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Will Tun trip DAP or will DAP trip Tun first?

Devil's Alliance

Eh? “Malays–DAP alliance” (??)

Zaid Ibrahim really means Protun-DAP alliance‘, kan?

Like the Protun-and-Dapster smooch, the Nazis and the Soviets had also signed a BFF pact in 1939 so that their two countries could take control of Europe between them.

Not too long after the declaration, Hitler broke the agreement and invaded Russia, proving There’s no honour among thieves (or dictators).

Coming up: The Protun-Dapster Easter Sunday parade

The video clip above shows the still pally-pally period before the Hitler-Stalin split. The footage taken on 22 Sept 1939 is of the Wehrmacht and Red Army’s joint parade in Poland.

In Malaysia, our own two unlikely allies – Protuns and Dapsters – are going to be having a chummy-chummy mutual show of strength too.

Mark on your calendar the date 27 March 2016. It’s when the Protuns and the Dapsters will be holding their joint Easter Sunday parade.

Kena bitch slap!

Watch one penguin trip another penguin — below

Is the sneaky penguin (that stuck its foot out to ambush its friend) a lot like Tun or is it more like the DAP?

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The Wedding of the Century



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6 thoughts on “Will Tun trip DAP or will DAP trip Tun first?

  1. What we have here is a has been trying to prove that he is smart but ended up confirming what we have known all along, that he is stupid. His political career sums it up perfectly, a complete failure.

  2. Not too fast.
    Zaid is smart.He got it.!!!
    It will takes some “bitch Slap ” nurturing for and from Ameno and DApster to convert,A paradigm shift….no not that Tsunami kind.More much more.

  3. I see UMNO becoming more and more desperate by playing the sacking game.

    Its not going to work.

    Silencing critics and forcefully removing them from the party will only make the party weaker in the long run

    There is no other way, Najib must go

  4. “There’s no honour among thieves (or dictators).” –

    That applies to Najib as well. The 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion scandal is not going to be resolved any time soon. Even until PRU14. Even the PAC is unable to resolve the matter.

    The public is still wanting to know the Auditor General’s views that were attached to the Audit Department Report on 1MDB that has been classified under the Official Secrets Act. The public perception is still the possible “thieving” from 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion is not a “donation”, – the Saudi Foreign Minister has said so and that it was an “investment” from an individual in Saudi Arabia.

    It’s not just Protuns and Dapsters who will be out on 27 March – the rakyat, too. All those members of the public who have seen so many things not right in this country under Najib. Those acts and omissions by him. Summarily dismissing Gani Pattail from the Attorney General post and appointing Apandi who appeared to have conveniently declared Najib did no wrong in the RM2.6 billion case have made more people want him to resign or be replaced.

    Now the Malaysian Bar Council is taking action against Apandi –

    Malaysian Bar files judicial review over AG Apandi Ali’s decision
    Astro Awani – ‎6 hours ago‎
    Bar seeks judicial review of attorney general’s exoneration of Najib
    Aliran Monthly – ‎11 hours ago‎
    Malaysia Chronicle – ‎11 hours ago‎

  5. With so much talk about unlikely partners, take the following as an early morning joke, or whatever –

    In Myanmar which changed its name from Burma supposedly for a new image, the long-suffering but very determined and highly respected female politician whose party won the recent general elections, Aung San Suu Kyi, now has a proxy president in place – her driver.

    Imagine, the Military would not allow her to assume the post that rightly belongs to her.

    Would anybody use anybody as a proxy PM in Malaysia? Naaah.

    DAP would – Mohamad Sabun and the like. But the voters won’t let them be in Putrajaya. Still, Najib ought to resign or be replaced. Pressured via strange partnership, whatever.

    Politics is not about principles and being proper. Najib knows that well – his record on 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion tells that.

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