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Video: “Anti-violence” pastor punches Trump fan in the face

Jedidiah Brown is an ordained pastor.

He leads a high profile “anti-violence campaign”. He is a “community organizer” and wannabe politician.

Brown jumped onto the stage at Donald Trump’s latest rally (cancelled) in Chicago and started screaming at the crowd. He had to be restrained by security — pix below.

Brown Trump Chicago

One police officer was injured and required hospitalization as the scuffle between anti-Trump protesters and the presidential frontrunner’s supporters turned violent.

The video below shows Brown also throwing a punch at one of Trump’s supporters.

Pastor Brown counter claimed that the man attacked him first. Nonetheless, as a Christian who preaches non-violence, he apparently forgot to love his neighbour and turn the other cheek.

Don’t believe what people say (loudly proclaiming themselves as “peaceful and loving” lah, “goodhearted” lah). Look at what they do!


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13 thoughts on “Video: “Anti-violence” pastor punches Trump fan in the face

  1. All these years they say America is an exemplary country that everyone should follow ,a free country with equal right on everyone .

    Malaysia is contradict the American way , but never know that Donald Trump believe and practice has been in Malaysia .

    1. “”equal right””

      yeah, easy for settler’s decendants to say that. let’s ask the native of america, hey red indians ‘equal right you know ! equal right !’.

      if america (for instance) is mentioned nothing will appear to our mind about its original inhabitants instead it will be tom cruise, orlando bloom, richard gere, barbra streisand, johnny depp, julia roberts, angelina jolie senang crita hollywood lah…and not to forget the cowboy… yeehah!..

      where are the native of australia, new zealand (this one could have been receiving a better right i suppose), xinjiang and elsewhere in the world ? oops one more, singapore ?

      if they were to voice out i am pretty sure they want to own their land, protect and preserve their nation and culture.

      it is easy for nation who is gifted with intelligence (pls do not misunderstand my using of the word), advanced in military and technology (those days colonials for instance in colonizing other parts of the world) and gained the upper hand to propagate ‘equal right’ – especially politician for sure to ‘pancing’ vote (hypocricy) – esp. by those in the west. in fact many original westerners are also worried of many asians immigrating to their countries as featured in tv documentaries (about jobless and homeless people), because they have to compete for jobs (their concern took place even before the current syrian refugees crisis).

      so if they are (also) worried shouldn’t we have empathy for the native who is at a disadvantage. let’s us listen to their opinion (so far the upper hand lot only were doing the talking).

      Our prophet (s.a.w.) when he conquered the jewish territory khaibar (due to their multiple threats), he left the territory to the jews to administer their land and economy. the prophet could have just conquer everything but he did not do that, instead he made a peace treaty with them.

      during the time of umar bin abdul aziz the ummayyad caliph, he forbade arabs from emigrating to the conquered non arab lands. that is why we see the north africa countries including spain before the fall of umayyad dinasty were governed by the land natives.
      this is one of the qualities of the early muslim generations.

      as for us the malays, it is not only our nation/race that is the utmost concern, it is also our religion and religious freedom will be (and in fact have been) curbed.

      how many malaysian muslim women out there well educated and with strong capability and quality but they have to turn down good jobs because they are wearing tudung. i came to know muslimahs with diploma and degree had to work as gardener ‘cabut rumput’, telephone operator and others insignificant and irrelevant to their academic qualifications because better jobs do not allow tudung.

      how are we going to change and improve economically ?

      wow ! easy ya to say ‘equal right’. where is our right ?

      this is happening in malaysia. very sad that the authority either unaware of this or just ignoring it. to my muslim fellows : this can happen to your wives, sisters, daughters. how would you feel when their precious quality and hard work earning the degree and so on = goes down the drain.

      i am not propagating hatred and violence against the non malays in malaysia the way donald trump has perpetrated, it just that ‘leave our rights alone’.

    2. No such thing as equal rights in Malaysia because of the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak which has been enshrined as Article 153 of the Constitution. Tun Dr Mahathir has said so and I support fully what he said.

      That Malay Special Position was the quid pro quo for the Malays agreeing to the citizenship right for the non-Malays at Merdeka. In fact, it was nothing new – the then British Secretary for Colonial Affairs said in the British Parliament when debating the Malaya Independence Bill that the Malay Special Position had been there “since day one” (see the British Hansard). Francis Light dealt with the Sultan of Kedah when asking permission for a “trading post” in Penang and Stamford Raffles with the Johor royalty for another trading post in Singapore in the late 18th and the early 19th centuries.

      The non-Malays have been stateless in this country for for some 150 years since the days of Francis Light. To get citizenship, they didn’t have to shed their names and some of their ways and adopt local ones, like in Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.

      These facts need to be periodically pointed out because the ungrateful ingrate DAP Cina Bukits not only do not appreciate those but also tried to question that Special Position and sparked the race riots of 1969.

      That Malay Special Position (extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak upon the formation of Malaysia) has been declared as a sensitive Article of the Constitution and, together with others pertaining to Malay rights and interests, are protected by the Sedition Act. Cannot be amended, as even discussing it is seditious – brings ill feelings among the races. Questioning the Special Position will attract questioning the citizenship right and is no good for anybody.

      The fact that Najib, who had discarded the DAP-resented ISA, also decided to discard the Sedition Act (though opposed by UMNO) shows that the DAP and the tsunami Chinese should want the so-called liberal Najib to continue to rule. But apparently not so. So, no harm for Tun Dr Mahathir to exploit the situation in the attempts to get Najib resign or be replaced by UMNO. The arguments on why so have been furnished before but may be repeated as and when necessary.

      1. re: “The non-Malays have been stateless in this country for some 150 years since the days of Francis Light.”

        Those in the Straits Settlements (British colonies) were the loyal subjects of His/Her Majesty the King/Queen of England.

        Pre-Merdeka, there was a small movement that tried to secede and avoid becoming a part of the Malay Federation.

        And remember the Penangites/Malaccans who tore up their Malaysian passports thinking that they were BOC (British Overseas Citizens)?

        On the eve of Hong Kong being returned to China, some HK Chinese demanded their right of abode in the UK too.

      2. we do adopt “local” name, like helen, hannah, joseph, tony, n no one question the special position in 1969, like aku malayu said, many of u would hurt others before any infighting start, very violent, it was what happened in 1969.

        r u people going to do that again in 2016? I hope no since the one that have major role in 1969 is now buddying with lks.

        1. HY
          Haiyaa you don’t need to worry la, chances happening sekarang very slim, pasai ada AirAsia.

          Bunyi tak kena sikit aje flights to Hongkong, Taiwan, China, Australia sure fully packed wan.

          Previous Red Shirts rally, Petaling Street and Bukit Bintang areas etc turned into ghost streets..

          LKS? Dulu pun dia sendiri habaq he was not around..Ist to cabut la..hak hak hak..

          1. the place u mention is either ruled by or packed with communist. whats diff? this communist is equally violent or much violent than our red communist.

            lks never say he would run, yr fren wit aka spectre aka dictator said tis many times.

  2. I fail to understand why the Myanmar Buddhists inflict sufferings to the Ryohingas.

    Should I disbelieve Buddhism doctrine that one should not inflict pain to others?

  3. Helen,

    Using the Islamic State argument, Jedidiah Brown is not a Christian. :)

    Still in keeping with the Islamic State theme, anybody who continues to insist that Jedidiah Brown is a Christian is simply out to create hatred against peace loving Christians.

    But there was no need for you to go to the US for examples of stupid people who believe in religious fairy tales.

    In Malaysia, we have our very own Papagomo who has proudly posted pics of himself assaulting another person.

    The difference in body size and physique alone is cringeworthy!

    Now I am assuming Papagomo is a Muslim, so does this mean that all Muslims are like Papagomo?

    Or maybe, using the Islamic State argument, Papagomo is not a Muslim? :)

  4. this reaction is not about Christian or Islam..We can never give back the key to equal citizenship. This is a reaction is to a fascist Donald Trump.

    1. The pastor’s reaction is violent (inflicting physical violence) when he preaches peace and love.

      He’s an example of cakap tak serupa bikin. Is there any need for a Christian preacher to punch a Trump supporter at an aborted rally?

      1. Greetings Helen,

        True.Ya…a reaction to the possible builders of “Great Wall of USA”.Build bridges not walls.The world already got the Great Wall of China.
        Mr.President-bring down the wall- remember.?
        As we approaches the next century our choices today have ripples effect.What world do we want to live in?

        Mr Brown was not the attention of the audiences.The audience were already swinging.Mr Brown is one of the audience.An upset one.Mr. Brown got the attention of moral police.? media scrutiny.

        1. The Pope condemned Trump’s desire to build the Mexican wall yet his own Vatican city state is enclosed by a 39-foot tall wall.

          Biasalah, Kristian yang cakap tak serupa bikin.

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