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Why DAP is over-confident to call PAS a “zero”

Grandpapa Dapster referred to PAS as a “zero” party despite its 1,600,000 members — see FMT today also.

You might be wondering how DAP can become so sombong.

Well, the reason for this overweaning arrogance in the developer’s party is because DAP is now rich and has got its own Malays in the pocket.

Thus the Dapsters running the show don’t feel that they need to pretend anymore to be nice (wear tudung, quote Quran, pura-pura puasa, praise Muslim caliphs and Islamic civilization) to the Malays whom they consider to be only country bumpkins that can be easily duped.

BELOW: The DAP Yang Berhormats are the picture of prosperity

round DAP yang berhormat

Malays on the DAP payroll

Most prominently, in terms of celebrity status, there is Dyana Sofea who is Kit Siang’s political secretary. Her ‘good friend’ Zairil Khir Johari – previously before he was elected a YB – served too as pol-sec to Guan Eng.

Zairil’s boss the DAP sec-gen has just very recently appointed another Malay to his staff — ex-air force pilot Major Zaidi Ahmad (below) is Guan Eng’s new information officer.

Some of the DAP Members of Parliament and state chiefs also have Malay pol-secs and special officers, in addition to DAP Malays being given municipal or city councilor posts. One of the aspects of UBAH is that these are now Malays, quasi Malays and Umno rejects who cari makan with DAP.

Guan Eng Zaidi

Malays that are “well taken care of” by the DAP

Other examples of DAP Malays — Syefura Othman aka Rara is a DAP project coordinator. Wan Hamidi Hamid is the head of Sekolah Demokrasi DAP.

There are the Roketkini boys who are also active in the social media promoting their party and the evangelista YBs. The DAP was at one time even willing to absorb niqab-covered Melati Rahim (below) for dunno what publicity purpose they put her to.

Umno Selangor info chief Zein Isma Ismail revealed that these Malays are well fed (“kebajikan mereka dijaga sepenuhnya”) by DAP.

Melati Rahim

Protun prepaid blogger now a DAP minion

Zein Isma said, “Ramai anak muda Melayu dilantik dalam organisasi DAP diberi imbuhan tetap”.

According to him, the DAP believes that putting Malays on its payroll “merupakan satu pelaburan yang amat berbaloi untuk jangka masa panjang”. Zein Isma cites self-professed “liberal” Azira Aziz, who is Hannah Yeoh’s aide, as one example of the DAP’s Melayu Baru investment.

BELOW: Azira seated across the table from Hannah Yeoh

Hannah Azira

Another Malay reporter reject (ejected from an Umno-owned media company and spurned by a state Umno Menteri Besar as well as shunned by the PMO) has also jumped on the DAP bandwagon.

These are the Malay discards yang dipungut DAP because they have personality traits akin to the Red Beanies, i.e. pemfitnah tegar, penipu pandai menyamar dan pembohong yang suka berputar-belit.

BELOW: The liar and fraud sniggering at a smitten Pak Haji who has been conned into thinking that the anime avatar is a real-life cute, young ‘woman’


anime sailor moon snigger

Malays lured to the Dark Side

DAP is arrogant because the party is currently able to afford hiring Malay rejects to do its dirty work, e.g. the Protun blogger who allows his platform to be used by his DAP handler to spread black propaganda to Malay rebel readers.

sailor moon gigglingLooking at how this colluding Malay Protun blog has been successfully infiltrated to be infested with Cina bodoh sombong, the smug Dapsters think they can replicate this ‘takeover’ formula elsewhere in our political landscape.

After all, DAP is clearly Orang Kaya Baru; Lim Guan Eng for example has bought a multi-million ringgit big bungalow in a prime location in Penang.

And the nouveau riche City Harvesters now have in their palm the sacked-from-his-job Malay types who are willing to act more Cina than Cina and raising on a pedestal Singapore as a wonderful, meritocratic model (DAP is a PAP baby).

BELOW: Guan Eng’s spanking new Mercedes – acquired as his state car at a generous discount – had caused some controversy earlier too


Melayu pemberontak bergandingan bahu dengan Cina ultra

Thus the cash-laden DAP feels that it doesn’t need poor party PAS as an intermediary anymore to fish Malay votes.

In fact, DAP has gone a step further. In the past, the evangelical party had required PAS man Nizar Jamaluddin to front as the coalition MB in Perak even though DAP was the one with the most Aduns — DAP (18), PKR (7), PAS (6). In future, DAP can simply nominate its own Malay (likely Abdul Aziz Bari) as the Selangor MB.

After successfully hiring a clutch of Malays to work within the DAP set-up, the Dapsters today have acquired enough confidence to dismiss their erstwhile ally PAS as a non-entity — a “zero”.


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30 thoughts on “Why DAP is over-confident to call PAS a “zero”

  1. helen, why do you have to always look down on Malays as incompetent to stand along with the Chinese? you are always picturing Malays as balajis, and a very low esteemed group.

    1. Helen is not the one who dismissed 1,600,000 Malays (in PAS) as “zero”.

      And as for the status of Malays in the DAP, they make up less than one percent of the YBs in the party (representing DAP only in Raub Parliament and Mentakab DUN) compared to Chinese who make up 85 percent of the party’s elected reps.

      And as for the position of the Malays vis-a-vis their relationship to the DAP, the picture below of PAN president Mat Sabu with Papa Dapster speaks a thousand words.

      re: “you are always picturing Malays as balajis, and a very low esteemed group”

      The prepaid blogger pemakan dedak is one DAP balaci alright.

      Isn’t is low esteem to masquerade to be a mixed race (Chinese) awek cun when you’re really a middle-aged Malay man, and creating an imaginary Chinese extended family and pretending to celebrate CNY?

      It’s not surprising that he has low self esteem after being ejected by an Umno-owned company and rejected by a state Umno leadership. If he had higher self esteem, he would not have let the ubiquitous DAP handlers dictate content in his blog.

    2. If Malays are looked at as a low-esteemed group, the Chinese must be a thousand times more – they have over a thousand million, and China, long regarded as pariahs by the West, became respected only 1-2 decades ago. .

      But the issue is the ultra kiasu ungrateful ingrate DAP Chinese. And it must be appreciated that those Malays who joined or get attracted to by the perks held by their noses are not only rejects one way or another, but also highly unprincipled or simply do not know what having principles mean. The gullible, the desperate, like the sacked Air Force Major who literally got bought by DAP instead of promoting the Islam that he believes together with PAS.

      The Malays, especially those in the kampungs and the low income in the towns, will shun them and will not be listening to what they say, whatever “information officer” so-called status they may be given. The DAP have admitted and agreed by the surveys periodically done that these Malays really believe that DAP is anti-Malay, anti-Islam and the writings on the race riots of 1969 caused by them do get read by even the younger generation.

      It’s the extremist and damn racist huge chop that are on the foreheads of the DAP leaders and ardent members that the Malays and Muslims cannot tolerate. Trying to chuck out Hudud and no-maruah Nik Aziz stooping to pick up Hudud every time it was chucked out by the so-called liberal faction in PAS themselves made the Malays resent even PAS, let alone the racist and bigoted kafirun DAP.

  2. “…. and raising on a pedestal Singapore as a wonderful, meritocratic model (DAP is a PAP baby).”

    If DAP wants Malaysia to be like Singapore, then begin by building affordable housing for the people of Penang (island and mainland), like just the the Housing and Development Board (HDB) does in Singapore.

    The HDB is a Singapore government agency/statutory body which builds the HDB flats and sells them to the public at affordable prices.

    People are complaining that property prices are sky high in Penang, especially on the island and it’s private developers which are building the landed properties, condos and apartments.

    There is a Penang Development Corporation but how much has it done for affordable housing.

    Ditto for Selangor, where private developers are building, building and building high-rise concrete monstrosities in which a unit costs around RM1 million, whilst whatever passes as low cost housing are very high density, overcrowded, high-rise apartment blocks and there are plenty of them coming up in a slum area in Section 19, by the border with Section 17.

    In contrast, HDB flats in Singapore are built with decent spacing between them and especially the more recently built ones are creatively designed, are of decent and even of moderately luxurious standard.

    I have some relations and friends in Singapore who live in HDB flats so I know.

    The DAP is good yelling about “transparency”, “accountability”, “credibility”, 1MDB, yada, yada, yada but says very little about doing things for the rakyat (people).

    I will believe DAP when they give the people of Penang plentiful, decent state government-built accommodation which are sold or rented to the public at BELOW MARKET PRICE.

    I will believe DAP when they reinstate Rent Control in Penang.

    I will believe DAP when they provide efficient and affordable (not token) public transport for the Penang people.

    I will believe DAP when they protect the environment, ecology and forested areas and water resources of Penang, especially the hill slopes, from the RAPE and PLUNDER by private property developers who are known to contribute to the party’s coffers.

    1. Well Mr. Scheiss, up to about the late eighties, or even nineties, HDB was a success story in the national mass housing program. Flat prices were tagged to citizen incomes – be they 2, 3, or 3-enhanced, bedrooms models. It was with confident pride that Mr. Goh announced to Singaporeans in the 80’s that HDB shall not be building flats with less than 3 bedrooms; in line with the people’s growing aspirations as Singapore transited into a first world economy.
      That’s hardly the case these recent years with locals having to settle even for HDB’s 1 bedroom flats and competing madly in a real estate market with 2 million emigrants.
      Of course, Singapore has attained the rank of the world’s most expensive public housing system today.

      1. I understand there have been changes recently since the PAP government of Singapore has also embraced the neo-liberal wave.

        However, we do not have to copy Singapore every step of the way but to emulate the good parts of the HDB’s policies and and practice from the 80s and 90s today.

        These I outlined in my last four sentences, which are my own ideas:-

        I will believe DAP when they give the people of Penang plentiful, decent state government-built accommodation which are sold or rented to the public at BELOW MARKET PRICE.

        I will believe DAP when they reinstate Rent Control in Penang.

        I will believe DAP when they provide efficient and affordable (not token) public transport for the Penang people.

        I will believe DAP when they protect the environment, ecology and forested areas and water resources of Penang, especially the hill slopes, from the RAPE and PLUNDER by private property developers who are known to contribute to the party’s coffers.

        My point is that if DAP looks towards Singapore on issues of meritocracy, transparency, accountability, integrity and so forth, why not affordable housing, public transport, environmental and ecological protection and sustainability and so forth which directly impact the ordinary people’s livelihoods and economically.

        1. Yes, sure. The HDB policies of the old vanguard PAP are worth emulating. Before Goh Chok Tong took over the reins, the government was wholly for the people with the people. The social landscape has since been marred by a spiraling capitalism and big government involvement in many facets of commercial enterprise.

    2. Georgetown’s UN heritage status and the constant top ten ranking for best retirement place in the world sorta boosted the value of lands and properties here. This is a rare, once in a lifetime money making opportunity. If you were them, you don’t want to milk it to the max meh? Grab all the money as long as possible while your supporters lurve you crazy. Money is the root of all evil they says, unless you’re a monk who forsake the worldly desires.

    3. Well, they do. Recently the CM bought a bungalow with the price per square foot that is cheaper than the so call “Rumah Mampu Milik”. This is the clear proof that Penang has successfully making their houses affordable. Bravo penang lang

        1. Careful now Helen. The last time you made allegations about his son abusing someone at school – you got egg all over your fat face. Best make sure you get your facts right andirection not hide behind the charade of it didn’t say it again….what a wonder that you’re not behind bars with sedition given your cesspool of a blog.

          1. (1) I’m not surprised at the moniker ‘Fat’ that you’ve chosen to use here for yourself. You guys ikut Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan of your Gospel of Prosperity leaders (pix below).

            (2) re: “The last time you made allegations about his son abusing someone at school”

            I did not make the allegations about Marcus Lim and the alleged molest of his schoolmate. I reported the news of the time, just as Papa Dapster’s undervalued bungalow is currently in the news.

            (3) re: “your cesspool of a blog”

            The toxic dump is Life of Annie where your people have set up camp. It has become a cesspit of ugly vitriol ever since the hijack/buyout.

            Not surprising given the origins of your party stalwart from Animal Farm. The Anakin should be more observant with regard to haram.

  3. Read this op-ed piece (“Trump flying high on demonisation of Islam”) by Mohamad Bazzi (Straits Times

    – 2/3 of Republican voters support Trump’s proposal to ban Muslim immigrants and tourists from entering the US.

    – Trump declared on 9 March: “I think Islam hates us… There is a tremendous hatred…”

    – Trump is winning votes because of “deep-seated fears of Muslims among Americans, especially Republicans” and because “he is willing to go further than any other candidate in tarnishing all Muslims”

    – a growing undercurrent of Islamophobia that is making life difficult for the approximately 3 million Muslims in the US

    – Trump and other demagogues “shape a social climate in which Muslims and Arabs are treated as potential terrorists”

    More of that in Mr Mohamad Bazzi’s commentary.

    As goes the US, so does most of the West.

    If Trump faces off against Hillary Clinton in November for the US Presidency, will he escalate his rhetoric further?

    Muslim countries who are allies of the US must be asking themselves some hard questions now. Like can they continue to work with the US if Trump is elected US President and if he refuses to back down from or change his views about Islam and Muslims?

    1. When the post subject is DAP and PAS, this pain-in-his-assol bloke writes scathingly against Muslims quoting the religious bigot Donald Trump. Making fun and denigrating Islam and the Muslims.

      In a previous comment he quoted the Spore Straits Times’ usual unfavourable views on Malaysia, making fun of this country. Yet he is a Sporean who is shy even of admitting being a Sporean because of the iron hand rule there since Lee Kuan Yew’s time that scares him even from commenting in Spore blogs. What a low life creature, this bugger.

      Yet he is supposed to be educated, claiming to have better English than anybody else in here, not having the decency and decorum that, if he has to write against Malaysia and Islam, at least do it as comments to the relevant posts.

      This racist, anarchist and religious bigot son of a gun. The euphemism for son of a bitch. Not in the North American sense, but otherwise.

      1. Akim: It is most likely that he is a reject of the Singaporean govt and he (orang tak de malu katakan) is trying very hard to show his ex-masters his “abilities”. He may become a good English teacher to Sino Singlish speakers but after awhile they will tire of his frequent off-tangent episodes (signs of lunacy, perhaps).

    2. We hope Mr. Trump and Americans will see the true character of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. even if we are now troubled by a surge of radical behaviour from deviant religionists who are killing Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
      A Tale from the Prophet’s Life

      “The city of Mecca had been liberated by Allah from the stranglehold of the false gods. The veils of hubris and malice which had concealed the truth from the pagans were quickly shred off. File upon file of men and women came forth to profess Islam. In their ranks was Beghum a woman of the Banu Kinanah whose husband was Shafwan ibn Umayyah, the Quraishi warlord.

      Shafwan had fled capture and was hiding out in the desolate wilderness. One day while he was resting with his young loyalist Yasar, he sensed something approaching his camp. “Yasar, see who is coming our way!” Yasar went out among the rocks taking care to hide himself from the alien figure. Once inside the tent he reported, “It is Umair ibn Wahb your uncle, sheikh.” “Umair? What does he want? By God he means ill! He’s Muhammad’s warrior. He’ll kill anyone for him.”

      The meeting of these two former companions could not be avoided. They were from the same tribe and related by close ties of kinship. “What do you want Umair? Haven’t you fooled me enough? I bore your debts and cared for your children with the pact that you were going to finish Muhammad. What’s happened? Liar, you’ve given him your loyalty and that’s hardly enough! You’re here to kill me! ” Calmly Umair responded:

      “You are mistaken, oh leader of our esteemed family. May Allah consent to save you by means of the message I bear. I speak on behalf of a man who is benevolent and compassionate towards all people. I come on behalf of Muhammad the Messenger of Allah. To Muhammad I said: “Shafwan our leader has fled. He is terrified that you will not pardon him as you have pardoned others in Mecca who opposed you and plotted to kill you. I’m afraid he might drown himself in the sea. Grant him clemency and vouchsafe his return” . . . Shafwan, I have come here with an offer of surrender. “

      Shafwan suspected trickery: “No! by Allah, it is too easy to believe you. I’m not going into Mecca until you can prove your words.” Umair returned empty-handed to the Prophet s.a.w. but was directed to repeat his assignment. The Prophet instructed him: “Take my turban to him as proof of my sincerity.” At the second meeting with Shafwan, Umair repeated his original message : “I come from a man who is generous and merciful to one and all. His greatness is also part of your nobility, Shafwan. His authority is your authority. He is your flesh and blood. By Allah, may I persuade you to not turn away this invitation from Allah.” Shafwan softened yet his fear was real: “But this may be a snare.”

      “It is not! He entreats you to accept Islam. But it is your choice. If you do not assent to join us now you have a period of two months to decide. After that if you refuse you must find another place to settle down. Do not doubt my words because you will not find a man truer to his word than the Messenger of Allah. He has sent you this turban which covered his noble head the day he entered victorious into the city of Mecca.” Shafwan was impressed : “Yes, this is the turban Muhammad wore on that fateful day” – for this was the bedouin’s mark of honour.

      And Shafwan returned to Mecca with his steadfast nephew Umair. The Messenger s,a,w, walked out of the mosque after the afternoon prayers and Shafwan, seated atop his animal, addressed him : “Muhammad, Umair met me with this turban. He said he represents you and invited me to come and meet you. His words were: ‘Muhammad hopes that you will accept Islam and if you are unwilling then you can stay for two months.’ Is that right!? ”
      “Please come down from your carriage Abu Wahb,” the Messenger addressed him by his honorific.
      “I am not coming down before you answer my question,” he insisted.
      The Prophet accommodated him: “Umair’s words were true and for you I extend the grace period to four months.” Shafwan’s terms of surrender were unexpectedly lightened.

      Not long after this meeting, rebel tribes including the Thaqib and Hawazin joined forces to attack Muhammad and the Muslims who were still rejoicing over the peaceful takeover of Mecca. As more and more Muslims sought out the Messenger s.a.w. for battle gear, the situation compelled the Prophet to approach Shafwan for assistance. Shafwan was well stocked with weaponry and the Prophet needed to loan a hundred sets of iron-mail armour complete with accessories. Suspicion crept into Shafwan when he was approached and he questioned the Prophet directly, “Is this veiled compulsion, Muhammad?! Or will it be a loan based on mutual agreement? ”
      The Prophet s.a.w. promised, “A loan which will be repaid to you in full . . . if you consent.” Shafwan dispatched the goods and as he did so there was a strange witnessing in his heart: ‘This is not the behaviour of a victor dictating to his bent-knee enemy on the ground. Nay, it’s the conduct of a man of God . . .’

      1. As the Messenger’s convoy readied themselves to advance against the aggressors, Shafwan was inspired: “I couldn’t bear to see the Thaqib and their allies defeat Muhammad whose troops are mostly my own Quraish clansmen.” Driven by a deep-seated group identity he sought the Prophet’s permission to fight alongside the Muslims at the battle of Hunain. As it turned out the Muslims were victorious and the spoils of war were aplenty.

        When the opportunity availed itself after the battle, Shafwan made his way towards the Prophet who was moving among his troops in the valley. Shafwan was carried away by the sight of thousands of camels and sheep grazing freely in the plains and tracts of Hunain – bounty left behind by the fleeing tribesmen of Thaqib. He stared wild-eyed at these newly-acquired possessions of Muhammad s.a.w. And as he was gazing intently at a herd of about a hundred camels, the Prophet who was nearby read his thoughts, “It appears you are attracted to this land, oh Abu Wahb!” “Indeed!” Shafwan replied. Then the Prophet startled him, “This land and its wealth are all yours.” In stupefaction he declared: “No one offers all this with such liberality unless he is detached from the world ….. a man of God . . . now I do bear witness: ‘There is no god worthy of worship other than Allah and I witness that you Muhammad is His servant and messenger’.” Shafwan had become a Muslim.

        The Prophet s.a.w. and his forces reassembled in the city of Mecca. Once there he fulfilled the terms of his loan with Shafwan and returned the battle gear he had borrowed but a few of the armour plates were either damaged or lost. The Prophet apologized to Shafwan and promised to make up for the shortage in due time. In response, Shafwan confessed: “At this moment oh beloved of Allah, all this is meaningless to me. I’d rather have Islam and Allah’s covenants above everything else.” Muhammad’s noble character had transformed Shafwan’s heart where the tree of faith could take root; its shoots had sprung and spread rich foliage.

        The Prophet returned to his residence in Madina soon after that event. In the Masjid Nabawi at Madina some time afterwards, a peculiar incident took place. When he went there to pray, the Prophet found a man asleep on the masjid floor with folded clothes for a pillow – it was Shafwan of Mecca, one of the wealthiest Quraishi aristocrats of the times who had vehemently opposed Islam before. “What has come over you Abu Wahb?” the Prophet asked him tenderly. He answered, “They told me that a man’s Islam is not accepted by the Lord unless he leaves everything behind to be with you, oh Messenger of Allah. When I heard that, I vowed to Allah to cease all relations with my wife. I prepared myself and travelled as quickly as I could to your city.”

        The Prophet s.a.w. smiled and gave this counsel to Shafwan : “You may go home in peace to Mecca, for the “hijrah” (emigration) which you contemplate is past its day – that was a time when the people of faith were being oppressed in their own city, Mecca. The significance of the “hijrah” gives the true meaning of jihad – to strive earnestly and sincerely in what Allah requires of us. Hence sheikh, should Allah call upon you in the future to sacrifice something for His sake, do so without procrastination.”

        And the Prophet’s (saw) lasting testimony to the Muslims : “Shafwan has imbibed the spirit of Islam. His faith is earnest.”

        [from Ibn Atsir : Usuud al-Ghaabah vol. 1]

        “The true believers are those who believe in God and His messenger, then they attain the status of having no doubt whatsoever, and strive (jahadu) with their money and their lives in the cause of God. These are the truthful ones.”
        (Quran, 49:15)

        “…… You shall not kill – Allah has made life sacred – except in the course of justice. These are His commandments to you, that you may understand.” (Quran, 6:151)

        “……, We decreed for the Children of Israel that anyone who murders any person who had not committed murder or horrendous crimes, it shall be as if he had murdered all the people.” (Quran, 5:32)

        “There shall be no compulsion [to convert in] in the religion. The right way is henceforth distinct from the wrong. So whoever disbelieves in false deities and takes faith in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that never breaks. And Allah is All-Hearing and All-Knowing.” (Quran, 2:256)

        “O you who believe, do not consume each others’ properties illegally. Only mutually acceptable transactions are permitted. You shall not kill yourselves. God is Merciful towards you all. Anyone who commits these transgressions, maliciously and deliberately, We will condemn him to Hell. This is easy for God to do.” (Quran, 4:29-30)

        1. Abdullah,

          re: “You are mistaken, oh leader of our esteemed family. May Allah consent to save you by means of the message I bear…”

          So, Shafwan ibn Umayyah, the Quraishi warlord, was the leader in control of Mecca, right?

          We are currently being told that Islam demands that we support our leaders.

          Why didn’t the Muslims in Mecca support Shafwan, their leader?

          1. Brother,
            Shafwan belonged to what we can call the bangsawan family tree of the Quraish. They were worshippers of numerous pagan deities, and they were oppressing the Muslims who worshipped the one true God, Allah. On the fateful day that they planned to kill the Prophet, that is when the Prophet and his small band of companions abandoned Mecca to reside in Madina. Years later the Muslim community grew in strength and means and the Prophet s.a.w. acheived a peaceful conquest of pagan Mecca. That is when Shafwan fled in fear into the wilderness – where our story begins.

  4. ” Umno Selangor info chief Zein Isma Ismail revealed that these Malays are well fed (“kebajikan mereka dijaga sepenuhnya”) by DAP. Zein Isma said, “Ramai anak muda Melayu dilantik dalam organisasi DAP diberi imbuhan tetap”.”

    Going by the current scandals at the top rung of UMNO, it’s quite a farce for the UMNO info chief to be condemning young Malays for being financially recruited by DAP. On the other hand, I hope the DAP leadership knows how to differentiate between Islamism and Islam when they attach a zero tag to the holier-than-thou PAS Islamists.

  5. Nothing wrong for the Malay find employment with the DAP ,as long as they don’t forget that they are Malay .
    When the British step’s their foot in Tanah Melayu ,they employ Malay as peon “budak pejabat” and these Malay became British PR to the Malay community ,to explain the British rules and regulation to the Malay folks and they remained Malay that play quite a role in national uprising .

    The problem with Malays today ,’dia orang mudah lupa’ ,even in UMNO nowadays many has forget that they are Malay.

    1. Tebing tinggi,

      “…Nothing wrong…..”.

      I beg to differ. These Malays , ignorant or angry at UMNO for not entertaining them, may not want to be reminded that they are actually becoming partners to a party that is anti Malay.

  6. ….Well, the reason for this overweaning arrogance in the developer’s party is because DAP is now rich and has got its own Malays in the pocket….

    Bapa segalanya = PAS??

    Tu pasai awal2 I dah KATA, same tune, same styles, same plots, same dramas….mencarut, mengaib, menghina, memperbodohkan, memperkecilkan, mencaci..itu semua trademark Namewee, Alvin Tan and RBAs.

    1. re: “mencarut, mengaib, menghina, memperbodohkan, memperkecilkan, mencaci..itu semua trademark Namewee, Alvin Tan and RBAs”

      Dah jadi trademark pun di sebuah blog Protun selepas blogger tuanpunya bersekongkol dengan puak tersebut.

      1. Helen,

        Until today, many Malays simply do not understand the danger of DAP if it holds power. To the Malays, the idea of DAP ruling the country is elusive.

        Just like the Arabs who at one point ridiculed those who advised them not to underestimate the Jews. Arabs, secured under benign Ottoman rule simply did not understand the seemingly docile Jews would be monsters if they have had power.

        So, many Arab leaders then made fun all these advices on the danger of supporting British against Ottoman rule. Only when the Ottoman empire collapsed then they face the aggresion from Jews. But it was too late then. Bereft of benign Ottoman rule, Arabs were not match to organised Jewish terrorists. the rest is history.

        It is happening in Malaysia. Unable to win support among Malays, useless malay politicians like Mohd Sabu, Rafizi depend heavily on Chinese support. as such, he has no qualm in attacking any Malay based institutions.

      2. Yang peliknya apabila DAP, Pakatan menyerang UMNO, ABU dan bagai, Mr. Clueless rilek ajekan kak.

        Tapi bila dirinya diserang, boleh pulak dia mengupah blogger dan cyber trooper untuk mempertahankan 1MDB serta peribadinya. Ulang, hanya 1MDB dan peribadinya.

        1. Najib terpaksa mengupah cytro sebab DAP sudah banyak membeli blogger Melayu di samping bala tentera siber Cina yang mereka sedia ada sejak pra-2008. Operatif Si reject- Si reject yang ditolak Umno kini diupah DAP kerana Melayu jenis inilah yang sanggup bersekongkol dengan Cina ultra.

          Selain itu, DAP juga membela Melayu yang rela menyerang institusi kerajaan/Melayu, Umno dan peribadi Najib sendiri – contohnya Dyana Sofya, Syeerleena Abdul Rashid, Azira Aziz, Izmil Amri dan blogger Protun yang penipu dan pembohong itu.

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