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Minority migrant population halved in just two short decades

On 10 May 1994, Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa.

Over the span of roughly 22 years since then – covering the period from the tail end of apartheid to the present day – the white population in his country has shrunk by half.

South Africa population breakdown estimate according to ethnic groups:

  • mid-1993: black 70.6%, white 15.8%, colored 10.4%, Asian 3.1% (source)
  • mid-2015: black 80.5%, white 8.3%, colored 8.8%, Indian/Asian 2.5% (source)

In 1993, the year immediately preceding official handover to black rule under Mandela’s party, whites made up close to 16 percent of the population. Come last year, whites had decreased to only a little over eight percent of the population.

The same downward population trend is seen during the transition of government from white to black in other African countries.

Mugabe Balik England

Source of quote:

Mugabe tells omputih to “Balik England”

Rhodesia was a country named after Cecil John Rhodes, a white supremacist and son of an English reverend.

The British colony gained independence in 1980 and reverted to its native name Zimbabwe. Elections that year ended white minority rule and dictator Robert Mugabe has been leading the country ever since. He is set to become Zimbabwean president for life.

In late 1979, white Rhodesians numbered 240,000. Today the whites in Zimbabwe number a mere 30,000 (source:

Almost all the whites fled former Portuguese colonies of Mozambique and Angola when the blacks gained self-rule (source: Encyclopedia of the Developing World @ Google Books)

The process of decolonization saw an ‘Out of Africa’ exodus by whites either returning to their motherlands or emigrating to other white countries in the developed world.

BELOW: The Christians had conquered almost if not the entire African continent and a vast majority of the whites colonizers packed their bags when the natives took back their countries

Africa colonized

The Ostrich Syndrome

An article titled ‘Divide-and-rule no longer an option‘ is the leading story in the Aliran website today.

The writer Teo Chuen Tick makes a hilarious Freudian slip in his introductory paragraph – see screenshot below. Teo wrote, “I first read the book Bury My Head At Wounded Knee by Dee Brown in the 1970s”.

Hahaha. The book title is Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee lah, Mr Teo.

Divide-and-rule no longer an option

Bury My Heart

It’s heart, not head.

‘Bury My Head At Wounded Knee’ would look something like the cartoon below.

'Coalition of the willing.'


What Teo Chuen Tick (pix below) has penned in Aliran is so typically Cinapek yet he wants to appeal to readers to think as Malaysian First.

Chuen-Tick-TeoHe declares that “we have to be able to look into our fellow rakyat’s eyes and see our shared destiny”. I do not see in Teo’s article that he is able to appreciate a point of view vis-a-vis the national dialogue outside of his own narrow racial confines.

I also wonder if Teo will be able to participate in our national dialogue if the conversation were to be conducted in Malaysia’s national language.


Malaysia our motherland

Teo wrote, “Many non-bumiputras call Malaysia our motherland; it is our only home country. We were born here and we will be buried here.”

(Helen says: Only because some of you applied for permanent residence in Tasmania but were rejected.)

Pak Samad, Zaid, Zairil and Dyana — our heroes

Teo wrote, “There are bumiputras who have risen to positions of affluence and/or influence because of the Umnoputras’ NEP policy over the years. Yet, leaders like Pak Samad, Zaid, Zairil and Dyana are now speaking out against the continued discrimination of the non-bumiputras.”

(Helen says: All the Malay (and quasi Malay) names you cited, with the exception of Zaid, are DAP members. Do you have a clue what non-DAP Malays think?)

How about divisive schools “no longer an option” either?

Teo wrote, “The divide-and-rule policy of the British is no longer an option in our modern day Malaysia.”

(Helen says: You divided yourselves pre-Independence by opting for consociationalism and rejecting Dato’ Onn Jaafar’s visionary offer of multiracial politics, and you continue to do so until today by segregating yourselves in vernacular school and rejecting the national school.

The British have left 58-and-½ years already, why still keep blaming their legacy?)

BELOW: The Union Jack raised when Penang was Christened by Francis Light as Prince of Wales island


Aliran writer sees Chinese as the poor Red Indians

Teo wrote, “… we still read of discrimination against minority groups including the Native Americans. But, by and large, those are not institutional practices. This is the point I am trying to put forth – we can learn from the experiences of others. We do not have to wait over 200 years before our nation is willing to end institutionalised discriminatory practices against its own citizens.”

(Helen says: You state that the Native Americans are a discriminated minority in the USA. You also claim that Malaysia has “institutionalised discriminatory practices against its own citizens”.

Are you equating the Red Indians with the minority groups in Malaysia?

Are you sure that your racial equation is correct because unlike the Red Indians, Malaysian minorities are not the native to the land. So actually, the Chinese immigrants are more akin to the cowboys if you must draw a parallel.)

BELOW: Circling the wagon … Was it the white settlers who were under siege by the Red Indians or the natives who were besieged by the cowboys? Think about it!


Chinese businesses can be excused if they discriminate

Teo wrote, “A start has to be made. We cannot point a finger at the private sector and insist that must change first. Let’s not forget there is indeed legislation in place in listed companies, but we can see where that has led us, with the Ali Baba syndrome the main culprit. It is my firm belief that when the government takes the lead, we will see the private sector following the example in a genuine and sincere way.”

(Helen says: So you don’t think that it is the private sector that needs to make a genuine and sincere start by doing away with job vacancy ads that require the applicant to speak Mandarin?)

forked tongue

“Shared destiny?” How about schoolkids sharing one roof for starters?

Teo wrote, “We cannot avoid our diverse racial and cultural differences but we have to be able to look into our fellow rakyat’s eyes and see our shared destiny. This is our homeland; we have to make it work.”

(Helen says: Should it really surprise you to hear the natives tell whiny people of your ilk to ‘balik Tongsan’?)


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5 thoughts on “Minority migrant population halved in just two short decades

  1. South Africa – no mention of birth rates disparity blacks and whites?

    Yes, there must be those pendatang who absconded thinking there’d be no such things as the Reconciliation Council and Archbishop Desmond Tutu spreading words of peace under the benevolent, no-vengeance leadership of Mandela. And those terribly scared of the likes of Ugandan Idi Amin eating up human beings in his country. Or Mugabe ruining Zimbabwe big time economically etc.

    But the sketch of ostriches – presumably Projibs – talking about Dapster and Protun are naked. Gawwd, if only it’s FLOM and the Sedition-Act Flip Flop. They have been stripped naked over the 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion, the RM42 million and the RM2 million in their personal bank accounts. People even went into the pants of the step son who suddenly became rich buying properties in New York and Los Angeles.

    But the list of “Not Wanted” in this country is long. Practically all DAP blokes and bitches who don’t respect and abide by the Constitution of the country. And those who have their bags packed ready to cabut the moment they hear some rumbling miles away from their doorstep.

    Only that so long as they are still here, Tun, Protun and them may use one another to get Najib berundur or be replaced, yet UMNO/BN remaining intact. Otherwise UMNO/BN will perish at PRU14. See and hear more of what they say at to morrow’s 27 March assembly at the Convention Centre, Shah Alam.

  2. Just read this interesting article and wondering if the study is genuine, how many Bumiputras are among these 26 percent of the current ultra-high-net-worth-individuals (UHNWIs) considered moving out of the country? semua migrate, jolly sakan la nanti? Shopping in Paris yatching with Paris Hilton..habis duit senyap2 balik sini melalak tak renti2 lagi!

    Like the recent news on Bala balu and kids.. Entah ceghoq kampung India mana depa balik dok tunjuk hebat …habis duit mai melalak lagi kat Malaysia. Ingatkan dah koyak Malaysian passport…la aa depa mai balik juga?

    Haiyaaa ama apa,

    Sarawak, take care…
    Satni depa pakat pi sana to move your mountains into their pockets ya. Come view Selangoq..banyak bukit2 dah botak!

  3. Shame on you coz not only mad but hater as well. Do you have to read Malaysiasiakini, the manipulator?

    1. It is Hatter.

      There are other sources that reported what Nazir Razak said about 1MDB scandal.

      Najib kantoi tipu

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