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Menjawab kemusykilan para pemimpin PAS

SOALAN oleh Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi: “Ada siapa tahu rawatan tradisional atau rawatan alternatif untuk migrain?”

JAWAPAN: Syor kaedah rawatan Cina — lihat bawah

Trump tank tiananmen

SOALAN oleh Nik Abduh: “Ada jugak tajuk berita macam ni?? Ingat TMI je lagu ni..

JAWAPAN: TMI syaitan besar, FMT syaitan pelatih.

SOALAN oleh Husam Musa: “Bila orang suruh Pak Lah berhenti, ada kita dengar Hadi kata ‘haram’?” (video sini)

JAWAPAN: Kemelut Pak Lah merupakan “hal rumahtangga Umno” manakala isu suruh Najib berhenti menjurus kepada tindakan Arab Spring.

Maka PAS tetap mahu guna saluran pilihanraya. Kata Hadi Awang, “Perubahan mestilah melalui proses demokrasi”. (video sini)

Hadi Awang Masjid Bangsar

ATAS: Tuan Guru Hadi Awang menyampaikan kuliah maghrib perdana di Masjid Saidina Abu Bakar As-siddiq di Bangsar baru-baru ini (15 Mac).

Mahfuz Omar Easter Sunday

SOALAN oleh Mahfuz Omar: “Ada orang tanya saya kenapa saya menyokong gerakan ‘Selamatkan Malaysia’ yang menuntut pengunduran Datuk Seri Najib daripada Perdana Menteri? Bukankah – kata mereka – tunggu pilihanraya lebih baik?” (video sini)

JAWAPAN: Mahfuz menyokong gerakan turunkan Najib sebab beliau yakin terhadap kaedah rawatan Cina.

Mahfuz tank DAP

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17 thoughts on “Menjawab kemusykilan para pemimpin PAS

  1. For me, FMT is way way way more fairer than MK or MI. In fact, I do respect FMT because I find that they are more transparent, less spinning and publish writings from both sides. But of course, FMT is infested with RBA. But that doesn’t stop them from publishing opposing views.

    How many times FMT publish our dear Calvin writings, despite criticizing the tokong kaw kaw. It is something that MI or MK will never do.

      1. Yes, I agree FMT is far more open for views from both sides. They print my letters.

        HY: MK did print one or two of my letters in the past but I sense it is more of an exception rather than the rule. But MI never published my letters. They don’t even allow me to post my comments in their website. Another publication that cans my letters is the Malay Mail.

        So to test their political leanings, I carried out a test. First I sent my letters to MI and MK and as usual they didn’t publish it. Then I tried sending another one using a different one using different name and this time praising LGE and DAP. Guess what ? MI and MK published it.

  2. re,

    This is the best thing’s we imported from China (DAP).

    We don’t import them ,we let them in and the worst of all, we let them set their own term,s and condition to be hear .

    Should we blamed them or we to be blame ,as no other country in the world do as Malaysia (Malaya) did ,that unique and the only one in the world.

    We have to dance along with their songs and the tempo does not change .

    1. Pls get your history facts correct. We didn’t “let them in” – the bloody British colonialists and imperialists brought what they called the “coolies” in. In the Peninsular as well as in Sabah and Sarawak.

      In US, hordes of them were also brought there for construction of the Trans-America Railway but the Americans shipped them back to China by the shiploads on project completion. On top of that they passed the Chinese Exclusion Act banning them from overstaying or residing permanently when their DAP-like behaviour became prevalent.

      And we didn’t “let them set their own term,s and condition to be hear”. Tengku A Rahman, UMNO and those anxious to rule this country themselves fast agreed to the terms set by the bloody British. And now we suffer endlessly by the DAP bastards and their like-minded having got citizenship right, not respecting the quid pro quo – the Special Position of the Malays (extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak upon the formation of Malaysia), and other Articles of the Constitution like Islam being “the religion of the Federation”.

      And we don’t “have to dance along with their songs”. Kamon, Makcik, get your perspective correct. Have some maruah, jatidiri, respect yourself. Where we are on the same line with them, like asking Najib to undur or be replaced, we do it on jointly-agreed terms. They want the government to go, we want only Najib to go. If Najib does not go, the whole gomen may have to go at PRU14.

      1. ouch maruah. that statesooooldman ada kah? go support najib at least u can tell the world u got cash, mahathir apa ada, a mere lks n dap lackey.

        1. You, outrightly, are stupid. If the word fuck is allowed, no reason why stupid isn’t. And replied to, like done to the bastard coming in with that word to his name and glorifying us “fucking Malays” who fucked him and his kind, and now you, prim and proper.

          You nincompoops who do not like history wouldn’t even want to admit how much Tun Dr Mahathir has done during his 22 years rule to bring this country up from far down the developing stage to much higher grounds with industrialization, solving the effects of the Asian Financial Crisis without begging IMF and World Bank for loans that would have Malaysia dragged by the nose like a cow, like done to Najib. You have no clue what maruah and national integrity is, and have your maruah only in your assol periodically wanked by Anwar and gang.

          Najib discarded the ISA and other so-called draconian laws – those that usually please IMF and WB – in the name of foreign investment, free trade etc. Also to please DAP for whom he did so many things that exploded in his face at PRU13 – notably the Chinese tsunami. Where he got maruah? Yet you are sarcastic about Najib and the RM2.6 billion in his bank accounts.

          Wanting Najib resign or replaced, I don’t mind it at all you whacking Najib, but your nasty intention is bringing down the UMNO/BN government and for that I shit you.

      2. But Akim, are you are sure you are not one of them?
        YOU are Chinese decendants right? except that you are Muslim convert, or, muallaf, right? You are whacking your ancestors? Real biadap fellas like the Protuns.

  3. Akim ,

    I don’t know if you are history professor . do blamed Tengku for the excitement of self ruled or “Merdeka” ,but after merdeka nobody seem want to set the thing right .
    The political mess are more interested of generating votes rather then making it right and clear ,that we should set thing accordingly on our terms that Malaya (Malaysia) should have one language and one education system.

    Now everybody forming their mouth that, they (Chinese&Indian) want to remain as what they are (Chinese&Indian) ,but we failed to see that the failure is not with them ,of course if given a chance ,why should they ?.

    UMNO lead government has failed to Malaysianise them ,isn’t we to be blamed ?.

  4. JAWAPAN: Kemelut Pak Lah merupakan “hal rumahtangga Umno” manakala isu suruh Najib berhenti menjurus kepada tindakan Arab Spring.

    ROFLOLLC :) hahahahahh

    Pak Lah dengan Najib bukankah sama2 Presiden UMNO dan PM? Macam mana pulak Pak Dol dikatakan hal rumah tangga, dan Najib bugis menjadi Arab Spring.

      1. Tidak.

        Tapi apakah salah jika rakyat Malaysia berganding bahu untuk menurunkan PM sedia ada? Apakah PM ini hanya untuk UMNO atau seluruh rakyat Malaysia?

        Tun dah jawab persoalan Kak Helen 10 hari lebih awal.:)

          1. hehehe Kak Helen kalau itu boleh diterima sebagai jawapan, maka ia satu momokan pada bidang kewartawanan yang Kak Helen sendiri mempunyai pengalaman yang luas.

            Walau bagaimanapun, Cik Minah di bahagian komentar telah pun menjawab wzwh.

        1. Abdullah,

          Najib ada mandat untuk memerintah. Dan “rakyat” yg bagi mandat pada UMNO untuk tubuhkan kerajaan.

          1. Shamsul, dalam sistem demokrasi, PM boleh diturunkan. Jika Pak Lah tidak turun, masakan Najib menjadi PM.

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