysia or the thousands of mainland Chinese tourists that Tourism M’sia is expecting?

      Are we to be grateful for the on-going militarisation in the South China Sea by the same mainland China and the economic domination of the region by that same country?

      Seems to me that you are being a tad selective in your concept of ” gratitude”….

      Maybe that springs from a triumphalism mindset and a superiority complex erected on an edifice of entitlement or is it something deeper-rooted?

      Like Trump’s supposed visceral hatred of Muslims?

      1. And so the Sporean who is ashamed of admitting being Sporean now comes in again trying to belittle Malaysians and Muslims.

        When are you going to praise your English again? Were you the one who was caught saying dwarves? I could not be bothered to read in detail what you said and am not even sure who got laughed at for using that word. Good if it was you – you certainly deserve it.

        Note that the key words are “trying to belittle”. Sure not successful as you got belittled instead. Ashamed to admit you are Sporean, eh? Won’t blog in Spore blogs because you’ll get hounded by the authorities to your door step, innit?

  8. A fella who sits on the 1MDB Board of Directors is rumoured to be the next BNM Governor to replace Zeti.

    God help Malaysia!

    You should blog on this matter, Helen.

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