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Can Nik Abduh land breakout role as Youth Minister?

Khairy should resign over the RM100 million scandal in his Ministry.

Or he must be released from his responsibility in the cabinet after due process is satisfied. It’s no great loss and there are certainly better candidates to fill the Youth portfolio.

After all, Umno Youth which Khairy leads has failed to deliver in GE12 and GE13. BN did not have much traction with youth voters despite KJ’s glamour and wow factor.

BELOW: KJ strutting the catwalk and making a fashion statement — with pink socks!

KJ pink

BN must pry loose Pakatan’s grip on the youth vote

His huge personal popularity may be of direct help in Rembau but other than in KJ’s own Parliament constituency, the Umno Youth Chief’s heartthrob status does not translate into young votes for the ruling party.

Going by polling centre saluran, the younger age cohorts were streaming to Pakatan. In the 2008 and 2013 GEs, the opposition clearly bested the BN when it came to getting the youth votes.

It is more trendy for Gen Y and Z to go against the establishment and hence most of the youth, including urban Malay youths, are pro-Pakatan.

If BN continues to bleed support from the youthful electorate, then the drag of demography (we’re a young country) will eventually cause the ruling party to lose Putrajaya rather sooner than later. By another two or three election cycles, max, BN’s defeat will be a sure thing unless the ruling coalition can arrest and reverse this slide.

BELOW: Khairy and his Bangladeshi doppelganger … spitting image, yah?

Khairy Jamaluddin Bangladeshi

KJ zumba

Frivolous Umno Youth movement currently adrift

Not even KJ’s vaunted sportiness and his reputed ‘good looks’ – shrug, you just can’t account for some people’s taste – are enough of an appeal to draw the youngsters to BN.

Aside from gathering the superficial crowds to do zumba zumba (pix right) or participate in Akademi Fantasia-like carnivals and gimmicks, BN is unable to secure the kind of commitment that Pakatan manages from the youth.

Pakatan youth are motivated to take part in rallies, protests and political events or to carry out idealistic social projects in the vein of John Kennedy’s Peace Corps.

BN Youth is uninspired and has no vision for the future.

Sidenote: KJ is fast losing his ‘handsome’ tag due to premature greying — observe his haggard face and janggut beruban

khairy uban zambry

Young voters too are attracted by ideology

BN is not winning the heart and mind of the Malaysian young, and this is due to the ruling party not selling an attractive ideology.

The young are rebels who mistakenly believe they have a noble cause and these are the sort of individuals whom the Pakatan is gaining.

BELOW: Najib heckler Adrian Lim

Adrian Lim Chee En

Age not prime factor for leader’s popularity

It’s a fallacy that youngsters will only gravitate to leaders (politicians) who are close to them in age.

Look at the elderly Bernie Sanders and Adenan Satem, both of whom are a massive hit with the young.

Although Sanders – the Democrat’s presidential hopeful – is 74 years old, he nonetheless struck a chord with young Americans who like his anti-establishment (i.e. socialist) message.

Adenan is credited with bringing a breath of fresh air to our stale racial politics. The Sarawak chief minister is 72 and not in robust health. Yet he enjoys a wildly high popularity rating and even beating the leng chai Chong Chieng Jen (Sarawak DAP chief) who is half his age.

The difference between Adenan’s popularity and Khairy’s popularity is that the former’s provides him a mandate to effect structural changes to government policy (in his case, specifically Sarawak-federal relations and power play) whereas the latter’s is more of the Malaysian Idol (sms your vote) variety.

BELOW: Young Chinese volunteers under the tutelage of Serdang evangelista MP Ong Kian Ming participating in DAP’s Impian Sarawak programme in the jungle interior

Ong Kian Ming Sarawak

Young Islamists have greater gravitas than Pemuda Umno

I’m more impressed with Isma Youth than I am with BN Youth.

The Isma young activists are go-getters who possess a strong ideological core which the BN youths – regardless of component party – are sadly lacking.

KJ, if you must know, is actually a Firster and prefers to hire Dapsters to work in his office (see his admission below). So even though KJ has an ideology, his liberal philosophy is unfortunately more aligned with the opposition.

Apart from Najib who speaks impeccable English, KJ is perhaps the next public figure in Malaysian politics with the plummiest English accent. The real KJ is a suave cosmopolitan.

His keris-waving persona is merely put on to boost his Malay nationalist credentials — which he is direly short on due to his overseas upbringing and long period of studies abroad.

BELOW: Isma youths pose for a group photo in tudung and blazers; KJ’s info chief (Umno Youth social media bureau chairman) Ibdilillah Ishak aka Cocodilly and his buddies in drainpipe trousers and tight suits on high street

Pemuda-pemudi Isma


Nik Abduh miles ahead of Khairy in political heft

It is the Islamists who are better poised to influence the Malay young compared with Pemuda Umno which, to be frank, has lost its mojo.

Between PAS Youth chief Nik Abduh Nik Aziz and KJ, it is the Tok Guru’s son who not only oozes charisma (like his father) but also has the potential to be a political heavyweight, his slight build notwithstanding.

Essentially, Nik Abduh commands more respect than Khairy — see survey result below.

Tinjauan pendapat: Ketua Pemuda kerajaan perpaduan

Poll taken the first week of January this year (see source here).

Rebranding urgently required for tired product

Umno has to man up to the unpleasant reality that the party’s reputation is now tarnished.

Furthermore, the Umno Youth leaders are seen as self-centred and self-referential third generation NEP brats who joined politics in pursuit of projects and fast track success, e.g. “becoming PM before 40”.

Like it or not, Umno has to look to association – and hoping some of the sobriety will rub off – with the Islamists to repair its bruised image and restore public confidence in the ruling party.

Unmo has to clean up its act in order to hope to remain in power.

At the moment, Umno Youth is just about as useful as MCA and Gerakan in pulling its electoral weight. Unlike the Wanita backbone wing, the Pemuda Umno flibbertigibbets cannot be relied upon to reel in solid votes.

If Umno parti induk (mothership) is sincere in its bid for perpaduan ummah, then it has to be prepared to cut PAS some slices of the pie. The Youth Ministry can be one of the first carrots.

The Minister of Youth and Sports who is tainted with “KJ rasuah! KJ rasuah!” (money politics in 2009 party election) has become a liability.

BELOW: A widely circulated photo of someone very closely resembling Deputy Umno Youth chief Khairul Azwan

azwan bro


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29 thoughts on “Can Nik Abduh land breakout role as Youth Minister?

  1. I agree with you fully, Helen. That “Khairy should resign over the RM100 million scandal in his Ministry. Or .. be released from his responsibility in the cabinet .. ”

    Who says Protun and Projib are never on the same wavelength?

    The bloke was found guilty of money politics by the UMNO Disciplinary Committee. Do doubt now the entire UMNO discipline may be questionable over the RM2.6 billion receipt of which was not officially notified to the party, entered in the financial statement, submitted to the Registrar of Societies. Still, the Head of the “Third Floor Boys” of paw-in-law Tun Dol’s PMO had created havoc on many fronts during Najib’s DPMship.

    Najib was aware of those, did not give the bloke any post after becoming UMNO Youth Head, despite si Mongkol Arif Sabri going dry in the throat for years speaking up for the bugger (eventually he got rewarded not by Khairy but by DAP – the Raub Parliamentary seat), making Khairy somewhat ungrateful ingrate, innit.

    But when Najib’s position went rather shaky, he gave Khairy a post and the double ees (e.g Azees LTH) went overdrive promoting Najib and all The President’s Men in party elections. Nevertheless, maybe he’d consider letting Khairy go in pursuit of a working relationship with PAS – if not too late for him to do so.

    Imagine, UMNO Youth was the great mover of the UMNO spirit since the days of Dato Harun Idris and his nation-wide silat groups. Khairy was not publicised even once going round the country on motorbikes with Mat Rempits etc to get the young to register as voters. Wonder how much they did in getting voters to vote UMNO/BN at PRU13.

    1. no one say protun n projib r never on the same wavelength, at least both wanna use dap as scapegoat, i can only say protun have much much thick skin.

  2. Tak baik cakap macam ni Helen. Kamu tak kenal KJ ke ? KJ tampan, kaya, bini pun cantik. Dia miliki segalanya. Nik tu, apa dia ada ? Tak baik perlekeh KJ macam ni. Dia PM masa depan Malaysia.

    1. True,

      He is PM masa depan Malaysia…..a very very very distant masa depan.

      For now, currently, KJ is NOT it…he may be a good front cover page for some fashion magazine and perhaps some mosquito teen pop publication.

  3. re,UMNO has to maned up the unpleasant reality that the party reputation is now tarnished .

    UMNO has to cleaned up his act in hope to remain in power .

    UMNO reputation has stinks down to the bahgian , relinquish Khairy alone , won’t do much good and it wont help the party to get back people confidence of the party .

    Kepimpinan telah meneladani reputasi dan perbuatan dibawah so UMNO is stink from up to down and if it’s were to be corrected it must begin from the top to down .

    It’s take a true love for UMNO and it take a man to do that ,there no other ways around .

    1. Realpolitik

      GE14 will be Umno vs DAP.

      The opposition supporters wanted Najib to step down and Muhyiddin to be acting PM until the investigations into 1MDB and the donation have been completed. They said this was the right thing to do.

      Similarly Lim Guan Eng should step down and Chow Kon Yeow to be acting Penang Chief Minister until the MACC investigations into his bungalow and the land deals with the property developers have been completed.

      According to the opposition themselves, this in principle is the right thing to do and so they should do it.

      If Guan Eng refuses to comply, then he’s no better than Najib.

      DAP is no better than Umno. Their reputations are 2 X 5.

      So let’s play on a level playing field, shall we? The Chinese are not all out to kill LGE on suspicious conduct alone. Why are you Malay Protuns all out to kill Najib?

      1. “Why are you Malay Protuns all out to kill Najib?”

        Because UMNO and the Malays will be killed at PRU14 if Najib is not.

        DAP is not strong and Tokong Lim is nothing compared to UMNO and Najib. Ordinarily, DAP and Tokong cannot be compared with UMNO and Najib. DAP can get votes from only those eligible among the 20% of the Chinese population (allow 3-5% for MCA and Gerakan), and maybe 3% of the 6% Indians in the country. But UMNO should ordinarily be able to get votes from those eligible among 40-50% of the population, leaving PAS/PKR 10-20% of the total nearly 60% Malays and Muslims.

        But Najib has made UMNO small – divided into four, said Khalid Ibrahim, all because of Najib’s poor handling of the situation all these years. And he has fcuked the situation some more – bad, very bad, by the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion scandal.

        DAP and Tokong Lim can come up only because UMNO and Najib were and are weak. The worst election results, mem, the Chinese ran away with the tsunami. Whatever the causes, he was and is the BN Chief. He has to take responsibility, whether he tried to whack MCA and Gerakan to do their job and whether they did their job or not.

        And don’t be upset when I sign off this comment by repeating that if Najib is not killed (to use your word), UMNO/BN run a mammoth risk of being ruined at PRU14.

      2. bec the pm set the std, n a worst one, that’s y lge oso being measured on the same std. some chinese, like me, did want lge step down, similarly some malay that wan najib out. nothing to do with politics, just a matter of right, n wrong.

        btw, I think tis nik abduh is an idiot.

      3. Helen,

        Khairi may have the good look, cool, and speak good English.

        But that alone does not bring votes. Not ,many join UMNO due to Khairi’s being in UMNO youth. The reason being the above factors are not really the criterias needed in Malay politics.

        Why on earth Adnan Satem, Sarawak CM and Mohd Hassan , MB of NS enjoy popularity that translate to votes? Actually it is quite straight forward. People see these 2 politicians as genuine and speaking from the heart.

        Khairi is just plain lucky. He joined UMNO and managed to be in the list Who;s who in UMNO simply due to being son in law of Tun Abdullah. And despite claiming he cherishes those who can deliver(meaning no special place for Malays), he contested in Rembau, not Lembah Pantai or Seputeh. I do not think khairi wants to contest in mixed area or worse still in non Malay majority area like PJ or Seputeh. Malays are important to deliver votes but not good enough to be his political secretary.

        UMNO bleeds as it takes thing easy. It refuses to be firm when Selangor and Penang joined “blackout” that manifest their refusal to recognise election result.

        It refused to punish Anwar for lying on phantom Bangla voters. It refused to charge the Astro boy who slandered that UMNO won due to blackout. It simply refuses to act when billboard appearing in Selangor claiming Anwar as political prisoner.

        UMNO simply refuses to remind Malaysians again and again on assets of Selangor transferred to a company with dubious existence.

        UMNO let problems becoming bigger and bigger. It refuses to act against a mad man who claim to be Sultan of Melaka, thus letting royal institutions being mocked.

        and now many fishermen are claiming Indonesian navy are entering Malaysian water and detained Malaysian boats and towed to Indonesia and then accused of trespassing Indonesia.

        1. En Shamsul

          In other words, UMNO hanya ada nama la ni. There are only a few good men left ( satu tangan je kut) in the current cabinet.

          UMNO nie byk species dinosaur… …. refusal to adapt…sekarang nie dah terlambat…dah terhantuk baru nak terhegeh2

          Sebenarnya kita orang melayu ( or malaysians)…lebih kurang kena screwed jugakla…

          terpaksa hang on to dinosaurs sebab takde parti lain yg telus dan bertanggungjawab…

          dari zaman madey sampai lah ke ahjibgor…

          which leaves me in a dilema mcm nanti nak vote next election ni

          (btw i didnt vote for BN the last election pasai the opposition candidate did a very good job in my area…but lately dia dah slack….)

          1. Orang Perlis

            Not all are bad in UMNO. But as UMNO is the only party that is holding DAP at bay, it will be “crucified” day in day out.

            The good and excellent UMNO guys unfortunately are not that popular. MP of Kota Tinggi, Ehsanudin, The ADUN of Sungai Panjang (selangor), Dr Zambri are examples of good leaders. There are many more.

            I believe when you mention “madey”, you intent to ridicule him. Or even when you do not ridicule him, you will make non malays less respecting the Malays. i never see Chinese mocking the Chinese politicians by ridiculing the names.

            As for the dilemma on which party to vote, I leave it to you. Just remember if you choose to vote for DAP or its allies, you must be willing to live literally speaking, under yahudi rule.

            I am not glorifying UMNO. It has its mistakes. But it too does deliver. I hope you(and me and other malays) do not make the mistakes the Arabs did 100 years ago. Throwing out Ottoman empire only to be substituted with CRUELTY of YAHUDI.

            But if you are willing to experience how Yahudi rules, gives it a try.

      4. Helen,

        My comment replying to your question “Why are you Malay Protuns all out to kill Najib?” submitted around 7 pm, has not come out. Wonder why.

      5. re: If Guan Eng refuses to comply, then he’s no better than Najib.

        Don’t think you can compare and put both Najib and LGE in the same league. Najib appoints the chief of MACC, PDRM and BNM. Najib even sacked the former AG, Ghani. Can LGE exerts the same influence? Not fair to apply the same standard for both Najib and LGE.

        1. LGE holds the ‘Land’ portfolio in the state exco, and land is a state (not federal) matter.

          His case has got nothing to do with Bank Negara and Police that I can think of, so it’s irrelevant that he has no control over these two bodies.

          He is being investigated by MACC which I agree is a federal agency. However, a Ketua Menteri is all powerful in his state and chief minister Lim is a control freak, not to mention having his own private Purple Shirts thug movement.

          He has the power to intimidate individuals in Penang. Currently Dr Lim Mah Hui is complaining that his fellow Penang councillors are ganging up against him even though he is on the side of right and it is Guan Eng who is harassing and bullying Dr LMH.

          1. What is the test/benchmark to determine if a public official has go on leave pending the outcome of investigation? I would suggest whether the said public official has the ability to influence the impartiality of investigative bodies.

            For Najib as PM, it is very clear that the chief of investigative bodies are appointed by him. Najib definitely can influence the outcome of investigation.

            For LGE, he does not appoint such chiefs. Such bodies do not report to him as well. Unless LGE can destroy evidences in relation to his bungalow purchase and the Taman Manggis Land. However, the info and documents of these 2 matters were already leaked in public.

      6. re, The Chinese are not all out to killed LGE an suspicious conduct alone .

        Let it be then , LGE is just a CM of Penang ,but Najib is a PM of Malaysia and President of UMNO where Malays normally don’t tolerate such character to be a leader .

        You could argue that Najib has the support of all the bahgian but don’t forget ,the mass Malay are larger in number .

        1. tebing tinggi
          ….the mass Malay are larger in number …

          Betoi tu. Large % of kaum Bumiputras tulin.

          Sejak zaman tok kadok lagi dah tengok perangai2 Belanda, Portugis, Siam, British, Jepun, Cina, India dan macam2 jenis bangsa yang mai menempek kat bumi ini.. Matlamat depa ni semua sama aje…

          DAP, Pakatan Rakyat, Hindraf, Tsunami Cina dan Bersih, deklarasi tu semua kami dah mual.. Same drama, same plot, same faces (tukaq baru sikit nak kasi pengikut syiok aje), same taktik, isshh terhegeh2 lagi tak jadi billionaires!

  4. Susah payah Jamal Ikan Bakar mengipas, berilah peluang pada dia. Keri menantu PakLah tidak menyerlah dalam membela Ahjibngor.

  5. Muhyiddin bertahun2 berjuang bersama Najib, satu bangsa satu Agama… pun boleh pi dok soksek pokpek cerita apa depa dok buat dalam kelambu selama itu.

    Cik Helen bayangkan saja apa akan terjadi kat Khairi satu hari nanti? Perempuan yang tu masih assitant dia ke?

    Segheyau kalau Muhyiddin dlantik as PM of Malaysia. Dia pernah jadi Menteri Luaq Negara, Menteri Pertahanan atau Menteri Dalam Negeri ke? I dont follow this man, so taktau sangat hal dia. Tapi perangai dia baru2 ni amat mengejutkan.

    As PM, YDP Agong will be his immediate superior. Satni buat perangai sama pi soksek pokpek cerita pasai boss, payah tau!

  6. “”Saya tidak kisah jika pekerja saya penyokong Pakatan Rakyat – Khairy””

    mcm cerita satu big company A, one of the key employee is loyal towards the competitor company B. even though company A pays him big bucks, he just don’t appreciate it or cudn’t careless. to make the situation even better the company A’s CEO gives his consent for this employee to continue working with big buck salary while paying the loyalty to the competitor of his own company.

    bagus..bagus…..kita minum dulu

    kalau nak bertolak ansur atau nak tunjuk baik pun jgnlah sampai bagi peluang kat musuh duduk dlm kawanan kita. nanti abis smua strategi2 dan rahsia2. senang diorang nak jatuhkan kita. nama pun musuh… hai apa nak jadi

    1. Truth,

      Bukan soal tolak ansur. ini soal “insuran”. kalau ditakdirkan UMNO tumbang(minta dijauhkan), boleh la pindah sebelah sana.

      malangnya dia tak sedar sebelah sana anggap dia sampah saja

  7. the truth is KJ hates umno’s race and religion politics, but he can’t go openly against that crowd, unless he wiling to loose position in umno like Saifuddin Abdullah or Zaid Ibrahim….in another word, he’s an opportunist……but a better one than most in umno….

  8. KBS is in a real dire state. Can’t afford to give prize money. Well, that will teach the kids to value hard work and discipline and understand that winning is its own reward. You go, KJ!

    1. KJ’s Veginatable is overpaid, that’s why. If The Anakin is already expecting RM20k, the self-described hot chick likely wants more.

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