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The opposition initiating a spate of street demos

They will be having their ‘by invitation only’ Easter Sunday parade this weekend headlined by de facto Opposition Leader Tun Dr Mahathir.

Good Friday marks the death of Jesus. Easter is the third day following Christ’s death and marks his resurrection. What the opposition want to start is an insurrection.

  • resurrection, meaning “rising from the dead”
  • insurrection, meaning “uprising against the government”

On the Monday (March 28) following Easter, the DAP is asking the public to “Jom turun” #SelamatkanMalaysia.

And then shortly after that – on Apr 2 (post-April Fool’s day) – they’re having the street protest against GST. As if. Should the DAP-led Pakatan take over Putrajaya tomorrow, do you think they will abolish GST?

This taking to the streets is deliberately sowing the seeds of an Arab Spring. It is malice on the part of the opposition to create civil unrest in the spirit of calculated cynicism.

After all, despite its pablum on “social justice”, the last thing that the DAP really believes in is idealism — see below the admission by a DAP-representative in the Penang city council who declares “Idealism has no place in politics“.

Newton’s Third Law of Motion

The DAP evangelistas are masters of the Politics of Hate who are coming closer and closer to an inevitable skirmish on the streets.

Remember that ‘For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’.

Who is to say that the Malays will not organize another Red Rally in response to the incessant provocation to destabilize the establishment through anarchy? Do the Dapsters expect China’s ambassador to intervene another time?

Race politics and religion politics both

A Malay Mail article yesterday was titled ‘In Hadi’s Muslims vs DAP call, Pakatan Harapan lawmakers see return to racial politics’.

Reporters from the paper had met up DAP national organizing secretary Anthony Loke at the Parliament lobby. The journos were apparently told by YB Anthony that “this whole thing just shows they [PAS] have vengeance against the DAP”.

The DAP Seremban MP was quoted by Malay Mail – see screenshot above – as saying Hadi’s statement was “vindictive and aimed at increasing tension between the Muslim community who are predominantly Malay against the predominantly Chinese opposition party”.

It is DAP that’s being vindictive against PAS

In Malaysia, the vast majority of Muslims are Malay but constitutionally speaking, all Malays are Muslim. DAP is a predominantly Chinese opposition party – as conceded by Anthony – but is also led, in its highest echelons, by evangelical Christians.

archbishop julian leow2So while Anthony has rightly taken note that racial tensions are rife, he must not omit mentioning that religious tensions are escalating too. And this new phenomenon is at the instigation of the evangelical DAP that has been actively inciting non-Muslims to hate the Islamic authorities.

RIGHT: The Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur took part in Bersih 4.0, an event of which the churches were actively in support

In the matter of religion, PAS and Umno are on the same page. PAS will not be siding with the DAP-led opposition on controversial challenges that undermine Islam.

And the Dapsters shouldn’t conveniently forget the fact that in the past, it was the PAS grassroots that made up the numbers in opposition rallies. Currently however, as in the Bersih 4.0 example, it is the Chinese and Christians who are the bulk of the agitators.

Now just imagine if the PAS ground also shifted and a portion of the kopiah crowd decide instead to do perpaduan ummah with the Himpunan Merah?


Image of Islam in Christian eyes


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  1. Apapun Cik Helen, cuaca panas sekarang bokbaik ya kalau nak adakan aktiviti jalanan. Satni ada yg kena serang HEAT STROKE, tak pasai2 KO KIOK… payah tau!

    Kalau I send our foodtrucks to the event jual cendol, pasti laku kan? Owh, Apek2 tak pandai minum cendol.. I bawa banyak mineral water wokay!

    1. On the cruel side, I say let it be.

      Maybe their last hurrah before being called “home”. Then one less rat to deal with. Or many rats less to deal with

      The rational ones stay home and have some cool drinks and follow their fortunes online..

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