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DAP: “Why the peraturan says that I have to speak in Bahasa?”

Would DAP love their Malay/Muslim neighbor?

“How could they love their neighbor? They don’t talk the same language. That’s Malaysian which is unique in the world, as they always claimed.” — tebing tinggi @ March 11, 2016 at 11:25 am

BELOW: DAP state chief caused an uproar in the House last year

DAP Bandar Kuching English


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25 thoughts on “DAP: “Why the peraturan says that I have to speak in Bahasa?”

  1. DAP asking that is sheer stupidity, Malaysian-citizenship unworthy, not respecting the Constitution Article 152 on BM and should be told to migrate to the island China has built in the South China Sea.

    Not recognizing the history of this country where even during the Malacca Sultanate in the 15-16th century the lingua franca has been Bahasa Melayu, refusing to learn history and opposed History Muhyiddin made compulsory in schools (no pass, no SPM, like BM), these DAP Cina Bukit ungrateful ingrates should be whacked and wanked every time relevant.

    Now, where is the female-sounding-name commenter who accused me in the previous post of being a DAP cybertrooper. The small mind, narrow, blinkered eyed SOG cannot even tell that the Red Beans use a completely different language from mine. The one who, when everybody was seriously discussing issues, placed a stupid video, distracting readers’ attention. Instead of finding relevant facts and arguments to help Najib answer the accusations made against him, the bitch started asking why my sudden appearance, provoking a response bringing her “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

    But back to the post topic, I wanna say that despite the poorly educated, uncultured and biadap DAP, I support Tun being seen together with them calling for Najib to resign or be replaced. Tun has clarified stating that it’s not “working with DAP, it’s “working with everyone”, every member of the public who wants Najib to retire or be replaced. The support is gaining momentum now and if Najib is still there by PRU14, UMNO/BN will go kapputz.

      1. ‘Bitch’ isn’t a swear word. It simply means a female dog. Dog breeders use it all the time. The fact that it is often used as a derogatory term for a woman is irrelevant and doesn’t make it a swear word. –

        Bitch is a word we use culturally to describe any woman who is strong, angry, uncompromising and, often, uninterested in pleasing men. –
        Word used to describe the act of whining excessively.
        A woman considered to be mean, overbearing, or contemptible

        I avoid replying to comments I deem not worth it but when provoked, I choose the most effective words.

        However, having c&p-ed the above, I will not argue with you further on that word, Helen.

      2. Clarification on my comment submitted a little earlier –

        The comments I referred to as deemed not worth responding to (except on very rare occasions) are those Projib or utterly DAP-ish ones that are unfriendly and not bearing much substance or relevance.

        I also don’t respond to Protun comments that I find no need to amplify etc.

        1. no worry, not everyone look forward yr reply or response. some of us is just interested to expose how bitchy yr comment r.

    1. n the way u swear dap but have no issue to work with them only make mahathir look like a fool. i think u r a cybertrooper hired by projib wakaka

  2. there are stupid people in DAP too, ……those Malaysians who thinks that Bahasa Malaysia is not important are fools


    Just read this article featuring Ibrahim Ali. He confirmed my suspicions that a lot of people inside UMNO don’t really support Najib. They’re just worried about their ricebowls (err…salaries?).

    True, why jeopardize your careers by speaking up only to get sacked. House loan, car loan, credit card debts, food for the children mcm mana mau bayar.

    Hmmm…… memang Cash is King. Something to think about.

    On the bright side, at least we know that Mr. Ibrahim Ali is a Protun. Yaaaay.

    Just wondering whether they are going to sack him next. Join the club…..

    1. Ibrahim Ali is not an UMNO member. Nothing to be excited about;

      Berjasa 78-81
      S46 88-91
      UMNO 81-88, 91-2003
      PAS 2008
      Independent 2003-present
      And now now Yaaaay

      Same league dgn Zaid Ibrahim…

      1. I beg to differ . Ibrahim well aware of losing malay support. The majority is supporting Jamal Red Shirt instead (have you motive CNY red isn’t as bright as last year ) . Since the patron of perkasa, the old horse is switching side might make a use out of it. He know the majority of chinese hate him. So as a fifth column, ibrahim ali shake hand with Lim Kit Siang & creating doubt among malaysian chinese about dap .

  4. So Ibrahim Ali is following Dr M, PAS is making their own opposition team separate of Pakatan and says they will support a no confidence motion against Najib, I’m guessing ISMA as more affinity for PAS, so much for perpaduan ummah.

    I won’t be surprised if the other BN component parties turn on UMNO after this.
    The weaker UMNO is perceived, the cockier DAP gets.

  5. The word “gossip” has been bandied about since the past few post comments, referring to comments by me and the Protuns.

    The following shows the ignorance, lack of intelligence or common sense, simpleminded and dull-witted tendencies in the use of that word in that context:

    The Cambridge Dictionary says gossip = ​conversation or ​reports about other people’s ​private ​lives

    So, to suggest that the 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion are matters of Najib’s private life is certainly lacking in intelligence and common sense.

    The Oxford Dictionary says A gossiper = “a person, mostly a woman, of light and trifling character”.

    I don’t know if any one thinks I’m a woman and I don’t wish to be challenged to show that I’m not.

    But it’s logical to think that the person who uses the word gossip willy nilly is a woman. Because that would be in character, per the Oxford Dictionary definition. Gossip, by its very nature, is unproductive. But discussions on such matters as 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion that might even lead to a change of government at PRU14 can certainly be productive.

    The arguments on those have been given aplenty. More will be given as and when necessary. In this instance, it’s just to show the lack of intelligence or common sense in the use of the word gossip.

  6. So, those who are prone to using rude words should not use them – in line with Helen’s request, ok? Or make wild accusations. Because the response to you may not be pleasant.

    Note that in my comment submitted some minutes earlier, I restrained myself from using the rude word “stupid” against the person who accused me as a DAP-trained cybertrooper in a March 11, 2016 at 7:27 am comment.

    So I used only the “unrude” words lack of intelligence, lack of common sense, etc.

    By all means, write whatever you like to counter the Protun comments, but don’t go personal. You’ll get the same in kind and it spoils the discussions in Helen’s blog.

    Let’s all be civil, behave like grown ups and discuss the issues.

      1. Cik Helen,
        “Bitch” is a non issue for me as my family and I are ardent animal lovers. I used to look at my Apek jiran’s bitches in awe, how they feed, care and protect their youngs. Kalau mereka beranak, dalam pantang will send a chicken weekly to my Apek Jiran for the new mum. My lil doter will insist I stop by KFC so she too can belanja those bitches kasi cepat sihat.

        Middle finger is Namewee trademark so we can agak2. Hmmm Namewee? Banyak video dia nak post here tapi tak gitu manis. Bodoh (stupid) takde otak (lack of intelligence), my Apek2 jiran berbuih mulut if men in uniforms (Malays) or gomen people passes by.

        I have my strong suspiciouns pasai those same words are being repeated in almost all the comments that we suddenly are seeing here today in your blog. LOL

        1. re: “Banyak video dia nak post here tapi tak gitu manis. Bodoh (stupid) takde otak (lack of intelligence)”

          Here’s a video for us all to enjoy – the bald, middle-aged man on the catwalk who’s “so sexy it hurts”.

  7. That DAP MP from Kuching is also the one who made fun of the Negaraku in cinemas during Merdeka month. He’s an idiot. (Oops, hope I didn’t cross the civil-rude line).

    I’ve always wondered if there is a competition amongst the Dap MPs on who could get away with the worst insults towards the malays. Maybe they give awards for that during their Party’s convention.

    But it’s interesting the way bloggers (and especially TV3) are highlighting the TDM-LKS connection.

  8. Singapore population est 2013;
    Chinese 74.2%
    Malay 13.3%
    Indians 3.3%

    ….By law the National anthem may only be sung with its original Malay lyrics, although there exist authorised translations of the lyrics of the anthem in Singapore’s three other official languages…wiki


    …..the Singapore Armed Forces, Police Force and the Civil Defence Force use a unified system of drill commands across all three service branches. Formal commands are issued in Malay with informal conversation conducted in English….. wiki


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