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Guan Eng’s bungalow is cheap because …

So, Teresa Kok believes in bad feng shui. Her evangliesta colleague Hannah Yeoh as well still believes in many Chinese – and hence unChristian – superstitions.

bad feng shui

Hannah Yeoh may want to think and dream like a bangsa Anak Malaysia but she is still a Cina Bukit. As I have said before, the fact remains that Hannah was given the name of Yeoh Tseow Suan by her parents at birth.

We do feel sorry for her sometimes, because she seems to suffer from an identity crisis problem. No matter how much she tries, the reality is that one cannot change one’s ethnicity. Even her UBAH Born Again religion does not require her to do so.

The description above about Hannah Yeoh is a mirror of how her fellow evangelista Wong Chun Wai had recently (March 27) described Ridhuan Tee Abdullah:

Chun Wai wrote with regard to Ridhuan Tee — see screenshot below:

“Ridhuan may want to think and dream like a Malay but he is still a Chinese. As I have said before, the fact remains that Ridhuan was given the name of Tee Chuan Seng by his parents at birth.

“We do feel sorry for him sometimes, because he seems to suffer from an identity crisis problem. No matter how much he tries, the reality is that one cannot change one’s ethnicity. Even his religion does not require him to do so.” (Source: Chun Wai’s J-Star column on Sunday two days ago)

The Christian convert Wong said the Muslim convert Tee is trying to be “more Malay than Malay and more Muslim than Muslim”. Likewise, the DAP evangelistas are trying to be whiter than omputih and preachier than hereditary Christians.

BELOW: What Chun Wai wrote about Ridhuan


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37 thoughts on “Guan Eng’s bungalow is cheap because …

  1. Wong Chun Wai saying RTee is more Malay and more Muslim is quite strange. I get what he means when he says more Malay than a Malay, but more Muslim than a Muslim? What is that? I’ve been a Muslim my whole life and learning about Islam daily but I’ve never come across any ustaz who tells me how to be “more Muslim than a Muslim”. WCW, even if he was a Muslim, does not get to judge how Muslim a person is. Effing Islamaphobic bigot!

  2. Well, Christian Chinese celebrates Chinese New Year too. It’s a cultural stuff…..same goes for fengshui, it’s a cultural science related to living in harmony…..why do you decide that a person have to lose cultural identity because of the religion professed? And it looks like LGE didn’t give 2 hoots about fengshui when he purchased the place. Maybe he’ll take fengshui more seriously the next time…

    1. Do you have anything to say about the Firster double standards?

      Why do ‘you’ (not you specifically but the evangelistas such as WCW) decide that Ridhuan Tee has lost his Chinese cultural identity just because of the religion that he has converted to?

      Recall all the accusations flung at Saudara Baru Tee that he’s no longer Chinese. But when WCW and Hannah Yeoh convert to a religion not of their parents, the same allegations do not arise.

      1. In IT terms, conversion to Islam for a Chinese is like a cutover to a new operating platform.

        Conversion to Christianity is presented as using Chrome instead of Explorer. But the new browser actually sucks up a lot of RAM and causes the factory loaded programs to slow or work wrongly.

        But on the surface, everything looks the same.

        Hence, I would say conversion to Islam is so encompassing that family and friends find it confronting and a lot to deal with at one go. While conversion into Christianity is not so.

        No value judgement either way, it’s up to the individual to find which spiritual path that suits him or her.

        Although personally I feel it’s better to investigate and learn on one’s own heritage thoroughly first before deciding to change.

      2. ya, sometimes the Firsters can get out of line……but they usually keep their PR checked…which is important to a public figure.

        As for RT, i find him to be an opportunist. – using Islam as a tool to excel himself…..Mahathir has done this before. maybe the mass feels that RT should not look down on his ancestral background and people just because he converted. maybe the mass feels that RT should keep his religion to himself and his kind without condemning other. Have you heard HY or other christian converts condemn their family members or their kind publicly?

        1. re: “maybe the mass feels that RT should not look down on his ancestral background … and his kind without condemning other”

          I don’t think you’re a Chinese (just my guess, I may be wrong) and I hope you can appraise more objectively without feeing terasa.

          (1) Some of the worst insults against the Chinese race have come from the Dapsters themselves when they target RT, such as saying he’s got pig DNA, that he can’t get away from his sepet and his past pork contamination, that he’d sell his own grandmother and other stereotypical racial slurs.

          Needless to say, they just want to kenakan RT with the most stinging sneers possible but when they react to him, they lose all sense of propriety and just slag the entire Chinese race like a ton of bricks.

          (2) So RT is like a sure-fire bait to make the Dapsters go apeshit every time. The mass of the Chinese following the DAP are being “delusional” — to borrow a word from Singapore’s roving ambassador Bilahari Kausikan who’s not Chinese and whom I’m assuming not to be Muslim (unlike RT).

          The kind of hysterical delusion being fomented by DAP is dangerous for everybody.

          re: “Have you heard HY or other christian converts condemn their family members or their kind publicly?”

          HY is the politician I’ve heard most often sniding her opponents/critics and calling them “low class”.

          As for Christian converts condemning their own family members, plenty! Check out (pls Google) the Singapore experience. The City Harvest church scandal prompted a lot of public exposure and first-person testimonies.

    2. “why do you decide that a person have to lose cultural identity because of the religion professed?”

      Well the Vatican seems to differ

      “In the onslaught of other news, you may not have noticed the recent release of a report from the Pontifical Councils for Culture and Interreligious Dialogue.

      The 90-page booklet – a preliminary report, mind you – explains the Vatican’s position on the New Age movement and labels the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui as “occult.”

      And this article from Christian Post too.

      “Hong Kong’s Tony Chan Chun-chuen, a famed feng shui master, has renounced the Chinese system of geomancy as devilish, and became a Christian after reading the Bible. As he was baptized this week, he changed his name to Peter Chan.”

      So what kind of Christian is Miss Kok?


      1. Miss Kok is a typical Malaysian Christian, like most of Christians here are…..and being asian, cultural rituals are usually collaborated with religious rituals. It’s a norm and acceptable in the asian culture. As for the Vaticans, they were once like the Grand Muftis that Muslims have – controlling Roman Catholics with decrees. But, along time people has decided that they can decide what is right and wrong…..people just decided they don’t need to go back to religious guys whenever a query on religion comes about – you know, like our Muslims here who loves to pass the buck with saying – “kena rujuk ustaz untuk penerangan lanjut” or “pegi belajar lagi” or something along that line….which makes me wonder, since every ustaz has his own interpretation.

          1. it’s your call – if you feel you should just “pegi belajar lagi” and repeat the process over and over again, please fell free to do it….and keep it to your self… need to condemn those who don’t see it your way….

            1. ‘no need to condemn those who don’t see it your way….’

              Then, what is so wrong with Muslims saying “kena rujuk ustaz untuk penerangan lanjut” or “pegi belajar lagi”. See what I mean?

              1. because it’s sickening to see Muslims putting on a pious show, and take the easy way out with these phrases…..and many, if not all, does that….

                Well, what do you think of the recent cases where a wedding was called of because of insufficient wang hantaran? did Al-Quran state there must be wang hantaran when akad nikah takes place?

                1. re: “because it’s sickening to see Muslims putting on a pious show, and take the easy way out with these phrases…..and many, if not all, does that….”

                  It’s equally sickening to see evangelistas putting on a pious show ~~

                  ~~ “we love our brothers and sisters in PAS”, “we love our neighbour”, “we love our enemies and turn the other cheek”, “love-love-love” … when the vitriol that they spew is full of venom.

                  Evangelistas “putting on an achy breaky and take the easy way out with these phrases…..and many, if not all, [do] that….”

                  ~ ~ “Heartache reading and seeing pictures of injured & dead children [dunno who, dunno where]”, “Shay Shay dunno what to do. Heartbreaking”, “my heart is so troubled”, “prayers for so-and-so”, “God bless so-and-so” …

                  … when QUOTING RAJA PETRA, “If they could the Chinese would want to hang every single one of those three million Umno members from the nearest tree” @

                  For malice behind a pious mask, look no further than Jerusubang.

    3. Nah. I doubt Christian Chinese observe vegetarian diet on the 1st day of CNY. Hokkiens also pray to Jade Emperor on the 9th day (pai ti kong); Christians don’t that since they’re not Christian rituals / traditions. Praying to ancestors, appeasing ghosts during hungry ghost festivals, burning of joss sticks and paper offerings, etc are no-no for Christians.

  3. The reaction by PH leaders and supporters on the Tokong’s No-Swimming-Pool-Bungalow scandal is nothing less than hypocrisy of the highest standard.

    Basically Papa Dapsters and his army of Dapsters say that even the mere accusation of wrong doing on PH leaders are not allowed and it must be a high level conspiracy to divert other issues.

    All the democratic and human right principles that DAP claims to stand for and demands BN to adhere to such as freedom of speech, accountability, transparency, free speech, media freedom, etc should be only applied to BN. When it comes to DAP, any accusation is automatically considered as a high level conspiracy to divert the national focus and derail PH.

    Here in Penang, Tokong introduced Freedom of Information Act with great fanfare. However when BN started to ask for some documents they changed the rules and demanded that they sign a SD to declare that these documents are not to be shared with public.

    In fact, none of the documents requested were released with the DAP govt giving all sort of excuses.

  4. This Teresa Kok is getting worse each year. Making a mockery of CNY and now talking about feng shui as if she’s an expert.

    And on her BS statement about “bad feng shui” – the masters always say this: almost all inauspicious geo formations can be fixed in one way or another. Also, in line with the Tao, nothing is permanent. All things change over time. What may be unlucky now, will become lucky another time.

    Unfortunately the DAP zombies will lap up her nonsense.

    1. Didn’t you know that evangelical Christianity is a racket ? This Teresa is just a racketeer.

      1. I think the majority of their believers are genuine in their faith but they are easily swayed by charismatic authorities on worldly matters such as politics.

      2. Kak Helen while we are at the subject of race confusion among the Bangsar Malaysia who are neither Chinese nor Jewish nor White, Indian but also Caucasian, I would like to report that I have just watched Ola Bola on Astro OD.
        What a racist show. The producers seem to have a very low opinion of Indians. Indians are used as the comic relief in the show with a certain racial typing. Indians are portrayed as poor, ignorant, lazy and noisy.
        My case in point. The show features the family of the Indian goalkeeper. The goalkeeper comes from a single parent family with 4 kids. The father works in the coconut estate with a monkey. The father is upset that the brother is lazy and has neglected his job of guiding the monkey to pluck coconuts. The brother went off to play football. Without the elder brother’s supervision, the three younger siblings steal a lorry full of coconuts and the monkey. The boys crashed the lorry and landed in hospital. The father went to the hospital and the father beat the boys. The boys cried “Maaaa” when their father beat them. The Chinese nurse was upset that the Indians were noisy.

        Weeks later, the boys ran off to Kuala Lumpur and went they reached Stadium Merdeka they were so mesmerized by the lights of the stadium. The boys snuck into the stadium to watch the qualifying match. Daddy followed them. Daddy punished the boys by pulling their ears by the fence of the stadium. When punished what else did the boys scream? You can guess.

        See the typical racial typing. Poor Indians are good comic relief and when any kid screams for his mother, well we would laugh. Don’t tell me in 1980, Indians are so poor and ignorant that they have never been to KL. It seems like the popular occupation of Indians are estate workers, in this case coconut estate casual workers.

        The Chinese in the show were shown in a very good light. The sister of the Chinese footballer gave up school and worked in the garment factory so that the brother can play football. The Chinese were portrayed as hard working, filial and self sacrificial.

        I wonder whether future Bangsar Malaysia films can portray Indians in a better light. Well, I don’t see anyone complaining. Ola Bola has become a Twitter event for the Bangsar Malaysia.

        1. re: ‘Indians are used as the comic relief in the show”

          The Chinese guy with the (prosthetic) buck teeth was a degrading comic relief as well.

    2. “Also, in line with the Tao, nothing is permanent.”

      Like Tun M’s stand in politics today.

    1. Someone previously drowned in the swimming pool?

      And that’s why the bungalow with the huge land space strangely got no pool today. It’s been cemented after the tragedy?

      1. No such nonsense. A swimming pool was never built on the property.
        The other bungalows in that area have no swimming pools.
        There are two parts to Pinhorn Road. The section nearest to Green Lane are bungalows and the section nearest to Heng Ee are the low cost single storey houses.

        1. I was just being satirical, Mulan.

          Btw, I was sent this parody (below), which has been doing the rounds. Dunno who’s the originator. Enjoy.

          1. About the trend of property development ever since the Developer’s Action Party took over the state.

            The map shows the controversial piece of land, neh? Dictator not happy.

          2. I wish you could see their prayer table for Hungry Ghost – the Hungry Ghost just after their dog killing spree. Yes at their Daddy’s house.
            Really a very big table of offerings. I saw the offering table with my own eyes. They are really superstitious.

  5. Parrot2 yg tak suka dokumen semua terbang pi mana Cik Helen? Payah nak putar belit siang malam kelentong memanjang kalau ada dokumen.

    RBA? Hilang juga? Kalut dok tolong toyol2 sembunyi dokumen2 bawa naik roket hantaq pi Jupiter ke? Diam aje? Tu la.. Payah kalau Superman dah mati.

    Anyway 6.5m property jual for 2.8m dah tahap lelong ni! Amik loan check ya..bukan2 dia atau toyol dok bayaq? Hmm lets do some maths..

    Tanah yg satu lagi beli RM11m? Nak jual RM70m? Betoi ke? No wonder majoriti MCA all terjun masuk DAP.. Senang2 bole jadi billionaire Maggie macam ni…”Cepat dimasak sedap dimakan”.

    1. ‘No wonder majoriti MCA all terjun masuk DAP.. Senang2 bole jadi billionaire Maggie macam ni…”Cepat dimasak sedap dimakan”.’

      Gerakan’s too!

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