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A vote for PAN and Protun is a vote for DAP

“They look happy to be sitting together,” Najib Razak said about Tun and his Protuns seated at the same table with DAP during the Deklarasi Mahathir launch on March 4 — see ‘Najib takes a swipe at Dr M in Parliament‘ in the Malay Mail today.

Likewise at the level of their political operatives, the vicious Dapster bullies are making themselves comfy in the Protun blog operated by that Malay liar and fraud. It’s an unholy marriage of convenience between DAP and Umno+PAS rejects.

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Laughter, joy ever after if we stick together

BELOW: Guan Eng’s man Mat Sabu and Mahathir’s man Ibrahim Ali so happy together

Mat Sabu Ibrahim Ali Deklarasi

Original picture source: Malaysiakini Facebook on 4 March 2016



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95 thoughts on “A vote for PAN and Protun is a vote for DAP

  1. Looks like formal unity/cooperation of Umno-PAS is getting more unlikely.PAS formed a new pact with Ikatan instead of Umno. PAS Sec Gen Takiyuddin has pushed the responsibility of hudud bill in Parliament to Umno. Umno already lose out on the new pact. If they continue to delay the tabling of hudud bill, they can kiss good bye to PAS.

    1. It’s a good strategy.

      (1) PAS stands a better chance of getting/splitting the opposition Malay votes by becoming a Third Force rather than being a satelite of Umno within BN.

      (2) As an opposition, PAS can challenge MCA in the Malay-majority seats. PAS will deal the killer blow to MCA in GE14. The treacherous Chinese party is so dead in the water.

      Then PAS and Umno will hook up to form a kerajaan perpaduan for the sake of the ummah.

      (3) PAS’s flexibility is holding back on the hudud bill is enabling the parti Islam and parti Melayu to draw closer together. Tell me, aside from hudud, what else is keeping PAS and Umno apart? Very little. On the other hand, a lot of pressing issues (e.g. the DAP aggression) are pushing them into each other’s arms.

      (4) Partnering Ikatan is taking one step closer to Umno. After all, the mosquito party was formed by ex-Umnoites.

      Probably all these backroom maneuvers had been planned some time ago and are now beginning to take shape. Haven’t you noticed that PAS is not siding with Pakatan – the latest example being on Deklarasi Mahathir? Earlier PAS did not vote against the 2016 Budget.

      PAS is not hammering Najib on the ‘donation’ or 1MDB. PAS Youth has been quiet instead of fiery.

      Tanah Melayu, Bumi Islam here we come.

      1. Spot on Helen! You are right that the pendatangs have become truly delusional. Over the last two years, Najib has slowly but surely become stronger than Mahathir ever was. He has the full arsenal of the incumbent power and all the tools of the government. Perhaps the only one wrong assessment you ever made was that he wasn’t a ‘war general’. I am now very confident that he will crush anybody who threatens UMNO’s position. Mahathir and the pendatangs are all just hubris. In time, they will become white noise.

        1. I try not to write too many comments but can’t let this ludicrous statement go – “Najib has slowly but surely become stronger than Mahathir ever was.”

          What utter nonsense. Mahathir always had 2/3 majority in Parliament yet Najib got the worst election results among all the UMNO Presidents.

          Strong only because he and/or his kuncu2 dare to use the power at their disposal?

          I agree with the opinion that Najib is never a war general. Those around him try to be. Yet making statements that vary, even contradict one another. Like the sources and the purposes of the RM2.6 billion.

          1. Let me qualify why I say ‘Najib has slowly but surely become stronger than Mahathir ever was’. The system during Mahathir’s time was somewhat less polarized. Government departments were slightly more robust. The KSUs of yore had far more independence and the civil service was a different animal. Ironically, Mahathir’s neutering of the checks and balances slowly eroded this ‘ability to stand up’ and the system today is far more subservient to individual power. As such the Institutions of government are now more than ever beholdent to the PMs office.
            Secondly, the people are also far more polarized so when push comes to shove, the rakyat is far more likely to preserve ethnic power and make their choices along those lines.
            Thirdly, the shadow of Mahathir was until recently, omnipotent and no one would have dreamt that he could be withstood.
            Najib, has inherited a system that – gives him very powerful tools that are far reaching, a rakyat that is fractured along communal lines and a bogeyman in the form of pendatangs who previously did not seem as big a threat. And now in standing up to Mahathir, he has tasted some victory. I believe this has emboldended him and that he will not hesitate to further flex his muscles.

            1. I see the point you are trying to make, bro. But I still can’t agree with you.

              Strength = power. Power for the military is in the barrel of the gun. Power for the politician must be in the seats won at the general elections.

              Najib does not have much of both. The Military is traditionally responsible and swears allegiance to the YDP Agong. The seats he won at PRU13 merely enable him to have a simple majority. No power to amend the Constitution, for example. Power = respect. Respect means people do what you ask fully. Does Najib have that?

              Yes, Najib chose the Chief Secretary to the Government – the No. 1 in the Civil Service – some one over the heads of a few others more senior. He broke the Pegawai Tadbir and Diplomatic tradition of making such an appointment based on seniority. That by itself shocked and polarized the PTD. He then faced difficulties in the implementation of his policies. He had to keep shouting about “transformation” and used many foreign consultants to help implement his “Dasar Baru Ekonomi”, appearing to play on words with Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB) which he sidelined. .

              Yes, powerful tools Najib has been having. It’s only the use of such tools by his lieutenants – including the “hidden hands” – that made him appear powerful. The kind that struck fear in government officers’ and UMNO members’ minds. That is not powerful at all, not comparable to power in a 2/3 Parliamentary majority. While power in 2/3 majority lasted for 22 years, Najib’s kind of power will not last. He himself is scared of that since before, hence he postponed UMNO party elections, giving him a longer lease of life as President.

      2. Re:Then PAS and Umno will hook up to form a kerajaan perpaduan for the sake of the ummah.
        Oh Helen pity you how come you made up your mind don’t you read statements from Umno warlords the boss Nazri Aziz that he is not satisfied in the name of perpaduan he has to faced a contestants from PAS and jeopardise this cari makan MP and latest news this BN BBC chairperson Sharir Samad after 20 years as politician dah pening kepala nak resign dah camna ni

      3. BTW, Pas came out to explain the statement made by Ikatan.

        Pengarah Media Baru Jabatan Penerangan Pas Pusat, Syaiful Hizam berkata, dalam konteks sebenar kenyataan Presiden Ikatan itu adalah sebagai seorang Muslim kita tidak dapat lari daripada menerima hudud kerana ia terpakai ke atas setiap individu Muslim.

        Namun untuk melaksanakannya terserah kepada rakyat dan sistem demokrasi negara iaitu pilihan raya.

        Looks like PAS is backtracking on its hudud struggle.

    2. You Pakatoons are in a dreamworld.

      It doesn’t matter if PAS and UMNO don’t enter a formal alliance – it doesn’t matter anyway. The dirty little secret is that Pakatan won’t be it is today without PAS. The party’s influence extend beyond the seats it has since it has delivered around 30% of Malay votes.

      Without PAS, Pakatan will lose around 21 seats in the parliament (17 PKR and 4 DAP). This would mean, BN would win another 21 seats making it a total of 153 seats. Crucially it will provide the much needed 2/3 to BN finally. Likely that BN would win more than this in Sabah and Sarawak.

      The Protuns won’t even be around to make a difference in the GE14 as they would be well and truly defeated and buried by then.

      Like it or not, Najib will do better in GE14 and will be still around. In meantime, if you, Akim and your other buddies cannot face this, perhaps you can start crowdfunding for one-way tickets to Rwanda or South Sudan.

      1. You never learn, do you? I thought when you kept quiet after I whacked you (reciprocating in kind) in the previous 1 or 2 post comments, the wanking had damaged your brain and you ceased commenting. But maybe the damage was making you schizophrenic.

        It is schizophrenia when suggesting Malays migrate from their own country. It’s people like you who have been told to abscond when thinking and behaving like DAP blokes. So, do tell us when you have packed your bags, ok?

        You mentioned African states, eh? Your kind favour places like Uganda until Idi Amin ate a few and hordes of you people scrambled to UK for refuge? Was it your father or grandfather who found his way to this country, got citizenship right agreed to by the Malays at Merdeka, and an offspring like you not only not being grateful but want to offend others by suggesting they migrate just because of a possible untenable political situation?

        Grow up, boy.

        Hope Helen would publish this response in kind to the DAP- mentality bugger. They must be deterred from doing the same endlessly, spoiling decency in blog discussions.

        1. Bro Akim
          I think you are slightly mistaken about Calvin being a DAP mentality type. He has always very clearly been whacking them. Not all pendatangs are bad. There are some who show respect and are grateful for the fact that we gave them a place in Tanah Melayu.

          1. Txs for your view, bro. But DAP mentality is not the sole prerogative of DAP members and supporters, others may and do have it from time to time. And when they express it, especially not at the right places, they are looking for “trobol”, as the Filipinos and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon say.

            Sure, not all pendatangs are bad – Helen is a clear example, despite my disagreement with her on the Protun-Projib issue, and I hesitate to use the word pendatang on her. I may use it to those who deserve it and when responding to cases when others have used it.

            Remember, under Najib’s rule so many unruly characters, so much unbridled talk, no other way but to respond when they misbehave, otherwise, like the DAP blokes, they naik tocang and naik kepala kita. Tak boleh. Respect is earned, they say, so when they don’t respect us, they earn our verbal haemorrhage.

            1. “Sure, not all pendatangs are bad – Helen is a clear example”

              Aha Helen. You are called a pendatang. Hehe……..

          2. It’s always interesting to come here (only once in awhile la) and find all sorts of fucking Melayus.

            Talk about being delusional.

            1. fucking Melayus? Yes, we like fucking you and the likes of you. Most of all, you.

              You still walking crab-like since the last time we fucked you? Pity you that there were so many of us fucking you all one after another until you went out of lubrication and had to cringe and finally shout in pain and agony.

              Or maybe you shouted in ecstasy and are now yelling for more. We don’t mind you being delusional because what we are interested in is just fucking you to our hearts content.

              Hehe, nice to be fucking this bastard – maybe I’d make it a habit doing so every time he shows up in here with that kind of name. Helen should not mind because she allows the bitch in.

              Note that the word bitch is not rude or vulgar – yesterday I saw it spelt out by CNN on the TV screen the expression “the son of a bitch” (a double whammy even) that some one used on Donald Trump or somebody.

              1. You missed the bit about being “delusional”…..

                As for the “f word”, it is debatable who is doing that. And to who. Locally or in the wider scheme of things.

                Btw, it is so easy to wind people up. Throw in a few choice buzzwords and watch them go apes**t berserk. Applies to the RBA, Protuns, Pakatoons and status quo-defending cybertroopers…..

                1. Hahaha..

                  Tired of getting “pummeled”, are you? Time to reach for the opioids! OxyContin, anyone?

        2. Well, I have nothing to worry about being branded as having “DAP-mentality” as the regulars here know where
          do I stand vis-à-vis DAP.

          Being a cybertrooper tasked to do a hatchet job, you obviously know nothing about what’s going here. I can understand and empathise with you. You will disappear as sudden as you appeared when the money dries up from your employers.

          BTW pray tell us who elected you to represent all the Malays? For all we know you might not even be a Malay but a Dapster masquerading as a Malay to keroh-kan the current UMNO situation by pretending to support Tun. I am quite sure that you are not an UMNO member or supporter. But a Pakatoon in sheep’s clothing.

          I suggested that you and your buddies to migrate to some African states as you have to live under Najib’s rule for years to come. Since you cannot stand him, you can choose to move on.

      2. GE14? A keyboard slip up or a hankering for past glories retrospectively?

        Or maybe you meant GE18, but got distracted in the heat of your expository emotions? Cathartic even?

        I guess the voters will be making the calls come GE18 or GE20xx.

        I don’t suppose you have the power to foretell the future….at least you haven’t claimed as such up to now….

        So, maybe, you are making an informed guess. Which anyone of us can do…..predictions are a dime a dozen these days.

        Like whether Trump will face off against Hillary this November.

        Any bets on this….?

          1. Answer the man, dude!

            Instead of resorting to meaningless platitudes.

            “skipping your medicines”? Is that the sum total of your intellectual prowess? Or what masquerades as it?

            1. Ah…are we seeing an interesting pattern here? The moment someone makes anti-Pakatun reply, he/she gets attacked by some Pakatuns. This is a typical worfpack mentality that characteristic of the Red Beanies.

              I think we can make two conclusions here. One, there is an orchestrated cyber campaign being waged by the Devil’s Alliance aka Shotgun marriage of convenience group.

              Second, some of the Pakatuns here are using multiple IDs. Their wolfpack response and language gives them away.

              1. “wolfpack” or are you harbouring a secret admiration for Worf of Star Trek: TNG?

                Wouldn’t have figured you out as a closet Trekkie!

                “multiple IDs”? What next – hack-proof servers, anonymous dark Web posts? You must have been binge watching CSI – Cyber!

            2. JohorMali 2: I don’t think my reply was to kineass and in any case I don’t think his ranting deserves a reply.

              Unlike these guys I don’t have anyone paying me to post nasty comments so I have to work to feed my family. I cannot afford to sit in front of the laptop posting comments all day.

  2. these ppl all they were doing were mencari2 other ppl’s faults then spread it so as to pick on their victims. if they can’t find any they will create story or exaggerate small mistakes (to make it seems bigger).

    on 1mdb they love to make allegations upon allegations no matter how many truths were presented to them.

    thanks to helen for putting all efforts to uncover their true color and untruths and repel all their slanders.

    i hope we malays can be patient until the pru14 to support umno not pm najib. this way we can prevent and fail DAP’s dreams.

    1. “to support umno not pm najib” –

      I like that. But I think the longer we wait, the worse it’ll become for UMNO/BN. Every day there are voters forming unfavourable impressions of Najib.

      First time he spoke in Parliament about 1MDB and RM2.6 billion, Najib said he’ll leave it to PAC and others to handle those. Yet PAC has not even tabled its report to Parliament, have they?

      And the Auditor General’s comments on his departmental audit on 1MDB that were made secret – will they ever be made known to the public? Will the public ever be satisfied that there were no wrong doings on 1MDB or that the RM2.6 billion was not from 1MDB? Will there not be more and more voters shunning UMNO/BN at PRU14?

      1. what i meant by supporting umno not pm najib is to sacrifice our emotion for the sake of islam and malays and this tanah melayu tanah tumpah darah kita.

        it is not wrong to be critical against najib but we have to avoid making false allegations, slanders and also being gullible i.e. just believe what his enemies say.

        as for myself i believe najib had made mistakes and he is trying to recover it. so, why can’t we give him a chance.

        i could not say anything further than this and do not know how else i should say to satisfy you and others.

        kalau you masih umur panjang sampai pru14, would you still support umno so as to ensure we gain victory over our enemies ?

        do you have a (better) formula ? pls advise. i will be very pleased to see them.

  3. Kelakar tengok Ibrahim Ali dengan Mat Sabu ketawa terbahak-bahak. Perkasa pun sudah jadi baik pada kaca mata orang Cina anti-kerajaan yang sebelum ini dimaki habis-habisan dalam komen portal pembangkang, Facebook dan sebagainya. Begitulah hipokritnya mereka ini. Sudah salam-salam sama itu ketua tokong mesti sudah insafkan.
    Saya suka. Saya suka sebab saya tak perlu jadi seorang apologis untuk mempertahankan pendapat saya kerana mereka semua sama sahaja. Asalkan matlamat tercapai, apa sahaja cara boleh digunakan.

  4. “”ibrahim ali “”

    this funny man had gone overboard. for me there is no barakah (goodness) for his overhating another race by his mouth and action. it is so BELIEVABLE that he had deviated from and violated his own principles.

    may Allah forgive me for saying this but he had gone overboard before and it was so scary.

    ALLAH SWT says in the quran :
    O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm for Allah , witnesses in justice, and DO NOT LET THE HATRED OF A PEOPLE PREVENT YOU FROM BEING JUST. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah ; indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do.

  5. The fall of Najib is inevitable. It is written in the stars…..

    He will be enshrined in the hall of shame along with the other failed leaders in world history

    His face on a plaque for all to see

    1. It is the bad wishes upon him of people like you that should spur Najib to fight tooth and nail because defeat is not an option.

      History is written by the winners. Hence Najib has to ensure his GE14 victory so that he can safeguard his legacy and how he will be remembered by future generations.

      You all are pushing him too hard into a corner. He will fight back ferociously but with a nonchalant and disarming smile.

      Joceline Tan wrote:

      “Beneath Najib’s polished Malay gentleman demeanour lies some very shrewd survival instincts. Those who continue to cross him will probably regret it because having tasted blood, it will be easier the next time around. In fact, he may even come to enjoy the taste of it.”

      Joceline is a shrewd political observer. She’s more often than not absolutely spot on. The RBA who like to slag her are living in their own delusional world.

            1. It takes two sides to ber’padu’.

              This could never have happened during Mahathir’s era. It did not happen in Badawi’s either, his Islam Hadhari notwithstanding.

              Najib has miraculously thawed PAS.

              1. Najib and Hadi have morphed into Siamese twins but we can hardly make out their true parents.

              2. re, could never have happened during Mahathir ,did not happen in Badawi’s either .

                It’s does happened now just because Nik Aziz is no more around , they rather have perpaduan with DAP .

                Helen ,you sekarang pon cepat lupa .

                1. Concur with you that the departure of Nik Aziz and DAP’s bullying are two factors opening the door/prompting PAS to draw closer to Umno.

                  However both the above catalysts do not preclude the role of Najib as another and separate factor.

                  Under the same circumstances – i.e. no Nik Aziz and vicious behaviour of DAP – Mahathir would still not have been able to reconcile with PAS. As a benchmark, Memali happened under his watch.

                  And as the Deklarasi Mahathir of March 4 has shown, Tun is more willing to work with Kit Siang and DAP than he is with Hadi and PAS.

                  1. Would Hadi want to be there on March 4 , nobody has ever expected , Najib smiles is to attractive for Hadi .

                    Memali incident is just the same as Almaunah ,is the fight against the government of the Yang Dipertuan Agong ,what would you expect Najib will do if he was a PM then ?.

                  2. Hadi’s takfir heydays hit Dr. M badly. Some of the PAS men tried to murder Dr. M …. remember Cikgu Non? He has sought forgiveness from Dr. M but has Hadi been remorseful?

        1. Malaysia becoming a superpower by 2020?

          Oh, wait – that was Tun Dr M’s vision!

          Maybe the aim should be to ensure that Malaysia still has “a seat at the table” come 2020 or 2030 or whatever and is not consigned into economic and political irrelevance.

          That would screw up the dreams of people like Calvin and his ilk….

          Nothing like a dose of irrelevance to make one eat humble pie!

          Now let’s tell that to the China Chinese….

          Dwarves, pygmies and giants….?


          1. ….Now let’s tell that to the China Chinese….

            Kamu ni kuat mengacum, sikit2 China Chinese. Haiyaaa..

            Yr ancestors pai pai their country of origins by tongkang loads..millions. Yang kamu asyik mengacum aje apahal? Reapply citizenship balik sana kan lebih elok for you?

            1. And your problem with that is what….? Being consigned to impotence or, worse, irrelevance?

              As for what my supposed ancestors did or did not do – how would you know (unless you have time-travelling powers) and what concern is that of yours?

              Like Akim said in another context – grow up. And move on from infantile posts and half-baked opinions.

              There – I expressed all that in decent non-controversial language, did I not?

              Like I wrote earlier – dwarves, pygmies and giants…..

              1. Haiyaa
                Mengacum kat China, Newcastle Brown, NYT, WSJ, Swiss people, Singapore, US issh ..haiyaa melilau all over the world mencari donno what, real confused lots.

                Kan in Malaysia ada your big boss LKS, sikalang tambah bruder2 macam Akim to lead and guide you people.. still running to China Chinese why like that wan?

                1. Yup, must be all those “liberals” running around….

                  I think that the “real confused lots(sic)” are those who deliberately and wilfully choose to ignore “impotence”, “irrelevance” and “incompetence”.

                  And those who can blame others for their own faults and shortcomings.

                  Meanwhile, the China Chinese keep coming (pun intended).

                  And coming….hahaha.

              2. ….Like I wrote earlier – dwarves, pygmies and giants…..

                Tu pasai I advised you people to engage JKRowling with your fantasies.. can help DAP Penang to generate more revenue what!

                Haiyaaa, even Koreans Descendants of the suns pun managed to attract over 440m China Chinese viewers. Creative sikit la.. ini asyik dok bodoh Najib tak henti2 apahal?

                1. Hahaha – “impotence” and “irrelevance”, remember?

                  Scared to address these front and centre?

                  As for the China Chinese – they are calling the shots, aren’t they? Leaving the region to suck up to Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam who allows LGBTs to serve freely in the US Armed Forces.

                  Any morality checks when the US Navy next R&R in Port Klang? Hahaha….

                  Like I wrote – dwarves, pygmies and giants.

                  Btw, you are not confusing Rowling, Tolkien or Salvatore, are you?

                  1. ….
                    Any morality checks when the US Navy next R&R in Port Klang? Hahaha…

                    Just send ex Eli Wong lover to do all these checks fir u. First you personally make sure to supply the Navy with kain pelikats..

                    1. And that’s the sum total of “Kak RINA’s” repartee skills!

                      Sad, isn’t it? That a wannabe troll (or is it trolleys?) muffs up so badly.

                      Why don’t you tell MinDef and the morality authorities to make sure that US Navy vessels are “cleansed” of pinko-liberal LGBTs before docking in a pious country like Malaysia?

                      That shouldn’t be too big a deal for the zealous morality police, right?

                      Heck, they could even raid the US Navy vessels to flush out these deviants!

                      Just make sure that the US Marines aren’t around…..if you know what I mean.

        2. Mad Hatter has a strong and valid point – what is Najib’s legacy?

          Najib must be a frustrated man. Wanting to be liberal but got shot down so many times.

          Even at age 60 plus and as PM, still wanted to show BM of Article 152 of the Constitution can be sidelined by saying in Pekan that he kekok to cakap Melayu when offered to contest his father’s very safe Parliamentary seat.

          Went to the extent of not being proud to be a Malay, publicised his being a Bugis “also pendatang” and got shoved into his face (figuratively) the Malaysian Historical Society books “The Malay Civilization” and “Tamadun Alam Melayu” which explained the dozens of Professors’ accounts showing all in the Gugusan Pulau2 Melayu or Malay Archipelago are Malays since over 6,000 years ago.

          To please DAP and others, he discarded the ISA and almost did the same to the Sedition Act, that which protects Malay rights and interests in the sensitive Articles of the Constitution, got “walloped” by Ketua2 Bahagian, MT, Pemuda and Wanita UMNO, and he flipped flopped on it. Maybe they’ll do the same when seeing 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion will not get resolved.

          Najib sidelined the NEP and coined his Dasar Baru Ekonomi, again got whacked and had to announce funds for the benefit of the Malays close to PRU13, otherwise he might have been a has been.

          Many other instances of Najib’s legacy of negativity. Suffice for now.

          1. Mad Hatter has a strong and valid point – what is Najib’s legacy?


            To sum up, you support –

            ~ ~ ~

            (a) Stronger implementation of Article 152 (BM as national language)

            (b) Stronger implementation of Article 153 (Malay special position) on the basis of ‘nativism’ (definition of nativism: “the policy of protecting the interests of native-born or established inhabitants against those of immigrants”)

            (c) Stronger enforcement of the NSC Act as a replacement for ISA

            (d) Stronger enforcement of the Sedition Act

            (e) Deferring to the wishes of the right-wing Umno warlords

            (f) Stronger implementation of the NEP (in whatever shape it is assuming now)

            ~ ~ ~ am I correct?

            So if Najib agreed to do all of the above, he will have your support?

            1. Not sure, Helen. Difficult to trust a man whose brothers even don’t – when they issued a signed statement denying the “legacy of wealth” that PMO said there was when defending the many questions on how his step son “suddenly became rich”.

              I think I’m writing him off and will do my utmost under the law to get him resign or be replaced. I know your standard arguments in response but let those be our points of disagreement – they are interesting discussions anyway, and let readers (many of whom don’t comment) decide which to believe.

              I believe what Tun said of Najib replying to him “Cash Is King” and that “philosophy” is dangerous. It has been borne out by the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion and so many have seen that it was not a donation, like said by the Saudi Foreign Minister, the Englishman-style use of the words “I believe” notwithstanding.

              I think a vast number of UMNO members also believe so but won’t dare speak up out of fear, threats and actual membership sacking like done to Anina of Langkawi.

              1. Aaaaa, now the Establishment is even trying to gag MPs from speaking about 1MDB and the RMM2.6 billion in Parliament. Gagging themselves up, actually. The Azalina woman (been wondering why she often tries to look like a man) saying the government would no longer respond to oral or written questions on the issues, including during the debate session, “for as long as there were under judicial consideration.”

                It would be sub judice to discuss the matter at any forum, said she. Sub judice is to avoid discussion by other parties so that the court will not be influenced by external factors when making its judgment or decision, she added. Wat ta hok ……

                I won’t be surprised that there would be one court case after another on 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion from now on, each one taking years to dispose of. That way, the gomen has the excuse of not answering questions on them. And I won’t speculate who would be bringing such cases to court.

                After the Auditor General’s views were classified as secret, thereby hiding the wrong doings, there must be millions of voters continuing to speculate and forming hideous impressions on Najib. He must resign or be replaced, otherwise UMNO/BN will meet its doom at PRU14.

            2. And showing the finger to “competitiveness”, “meritocracy”, and all the other buzzwords that are dearly beloved by the “consultants” and “focus groups”?

              Seems to be a small price to pay to garner “unqualified and unstinting support”. Who wouldn’t be swayed….?

              It’s no skin our noses, eeing as how we are not tasked with dragging Malaysia, warts and all, to “developed nation” status.

              Like I posted earlier – it’s all about “impotence” and “irrelevance”. Add in, too, a heaping measure of “incompetence” for a good mix.

  6. Thank you Tokong Lim and LKS for taking in Mahathir, TSMY, Mat Sabu and Ibrahim Ali. This must be in the mind of Najib and I think he must have a good laugh when he enjoy his teh tarik as Tun had taken his rubbish with him as he left UMNO.These four are the most hated people by the chinese as instigated by LGE and LKS and their DAP stooges before, during and after the GE13.

    DAP in fact had imported these “cancerous cells” into their party hoping to be elevated to Putrajaya. Tokong Lim and LKS thought they had made a good investment in politic. Sorry DAP, you don’t bring in discarded enemy’s rubbish to your house to breathe in fresh air. Very bad move. The chinese are not stupid, Mr. LGE and LKS. You cannot cheat the chinese all the time.

    1. Malays are welcoming the PAS and Ikatan pact ,that where the Malays vote will go coming GE 14 .
      Probably they will needs another “kerjasama” in order to form the Federal Government, that where ” Ini Kali Ubah” will come in and Malaysia will be happy ever after .

      Thus that strike you mind’s ?.

    2. New CNY Bangsa Malaysia practice. Environmentally safe ang pows. Why kill mother earth with red colored paper that you will discard after opening? Use the any paper. Cleaner greener.

      1. It’s all about purchasing power….you know, money in your pocket and what that money can buy.

        Maybe that money can buy “potency”, “relevance” and “competence”.

        Care to jump on the bandwagon…..?


  7. Najib’s Legacy;

    1) Altantuya
    2) 1MDB
    3) Altantuya
    4) 1MDB

    That is how he is going to be remembered. The worst PM we ever had

    1. Well, 1MDB audit report will be out and all the lies of SR/WSJ/Tony Pua will be laid bare.

      Altantuya – what kind of proof link Najib with her? Tian Chua’s photoshop proof? PI Bala’s joke of a SD? Sirul already revealed that Pakatuns offered bribes to him to frame Najib.

      1. Do you have the power of forecasting the future or are you privy to information on what the audit report will contain?

        If it is the former, perhaps you could exercise that “power” to forecast the numbers that will come out in the Sports Toto draws? That’s a benign and benevolent exercise of that “power”…hahaha.

        Whereas, if you are on some sort of “inside track”, why be coy? Come out and admit it openly.

        As for SR and the WSJ, they are still sitting out there. Sitting ducks to be hit with lawsuits, if you know what I mean. Maybe it is in the works. Who knows? Maybe you could enlighten us, seeing as how you are “forecasting” and all.

        As for Sirul, he’s comfortable in an Aussie incarceration centre where he gets his 3 squares a day…. What’s to complain about? No “waterboarding” (a la Trump!) or extrajudicial methods of persuasion to worry about….

        The dude is sitting pretty courtesy of the Aussie taxpayers…..hahaha.

  8. Name me one, just one, thing that Najib has done that is worth remembering (other than the ones i just listed).

    Something that people can sing praises forever and something substantial for a PM.

    His Will? His Legacy? His Immortality? What is it?

    He has none

    Altantuya and 1MDB is his legacy and he is defending it because he is afraid of ending up in prison (which could be his last legacy)

    1. ….Something that people can sing praises forever and something substantial for a PM…..

      …….He sent TDM, Muhyiddin, Akim, Mad Hatter and Setem finally into the arms of DAP..

      1. DAP? LOL, I’m never a PH or BN or PASIKATAN supporter.

        Why be a sheep?

        Just be a rakyat who knows how to govern our politicians. Thats how democracy works (rule of the people).

        Politicians live off the rakyat’s money via taxation. If cash is king……. then we’re their kings.

        So they do their jobs, we do our jobs, NO BULLSHIT.

        Everyone happy.

        1. re: “DAP? LOL, I’m never a PH or BN or PASIKATAN supporter.”

          At this juncture (given your hostility against Najib), do you believe that the opposition can govern better than BN if given the chance?

          Am I to take it that Chinese receptivity to the establishment is dwindling to 4.99 percent?

          1. re: “At this juncture (given your hostility against Najib), do you believe that the opposition can govern better than BN if given the chance?”

            Its not a matter of who can govern better, it is a matter of what is right. What is right is BN won the last election fair and square. So they will stay till the next elections.

            But doesn’t mean that we couldn’t impeach the Prime Minister for wrongdoings along the way. It has happened before. In other democratic countries.

            Bill Clinton was impeached when he was President for youknowwhat. He was acquitted but if he wasn’t, then Al Gore would take his place and the Democrats will still be government….. not the Republicans.

            When you impeach a Prime Minister or President he/she gets replaced. Not the entire government, because that would be undemocratic.

            Najib gets impeached, Zahid takes over. BN stays.

            re: “Am I to take it that Chinese receptivity to the establishment is dwindling to 4.99 percent?”

            Don’t know. I am not someone who goes out to do surveys.

            1. re: “Don’t know. I am not someone who goes out to do surveys.”

              You’re a Chinese voter and you claim you did not used to support DAP. Just wondering if the five percent Chinese are further dwindling in number.

              1. I seriously don’t know, Helen. Sentiments change all the time, it is too soon to tell.

                But what I do know is we have to impeach Najib.

    2. And he sent this poor specimen of a whining old woman berleter tak tentu hala, takda substance atau isi kepala.

      Be that as it may, I have a few questions on this Projib character, Shahrir Samad, BN Back Benchers Club leader, UMNO Johor Bahru Division Chief, who plainly admitted at the outset of the RM2.6 billion scandal, that he received RM1 million from Najib, presumably from the said money in Najib’s personal bank accounts:

      what is Shahrir actually trying to say when reported by thestar as saying:

      – the Prime Minister created an “ethical issue” when he accepted the RM2.6bil foreign “donation”

      – the donation was strictly for political purposes and that “the money had been returned”

      – only Najib could divulge how .. (it) was used

      – the information was not provided to Umno members

      – whether it is something you can say is bad for the integrity of the leader, I think is subject to debate

      And he pledged to support any move to ban political donations from foreign sources.

      And he was not referring to the PAS allegation on the Israeli RM1.2 billion for DAP. He was clearly referring to Najib’s “ethical issue” RM2.6 billion. Is he being an ungrateful ingrate, too? Got RM1 million, like DAP not saying thank you and yet slamming it down? It’s a vote for DAP, too? Is thestar voting DAP, too?

      1. re: “this Projib character, Shahrir Samad … who plainly admitted at the outset of the RM2.6 billion scandal, that he received RM1 million from Najib”

        He is Ketua Bahagian Johor Bahru. His JB division has 27,000 Umno members. One million ringgit divided by 27,000 only comes up to RM37 per pax. Spending RM37 on each member – say as a year’s expenditure – is not such a shocking amount.

        re: “the Prime Minister created an ‘ethical issue’ when he accepted the RM2.6bil foreign ‘donation’.”

        He also said, “Whether it is something you can say is bad for the integrity of the leader, I think is subject to debate.”

        re: “And he pledged to support any move to ban political donations from foreign sources.”

        He agrees there should be an end to foreign political funding “but feels the government should also ban training or visits sponsored by foreign governments or groups”.

        Hannah Yeoh has been a beneficiary of many foreign sponsorship and overseas trips. She even took Mr Hannah Yeoh along to South Africa for a Commonwealth event.

  9. I agree with what Mad Hatter has been saying. I can’t think of any legacy of things good that Najib can be said of leaving behind. Even his PMO statement of “legacy of wealth” used to justify his step son suddenly becoming rich was shot down by ALL his brothers (thereby leaving a legacy of being slapped by the siblings). Emphatically denying their father, Tun A Razak, was rich, they issued a signed statement, hugely shaming Najib.

    The sad thing is that even the Projibs in here have not dared to suggest any legacy of the good and undisputed kind that Najib can be said to be leaving behind.

    I shudder at the thought that this country will become less and less democratic under Najib. Very sad indeed what it has come to, when he started out trying to show he was “liberal”.

    More sackings and/or threats from the cabinet, the party, the MT, more banning of news portals, more shouting at Protuns in Projib blogs like Big Dog that Helen wrote about before, so long as Najib continues/ is not replaced? Pity.

    1. re: “The sad thing is that even the Projibs in here have not dared to suggest any legacy of the good and undisputed kind that Najib can be said to be leaving behind.”

      I already said, Perpaduan Ummah. It’s his hugest legacy that will reshape our country in the near future.

      re: “I shudder at the thought that this country will become less and less democratic under Najib.”

      Just like there’s no point in giving bunga to kera, likewise it’s pointless to grant more and more democracy to dajjals. Najib abolished the ISA and EO, and tried to do away with the Sedition Act as well. As a result of his actions, the DAP lagi mendajjal.

      re: “Very sad indeed what it has come to, when he started out trying to show he was ‘liberal’.”

      ‘You’ damn him when he tried to liberalize (the Umno wings, warlords, division and branch leaders down to the party grassroots revolted when Najib tried to get rid of the Sedition Act), and you damn him for making the “less and less democratic”, konon.

      Najib just can’t win, can he?

      re: “More sackings and/or threats from the cabinet”

      TSMY has made his intent to topple Najib abundantly clear. So why should the PM keep him in the Cabinet?

      re: “More sackings and/or threats from the party”

      Don’t you think Tun’s henchmen Khairuddin and Anina deserve to be sacked?

      If you were a company boss and your employee went all over the place to make reports against you so that regulatory bodies will investigate, penalize or shut down your business, wouldn’t you sack that staff?

      re: “More sackings and/or threats from the MT”

      Only TSMY has been suspended so far. What do you think DAP will do to a party deputy chairman who is cooperating with Umno to bring down the Lims?

      re: “more banning of news portals”

      TMI should have been banned long ago, like when the Majlis Raja-Raja made a police report against it.

      re: “more shouting at Protuns in Projib blogs”

      It is the Protuns who are harassing the Projibs. The Protuns come to Projib blogs to berate the blogger as “pemakan dedak”. The Projibs do not go to the Protun blogs.

      1. 2 legacies actually..

        1. Sent TDM, Muhyiddin, Ibrahim and the herd into the arms of DAP

        2. Created Chinese tsunami and exposed all the toyols2 that wr once hiding under BN. Lega betoi.

        MEMANG SEJARAH. Bukan senang nak identify kaki anggok, toyol2 and hipocrites tau.

        Najib did it.

        TABIK HORMAT..What a cool PM!

    2. I don’t think you Pakatoons/Protuns even know what you guys are spewing out. Let me take up the issue of Najib’s legacy.

      Tun cavorted with Iran and other pariah states that the rest of the world looked upon with horror. Najib ended this nonsense.

      Tun created and fed the UMNO money politics machine along with Anwar. Najib ended the practise of only a handful of people electing the office bearers and put a stop to money politics.

      Tun created Proton and wasted billions on it and make Malaysians also spend billions in tax meant to protect Proton. Also they have to put up with lousy quality of Proton cars. Najib stopped this by refusing to bail out Proton and liberalizing the automotive industry.

      Tun destroyed MAS and other GLCs by appointing political allies as heads and making them unaccountable to public. Najib ended this.

      Tun made Khazanah opaque and allowed politics to dictate investment decisions. Najib made Khazanah respectable and professional.

      Tun made the economy overly dependent on investments and commodities. Najib diversified the economy. Just ask the foreign analysts.

      Tun crippled the judiciary. Najib made judiciary a lot more independent. This a fact.

      Tun made BPR a toothless tiger. Pak Lah and Najib allowed the creation of MACC.

      Tun allowed foreigners to obtain Malaysian IC and ended up outnumbering Sabahan in Sabah. This is a crime that Tun has yet to be made accountable. Najib ended this and working to find a closure.

      Want some more ? I could go on and on…..

      1. Wow, now you have posted some sensible stuff. There is much in what you have written.

        The jury is still out on MAS and KLIA, btw.

        As for Proton, it’s difficult to see how it can compete with the big boys or even the niche car manufacturers. Heck, Tata acquired JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) and Geely acquired Volvo – and they are making a success of their acquisitions. Tun Dr M put the kibosh on a tie-up between Proton and Volkswagen purely because of ersatz nationalism.

        Let’s not even talk about relations with Singapore…..

        1. True… Proton could have been saved had Tun allowed VW to acquire them. But it is not so much about nationalism but rather due to the ego of one old man.

          I don’t think Proton is a bad idea but Tun mollycoddled them too much and they got lazy. Had he whipped them to get into shape, Proton could have been a world beater.

          He is still defending the un-defendable. Only when he stepped down and when Najib took over Proton really started to improve. But it is too late. Expect Proton to be sold soon.

        2. “As for Proton, it’s difficult to see how it can compete with the big boys or even the niche car manufacturers.’

          The sad thing is that Proton is the holding company of Lotus. Proton purchased the company to enhance the Proton brand. Up to today, there is still no synergy. Remember MV Augusta. Another failed attempt of Proton to enhance their brand. There you have Lotus a Proton company which is a maker of niche cars – and Proton with lots of quality issues.

  10. Our Protun-Projib disagreement notwithstanding, I’d like to pursue this discussion with Helen for a bit more –

    “legacy of the good and undisputed kind” – Najib’s “perpaduan ummah” is not. Disputed any time and every time, Helen.

    With all sorts of divisions, fractures and splinters in Malaysian society under Najib’s rule – among the political parties, and within the political party UMNO (the largest) itself, among religious groups, even among Muslims themselves, I simply cannot see any “perpaduan ummah”.

    Even PAS is not joining or working together with UMNO – they are talking about working together with Kadir Sheikh Fadzir’s party and even before the story is begun, already there is division – the condition on no Hudud. Maybe they’ll end up joining the 27 March assembly – which I’d like – despite what they may have announced on the matter.

    And more division coming by way of the opposing stand of various groups on Pandi’s decision to clear Najib over the RM2.6 billion. Imagine, even Reuters, the oldest and most reliable British news agency, said Pandi ignored MACC recommendation to charge Najib.

    The Bar Council is asking for a judicial review and going to court. “UMNO lawyer” Shafee condemns it, Transparency International supports the Bar Council, saying the A-G should be separate from the position of the public prosecutor to ensure the independence of criminal prosecution.

    So does The Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS), saying the current setup – in which the A-G is both the government’s lawyer and the public prosecutor – is problematic in managing public expectations for independent investigation and prosecution of alleged grand corruption.

    And a host of other organizations as reported by thestar. Btw, the question remains: is thestar giving its vote to the DAP?

    1. (1) re: “With all sorts of divisions, fractures and splinters in Malaysian society under Najib’s rule – among the political parties, and within the political party UMNO (the largest) itself, among religious groups, even among Muslims themselves, I simply cannot see any ‘perpaduan ummah’.”

      (a) With DAP as the primary opponent, an adversarial political terrain is unavoidable. Consequently, bipartisanship is impossible

      (b) Fractures in society – also unavoidable because DAP is promoting hatred

      (c) Division in Umno – Tun’s fault, not Najib’s

      (d) Division among religious groups – DAP’s political Christianity is clashing with PAS’s political Islam (not Najib’s beef either)

      (e) Division even among Muslims themselves – the Shia-Sunni schism is the world over – Najib isn’t responsible for its iteration in Malaysia

      However, Najib can take credit for thawing the previously frosty relationship between PAS Malays and Umno Malays. Perpaduan ummah will come in due time and sooner than you think.

      (2) re: “the question remains: is thestar giving its vote to the DAP?”

      From the way that The J is angling its anti-Najib stories, the answer is so obvious.

  11. “”LEGACY””

    “Allah does not judge you based on the material success of your efforts (results), but rather merely on your efforts. What did you do, based upon your talents, your time, your energy, your circle of influence – not about what is beyond your control.”
    -an excerpt of part of Sheikh Yasir Qadhi’s interpretation of a verse from the quran.

    Allah SWT the Creator makes things easy for us but we the creations make it so complicated.

    if najib were to build / inspire the building of the tallest and biggest of this and that, i am pretty sure his antis would not recognize it due to their hatred, instead they will crack their heads to find all sorts of twists and distortions. people who fall into too materialism = fall into inferiority and low ethics.

    if his efforts to make good and rectify things are recognizable in the sight of Allah so why can’t we.

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