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How much money did DAP spend on GE13?

Zahid confirms MCMC probing claim Israel is funding DAP — FMT


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8 thoughts on “How much money did DAP spend on GE13?

  1. We await with bated breath the results of the MCMC probe on Israeli funding of DAP at PRU13. Hopefully there’ll be evidence or reasons beyond reasonable doubt as to the validity of the allegations.

    The RM2.6 billion “funding” of UMNO from funds placed in Najib’s personal bank accounts has by and large been established. Najib has admitted to the fund being in his accounts, which was not for “personal benefit”, Ketua Bahagian like Shahrir Samad of Johor Bahru has openly told the media he received RM1 million, etc, etc.

    If there are such “reasons beyond reasonable doubt” on DAP PRU13 funding by Israel, we will shout, whack and wank DAP and Israel till the cows come home. Israel is definitely an enemy of this country – Malaysia does not even recognize it as a state and no diplomatic relations exist with that “geographical entity”. What more, its treatment of the Palestinians (with whom the Malays/ Muslims – majority of Malaysians – have endearing feelings) have been utterly disgusting.

    In the meanwhile, we have to keep on calling for Najib to berundur or be replaced. Because of the RM2.6 billion funding (said to have come from 1MDB) and all its implications on the country’s laws (elections, banking, incorporation of societies, etc), the perception the voters get (that will damage UMNO/BN chances of winning at PRU14) and the image of the country abroad.

      1. kekkekekekkkk,

        Is it possible for you to open your mouth without the expletives and curses that usually tumble out?

        Seriously. Your previous comment was spiked (as you’re aware) but I’m letting through this one because I wanna ask why are you people so full of four-letter words?

        Your lot (not just you alone) either need to attend anger management programme or sort out how you intend to continue living in this country feeling the way you do.

    1. Akim,

      Let us not forget the RM42 mil from SRC deposited into Najib’s personal bank account. While we can concede that the RM2.6 bil is a donation, we have not heard of the justification on why a subsidiary of 1MDB is depositing money into Najib’s account.

  2. I forgot all about this, also about that Lim Kit Siang saying he would sue the PAS man who brought back up that former Lim Guan Eng’s aide allegations. When was that?1 month, 2 months ago?Hate my bad memory.

    Distracted by the fight between a former PM and the current PM too, I guess.


    …..Penang tabled a RM1.1 billion budget for 2016, with an estimated deficit of RM 292.13 million, the 8th consecutive deficit budget for the state since 2008.

    Laaa aaaa
    Ingatkan Tsunami Cina tiap2 tahun excess berlipat ganda? Apahal LKS tak tendang anak dia ganti dengan CM lain?

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