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DAP using Malay haters to attack Umno

“Umno had better start accepting the fact that the Chinese are NEVER going to vote Umno EVER again,” Raja Petra Kamarudin writes in his column today. Or the BN either.

“The Chinese have been indoctrinated and brainwashed into hating Umno,” Raja Petra said, stating the obvious. If I may add, it is the DAP evangelistas who have been in overdrive conducting the indoctrination and brainwashing of not only Chinese but liberal Malays as well.

In fact, Raja Petra remembers that the opening attack by Tun Mahathir on Najib Razak was regarding the latter “wasting too much time and money on the Chinese” when the hatred borne by community is at the stage of ‘no hope, no cure’.

BELOW: Sneaky evangelistas preach love but speak with a forked tongue

snake Malaysian First

Violent thoughts are only natural when they so loathe

Raja Petra recalls Tun declaring how the Chinese have totally abandoned Umno and by extension the BN.

“And this, according to Mahathir, is because the Chinese reject Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. Hence all Umno needs to do is to oust Najib and replace him with Mukhriz and millions of Chinese will flock back to Umno. If you believe that then you also believe pigs can fly,” he scoffs.

Instead, the reality of the situation – Raja Petra believes – is that the “Chinese hate Umno and everyone, everything and every political party associated with Umno”. With a vengeance.

“If they could the Chinese would want to hang every single one of those three million Umno members from the nearest tree,” Raja Petra adds.

His advice is the faster Umno accepts that the Chinese all hate them, the better. “If Umno wants to remain in power it has to be based on Malay support and votes.”

BELOW: DAP’s rocket (see logo on man’s neck) love for PAS was only cosmetic; the mask has since dropped and Chinese loathing for the Islamists is being clearly and loudly expressed

PAS Chinese camouflage

Biggest threat to Umno are Malay rejects on DAP payroll

Raja Petra foresees that because the Chinese want to bury Umno for good, “the hate-Umno campaign is going to be stepped up over the next two years”.

You can see this ‘Hate Umno’ campaign being carried out in a Protun blog that has been taken over by the Dapsters.

Due to DAP’s influence over the Chinese having already reached saturation point, the new game plan is to use its Malay operatives (such as the prepaid Protun blogger) to maliciously influence Malays who are rebelling against the parti Melayu and Najib.

The Protun reject fits like a hand in the DAP glove because as a lebih-Cina-dari-Cina, he shares the same Dapster DNA of tipu, bohong dan fitnah (and the evangelista sneakiness too). Mula-mula the Liar & Fraud kata he’s moving to a southern state in order to take care of his father’s business there but now he’s claiming pula that his current employers are nice and paying him loads of money.

‘What a tangled web he weaves when he first practises to deceive’ … the Malay prepaid can no longer keep track of the earlier lies he told to patch up his whole leaking edifice of lies.

Chinese Christian Saifuddin


Another reject, former Umno Temerloh MP Saifuddin Abdullah, urges the public to take a stand against race politics.

Saifuddin’s liberal views were featured in FMT today. Screenshot above are readers’ comments to the article.

Note that not a single one of the 15 commenters has a Malay or Muslim name. It is only the non-Malays and non-Muslims who are responding to FMT ‘s report above headlined ‘Make a stand on race politics, says Saifuddin‘.

sailor moon giggling
If you believe the Malay male looks like a lil’ lady anime, then pigs can fly

Rational Malays who don’t buy into the evangelista love-love-love hypocrisy anymore are no longer willing to layan these Malay rejects.

Same case with the Protun fraudulent blog which has lost its earlier, genuine Malay readers. The prepaid blogger’s DAP handler and the Anon sidekick(s) are the only ones left who are submitting their hateful comments daily.

Like Selangor Umno info chief Zein Isma Ismail has exposed, the DAP takes good care of its Malay stooges.

And these Malay rejects – whose services had been spurned by Umno – are just the personality type that DAP is scouting for. You can see for yourself how Anon-RBAs in that Protun blog are diligently propping up the prepaid blogger who is their new comrade in arms.

The DAP dirty tactic going into GE14 is to ramp up the resentment and hate against Najib and Umno. And if their old strategies seem to be wearing thin, expect the party to use its Malay chameleons to facilitate more imposture, more lies and more fitnah.

One of the things they’re doing is to make PAS and Umno people suspicious of each other to try and foil perpaduan ummah. Don’t fall into their trap.


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41 thoughts on “DAP using Malay haters to attack Umno

  1. DAP using Malay haters to attack Umno? Including RPK?

    I ceased to read the bloke after he flipped flopped. I rather liked it when he abandoned Anwarul Al Juburi. But it showed how gullible and untrustworthy the bloke can be. From being a hard-hitting pro-Al Juburi to baiting for a chance to return to Malaysia under Najib, minus the Police on his heels.

    And DAP-sounding he is when saying “..the Chinese are NEVER going to vote Umno EVER again.” The superlative, the permanency in the result of his telek menelek or hasut menghasut. How can one rely on that kind of callous prophecy.

    Claiming to have sources from among Malaysian visitors to London. Yet one wonders how often what he said was true. A lot of speculation, assumption and guesswork, he used to write well though, angling what he says to the points of interest readers actually have, thereby gaining an audience. But I seriously wonder how much he is read by Malaysians now. And how much he is believed these days.

    1. Helen,

      RPK is now pro-Najib due to his allegiance to Hadi Awang and PAS.

      It is very likely that PAS is drawing on advice from RPK as I see elements of RPK’s ideology in what PAS is currently pushing, eg “the third force”.

      Even the tie-up with Ikatan is probably an RPK move.

      Unfortunately for PAS, the very fact that it is positioning itself as a viable third political option means that the PAS-UMNO alliance is going to be prickly at best.

      It means that PAS considers itself an equal to UMNO.

      UMNO has not had to deal with any equals for a very long time, in my opinion, since at least 1970.

      But UMNO does know how to deal with junior partners – it is polite, it is caring, it is sharing, it will do almost anything as long as the junior partner is willing to do what UMNO tells it to do.

      I doubt if PAS will play the junior partner in any PAS-UMNO alliance.

      1. RPK .. allegiance to Hadi Awang and PAS? Would you like to substantiate that, pls?

        Also on “PAS is drawing on advice from RPK .. RPK’s ideology in eg “the third force”. It’s far-fetched to think the Trengganu old man following closely what the London fugitive writes or listening to any suggestion the turn-coat might make. Almost anybody can think of a “third force” in a situation like PAS. Except perhaps the delusional and incoherent who thinks rural Malaysia is no more, like in one comment below.

        And can PAS really consider itself as equal to UMNO? With only about half of UMNO’s membership numbers and as much factional splits and runaways.

        PAS had played the junior partner’s role during Tun A Razak’s time. But I agree it won’t do so now, not because of size or influence, but because of Najib’s endless problems over 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion. That’s why Najib has to undur or UMNO replace him. That UMNO has not done so now does not mean it won’t. UMNO/BN’s rule is seriously at stake and may disappear at PRU14.

        1. re: “That’s why Najib has to undur or UMNO replace him.”

          You keep repeating this line like a mantra. Are you trying to hypnotize my readers?

          1. Aiseh Helen, you can do better than that.

            I always substantiate what I say, hardly wrote 1-2 lines of mere accusations, ditto the above that you are accusing me of.

            This one is my first 1-2 sentences comment, I think.

  2. “the opening attack by Tun Mahathir on Najib Razak was regarding the latter “wasting too much time and money on the Chinese”.

    Completely and utterly true. When Najib chucked out the ISA, it was to please the Chinese who have been “brainwashed” by the DAP. When he wanted to discard the Sedition Act (he in fact had decided to repeal the Act but protested to by UMNO), it was to please all Chinese who saw it as the blocker to any attempt to amend the sensitive Articles of the Constitution that represent the rights and interests of the Malays. And so much Police time and money wasted to rein in and prevent more crimes perpetrated by the thousands of prisoners who were released after Najib threw out the EO.

    Yes, “when the hatred borne by community (was) at the stage of ‘no hope, no cure’. That was proven by the Chinese tsunami at PRU13. True, the Chinese tsunami may continue. But there are those responsible and non-ultra kiasu Chinese who have been grateful for their citizenship right agreed to by the Malays at Merdeka, respect and abide by the Constitution, and see the need for a united and peaceful Malaysia. They form a significant percentage of the Chinese population of the country.

    Nevertheless, Najib could have done better if he was to spend a lot of time to gain the support of PAS members and supporters. More than visiting Hadi, Haron Din and others when they were sick. But when he did, it was too late. DAP had got PAS deeply involved with the Pakatan. When Lim Guan Eng’s bullying became intolerable, PAS kicked him hard and the Pakatan disintegrated, Najib had not been able to draw them in a tangible framework of working together. Until PAS linked up even with an unknown entity – Ikatan whatever.

    That’s why the situation for UMNO now appears dire. UMNO/BN might simply lose at PRU14 if Najib does not undur or be replaced.

    1. re: “the opening attack by Tun Mahathir on Najib Razak was regarding the latter “wasting too much time and money on the Chinese” / “Completely and utterly true.”

      You have not disproved that Tun publicly expressed his unhappiness with Najib over the latter’s wasted efforts and still losing the Chinese vote. It’s a fact that Tun made clear his disapproval in this matter early on – a Google search on past news items will confirm.

      re: “But there are those responsible and non-ultra kiasu Chinese who have been grateful for their citizenship right agreed to by the Malays at Merdeka, respect and abide by the Constitution, and see the need for a united and peaceful Malaysia. They form a significant percentage of the Chinese population of the country.”

      How many percent do you reckon this “significant percentage of the Chinese population” to be?

      re: “But when he did, it was too late. DAP had got PAS deeply involved with the Pakatan.”

      DAP got PAS during Pak Lah’s tenure pre-2008.

      re: “Najib had not been able to draw them in a tangible framework of working together.”

      Post-2013, Najib is trying but he’s also got to grapple with and overcome a long past history between the two parties and the bad blood of Mahathir’s era.

      re: “Until PAS linked up even with an unknown entity – Ikatan whatever.”

      Ikatan is even a smaller mosquito party than PAN. I’m sceptical of the tie-up and wouldn’t take it at face value.

    2. “DAP had got PAS deeply involved with the Pakatan”

      But haven’t we left out the constant in that ill-conceived political equation? Anwar as the pole star of that DAP-PAS alliance. Anwar is both pro-Zionist & pro-Islamist: at home with neocon evangelists & saudi wahhabism. A consummate politician at the summit of global religion. I suppose when Anwar was sentenced for sodomy, DAP and PAS seemed poles apart again.

    3. A small observation.
      Actually, Helen and you are for the same thing. Ketuanan Melayu, pendatang understanding their place in society and the destruction of the evil forces of DAP and Christianity.
      Helen’s contention is that taking down Najib now will spell death for UMNO while you say the converse.
      While I see some of your arguments vis-à-vis sentiment about Najib to be threatening, I reckon that when push comes to shove, UMNO will be the choice, if only because we recognize the pendatang threat from the oppo side.
      Now, if we recognize that Ketuanan Melayu is our key objective, knocking Najib now not only rocks UMNO but the foundation of Ketuanan Melayu. And this is why it is critical for us to defend the PM, no matter what. Let me say that I am neither proJib or proton.
      I do not discount any of points you have made and I agree that some of them are untenable but I say it is more important to keep our eye on the prize which is Malay power. Go with PAS if you must but lets preserve our positions. If we want to punish UMNO we can do it by not voting any non Bumiputera standing on a BN ticket. If we want to change leadership,let’s do it after the GE.

      1. I agree with you except on “knocking Najib now” (Helen, pls note that I’m only repeating mohd salim’s words, hehe –

        Knocking Najib down now may rock UMNO but not devastating. Many have been expecting that. Rallying around a new leader may be faster than you think.

        And “the foundation of Ketuanan Melayu” is actually in the sensitive Articles of the Constitution, regarding the roles, functions and responsibilities of the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers, the Rulers Council, etc – not UMNO, which I also support.

        Otherwise, if UMNO kapputz, Ketuanan Melayu also goes? No. Those sensitive Articles include that saying no Royal Assent, no PM or MB can be officially appointed and function. And the YDP Agong can consult the Rulers Council. That Council which can meet on their own, even not on the advice of the PM.

        Aiyyo Helen, wanna say just 1-2 sentences, cannot lah. My nature what, must substantiate. Even without quoting the exact Clause, sub-clauses (Arrticles) and relevant wordings of the Constitution – otherwise my comments wd be much longer.

      2. For the millionth time, please get this in your mind; kicking Najib off the Prime Ministership and as UMNO President WILL NOT lead to the Malays to lose their Ketuanan Melayu standing.

        UMNO is bigger, so much bigger than Najib.

        I’ve said this many times in the past; that UMNO will still stand tall WITHOUT NAJIB.

        Helen must have psychoed you well.

    4. u r very “clever” one, even a daft can see u only pick those argument that suit u. most chinese think no diff of mahathir n rpk, both speak with forked tongue.

      but mahathir was the leader that made some progress during the 80s n 90s, i dun know what najib did, imdb n perpaduan ummah? what is that for?

      i read rpk, just like i read akim. otherwise we cant grasp what forked tongue mean.

      chinese might vote unmno, when they have to make a choice btw umno n pas under hadi.

  3. Nampak gaya agenda semua lain2 belaka kalau fm the screenshot Cik Helen posted…

    1. Tak mention 1MDB or 2.6b pon? Mainly Race and Religion. Are they actually talking to themselves infront of their mirrors. DAP only has 1 Malay rep. Geli hati betoi!

    2. Yg satu puak lagi parrot on 1MDB and 2.6b, bila mohon tunjuk documents deoa melilau satu dunia, NYT, WSJ, Newcastle, Singapore, US, UK, Swiss oghang tu habaq kot ni oghang ni habaq kot tu. Isssh payah.

    3. Jijah..Free Anwar

    4. Yang lain2 tu oppo tegar macam cerita pipe pipers. Anwar tiup depa ikut, LKS tiup depa ikut, Arw TGNA tiup depa ikut dan sekarang ada baru dok tiup, apa lagi..depa ikut la. Niat ABU, itu saja.

    Anyway ada juga did mention rural areas? Alamak, 10yrs we have been closely monitoring what these people have been spewing about us… dah spit lick pulak dah ke?

    1. RINA,

      What Helen said is the reality on the ground. Unfortunately, many UMNO leaders for reasons best known to them are unable to accept reality.

      the reality is that DAP( and by extension Chinese community) wants UMNO dead. Dead and buried. Better still with its leaders too.

      The reason for such hatred is not difficult to comprehend. The last election shows that DAP would have occupied Putrajaya had not for UMNO.

      Najib made mistake of trying to please Chinese. I hope he learns his lesson. No need to throw mega dinner to Chinese anymore. Instead, why not organise a mega dinner in the heart of Malay base politics: MALAY MAJORITY AREA. Imagine the feel good factor if it is held in Kuala Ketil, or Jerantut.

      A supremo must behave like one. I am glad Najib appointed a new DPM. I am happy Najib did not allow Tun to remain as Adviser to Proton.Do not worry about protest from Pagoh. Show them that you need to show exercise control in order to be respected.

      Muhyiddin is in the phase of realising that sooner or later Pagoh UMNO too will follow the rest of UMNO’s division. and Mukhriz too will come to term that as much he claims to be popular within UMNO, h cant go attacking Najib after explanations after explanations by ARul Kanda. And Najib better drop ex MB of Trengganu in nexr election.

      AS FOR RAFIZI, he will never thrive in Malay majority area. And let us see how Khalid Samad survive the next election without PAS support. And just ignore Saifuddin or Mohd Sabu. They are rejected in Malay areas/ So do not glorify “reject item”.

      What need to be done is being frank and honest. No need to be embarassed that UMNO is Malay based party. For a start, najib must stop the habit of allowing mere passengers in his team.

      By the way, there is one leader in UMNO who I feel is good. Mohd Hassan, MB of NS. I like this guy. He looks genuine. Ever wonder why UMNO in NS seems not “in the mess?”

      I salute MP of Tasek Gelugor for turning the table on Guan Eng.Though I believe SPRM will not be “that efficient” in making a case as compared to the similar story of Dr Khir. But at least Shabudin has started the ball rolling.

      And only moronic UMNO leaders will feel that DAP will be quiet if the opposite is the truth. I magine a DAP MP accusing a sitting UMNO MB on similar story.

      1. “Najib made mistake of trying to please Chinese.” Glad you said so.

        “I hope he learns his lesson.” I doubt so.

        Am in the mood for 1-2 sentences comments, after my first one a few minutes ago.

        1. Akim,

          As I said earlier, for best reason known to them(meaning najib and some who’s who in UMNO), they are unable to accept the reality.

          The reality is that Chinese has abandon BN( or more importantly UMNO) FOR GOOD. Let us get real here.

          In fact, I believe Adnan Satem will be dissapointed too in Sarawak as he is likely to be rejected by Chinese community there.

          One aspect that many overlook is that in last election, all states won by BN can be termed as UMNO Governments. Meaning, even without Chinese support too, UMNO can prevail. That alone should free UMNO from irritating habit of donating to chinese schools every time election in the corner.

          But UMNO has to get its footing right. The first step is to cut life line to MCA, Gerakan. All of us know that had not for UMNO, these 2 parties will be history. In crude language, I hope UMNO stop carrying “biawak hidup”.

          The second is to start being firm. haul Guan Eng to court on the mansion that he bought.

  4. I marched with Chinese,with some Malays and some Indians for Bersih 4.0 in NYC.I don’t see DAP or UMNO or PAS in the midst..
    We ate nasi lemak together.We share the same stories of cronyism.
    we came out in unity not in a condescending way.
    In NYC we Malaysian are not trying to kill on another(hard to believe)… in Malaysia you all are fucking up each other..

    1. How to trust you? In one sentence you said, “In NYC we Malaysian are not trying to kill on another…” – which is good, responsible, though could-be-better-worded statement.

      But in the same sentence you said, “in Malaysia you all are fucking up each other..” – Which is rude, vulgar and negate all the goodness you said or did.

      Using those words, you in NYC wanna kill us in Malaysia? Wat ta googladegook ….

  5. It’s no secret that the Chinese hate UMNO ,DAP just facilitate the feeling further by exposing verbally and physically ( bersih) movement.
    This proven further by the famous Chinese tsunami in PRU 13 and the the Chinese turned arrogant after that .

    What do we expect if the Chinese&Indian remained as Chinese&Indian, because they go to their vernacular education and the Malay go to Sekolah Kebangsaan .
    How could they be liking of each other if they are stranger of each other .

    1. Existence of political parties representing race and religion separate Malaysians.
      When we came together without that baggage…the weight on our feet , well we have happy feet.
      Kindness are human qualities.Race and religion politics corrupt.
      In Malaysia, supported by comments in this blog, non race and religion figures are not welcome in a race and religious dominated communities.
      Politics is about race and religion.
      Helen continues to highlights and educates me on that.I hope she found a way out.
      That day in NYC we hides our divided race and religion.

      1. Let’s set this issue straight once and for all because it seems to be subtext of all discussions that never gets addressed.-The supposed solidarity or equality that you felt may be so in NYC, but here in Malaysia, we follow the Malaysian constitution. In America, the constitution promises equality for all bla bla and whatever else………..doesn’t matter because it has nothing to do with OUR country.

        Here in Malaysia, from DAY ONE, it has been enshrined that there is primacy of race and religion. As such that is how our politics is structured. While it may be different from what is perceived as ‘fair’ or ‘equitable’ by Western standards, these are our values. It is a founding principle of this country. Bumiputeras have special privileges and Islam is the religion of the state.

        The moment you start attacking this idea or concept (directly or indirectly), you are going ‘against’ the country. This is why we find it biadab when Christians want to take the name of OUR god, or Hindus question shariah law or when you attack a national institution or when you question a Malay PM.

        If you want to stay in the Country, then please abide by its rules. If however you find the concept of primacy to be offensive, then dont stay. As a Malaysian citizen, you are bound by the principles of the constitution and going against them is in a sense, treason.

        Malaysia will always be ‘racist'( by Western definition) but this concept of primacy is what our founding fathers set up and there is certainly no need to be apologetic or shameful about it.
        It is at the core of our nation and shall (hopefully) remain so.

        Therefore Meor, while your prancing about NYC with fellow so called ‘Malaysians’ in your Utopian fantasy may seem good for the soul – this is exactly the ‘delusion’ that Helen has been referring to. This idea of love all, equality and fairness is a dirty concept brought by the pendatangs who have now grown a little too big for their boots. The Chinese and the Christians may be at the tip of this spear but the rest are silently egging them on as well. Lest we want anarchy, they must be stopped.

        1. Wanna add to what Mohd Salim says so that Meor wherever gets the proper perspective – unless of course he is a DAP Cina Bukit masquerader.

          He was among just a handful of Malaysians in New York and, when living overseas, camaraderie tends to be strong, not feeling the sentiments of millions of Malaysians and the reality on the ground in Malaysia.

          Very correct that we must follow the Constitution of Malaysia, not of any other country, never mind the kinds of freedom they have, including same sex marriage that, even so, many states in US still resent.

          Those who missed learning history in school and elsewhere do not know the circumstances of the negotiation and the drafting of the Constitution, the sensitive Articles that represent Ketuanan Melayu, Islam as “the religion of the Federation” and all. Those having got citizenship right agreed to by the Malays at Merdeka but not respecting them are not welcome in Malaysia as they go against the rights and interests of the majority of the population as spelt out in the Constitution.

          No need to hide race and religion. Discuss the differences based on the Constitution, respect the laws and things would be ok.

          1. wow, tun kerjasama dgn lks n our akim pula no problem sama tune dgn ini ms, u tun n protun memang suka orang dap eh?

  6. When it comes from a fugitive who once made a SD that Najib’s wife was at the scene where Altantuya was C4ed, you must ‘digest’ it with a bowl of salt.

    And Najib too was at fault. Why waste billions of Rakyat’s money on Razak Baginda who was not even a Naval or government official?

    The fact is; Najib sendiri yang sedang menghancurkan UMNO. Dia membazirkan WANG Rakyat untuk ‘ambil-hati pengundi Cina:-
    – PSY dibayar RM2 juta untuk menghiburkan sambutan CNY 2013 di Pulau Pinang.
    – di bina ‘Rumah Sejuk’ RM 20juta++ untuk penjagaan Panda China.
    – selepas gertakan Geng baju-merah, baru-baru ini Jamal Ikan-bakar ambil seorang budak Cina sebagai anak-angkat. (siap bergambar cium budak itu). Mungkin dia ingat orang Cina akan gembira lihat dia cium anak Cina.
    Nota: Saya harap, jangan nanti di ‘Islam’kan pulak budak itu. Takut jadi isu politik dan Agama yang akan lebih membebankan UMNO. Jadi macam Natrah, lagi kecoh. Boleh cetus rusuhan kaum pulak.

    Adalah jelas, dari hari ke sehari, Najib lebih banyak rhetoric dari biasa demi kelangsungan rejim pemerintahan beliau. Pada masa yang sama, beliau akan membazir lebih banyak WANG Rakyat untuk menutup ‘tembelang’ beliau. Baru-baru ini, bazirkan lagi RM640,000 WANG Rakyat untuk menerbitkan buku penerangan mengenai 1MDB dan Baju-Merah.

  7. Whatever RPK is in terms of loyalty to any cause, irrespective of his fugitive status and whether the half Malay has genuine feelings or correct perception as a Malay or not, there may be something to his statement, “If Umno wants to remain in power it has to be based on Malay support and votes.”

    Najib appears to have been confused. Trying as hard as he has done to please the Chinese, bending backwards until he irritated the Malays, he got the Chinese tsunami at PRU13. He had not recovered from the worst election results any PM has ever had. Then the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion scandal exploded. It’s sheer stupidity to suggest that the scandal had not consumed hell of a lot of his time, energy and concentration.

    Nearly 3 years have passed since PRU13 where he even lost the popular vote. He can’t even get PAS to work together with UMNO. Wherefore art thou, Ah Jib Gor? That endearing name the Chinese called him by at PRU13 translated to a Chinese tsunami. The Cash Is King concept he believed in and appeared to have applied at PRU13 also did not work. What else is he to do now about 2 years to PRU14, pray tell.

    The Japanese strong sense of responsibility leads them to harakiri after a huge shameful loss. But after losing the popular vote at PRU13, Najib didn’t and won’t, among the mitigating factors is his Islamic religion not allowing him to do so. The tradition among ancient Romans of a certain time was when losing a war, the War General (Helen’s favourite expression) “dropping on his sword” – the sword standing up, he dropping dead. Najib didn’t and won’t. But under the circumstances described above, the only honourable thing for him to do now is “berundur”. Or negotiate for an exit package and let UMNO replace him. Who by is not as important as done ASAP.

    1. re: “Who by is not as important as done ASAP.”

      If you want Najib replaced, you have to name your candidate to take his place so that we can be sure that you’re offering a better deal than we already have.

        1. I almost broke into a laughter reading your candid response. Zahid would be an excellent choice for the supremacists among us but I doubt others would agree.

          We are now at the final stage of RAHMAN. Assuming the RAHMAN cycle can be reiterated, it is possible for a certain Tengku R to become PM in the future.

          If I want to be more of a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist than I already am, I suggest that we are already in the second iteration of RAHMAN. A certain famous TKC old girl Kak R can be said to be the R of this second cycle.

          What follows is A and we could well have an Ahmad, an Azmin or even an Abdul. So yes, your vote fits the RAHMAN theory so far.

          Anwar is A too although I shudder to think the machinery will allow him to be PM. After A, I like to think H stands for Hairy, if you’ll pardon the artistic licence.

      1. Helen, are you saying those around Najib cannot be trusted to run the country? If not, pick any one.

        But I’d say go by seniority in UMNO rankings. .

    2. The failure of the Chinese to respond to the overtures of Najib does not detract in any way on his effort. It is obvious that it reflects instead on the fact that the Chinese, at present, cannot sense good intentions and have an inability or unwillingness to express gratitude. It is also not futile if he tries harder by bending over backwards continually. We should applaud him for it. Even Helen (I surmise) believes in trying hard to insert some sense into the mind of the Chinese hoping to change their hearts. If not, why would she so conscientiously take on the arduous task of put up facts portraying the reality and trying to wake them up from their delusions. May be one day they will.
      Agi idup agi ngelaban!

      1. “The failure of the Chinese to respond to the overtures of Najib does not detract in any way on his effort. It is obvious that it reflects instead on the fact that the Chinese, at present, cannot sense good intentions and have an inability or unwillingness to express gratitude. It is also not futile if he tries harder by bending over backwards continually. We should applaud him for it. ”

        Neither Najib nor Jho Low bent backwards for the welfare of the Chinese nor the Malays, when they set out on their pseudo-sovereign wealth fund venture together.

  8. I think the current DPM is a good choice. His patriotism to the race is beyond question. His Islamic credentials are very strong and most of all he has shown that he will take on troublemakers like Mkini, The Edge et al.

    1. It is of the adab of the high path of Islam to be honest when one speaks. The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said, “Honesty certainly leads to goodness, and goodness leads to paradise. Truly, a man keeps speaking the truth until he is inscribed as being true through and through. And lying leads to going wrong, and going wrong leads to hell. Truly, a man lies and lies until he is inscribed as being a liar through and through” (Muslim, 4.2012–13: 2607. S).

  9. Sesuatu yang lucu Helen,Blogger yang anda maksudkan setelah menyedari kesilapan maut yang dia lakukan tanpa sedar telah pun melaksanakan operasi cover line.Dijemput Helen untuk membacanya di sana.hehe

    1. Beberapa kali dah dia terpaksa cepat-cepat menimbus lubang.

      Itulah orang yang asyik membuat pembohongan baru demi untuk menutup penipuannya yang lepas … sampai diri sendiri tidak berupaya untuk keep track rentetan kelentong yang diciptanya bertali arus.

      Tidak sama sekali menghairankan yang si Protun seorang ini sebulu dengan Dapster dan memakan dedak DAP.

  10. …DAP using Malay haters to attack UMNO..

    Mana lagi nak kutip sampah, terlalu mendesak since PAS left kena la cari dari kalangan UMNO. Dulu depa guna Chinese to create the Chinese tsunami, tiap lapisan came out full force Apek2 warga tua serta anak2 muda such as;

    1. Monsterball? Hehehe.. Just go reread his daily non-stop rantings on TDM. Ma sha Allah the language used on TDM and the Malays! (Anak didik dia ada dalam blog you sikalang Helen). Mungkin now six feet under tapi takpa, his place now taken over by a Malay….taraaaa…(drumroll)….guess who? Lai lai

    Generasi muda;

    2. Namewee and Alvivi. (Ma sha Allah jangan la satni ada yg terlajak teladani Akow ni ya). Sunyi depa skarang pasai now taken over by Melayu ……taraaaa….(drumroll)…guess who? Lai lai..

  11. Annie is a fraud and an imposter – it is clearly shown that the choice of songs that he put on the blog eg. Reflections of My Life and the Moody Brothers. Nobody below the age of 50 and no femalewould ever choose such songs. And that bit about convoy motorbikes riding is another thing that fits the profile.

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